tagMind ControlThe Transformed Man Ch. 04

The Transformed Man Ch. 04


Debbie bit down on her lip, excited and hopeful, looking at the ad for a full size panty model.

Everyone was always telling her how good looking she was, and she loved to model. Her recent experiences made her think more than ever of how much she enjoyed modeling.

Debbie was a cosplayer. She liked dressing up, often as anime characters, and getting together with others at conventions and anywhere else they could. She and her friends were getting together for a convention in Los Angeles. Debbie was going to dress in thigh high boots, a cape and something that was like a one piece bathing suit. One of the friends she had made online made a bunch of their costumes, her's included, and she wouldn't see it in person until they met up at the hotel, really just a couple of hours before they'd hit the convention floor.

Knowing she'd be on exhibition in essentially a bathing suit, Debbie had been working on, getting on the stair climber to work her thighs and and get her butt looking great.

A day or so before the convention, she'd also gone from a trimmed bush to completely shaving her pussy, just to be sure no hair would show in the crotch of her suit if she did any kicks or anything fun in costume. One of her friends had told her she did this, and after thinking about it and trying out some high kicks naked, seeing her well trimmed, dark, curly bush as her legs spread wide, she decided to do the same.

The feel of a shaved pussy was something she really had not been expecting. Debbie had come to realize her pussy lips were particularly plump, and maybe because of this, and without pubic hair keeping them from getting rubbed by clothes and rubbing against each other, she now found she was always stimulated. Her clothes tight against her, or loose and just tickling her, or just her lips once they got moistened, seemed to get her really worked up. Her face and neck and chest got flush, her breathing audibly more intense. Her nipples hardened to where she needed more layers to not have that be obvious. And there was even a smell of her juicy pussy, and amazingly even sometimes the squishing sound of it.

Maybe it was something about her exhibitionist tendencies, but the worse it got...the worse it got. When she knew her clothes were exciting her, she knew she'd get wet, and it excited her more. She knew people would see her nipples, that they'd smell her, maybe they'd even hear her pussy. It mortified her, made her face turn red, and that made it even worse. There was something about not wanting people to know, about the shame and humiliation that somehow aroused her even more.

Getting to the hotel and the convention was confusing and stressful, and of course delayed. By the time she got there her friends were waiting, and she had to rush. She stowed her junk, showered, and walked out into the room they were sharing wearing a robe, ready to get into the outfit she'd only seen online to this point.

She dropped the robe, standing naked in front of her friends, ready for them to dress her. She wasn't a lesbian, but there was something about the attention on her that made her feel tingling. Her friends admired her curvy but toned body, looking at her like she was a manequin, touching her thighs, stroking her flat belly. This made her body warm and her breathy heavy. The attention and the exposed air made her nipples harden, just as one friend stroked the side and underside of her breasts, saying how great and firm her chest looked and she was was right in not building in any sort of underwire in the costume. Debbie gasped, as if a melting icecube were drawn up her stomach, and she felt the melting drop slide down to her throbbing, puffy pussy, it's own dampness feeling as if it were about to drip.

"And I guess you decided to shave, too," the friend who had told her about shaving her pussy said, smiling, stroking the inside of Debbie's inner thigh maybe an inch from her sex. "looks good!"

Feeling that gentle hand brush so close to her, while her friend told her how nice her pussy looked and the others drew their attention to it made Debbie's blood pound. She could hear her heart, and feel the pounding behind her eyes.

She was aroused in a stupor, excitedly anticipating walking around, being admired in her costume, as her friends dressed her like she were a doll. She didn't notice the suit was so high cut, with a thong back. She didn't notice how tight it was on her, or how low cut and exposed on the sides the top was. And she didn't notice how it was unlike a bathing suit in an important way - it was a much more shear material, and it had not liner. Stretched across her big, full chest the red color became more like a translucent pink, and her nipples were not only visible, but looked almost bare, like the costume was really painted on her.

And on her pussy, it was even more pronounced. Pulled high and tight against her plump, soaked lips the suit molded in and around her. You could see how wet she was, and if you looked hard enough you'd see each curve and dip, and you'd see her throb between her beautiful thighs.

Whether her friends were in a rush, or were more interested in things other than Debbie's cunt, they didn't say anything. They knew her nipples were very visible, but that was just sexy, maybe a little more daring than normal. They had no idea how she'd be noticed.

