The Trio


x The following happened to me a couple of years ago. As a second-year graduate student I was very busy between work and class. I had very little time for socializing but as the time passed I found that I was getting hornier and hornier. I would have loved a girlfriend but had no time for one. I had to content myself with late night masturbation sessions in which I would imagine myself getting various sexual favors from female coworkers or hot women I saw on the street.

The following happened at around 3AM on a Saturday in May. I had been working long hours all week. As I worked longer hours, I found myself too tired at night to bother jerking off. On this night I was returning home after a birthday party for one of the guys at work. Theresa, the hottest girl at work was there in a short black dress. I did not have a crush on her precisely but I would have loved to fuck her. On the subway ride home I found my thoughts drifting back to her in that dress again and again. After so long without jerking off, these kinds of thoughts were torture and yet I could not help myself.

I came out of my reverie to realize that I was all alone in the train car. Looking around the empty car for reassurance, I slowly slipped my hand down my pants and started to massage my straining erection. It was so tight that I could not manage much beyond awkwardly squeezing it. The warm touch of my hand was nice and I could feel my member swelling more as I imagined Theresa's tongue swirling around the tip of my cock, lapping up the precum.

The pressure in my shorts became rather painful and so I reluctantly removed my hand. I couldn't bear it any longer. Throwing caution to the wind I unzipped my fly and took out my cock. Just being able to take it out in a public place was thrilling. I sat there; lightly rubbing it and reveling in the freedom I was experiencing. My hand wrapped around the shaft now and I started to pull on it harder and faster. My vivid fantasies of earlier came back as I got more and more into it. I closed my eyes as I imagined Theresa kneeling before me. Her mouth slid over my cock head as her tongue flicked the underside of the shaft. I let out a moan and she burst out in laughter.

Startled I opened my eyes to see three girls standing in the doorway of the car staring at me and laughing hysterically. I was mortified as I quickly stuffed my deflating boner back into my pants. I quickly zipped up, ready to dash out of the car. The doors closed before I could even get out of my seat however and so I was forced to sit there in humiliation as the girls, still laughing there heads off, took seats across from me. I did not know what to do; I had never been so embarrassed before and there was no way for me to escape. I hung my head to keep them from seeing how red my face was and tried to sit absolutely still in a vain attempt to avoid drawing more attention.

With my eyes closed their voices seemed amplified and I was acutely aware of their laughter and exclamations such as "did you see that" and "holy shit". Slowly their laughter subsided to be replaced by whispers, which I could not make out. Giggles still permeated the conversation but I could tell that the trio was starting to calm down. Time passed by slowly as I sat there listening to the girls whisper while I silently cursed myself for being so stupid. My face was hot and I was sweating profusely despite the car's air-conditioning.

Finally I felt the train slow down as it entered the next station. I opened my eyes but for a moment I could only stare at my lap. The train stopped and I heard the doors open. I sat there. Part of me wanted to run out those doors but another part of me did not. For one thing, I have always had a stubborn streak in me: when embarrassed I usually try to play it off as though nothing happened. For another thing, it was late and I was tired; the next train would probably not come along for about forty minutes or so. I kept telling myself to get up and go but I did not move. I stared at the open doors. My mind was a war between the two choices- stay or go, but I kept my face calm as though nothing was wrong. The doors closed and I was sealed in the car with the three girls once more.

Having resigned myself to what I guessed would be a rather long ride home I was curious to see the girls who had caught me. The initial flush of embarrassment was draining from my face as I turned back towards the girls. I quickly glanced at them before returning my gaze to my lap. When they first surprised me I was so shocked at what was happening that I barely noticed what they looked like before averting my eyes. My quick glance now was more informative.

Two of the girls were blondes; the one on the left was a brunette. They looked to be around 20 or so. The brunette had straight brown hair the color of mahogany and looked something like Katie Holmes. The girl in the middle had a heart-shaped face and her golden hair was pulled back in a ponytail. A glittering tiara sat in her hair and she had a pink feather boa around her shoulders. The girl on the right had dirty blonde curly hair framing her tanned face. All three girls were dressed provocatively in short skirts and the two blondes were showing a generous amount of cleavage.

