tagBDSMThe Trials of Pauline Ch. 10

The Trials of Pauline Ch. 10


When the time came for Polly's schooling to finish, Fagin sent for her. They met in private, in the Principal's office. He was reading Polly's final report.

'You have first class report, my dear. The Principal is fulsome in her praise of you. Gives you a title of deputy-governess. That's good. With a final certificate of this quality, you should do well. However, my dear, the time has come for us both to cash in on your excellent abilities. I have a very important business associate who is looking for a young lady to carry out a special mission for him. It will be exacting, but enjoyable work for a young lady of your spirit and bearing.'

'What sort of mission?'

'Well, my dear, let is just say a most dangerous and painful one. It involves international travel, with life at the very top. Much excitement.'

'Does it pay well?' Polly inquired.

'My dear!' Fagin chuckled. 'For the both of us.'

First, she was to be tested for her suitability and endurance under torture. Polly laughed at the idea.

'It's more like a James Bond story!'

'Do not mock, my dear. In this line of business, your life may well depend upon your endurance.' Fagin warned her that this man was to be her temporary master, stern and demanding. He had been saving her innocence for just this sort of wealthy international operator.

He gave Polly a visiting card with an address written on it and a date. The address was in fashionable Knightsbridge, London. The date was three days away.

'Present yourself there at ten in the morning.'

'Right, Fagin. I shall miss you.'

'Now, my dear, remember all I've taught you. Don't shrink too soon. Ulysses likes to think he has tamed his women. The harder and more sophisticated they are, the better he likes it. He has a strong arm, my dear, so beware! Obey his orders to the letter. He has no mercy on disobedience. If he likes you, it may be some time before we meet again. If not, we may never meet again! So, good luck, my dear.'

Three days later, the weather had turned to rain. Nevertheless, Polly's taxi managed to draw up outside the main door to avoid her having a lengthy walk. It was an imposing building with an impressive entrance. She was met by a door-man in standard uniform, who checked her name against a card he took from his inside pocket before ushering her into the lobby.

The spacious hall she entered had a marble floor, its centre covered with a circular silk Chinese rug, overhung by a large, cascading crystal chandelier, and dominated by a large sweeping staircase, thickly carpeted and bordered by a wonderfully carved and turned, polished mahogany balustrade, curling up to the next floor. The walls were superbly decorated in panels, each painted with a rustic Gainsborough-like scene. Luxury spilled over. Polly was overawed!

'It's now or never to show your metal, girl!' she told herself.

The doorman spoke in a phone then escorted her to the back of the hall to a lift which ran up a shaft behind the staircase well. The lift itself was rather like an old-fashioned Pullman car; polished mahogany, metal folding doors mirrors and water-colours, with an Axminster carpet on the floor.

'Fifth floor, ma'am,' he said indicating the buttons to the left of the doors.

The lift purred quietly passed the intermediate floor, coming to a hissing halt at the fifth. The doors sighed open. Facing the lift stood a serene-looking blonde lady, probably in her twenties, with excellent posture and bearing. In fact, rather like an army officer in stature, which, as Polly would late discover, is precisely what she was. She smiled warmly.

'This way please ma'am.' Polly was escorted into a deeply carpeted spacious room, expensively furnished in cream and white. Large French windows leading onto a deep balcony overlooking Regent's Park dominated the far end of the room. They were framed by heavy brocade curtains and swagged pelmet.

An elaborate Adams fireplace surround was surmounted with a huge gilt-framed mirror with elaborate wall-lights. Standard lamps, deep sofas and arm-chairs, occasional tables were scattered round the room. A Steinway grand piano in an ebony case stood elegantly in one corner, lid open, music on the stand.

'The music room, ma'am. Please make yourself comfortable. There's coffee on the table in the corner, there.' And the elegant lady disappeared through double doors to the right.

'Phew!' Polly said to herself. 'Some pad! There's plenty of money here, alright!'

Polly went over to study the view. After a few minutes, she heard sounds coming from the room the lady had gone into. It was unmistakable! The faint sound of whipping. Stifled cries followed each lash. Polly's mind was intrigued. What should she do? Was this a part of the interview; an initiative test to see how she might respond to such an incident?

The heavy door muffled any sound, but there could be no doubt in Polly's mind. Would she be interfering in a private affair and so lose her opportunity, or would she lose it if she ignored the activity. Correction figured large in the advertisement, so she decided to bite the bullet and find out what was going on.