She was very noticed. In whispers and stares, followed by a steady stream of pictures instantly uploaded across the Internet, her sexy costume, her gorgeous shapely thighs and big breasts with very hard nipples were noted, along with those of a lot of other cosplayers. What made her stand apart and become something of an unwilling Internet celebrity was her fat, wet pussy on display through soaked, thin, strained material.

Somehow she didn't notice. Maybe it was the continual arousal she felt at being stared at. She didn't know what her pussy looked like right now, but she enjoyed feeling so many eyes on it. She let men oggle her barely covered breasts and nipples. She shifted her cape and bent her leg to show off more of her big, firm, thonged butt. She was getting really aroused by all the attention. At one point when she went to the bathroom, somehow still not noticing what her crotch looked like, she did loudly slap her own pussy, trying to calm it down. What a discovery. That definitely only made it worse.

It was only that night when they got back to their shared room and she saw what people said about her numerous pictures on the Internet that she noticed how visible her swollen pussy had been. Her heart flew into her throat. Her eyes barely blinked as she read the comments, her fingers trembling. Slowly her heart moved back to her chest, and the tension in her body only grew, but no longer from panic and worry of being humiliated. The comments weren't insulting and cruel. They were from people who were amazed by her and dazzled. They were lewd, they were obscene, but they couldn't take their eyes off of her. They openly discussed wanting her, and masturbating to images of her.

Debbie finally tore herself from the computer to head to the bathroom. In the well lit bathroom she let her rob drop, and she looked at herself in the reflection of the wall mirror. She stroked her hands down her body, but her eyes were fixed on her pussy. She tickled herself with gentle backhand strokes, only her fingernails sliding down her spasming stomach. Then, almost surprising herself, she spanked her pussy, like she had earlier. Her eyes watered as her pussy throbbed in response. She thought her clit would swell up so much it would hang like a cock.

Debbie spread her fat pussy open with her left hand and vigorously fingered her wet hole with her right hand, one finger going to two, then three. Her smell filled the room, her stiffled moans making their way under and through the closed door to where her friends were watching TV and drinking and talking. Her thumb worked her clit while three fingers sloshed in and out, deeper and deeper in her. Her knees buckled as she pictured her admirers watching her ass, her tits and crotch, stroking their cocks. She melted to the floor, quietly sobbing from the overwhelming sensations of pleasure from her fingers and the thoughts of her admirers.

"Debbie?" Theresa asked, knocking gently on the door. Theresa had made her costume. While Debbie had been in the bathroom Theresa had looked at her computer, and saw what Debbie had been looking at. She felt horrible at having made her friend an unwitting sex model. But while she had learned of what she had done to her friend while she looked at her computer, she had also become incredibly aroused. Debbie had been really hot, and reading the obscene fantasies Debbie had generated in the oversexed minds of those who saw her in the costume Theresa made turned on Theresa like crazy. She shook her head, trying to shake off how hot she was feeling, trying to think of Debbie and how she felt. It was then that she heard Debbie whimpering.

Debbie was trembling, so over stimulated she didn't notice Theresa's gentle knocking. Theresa opened the door quietly and came up to Debbie, crouching down. "Oh honey," Theresa said, feeling more confused than ever. Debbie was crying, probably from the humiliation of what she had done in making the costume for her. At the same time, Theresa couldn't deny she was more turned on than ever, knowing what she had done to Debbie and seeing her there naked.

Theresa helped Debbie fasten her robe around her, bringing her to her feet. "Come on," Theresa said. "Let's get to bed."

The girls were sleeping two to a bed. Theresa led Debbie to the far bed and they got under the covers. When the other girls saw how upset Debbie was they decided to not bother her with their laughing and drinking, and they headed out to look for others partying, shutting off the lights as they left.

Debbie started calming down to the point that she could think and speak as she lay there with Theresa, who held her close, comforting her. Theresa's sense of guilt at what she had done to Debbie faded as she became more aroused, what had been intended as comforting to her friend was becoming seduction.

"You'll be more comfortable if we take this off," Theresa said, undoing the belt of Debbie's robe. Debbie moved her arms to her sides, spreading her legs, lifting her butt off the bed to allow Theresa to open the robe wide. Theresa's hand softly floated across Debbie's quivering stomach, and Debbie reached out to hold Theresa's arm, holding it in a way Theresa knew was meant to encourage her.

