tagGay MaleThe Trip

The Trip


It was Tuesday evening my wife and I were relaxing in front of the television. Rich, a friend of mine called. After a short conversation, I set the phone down and sais to my wife,

"Rich has some tickets to a Devil Rays game Saturday. If we have no plans, I'd like to go along."

"I have no plans. Go ahead. It might be fun."

Looking at my wife, I relayed the whole itinerary, "Were going to leave Friday evening, grab a hotel and catch a game on Saturday and Sunday. We should be home around six on Sunday."

Friday at four Rich pulled up. As I got in his Durango, he said,

"One more stop to pick up Mike and Ted and we'll be on our way."

Pulling into a driveway at a nice house in Longwood, Rich went to the door. A few minutes later I saw two guys following Rich down the driveway.

"This is Mike and this is Ted."

Pointing to me Rich said, "This is Ken. We used to work together years and years ago."

Mike sat behind me. Mike is slim with a balding head on top. I guessed him to be in his mid thirties. As he threw his bag in the back I looked at Ted. I guessed him to be in his mid to late twenties. He was tall and muscular.

After everyone was settled in Rich got on I-4 and drove west to Tampa. We stopped in Lakeland for dinner. The rest of the drive seemed to go by fast. Between dinner and the drive down the interstate, I got to know Mike and Ted.

After checking in to our hotel, we watched a little Braves baseball on TBS. Reaching for the phone book, Ted said, "Let's go find a strip club and have a little fun."

Trying to find a way to say no, Mike said, "I don't know."

In a kidding manner Rich said, "What's the matter Mike, your wife wouldn't approve?"

"No that's not it, I'm just afraid of getting horny and not being able to do anything about."

We watched a couple of more innings of the brave's game, when Rich looked at me and asked, "Hey Ken You want to hit a couple of clubs?" I answered, "Sure as long as we are back by midnight. It has been a long week."

With me and Rich being in our forties, it seemed like we were the elders of the group. Maybe we should have known better.

Getting into Rich's car, we left. At the first club Rich handed me the keys. I knew what he wanted, and didn't mind being the designated driver. We hit four clubs. It was a fun evening. At twelve twenty I set my sprite down, and suggested we head back to the hotel. Everyone agreed and we left.

Walking in the door, I opened the beer I bought on the way back. Leaning against the headboard I turned on sportscenter. I changed out of my jeans into a pair of comfortable shorts. As everyone started to relax, Ted shocked me when he said,

"Oh man there was some beautiful women tonight, I am so horny, I'd pay some one for a blow job."

What shocked me even more was that I was thinking about taking him up on his offer. I had to stop myself. I have had a curiosity about checking out my bisexual side since high school. Once in high school two friends and I jacked off together. We later talked about what it would be like to suck a cock, but we never went through with it.

Interrupting my thoughts, I heard Mike say with a giggle, "See I knew we shouldn't have gone."

I couldn't believe what I said next. Before thinking I said to Ted,

"I'll give you a blow job."

He got up off the other bed and walked towards me. Rich started to say something, then just got off the bed. Mike and Rich joined Ted in getting undressed as if they were going to join in. Wondering what I got myself into I said,

"Hey I think I miss spoke. I was just curious what it's like to give some one a blow job. I spoke before thinking. I will do it as long as what happens here stays here."

Everyone agreed. I slid off the bed. I got comfortable on my knees. Rich was in front of me, Ted was on my right and Mike was on my left. Since Ted brought up the idea, I leaned towards him first. His cock was 7 inches and thick. Looking at it inches from my face. I was getting turned on thinking about what I was about to do. Massaging his thigh and moving my hand to his balls, I started to open my mouth. Taking him to the back of my throat I started moving my mouth faster while continuing to play with his balls. After sucking Ted deep long and hard several more times, I moved to Rich.

I was mesmerized by the situation. Rich had a seven inch cock. His balls were large and drooped low. I licked the large mushroomed head. Grabbing the base, I took his cock in my mouth. I moved both hands to his ass as I sucked him deep. His hairy butt cheeks felt odd as I pushed his mid section closer. I felt his hand on the back of my head and heard him moan. I moved one of my hands to massage his balls and took him deep in my mouth. As I felt his pubic hairs touching my nose, I realized someone was left out. I sucked Rich a couple of more times then moved to Mike.