Their attire suggested that they had been out clubbing that night, obviously celebrating the middle girl's birthday. For the first time it occurred to me that they did not seem to mind what they had seen. They were shocked but in good spirits. I relaxed a little in the knowledge that they were not appalled or angry at what they had seen.

The train slowed down and stopped. We had not reached the next station yet but such delays in the New York transit system are not unheard of and late at night they are much more common as crews take the reduced traffic to fix the tracks. I listened for an announcement that did not come. The girls were talking amongst themselves but with the train sitting quietly in the tunnel I could make out more of what they were saying. They did not sound drunk really but probably a little happy. One of them said, "that was really your first one?"

I raised my head, and pretended to be staring past them but they did not seem to notice. The brunette gave a sheepish smile and said "yes. I've never been in a serious relationship before, this is the first I've seen."

"What about Leo" asked the birthday-girl? "You went out with him for six months".

"Yeah, but I was not comfortable with the idea of sex at the time".

"So you never let him feel you up, never even gave him a handjob or anything?"

"No, I was too uptight. I want to now though- not give a handjob I mean, but do something, ANYTHING! I am getting tired of being so afraid of sex." As she said this she glanced in my direction and blushed, pulling at the hem of her skirt as though realizing for the first time just how short it was.

I felt myself getting hard again watching them.

"If I had known that I would have dragged you to a strip club tonight instead!" said the curly haired girl. Then she glanced my way and said with a grin "I guess we kind of got one anyway though." All three looked at me with these big smiles.

I didn't know what to say so I said "sorry about that. I thought I was alone, I wasn't trying to be a pervert or anything." I could feel my face flushing all over again.

"Look at him he's turning red," said the birthday girl. "What's your name?" she asked in what I took to be an attempt to put me at ease.

"Rob" I answered.

"I'm Allison and these are Bridget," she said pointing to the brunette who nodded "and Samantha."

"Hi," said Samantha giggling. Her eyes glanced down at the now obvious bulge in my pants.

Pretending to scratch an itch on my wrist I blocked their view of the bulge. I felt a surge of excitement by the fact that they could see it and so found myself removing my hands from my lap to give them an unobstructed view once more.

Gesturing to the tiara I asked "so how old are you today?"

"Nineteen" Allison responded.

"Happy birthday," I said, "too bad you have to end it stuck in a train car for God knows how long."

"Bored already?" asked Samantha coyly. "You could finish what you were doing before."

"Sam!" exclaimed Bridget shocked.

"What? It's not like we haven't already seen it. I think it would be fun, I've never watched a guy jack off before." Turning to me Samantha winked and said, "it can be your birthday present to Alison."

Alison looked as shocked as Bridget but she also looked amused. Neither her nor Bridget said more though, all three sat looking at me as I sat there speechless.

"Come on, you will never again have three hot girls egging you on to cum." Samantha said.

"Ok" I said, trying to sound nonchalant. I felt like I could come without even touching my cock. My hands were trembling a bit as I leaned back to unzip my fly.

Alison uncrossed her perfect legs she as she leaned forward with interest. As my member popped out Samantha let out a squeal of delight and Bridget stared open mouthed.

I slowly started stroking the shaft, trying to avoid stimulating the head much. I was pretty close to coming to start with and I wanted this to last a little while. I concentrated on my breathing for a bit in order to relax a little. It worked and I was soon able to make full strokes without fear of cumming too soon.

Bridget watched in open fascination but the other two kept whispering to each other and giggling as they glanced back at me. "What do you fantasize about when your jerking off?" asked Alison.

"I don't know... celebrities, hot girls I see on the street, that sort of stuff."

"You probably picture them giving you blowjobs," said Samantha. "I bet you are thinking about us giving you one."