Striding across the room, she flung open the door to be met by an incredible sight. The elegant lady who had shown her into the room was naked from the waist up, standing between two desks facing each other, wielding a long thin willow cane. Bending face down over the desks, on either side of her, were two figures. Male obviously! Khaki shorts were round their ankles and the cheeks of their bottoms were protected by thin cotton underpants.

The blonde beauty was swishing the cane, striking first one, then the other, in alternate strokes. At each stroke, their was a suppress grunt as the buttocks jolted with the sting. Polly glanced quickly round the rest of the room. It was fully panelled in oak, with desks if similar wood, a range of occasional chairs and furniture appropriate for an expensive private office. Large bunches flowers were filled every corner of the room adding much colour in the strong sunlight shafting through the tall windows. The rain clouds had gone. It was a glorious day!

The elegant lady looked up at Polly. Without saying a word, Polly strode forward. She hooked her thumbs into each side of the underpants of one man, jerking them to his knees. Reaching between his buttocks she quickly explored the sac hanging there before searching further to find a poker-stiff shaft of average proportions. It quivered at her touch. Polly then repeated the action with the other man. Turning to the elegant lady, she snatched the willow cane from her.

'I don't know who these miscreants are,' she said, allowing herself a few quick swishes of the cane through the air as she spoke, 'but they have the effrontery to show their naked sexually aroused state in front of ladies. That demands extra punishment.'

And, without further comment, Polly landed a heavy lash on each naked bottom in turn. Red weals formed immediately on the already crimson-blotched buttocks to squeals of pain. Several more lashes followed in quick succession until their buttocks were cris-crossed with scarlet stripes.

'Stand up and turn round!' she barked. They did, with bowed heads. Polly was surprised to see they were so young. Neither could have been more than nineteen, or twenty at the most. Their shining bodies looked lightly oiled, being devoid of hair which made both handsome erections seem longer than ever.

Their skin was olive-toned, their curly hair dark brown. Although their stomachs were firm and flat behind the elegant upright columns of flesh and their shoulders well proportioned, there was nothing muscle-bound about them.

'Now you!' Polly ordered the elegant lady. Without demur, and a look of admiration in her eyes, she unfastened her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor. Stepping out of it, she bent over the armchair between the desks. Tan-coloured silk stockings, held in place by scarlet garters, covered the long shapely legs. Displayed above them was a gorgeous bottom of rounded cheeks encased in flimsy silk briefs which did nothing to hide their luscious contents.

'How dare you display your bare breasts to tease these young men, causing them to show their arousal, and be punished for it?'

Without any preliminaries, Polly quickly thwacked the willow cane across the buttocks. The lady yelped with both surprise and pain at the ferocity of the blow. After administering several stinging thwacks, which made the girl screech and flinch, Polly turned to the two youths who were staring drooling at the proffered cheeks of female beauty.

'Take off her briefs,' Polly commended.

They turned to look at her with curiosity. They clearly didn't understand her. Polly stepped forward to drag down the flimsy garment, the girl flinching at the touch of her bottom. Her long graceful legs parted slightly to expose a plump vulva with inner lips pouting at Polly. Soft tousled curls surrounded the private entrance, now moist with its arousal.

Polly slid the cane between the labia, giving a couple of light strokes of the cane, almost lovingly, making the genitals quiver, before gesturing to the first youth to penetrate the impatient lips. He understood that perfectly, wanting no second bidding. Taking his lengthy, stiff manhood in his hand, he pointed it at the entrance, then pushed it in firmly to its fullest extent.

'Now, hard regular thrusts!' she commanded, lashing his taught buttocks with the cane on each thrust.

The girl was now moaning and twisting recklessly, holding on the arm of a chair, pushing her loins at the pounding phallus. Exhilaration increased with each stroke, her fingers finding her private bud, pushing it hard against the pumping shaft to increase the stimulation. Excitement began to peak. It became almost unbearable. The scream stuck in her dry throat. Her mouth opened in a silent scream.

Then, she finally shrieked with triumph as an orgasm overwhelmed her body, crashing all over her. This was sufficient to trigger off the youth's climax, his groin juddering as it thudded against her, spurting his release into the passage. He remained buried deep inside it until the tremors had finally subsided.