"That does feel good," Debbie said, replying what Theresa said about taking her robe off, but also telling Theresa she liked how she was touching her.

Theresa's floating touch fluttered up, touching Debbie's side, then up around the underside of Debbie's breast, swirling around her breast and then flipping her nipple. Debbie gasped, obviously from arousal, not shock. They no longer needed to pretend how they were feeling or what they were doing.

Theresa bent her body over achingly slowly, her hair falling on Debbie's stomach, and tickling her as Theresa moved her head up to Debbie's breast. The tickling sensation was made insignificant by the sensation of Theresa's breath blowing on Debbie's breasts and between them, and then the feeling of Theresas flickering tongue.

She licked her tits, between, underneath, flicking back and forth against her nipples now becoming obscene, not quietly sensual as she moaned at how delicious it was to lick her friends tits.

Debbie reached out to hold Theresa's head in place, hoping this insanity generating sensation wouldn't stop. Theresa's hand floated and glided and lightly touched down Debbie's stomach again, now shifting over Debbie's hip and down her thigh. Debbie spread her legs, begging Theresa with her body to take her. Theresa's hand responded, winding back up her thigh, now inside, now just on the outside of her swollen lips.

Debbie gasped at the sensation so near her pussy, now on her stomach, only to feel those fingers move down again, and now play with her pussy. The pleasure from Theresa's quick moving, now light, now hard fingers, tickling her lips, then her clit, was making her body feel electrified, like she was floating off the bed, and desperately trying to grab a hold before her body flew off the bed she grabbed Theresa, then leaned over, seeing Theresa's eyes reflecting in the dim light, and she kissed her.

Their tongues lashed, their heavy breathing mixing, and Theresa assaulted Debbie's pussy, her fingers soaked. The sound of Debbie's squishing pussy was loud, even over the sound of their breathing and moaning. Theresa reached around with her other hand and squeezed Debbie's big, firm butt. Debbie lay on her side, bending the leg she wasn't laying on and putting her foot on the bed to keep access to her pussy open to her lover, who now slid her whole hand back and forth, up and down, side to side on Debbie's pussy.

Theresa pushed Debbie back on her back, kissing her hard, driving her tongue deep into her mouth, pushing against her exposed breasts. Her hands moved held Debbie's hips firmly, then kissed her way down Debbie's body. Debbie held Theresa's head, guiding it, making it move faster down farther as she spread her legs and lifted her butt off the bed.

Before long Theresa was between Debbie's legs, which lifted and went over Theresa's shoulders, grinding herself against Theresa's face. Theresa sucked and slurped, amazed at Debbie's plump, smooth lips, and how much she loved milking girl pleasure with her own mouth. Debbie bucked, moaning, stroking Theresa's head, trying to encourage her. Theresa sucked and licked, moving her head wildly all over the gorgeous, wet cunt being controlled by her mouth. She held Debbie's legs under her knees, keeping her legs up and apart.

Theresa finally released Debbie, moving up and kissing her on the mouth, letting Debbie taste herself on her friends lips. Exhausted from a day of stimulation and a night of orgasms, she fell asleep in the arms of her friend, who hadn't been touched at all, yet felt deeply satisfied.


Debbie was sitting in Paula's living room trembling with excitement, squeezing her thighs together. She wore black leggings and a tight, short, sleeveless top, all meant to show off her body. Paula came in smiling, her incredible figure almost busting out of what would have been the modest jeans and tshirt she wore. She had a camera with her that she set down while she sat down to talk with Debbie.

"Thanks so much for coming, Debbie," Paula said, putting her hand on Debbie's knee. Paula had a good feeling about Debbie already, based on how excited she'd been to come, how she was dressed and her mood.

"Let me tell you about what we're doing," Paula started. "I decided to start a company to focus on making full size undergarments. Let me clarify that to make sure you know what I mean. I'm not taking about bigger waist sizes."

Debbie looked confused.

"For women this means bras for those of us with thick, hard nipples, and panties for those of us with prominent, swollen lips."

Debbie understood now and gulped.

Paula stood up. "Let me know if you're still interested and you think you'll be a good fit."

"Oh...oh yes," Debbie said.

"Great," Paula said. "We also make underwear for men."

