tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Transporter

The Transporter


It was Saturday. Kelly and Jessica took their first day of summer vacation from college to go shopping. They wanted to buy some new summer clothes and hang out. Kelly was looking for a new bikini bathing suit to show off at the beach.

The two girls walked side by side down the street. They chatted about all all the cute guys they knew as they went. Kelly had her heart broken by the boyfriend she'd been dating since high school. She was still on the rebound and was looking to make up for lost time.

A man walked down the street in the opposite direction, looking straight at the two girls. He was wearing a long, tan coyote fur coat and a pair of dark sunglasses. The deep, oversized collar of his coat hid most of his face. He wore a brown Stetson hat, pulled down low over his forehead.

Jessica noticed him first. "Look at that guy! What's he doing wearing a coat like that in this weather?!"

"That better not be REAL FUR!" Kelly shouted out as the man passed.

Jessica tried to hush her but she shouted out again. "Murderer!"

The man didn't seem to hear her. He passed right on by and kept walking in the other direction.

"Forget about him! He's gone." Jessica said. She grabbed Kelly by the sleeve and towed her along. They walked on down the street and turned onto Newbury. A minute later they reached their destination: Patagonia Swimwear. They went inside and started looking through the racks for the perfect "Teeny Bikini".

Kelly and Jessica were comparing a couple of different suits, deciding which ones to buy when Jessica looked out the window.

"Jesus Christ! Kelly! It's HIM!"

Jessica pointed out the window at the man in the coyote coat. He was looking right at them through the window as he strolled past. By the time Kelly looked up he was already gone.

"Stop trying to fuck with me, Jess!"

Jessica, no matter how hard she pleaded, couldn't convince her friend that she'd really seen the man in the coyote coat. Kelly ignored her and went Into the fitting room to try on the suit she picked out.

Kelly stood in the fitting room, looking into the full length mirror. She just stared at herself in her new bikini. It looked fantastic on her. Her long brown hair fell down around her shoulders and led her eye on a tour of her gorgeous body. The tight, blue Spandex triangle top molded itself, perfectly, to her large round breasts. Just a hint of her nipples poked through the thin fabric. Her lean, tight stomach muscles guided her attention to the high cut profile of her bikini bottom. It outlined her hips and drew the eye, further downward, to the space between her legs. She reached down and gently rubbed herself through the material. It was smooth and stretchy. There was no way any red-blooded male could resist her looking like this! Finally, she turned around in the mirror. Kelly ran her hands down over her firm, round ass. She stood there for a good, long minute, looking at her fine figure in the mirror. She admired her handiwork. "All that exercise paid off!" she thought.

Kelly pulled the tags off and put her clothes on over the suit. It felt so good, wearing it, she didn't want to take it off yet. She stuffed her undies into her purse and pulled her short mini skirt up over her hips. She straightened her blouse, checked her hair in the mirror then headed out to the register to pay. She met up with Jessica and the two of them headed out the door.

"Let's go get something to drink, Kell." suggested Jessica.

They headed back down Newbury and stopped at their favorite sidewalk cafe. The two of them sat there, chatting and sipping cold drinks, watching cute guys walk by.

The man in the coyote coat appeared in the distance.

"There he is!" Jessica whispered. "See! I told you!"

"Shit! Do you think he's following us?" asked Kelly.

The man walked right up to them and stood beside their table. He looked at Kelly, then at Jessica, finally returning his gaze to Kelly. He stared at her for quite a long time.

"What do you want?" she growled.

The man said nothing. He just stood there, smiling at her from behind the collar of his deep, furry coat.

"Get that dead animal away from me!" she shouted at him.

The coyote man let out an almost imperceptible laugh and nodded his head. He reached into his pocket, took something out and set it on the table in front of Kelly. Just as quickly as he appeared, he turned and walked away.

"Killer!" Kelly shouted as he disappeared down the street.

"Shush! You're embarrassing me!" admonished Jessica. "What the hell is that?" she added, pointing to the small round object sitting on the table.

Kelly picked up the hockey puck sized box and looked at it. She turned it over in her hand, examining it from all sides. It was made of shiny metal and it had a picture of a fox engraved on the top. The sun glinted off the mirror like surface. The craftsmanship was excellent!