Moving to Mike, I looked at his red pubic hair, then looked at his cock. It was 7 inches or so and thick. I started to suck his cock. As the tip hit the back of my throat, I started playing with his balls and cock at the base. The more I continued my first cock sucking session the more I wanted to see cum shoot all over my goatee. I was getting more excited and started going faster on Mike's cock.

Reaching a hand over to Ted's cock, I was startled to feel his hand already there. I moved to my right and started sucking Ted's cock. My jaw was getting sore, but I was anxious to see some one spurt cum my way. Grabbing the base of his cock, I took him deep. Going faster up and down on his cock I started playing with his balls. I could hear him moan, then I felt him put his hand at the back of my head. He pushed my head then moaned again. I could tell he was close. I felt his cum at the back of my throat, then moved back to take it on the chin. Feeling his cum mixed in my goatee was all I thought it would be.

As he stepped back I moved over to Rich. With Rich and Mike waiting for me finish them, I started again with vigor. I sucked Rich's cock deep and fast, playing with the base and his balls. I started switching between Rich and Mike. I was using my hands more to give my jaw a rest. Going back to using my mouth, I started paying a lot of attention to Mike. Feeling his cock in my mouth made me hot. He started to moan then I felt him spurt. I felt his cum hit my tongue, and pulled his cock out of my mouth to add some more cum to my goatee.

Rich moved to the bed. I crawled next to him. I went back to sucking his cock and fondling his balls. I looked at him. He had his eyes closed. Going back to what I was doing I started sucking his cock deeper and faster. I sensed he was about to cum and started playing with his balls more. With his cock head hitting the back of my throat, I ran a finger between his balls and his butt. As he moaned, I felt his cum at the back of my throat. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and masturbated the rest all over my chin and cheek.

I rolled on my back on the bed. Looking at the other bed, Mike and Ted were asleep. I wanted to get up and take a shower, but it felt good to just lie there and relax. I was some where between asleep and being groggy, when I felt my shorts coming off. I started to look down to see who was undressing me, then decided to just wait to see what was going to happen without looking. Lying there naked, I felt a mouth on my slowly growing cock. Realizing there was a lot of precum from earlier, I wondered what he was thinking.

Oh it felt so good. I was close and was going to warn him when I started to shoot my cum in his mouth. I looked down to see Rich pulling off my cock. More sticky cum dribbled out onto my thigh. I slid off the bed and went to the bathroom. I took a long hot shower. I started to wonder what I had done. I enjoyed it, but I was afraid of someone else finding out. I put the worries of my wife and someone else finding out and finished my shower.

I grabbed a small piece of sheet and blanket next to Rich. Even though I didn't get to bed until after 1:30, I was up by 7:00. Everyone else was still asleep. I grabbed a pair of shorts, a tank top and some sandals and went to the lobby for the continental breakfast.

After some coffee, a doughnut and a small bowl of cereal, I went back to the room. Back at the room everyone was awake. Ted was in the shower. Mike was dressed and ready to get some breakfast. Rich was awake, but still in bed. Everyone seemed to act as if nothing happened last night.

After breakfast, we swam in the pool and relaxed until the game. The devil rays lost, but it was close. We enjoyed the game. After a stop at Hooters, we bought some beer and went back to the hotel. We swam in the pool and relaxed at the pool area until late into the evening. Still no one mention last night. We were having fun. I guess that was all that mattered. I was kind of concerned that they might think different of me.

We moved the party to the room. After we all showered and dried off, we relaxed in front of a game on television. Ted and I were sitting at the table near the door, Mike was on one bed and Rich was on the other bed. During a commercial Mike looked at me and asked,

"What was it like sucking cock?"

I was surprised at the question. I waited to think about my answer. Finally I said,

"I don't know how to describe it. I guess if I had to I'd say it was just the feeling of doing something for someone and once you get over the feeling it's wrong, it's fun."

I knew that description wasn't going to work; so after thinking a minute or two I said,

"Someone once told just look at it as licking pussy. You are trying to do something for someone to make them feel good. To actually describe it there are some things that are hard to describe."

Ted looked at Mike and said,

"If you really want to know try it."

Ted was quiet. I could tell he was thinking.