Polly stood watching, breathing hard with the exertion of the whipping and the eroticism of the copulation. The youth's tensed bottom was aflame with the effect of the lashing. When they separated, all three looked steadily at Polly. The girl stood gently rubbing the smarting cheeks of her blotchy scarlet bottom before she spoke.

Polly studied her slim figure, slender waist, small white breasts with perfectly proportioned nipples pointing upwards, soft golden curls - now tousled and dark with love juices round the orifice - protecting her fleshy mound. Her parted thighs displayed the swollen lips of her vulva, the pink button peeking out from it's little hood.

'These boys don't understand English,' she said. 'They are Greek youth. I am Helen.' As she spoke to them briefly in Greek, Polly studied the two youths. Greek Gods indeed! Lightly tanned, smooth, clean firm bodies. Beautiful! Polly thought. The one who had just serviced Helen showed his softening manhood but the other one rose majestically from the groin, hard and smooth.

The torpedo-shaped shaft, with a slight sideways bend, was perfectly made for woman's enjoyment, Polly thought. The skin was smooth. The veins and vessels well hidden, with the testicles hanging gracefully from the base, the left ball hanging slightly lower than the other in its wrinkled sac.

Whilst Polly's attention was held by the youth's cock, all three suddenly turned on her, the girl wresting the cane from her grasp whilst the youths held her arms tightly behind her. She could feel the strength rippling through them. Helen hastily unbuttoned Polly's blouse, tearing it apart revealing her braless breasts, still heaving with her exertions.

'For bursting in on our privacy you must suffer the consequences, ' Helen said, now unfastening the waist band of Polly's full skirt and unzipping the side fastening. The garment fell to her ankles.

Helen stood facing Polly who returned her defiant look. Taking a step back she looked her up and down.

'So, you call these breasts, do you?' Helen spoke disparagingly as she knocked the breasts abruptly to each side. 'I've seen bigger tits on a child!'

'Better than those puny bags of flesh you call tits!' Polly spat back venomously. Helen flushed, her eyes gleaming with cruelty.

'Bitch!' She struck her across the face with an open hand. Polly's head recoiled from the blow. 'Step out of that and bend over that desk,' Helen ordered harshly. 'You will be thrashed for your impudence!'

The youths pushed Polly roughly onto her hands and knees. She was wearing her best silk knickers with flaring, lace edged legs. Even so, they clung to the cheeks of her pert behind, leaving little to the imagination. The bending action dragged the gusset into her moist gash, the parted swollen lips displayed her honeyed curls in each opening of the knickers.

Before she realised what was happening the first lash of the cane stung her cheeks. Polly yelped with the unexpected bite of the willow, her loins recoiling with a jolt from the blow.

'You - must - learn - manners,' Helen emphasised each word bringing the supple cane down on Polly's silk-covered bottom, 'and - not - interrupt - others' - en - joyment!' Each blow expelled air noisily from Polly's lungs mingled with sobs of pain as the cane struck mercilessly against her soft cheeks, rapidly reddening under the smacks.

Helen spoke brusquely in Greek. One youth bent over Polly yank down her knickers. The dragging of the silk against her tender flesh made her yelp and twist spontaneously. Helen looked at the reddened orbs, gently caressing them with the palms of her free hand. Polly flinched at first but soon relaxed as the cool palm soothed her burning cheeks. Her thighs parted to allow freedom of movement.

The fingers fluttered between the cheeks finding their way into the damp warmth between them, paddling in the slipperiness of the lips. Two fingers were slid between them to explore the fleshy inside folds, sending Polly into raptures of whimpering delight. After a few moments of soothing treatment, Helen spoke quietly to one of the youths.

Almost at once, a blunt shaft was presented to her mouth. The gorgeous stiff cock she had just been admiring was before her admiring eyes. She took it lightly between her lips, softly chewing against the foreskin, pushing it up and down the knob end. Polly licked and nibbled the perfect cock until it was thrust fully into her mouth. She took it all in.

The other Adonis had recovered his stiffness and was quietly masturbating over her buttocks, whist the blonde softly whipped the wonderful bottom, whilst still paddling her fingers in Polly's oozing vagina. In the centre of her groin the little bud was throbbing with impatience. Polly was rubbing it rapidly, bringing her to the boil.

The cock sliding in and out of her throat was getting more erratic, jerking and lunging into Polly's cheeks, until a burst of liquid squirted down her throat. This was followed by five more spurts, filling her mouth with the glorious sperm of the Greek god.