"I think it's made of silver!" Kelly remarked.

It looked like there was a hinge on one side and a button opposite. Kelly pressed the button and the top popped open like an oversized pocket watch. The inside of the box was lined entirely in fur!

"Look at this!" she exclaimed.

Jessica tried to grab the box and feel the fur but Kelly pulled it away. She tentatively put her fingers inside and felt the fur. It was soft and velvety! As her fingers probed the inside of the box, Kelly felt something hard in the center of the bottom. It felt like another button. She pressed it. It made a faint click.

A blinding, white light came from inside the box, like a camera flash going off right in her face. She was totally blinded. Her entire body went completely numb. She felt dizzy and disoriented. It felt like she was being whisked away at high speed, transported to some place far away. It was a full minute before she regained her senses. Slowly, Kelly realized she was in a different place.

Kelly found herself sitting in a dimly lit room. Light came from a lamp in the corner. She looked around to survey her surroundings. She noticed the wood paneled walls and the expensive, antique furniture.

"Very nice." she thought as she tried to figure out where she was.

She felt something soft and furry against the back of her legs as she sat on the thickly upholstered sofa. It was covered in thick, soft, brown fur.

"Sheared beaver." came a voice from across the room.

The coyote man entered through a doorway across the room. Kelly stood up in feigned disgust at the fur she was sitting on.

"Sit down." he said. "Relax. Enjoy yourself."

"Not on that dead animal!" she blared.

"Sit on the floor, if you like." he replied.

Kelly remained standing and scowled at the coyote man. He was an older man, in his late 30s. Most of his body was hidden behind the thick fur coat but she could see through the opening in front that he was well-built. The hard soles of his rich, leather cowboy boots clacked as he walked across the wooden floor. He took off his hat and glasses then set them on the side table near the door. He strolled over and stood directly in front of Kelly. His eyes moved up and down her lovely figure. She liked the feeling of being checked out by a man but, at the same time, she had a funny feeling about him.

"Nobody has ever pushed the button as quickly as you." he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"The transporter. You activated it when you pushed the button."

"You mean that silver box?"

He smiled and nodded. "You must really like fur if you pressed the button that quickly." he added.

"No way!" she barked. "Fur is awful! It kills animals!"

The man cut her off and said, "You put your fingers in the fur just eleven seconds after you opened the box. You pressed the button seven seconds later."

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"Nobody who presses the button that quickly hates fur."


"Yeah, bullshit! You're full of it!" he said.

Kelly changed the subject. "Where am I?!" Let me out of here!"

"What's your hurry? You just got here?"

"You can't keep me here!"

"Leave if you want." he said. "But you'll come back. They always do."

"Come back for what?"

"The fur."

"You're crazy!" she shouted. "I'll never like fur."

"You already like it. You proved it yourself."

Kelly tried to shout him down with some cliché animal slogan but the coyote man pointed his finger and shushed her.

"You want to leave? That way!" he said as he pointed to the door he came in from. "You want to stay?" He pointed to another door on the opposite side of the room. "That door!"

Coyote Man turned around. Without a word, he walked over and picked up his hat and his glasses. He put them on, adjusted the hat on his head then opened the door.

"If you weren't interested in fur, you never would have pressed the transporter button."

"I'll never come back here!" she said.

"You will... They always do..."

Coyote Man laughed to himself as he closed the door behind him. Kelly stood in the middle of the room by herself. She looked around at her surroundings again. The place was nice. Every piece of furniture was covered in the same brown fur as the sofa. "Beaver fur.", she remembered out loud.

Kelly walked over to the sofa and looked at it for a good, long time. She leaned over and felt the fur with her hand. It was soft and very luxurious. Since there was nobody else in the room with her, Kelly saw no harm in sitting on it again. She ran both hands through the fur at her sides as she sat. It felt good against the back of her legs. She began to feel aroused as it caressed her. She sat there, thinking, for another minute then stood up and headed for the exit.

"Dead animals!" she huffed.