I was about to volunteer to let him try it on my half erect cock when Ted stood up, took off his shorts and said; "I'll be your guinea pig."

Mike went to his knees in front of Ted. A little timid, he licked the under side of the large head. He was hesitant to put it in his mouth. Touching Ted's cock, Mike looked like a kid with a new toy. I was mesmerized watching Mike. He moved Ted's balls with his fingers then moved closer opening his mouth. He slowly moved his mouth up and down on Ted's cock. I was waiting for Mike to move back and quit, but he seemed to get into it.

I looked across the room at Rich. He had taken his shorts off and was playing with himself. He was watching intently. I thought about going over there, but I was too comfortable watching Mike.

Looking back at Mike, he was really getting into it. He had his hands on Ted's hips and butt cheeks, while he was sucking his cock. He was going deeper and faster, then moved a hand to the base of Ted's cock. He was pulling hard on Ted's cock in rhythm with his mouth. Ted moaned and said,

"I'm cuming"

Mike moved back and masturbating Ted's cock harder, Ted shot cum all over Mike's chest, neck and shoulder.

I looked at Mike and in a joking manner said,

"Now describe what you just did,"

Mike went, "Er uh"

After a moment to think he said,

"I know what you mean. It's hard to describe. I also agree once you get over the initial feelings of it being wrong it can really be fun, but I wasn't about to swallow like you did."

Mike laid down. Still standing next to the bed with cum dripping from his cock, Ted crawled on the bed next to mike. Leaning over Mike's small frame Ted started sucking Mike's cock. As I watched him going up and down I thought it was a strange sight Ted's large muscular body on top of mike.

Looking at Rich, I went and sat on the foot of the bed near his legs. Moving his hands I started playing with his large thick cock. I played with and massaged his balls while watching Ted on the other bed. I was in no hurry I was just touching and playing; while enjoying the scene on the other bed. Ted sucked Mike deeper and harder while masturbating his cock at the base. He was working with energy like he wanted to see Mike cum. Watching Mike's face I knew he was close. Ted sensed it also and pulled his mouth off his cock as Mike came all over Ted's hand and Mike's cock.

I leaned over and started sucking Rich. With a hand on the base of his cock, I was enjoying the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. While sucking him, I would move my hand from his cock to his balls and back often. I was sucking Rich hard and fast when I felt something behind me.

I stopped. I've never been fucked in the ass and was afraid it might hurt. I turned around to see Mike. He sensed my objection and said, "Just relax I won't do anything you will not enjoy."

I wasn't sure what that meant; so I said, "Just don't do anything I have not done before."

Mike said okay and continued rubbing his cock around my butt and balls. Feeling I could trust him I continued sucking on Rich. I heard him moan. I went faster and deeper. I really enjoyed when it touched the back of my throat. Mike's cock felt weird. It was wet from his cum. He was moving it around the tip of my tight hole and balls. He was moving fast trying to meet my rhythm on Rich.

My mind was swirling. I was enjoying what I was doing to Rich. I was anxious about what Mike was doing. I was curious about what it would feel like if he entered me, but I was also cared it would hurt. My thoughts were interrupted when Rich came. He shot his load at the back of my throat. I continued up and down trying to drain every drop. At the same time I was playing hard at the base of his cock.

Sensing Rich was cumin, Mike stopped near my tight ass hole. He slowly entered. With only the tip inside me he stopped. As I started to move, he pulled away. I laid on my back near Rich. Mike moved his hand to my cock. After masturbating it a couple of times he moved his mouth onto my cock. It didn't take long, and I was cumming. Mike stayed there swallowing every drop. After he licked me clean, he went to the cooler for a beer.

We watched an old movie and went to sleep. The following morning we had relaxed in the pool before breakfast. Rich and Ted were in the front for the drive to the ball game. Stopping at the front desk they both got out to handle the hotel bill.

Mike looked at me and said,

"I don't think anyone knew I entered your ass last night. Let's keep that our little secret."

"Yeah I don't think anyone else needs to know."

We enjoyed the game and went home. On the way home Rich called his wife on his cell phone. They were all at dinner at Chili's. She said the girls spent the weekend together. When Rich hung up and told us, all of our minds were wondering what went on while we were gone.

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