True as this was I was reluctant to admit it. The look on my face gave it away though. I could picture each of them in the act. Bridget I already knew had never done it but I could imagine leading her through her first time. I could picture her hesitantly putting it in her mouth and accidentally going down too far causing her to gag. Reassuring words would give her the confidence to try again. When I came she would try to swallow it despite my assurances that she did not have to. Not expecting the flood she would wind up having to pull off after the first squirt or two, causing the rest to flow onto her hand as it continued to work the shaft.

In my imaginations Samantha would be the opposite. Her attitude spoke to me of a girl who was confident sexually. She would launch herself at the task zestfully, loving the kinkiness of it. She probably had quite the repertoire of techniques at her disposal. She would lick the shaft, suck on my balls and deep throat me. It would end with her begging me to come on her face, which I would be more than happy to do. As my pearly seed slid down her face afterwards she would sit back and light a cigarette, proud in a job well done.

Alison like Bridget seemed to me to be a sweet-natured lover. I pictured her turning the act into the expression of her love for her partner. She would enjoy it as much as Samantha but more for the selflessness of it than for the sheer sexuality of it. She would gently kiss me along my inner thighs, building the tension. Slowly caressing the shaft she would work her kisses to the head and then, with her eyes watching me she would take my cock into her mouth. When I came she would swallow every drop even though the taste was not her favorite thing.

I had been picturing these very things the whole time as well as thoughts of the three girls gleefully working together at once with their mouths to bring me off.

"Yeah, you have! I knew it!" shouted Samantha as I looked away rather than answer.

"Gross," Bridget said, though she looked more embarrassed by the thought of giving a blowjob than grossed out by it.

Raising an eyebrow at me Alison admonished me "don't get any ideas, we're not going to suck you off."

"I wasn't expecting you to," I said truthfully. I had briefly hoped for it but never really expected it.

"Come over here" said Samantha. I stood up and walked over to stand right in front of Alison who was between the others. My cock was level with Alison and Bridget's breasts; Samantha was a few inches taller. Samantha reached out to it and playfully pulled it down, letting it spring back up like a diving board. The three girls laughed; Bridget seemed a little uneasier than the others. Samantha seemed to be only encouraged by this. "They're kind of funny looking but he has a pretty nice one," she said looking at Bridget. "Thicker than normal in fact," she reached across Alison and grabbed Bridget's hand, bringing it up to my penis.

"No!" Bridget squealed laughing as she turned her head away, refusing to look. Still, she allowed her fingers to run along the top of it. With excitement and anticipation a muscle twitched in my groin making my stiff penis jump. Surprised, Bridget pulled away and clutched her hand protectively.

"Come on, continue" urged Alison, sitting back and crossing her legs again. I began once more to rub along the shaft.

I looked at each of them in turns. Bridget seemed to be conflicted; she was both enthralled by the show and a bit uneasy with being so enthralled. She was thus pretty fidgety, playing the hem of her skirt, her hair and occasionally looking away from me whenever we made eye contact.

Samantha seemed to love the idea that they were turning me on so much. She hiked up the hem of her skirt and idly traced patterns on her chest with a finger. Sometimes when she caught my eye she would blow a kiss or lick her lips, winking at me.

Alison seemed to be enjoying herself too. She didn't blow kisses or anything like Samantha but she was not shy about enjoying it either, laughing with ease when Samantha made a quip or even at Bridget's unsure reactions. As it progressed though she got more into it. She started rubbing her hands along her thighs and speaking words of encouragement like "Oh yeah, I bet that feels good", "It's so big" or "I want to see you cum."

Her hand moved from rubbing her thighs to rubbing mine. I was taking it slow the whole time, loving their eyes fixed on my cock. "This is so hot," she said "let me do it." I was so into the moment that I didn't realize that she meant it until I felt her hands move up to caress my scrotum and massage the shaft. She started to slowly masturbate me, then grabbed the shaft with both hands and began to tug on it more vigorously.

"Wow, you go girl!" cheered Samantha.

Alison flushed "I can't believe I'm doing this!" she exclaimed as she let go and seemed to collapse against Samantha laughing.

I stood there wondering whether that would be it. Maybe I would have to finish myself off after all. The forlorn expression on my face caught the attention of Samantha who said "Aw, look at him, you can't just leave him like that."