Kelly reached for the doorknob but paused for a moment. She looked back at the sofa then at the door across the room. She turned and walked through the other portal. The door behind her with a loud click. She found herself standing at the beginning of a long, hallway. The walls and the floors and the ceiling were all covered with rich, brown fur. The air was so cold she could see her breath. She turned and reached for the door handle. It wasn't there anymore. There was nothing but a wall of fur. She looked back down the dark hallway. There was nowhere else to go.

Kelly took a step forward but her sandals seemed to be stuck to the floor. She tugged at them for a moment then, finally, slipped them off her feet. Her bare feet sunk into the deeply padded fur floor. It enveloped her, ankle deep, in softness. She lost her balance and fell to the floor, landing on her hands and knees. The warm, soft fur seemed to welcome her. She had to admit it was nice but her false pride wouldn't let her to concede that fur really did turn her on. She stood up again and got her balance. She took her next tentative steps and felt her feet sink into the fur. Tingles of pleasure shot up her legs. A warm, fuzzy feeling grew in her loins. She pressed onward, down the long, cold passageway.

The walls seemed to be getting closer as she moved along. The roof seemed a little bit lower. Kelly had to stoop to keep her head from hitting the ceiling. She couldn't walk without her arms brushing against the fur covered walls. Chills ran up her spine. She looked ahead of her and saw what looked like torn clothing lying on the floor. It was all around her. There were slacks and skirts and blouses lying everywhere. Further ahead, there were torn panty hose and bras and undies.

Realizing what was about to happen to her, Kelly tried to turn and run back where she came from but the walls closed in behind her. She screamed and pounded against the fur. It absorbed her blows with dull thuds. The barrier moved in and pushed her closer to her furry destiny at the end of the hall.

Suddenly, the lights went out. Kelly was plunged into complete darkness. She put her hands out in front of her to feel her way along the walls. Something was moving in the darkness around her. She didn't know what it was but she was sure it was coming for her. Then there was a tug at her blouse. Something grabbed her clothes. It was trying to pull them off. She tried to fight it but more furry hands reached out and joined in. She screamed and tried to escape. Somehow, she was able to pull free but her blouse was left behind. She was bare to the waist but for her blue bikini top. She wriggled free from her unseen fur attacker and tried to escape down the hall through the darkness.

A few steps later, there was a tug at her mini skirt. Something furry enveloped her waist and started to pull it off. There was no way to fight it. The skirt was gone in just a few seconds. She was left wearing only her tight, Spandex bikini bottom and triangle top. The fur glided smoothly over the skin tight fabric as it searched her body for any other garments. For some reason, the fur wanted her to be wearing that bikini.

The walls kept closing in behind her and forcing onward but the ceiling was so low Kelly was forced to crawl on her hand and knees. Fur wrapped around her body as she moved. It's touch was gentle, now, caressing her instead of groping at her. She was being pushed forward at a steady pace. Every movement brought pleasure as she glided through the fur. She giggled and squirmed with ticklish delight as it slid over her back and stomach. The fur wrapped around Kelly's legs and tantalized her between the thighs. She was getting wet with excitement from all the fur. It even rubbed her tits and her ass but she couldn't feel the fluffy goodness against her pussy. The bathing suit she wore protected her from it. She could feel almost no fur where it really counted.

A minute later, Kelly was free of the fur. She crawled out of the tunnel on her hands and knees. She was now in the middle of another room. It was bitter cold. It felt like a thousand needles piercing her skin! She stood up and shivered in the icy air. The cold, cement floor stung her feet. She was a room like a giant freezer.

The lights faded up and she found herself standing face to face with Coyote Man again.

"Cold enough for you?" he taunted. He snuggled himself up in his warm fur coat. "It's just a few degrees above zero."

Kelly stood there with her arms around her shoulders, trying to keep herself warm. Her teeth were chattering already.

"Did you have fun in my fur machine?" he taunted.

"Give me back my clothes!" Kelly commanded.

"You've got enough clothes!" he taunted. "You just need to wrap that beautiful body in some nice, warm fur!"


"You won't last an hour in here!" said Coyote Man.

"What are you going to to, you bastard? Rip the rest of my clothes off and fuck me?"

"Nope." he said with a laugh.

There was a pause as Kelly tried to figure out what he meant.

"I let you keep your bikini for a reason."

"Why?" she puzzled.