'Aah! Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, yes!' Polly cried, head thrown back, as the excitement grew within her. Without warning the cane struck her across the thighs, catching the swollen labia. Polly yelped as a second thwack struck her yet again catapulting her to a violent screaming orgasm. Polly collapsed exhausted into Helen's arms.

After the foursome had recovered, the youths dressed themselves, and left the room to Helen and Polly. The two naked women looked into each other's face searchingly.

'She's very attractive,' Polly thought. 'I wonder if she's bi-sexual?' Their eyes continued to spar with each other, looking for an opening. Helen took a small step towards Polly, who held her hands out to stroke Helen's small rounded breasts.

'They're not puny bags, Helen. They're beautiful. So innocent looking and attractive.' And she bent her head to fasten her mouth onto one of the hard nipples.

Helen closed her eyes, murmuring with ecstasy.

'And your vulva is the most perfect I have ever seen! The young Gods were agog by its beauty. Where did you find one so perfect?'

Her hand reached out to cup the soft pliant flesh between Polly's thighs. Polly lifted her head, took Helen's face between her hands to look at her with soft dreamy eyes. Their mouths met in a long delicate kiss of parted lips and closed eyes. Tongues sparring, each body embraced the other, hands caressing hips , backs and soothing the luscious orbs of their bottoms. Still burning with the fire of the cane, they were healing over, clenching at the touch.

'Let me kiss your stripes better,' Helen said, turning Polly round. 'Bend over.'

Polly turned and bend forward, supporting herself on the edge of the desk, whilst Helen knelt behind her. Her moist tongue and kisses fluttered over the angry-looking weals, her hands stroking the outer slopes. Once more, Polly felt her sex becoming aroused. Her thighs parted, her bottom thrust backwards towards her tormentor. Helen tucked her face into the cleft, nose rubbing down the damp gash, her stiffened tongue darting in and out to find the little hood.

'Mmmm. That's exciting. Men are good to fill a woman's passage but a woman's tongue is unbeatable at stimulating the bud,' Polly muttered with sighs of delight at the sweet fluttering she was feeling deep within her womb.

'Come then,' Helen suggested. 'Lie beside me.' And the two women lay down full length, head between each other's legs. Both tongues sought out the mystery hidden between their thighs, teasing the delicate little buds, lapping at the damp gash, pressing their breasts to the other's body.

Their whimpering and squeals of ecstasy harmonised, with occasional sudden cries as a tongue flicked the spot. Sighs became heavier, breathing shallower and faster. Bodies began to tremble against each other. Bottoms quivered, loins thrust against the loving mouths. Muscles lurched and jerked. Cries became shriller.

Suddenly, Polly started pounding her palms against Helen's sensitive bottom, making Helen cry out in painful anguish. Helen returned the gesture slapping as hard as she could. Polly screamed as the stinging pain strained at her belly. She bit Helen's soft inner thigh to cries of agony and exhilaration. Helen returned the love bites as the two bodies rolled over and over, lashing around, hands flaying against the soft mounds.

Muffled cries as mouths gobbled ravenously at the fleshy lips, teeth nibbling. Tongues snaked lewdly into the velvety folds, until Polly howled with the voluptuous joy of her orgasmic happiness. Helen's shouts of delight and exultation followed immediately, as she clasped her thighs tightly over the head between her thighs gving her such thrills. The two women continued to eat the other's vulva hungrily, converting to loving kisses and embraces as their paroxysms drained away, leaving a feeling of tranquil fulfilment in their bellies. The warm glow of their buttocks added to their contentment.

The two ladies got dressed and were repairing the damage to their hair styles, when another door opened. Two more women entered the room with smiles of appreciation.

'That was great, Polly and Helen! We have it on video, so you can watch the play-back later. I am Lucy and this is Anne. Before finally agreeing to your appointment, let us hear something of your back-ground. Shall we all sit down.'

Polly studied the newcomers. Curiously enough, both ladies were the same height, and the same as Helen. All three were blonde and looked as though they could have worn the same clothes with comfort. Their ash-blonde hair was swept back and plaited into a large bun on the summit of the head. They wore light blouses, open to the waist in the warm weather. Polly could distinguish their small, rounded breasts. Both their nipples had stiffened - no doubt aroused by the performance - pushing into the silky fabric. Short skirts showed off the length of their elegant legs. Perfectly shaped.

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