"I'm not going to," said Alison who was fishing around her purse. "Here we go," she said pulling out a small tube of hand lotion. "Lotion is helpful when giving a handjob," she said with a mischievous smile directed at Bridget. Then she put a hand on Bridget's back and urged her closer "you should get closer for a better view. You might never get a better opportunity to see a good handjob." She squirted a good bit of lotion onto her left hand and proceeded to slather it onto my member.

Alison's hands glided along the firm shaft artfully. She seemed to be fully engrossed in her work. Occasionally, sounding like a teacher talking to a favorite student, she would give handjob pointers to Bridget who seemed to be enthralled. As she gently caressed my balls she said "a lot of men like having their balls fondled but not all."

Samantha kept laughing to herself, sometimes interjecting pointers of her own such as "running your fingernails along it will give him shivers."

Bridget appeared eager to learn and crept closer and closer until her face was less than a foot away from the spectacle. "How long does it take? How long do you have to do it to make him cum?" she asked.

Alison's heart-shaped face glanced over to Bridget, "usually, he would have exploded a long time before this but as you get more experienced, you will learn to read him and change techniques when he gets close in order to make it last longer." Her small hands were good at what they did, but she was able to keep me from reaching the point of no return.

Finally the conductor's voice echoed through the compartment, we had all forgotten about where we were and I was not the only one to jump at the sound of his voice. "Attention passengers, we apologize for the delay, central dispatch has told us we can continue." I grabbed onto the pole behind me to keep my balance as the train started up again.

Judging by how far the train had gone before we stopped, I guessed we had another three minutes before coming to the next station. Pausing briefly to lube up again, Alison took up the action once more, this time stroking with a definite purpose. Eyes occasionally glancing up at me, she concentrated on her work as did the other two.

I began to moan "oh, yes! Oh, yes!"

Alison did not stop or slow down but while continuing to massage me with her left hand, her right hand slid down the base of my cock. Her experienced fingers pressed there just as the convulsions of my orgasm hit me, making my orgasm stronger yet. Cum rocketed into the air hitting Alison in the face. "Aah!" she shrieked as she tried to pull away without stopping her administrations. Bridget, who was still within a few inches of the action, also let out a delighted shriek as she jumped away. Samantha clapped and whistled appreciatively, showing no signs of retreating. My hands clenched onto the pole at my back in an effort to keep standing while going weak in the knees on the rocking train.

"Holy shit!" said Alison as she dropped her hands away from me once I was done. "That was a lot of cum." It was an understatement; lack of sexual activity had left me with large semen reserves built up.

Samantha, giggling, reached into her purse and pulled out a small makeup mirror. Handing it to Alison she said "happy birthday! You may not have gotten drunk but you still got plastered!"

Taking the mirror from her Alison looked into it crying "Holy shit!" again. My seed covered her face in four giant streaks, drops of it falling onto her thighs and chest. Her tiara seemed to glisten slightly brighter in the light where my cum clung to it. Still more cum dripped slowly down her hand. Samantha handed her a tissue with which she proceeded to wipe off the cum. It was not enough and Alison looked at me as I zipped up and said, "Give me your shirt." I figured I owed her that much at least and so moved closer so that she could use my shirt as a towel.

We pulled into the station as Alison was still wiping her face. Bridget, who had sat back down tugged at Alison's sleeve, "This is our stop; come on." The three girls stood up and squeezed past me to the door.

Alison beamed up at me but didn't say anything as she left the car, Bridget stood in the doorway and smiled, waving good-bye as Samantha stopped in front of me on the way out. Standing on her tiptoes Samantha pulled my head down to whisper "thanks for the show." I felt her other hand slid down my pants to squeeze my limp dick before she pulled away.

"Happy birthday!" I called out to them as I took my seat again.

As they strode away and before the doors closed I heard Bridget exclaim, "I can't believe you did that!" She appeared more amused than upset.

"I just had a strong urge to grab him so I did it. You can't tell anyone!" Alison said walking a little quicker, perhaps to put a bit more distance between herself and the train.

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