"You are going to be the one to take it off. That's how you'll sacrifice yourself to my fur."

Coyote Man explained the game: Kelly would be allowed to leave in two hour's time, no matter what happened. If she could endure for that long, she would never hear from Coyote Man again. She agreed readily, even though she really had no choice.

"I'll play your game." she said. "But your not going to fuck me!"

"You'll beg for it!" he smiled.

Coyote Man reached out with his furry sleeve and brushed against Kelly's bare belly. She recoiled from it and tried to slap him but her hand missed his face. Kelly's expression showed her surprise as her hand sunk into the deep fur collar.

"Let the game begin!" he announced. He motioned his arm toward the center of the room. There was a gigantic, circular fur covered bed. It was piled high with furs of every kind. It must have been ten feet in diameter and piled four feet high!

"When you get too cold, all you have to do is climb into this fur pile." he chuckled.

"I'll never give in!"

Coyote Man rubbed his face in his deep, fur collar. "At these temperatures!? It's freeze or fur!"

"Bastard!" she snorted as Coyote Man walked out the door.

She heard it lock behind him as it closed. Kelly stood there in the freezer shivering in the bitter air. It had only been five minutes and she was already shaking uncontrollably. She would never survive in this cold for two hours. She just wanted to make sure Coyote Man was gone before she crawled into the fur.

Kelly felt an indescribable pleasure as she slid into the pile. It was self-preservation, for sure, but she didn't want to admit to him that she really was starting to like fur. She rationalized that her bikini would protect her private parts from the fur. As long as she was covered where it counted, it would be easy to endure two hours there.

Kelly was still shivering. The bone-chilling cold took several minutes to wear off. She pulled as many furs as she could grab, tightly around her and curled up in a fetal position. Her beautiful body sunk deeper and deeper into the pile. She closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.

"A two hour fur nap won't be so terrible." she thought.

Kelly relaxed and lay there, half asleep. She felt quite warm, now. She had to admit fur really turned her on. She moved under the pile and stretched out her legs. As she did, some fluffy fox fur rubbed against her feet and ankles. It felt wonderful, compared to the cold, hard floor. She stretched out her arms and ran her hands through a piece of mink. Her heart began to beat a little faster as it caressed her arms and shoulders. She rolled around, from side to side, so the fur would rub her stomach. Dense, rich chinchilla sent a chill through her body, awakening a desire she never thought she could have. Visions of hot, steamy fur sex began to float through her mind. The fur was making Kelly horny.

Kelly sat up in the fur pile. She pushed aside the pelts and poked her head out into the wintry, cold air. She looked around to be sure nobody else was in the room. She figured the coast was clear. She burrowed down into the mound. The fur slid over her body as she swam deeper and deeper. Every movement she made sent another wave of pleasure through her body. Kelly made it almost all the way to the bottom of the pile before she stopped digging. She couldn't take it any more. She had to feel the pleasure of fur.

Kelly started by rubbing her stomach again. She didn't know what kind of fur it was but it felt buttery soft against her skin.

"How can fur be such a bad thing when it feels so good?", she thought.

She furred herself on her arms and around her neck and shoulders. She buried her face in it and smelled the musky aroma of the skin. The scent turned her on even more.

With two hands full of fur, Kelly rubbed her chest and circled her breasts. She couldn't feel anything where her bathing suit covered her. She reached behind her back and untied the straps. With the two Spandex triangles loosened from her chest, she slid the fur up, underneath.

She sighed with delight . Her nipples stood erect. She threw back her head and arched her spine. Her head rolled from side to side in furry rapture as the sensation took over her mind.

That warm, fuzzy feeling returned to her loins. She rhythmically pumped her legs like she was riding a bicycle, causing the fur to rub her legs and her thighs. But it wasn't enough. Kelly grabbed a hand full of sable and stuffed it down the front of her panties. It felt good but the resilient material made it hard to put fur to where she really wanted it to go. She shucked off her panties in seconds flat.

The fur felt good against Kelly's ass. She gyrated her hips, and slid her cheeks back and forth, tantalizing herself while she anticipated the feeling of fur against her pussy. She hiked up her knees and spread her legs wide apart. She lay still under the fur for a moment before she teased herself with a hand full of silver fox.

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