Debbie looked confused.

"Well, not all men fit in their underwear very well, either. You'll see when the other model comes in," Paula said.

"The other model...is a man?" Debbie asked?

Tom walked in as if on queue. He was wearing a robe. "I changed into the robe like you asked, Paula," he said as he came in. "Oh, hello, I'm Tom," He said, extending a hand to Debbie.

"Hi," she said warmly, taking his hand. Any trepidation she had been feeling was melting away. She had a good feeling about modeling with Tom.

"That's great, Tom," Paula said. "You can take off the robe so you're just in the underwear we put out for you. And Debbie, you can strip down to your panties. We just want to get some shots that will show what full sized people look like in normal panties and underwear."

If Debbie had any lingering doubts about what full sized meant they were clarified as Tom quickly took off his robe and she saw the one part of his muscled body that wasn't bare. His underwear strained to contain the thick, long cock held bent against his body. The sight of him like this pushed Debbie to move faster, and she didn't hesitate to take off her bra and shake her big breasts and hard, dark nipples free in front of Tom. As she got her leggings off Paula smiled and nodded in appreciation.

"You look just right for this, Debbie," she said. "I can see through those nice tight, shear panties that you have one of the biggest, puffiest pussies I've ever seen."

"Ha... thanks," she said, pulling her panties tighter against her and shifting. Her eyes were focused on Tom's crotch, and the cock barely covered seemed to be awakening, and shifting.

"We want to have you two be as plump in the crotch as possible," Paula said, "but we don't want you to have a big boner, Tom," she said non chalantly. "Debbie, your pussy is probably puffy enough. Normally what I'd suggest is you both take off what you're wearing and suck eachother off, but if you'd prefer, Debbie, I can suck Tom off."

Debbie's eyes bulged as her pussy throbbed. "No, I'll do it," she said.

"Great," Paula said.

Tom needed no more instruction. He reached into his boxer briefs and pulled his cock out before pulling the briefs down and off himself. His heavy cock swung slightly and stretched with it's new freedom and his expectation of pleasure at the hands of this puffy lipped beauty.

Debbie looked stunned and amazed at what was happening, and the site of Tom's long, thick cock. He came up to her, smiling harmlessly. "Can I help you with these?" he asked, hooking his thumbs under her panties at her hips. She nodded weakly, and he peeled her damp panties down and off of her, the crotch sucking from her like a boot caught in mud.

Tom took Debbie's hand and walked the stunned, aroused, naked woman over to the the padded bench on the other side of the room. He spread his legs around it and lay down on his back, then smiled and pulled her toward him, moving his hands to hold her hips. She trembled, staring at his huge erect cock, moving as he she knew he was guiding her to. Her leg swung over his head, and she slowly lowered her soaked, fat lipped pussy down onto his face. He took hold of her ass in his hands, caressing and squeezing it, arousing her more, and preventing her from freeing her cunt from the oral pleasures it was receiving.

She lowered her face, wanting the huge cock before her, but incredulous that she could take it. She took hold of it with her hands, stroking it's length, now licking around the head. The taste was incredible. She licked her lips and pushed his cock head into her mouth, the strain of it's width against her mouth making a pop as it finally made it's way in. Tom groaned at the sensation, and Debbie forced as much as she could take, bringing tears to her eyes.

Her thighs squirmed and she humped Tom's face as his tongue and lips sucked around and between her smooth, plump lips. When he found her clit, sucking it and licking it noisily Debbie started pumping her head up and down on Tom's cock frenetically, pumping it with both hands lubricated by her saliva. She reached down and palmed his huge balls, now moving her mouth down to lick and suck them. The smell and taste of his musk was intoxicating. Both her hands pumped his cock from base to tip, swirling around his head to the aroused groans of Tom.

Tom sucked Debbie's clit, the lips of her pussy sandwiching him. It swelled as she contorted over him, the sweat dripping off of her back. Feeling a tremendous stream of pleasure like she'd never felt before, Debbie forced Tom's even fatter cock down until it started choking her. Her eyes watered as she pushed the cock deeper, the sensation of Tom's thick pole more pleasurable than painful as it forced it's way into her. Her sweaty ass shook uncontrollably as she came hard against Tom's mouth. Tom's fingers went between her ass cheeks, now fingering her asshole, eliciting groans.

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