tagIncest/TabooThe Trophy Wives Club 09

The Trophy Wives Club 09


These stories will feature mature mothers with big, fake breasts enjoying the over-sized endowments of their sons. If that's not something you want to read then go find something else on this excellent site.

Feedback is appreciated but don't bitch about how unrealistic or clichéd the scenario is in the comments - - you'll be wasting your time and mine.

Everyone involved is 18 or over.

† † † † †

As Edgar and Annie stepped into their house, he asked if she had any plans for the afternoon now that church was out of the way.

"I've nothing planned, darling. Why do you ask? Trying to sneak out for a game of golf or something?" she asked indulgently.

"You know me too well," Edgar said. "Franklin and Henry said they were up for a game if I could get there in time."

"Then you go ahead and sort it out, darling," Annie said, bending down slightly and pecking him on the cheek. Her church dress - - a dark blue, sleeveless number that zipped up the front that still managed to show a good amount of the tops of her huge, fake tits - - apparently didn't catch his eye, despite the amount of cleavage she was displaying.

"You don't mind being lumbered with the boys this afternoon?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm sure they can find something to amuse themselves with," she said, heading for the stairs, smiling to herself. "Actually, I think I'll see what they're up to at the moment. You get in touch with Franklin and Henry, darling. Don't worry about me."

By the time she reached the top of the stairs, she could hear her husband on the phone to one of his friends. She stepped into her bedroom and put her clutch bag on the bedside cabinet before heading back out to the landing. She tapped on the door to Bruce's room as it was nearest and, when she had no answer, opened it. It was as messy as it always was with books, CDs, DVDs and games scattered about, and his bedding in complete disarray. She shook her head, partly in annoyance at his inability to tidy up after himself, partly in disappointment at his not being there.

She left his room and headed across the hall, Edgar's voice carrying up from below, to Clark's room and, again, tapped on it. Frowning at the lack of an answer, she opened it and stepped in, her look of disappointment changing rapidly.

Her eldest son's room was the opposite of Bruce's - - neat and tidy, the bed always made, his music and films all stored away in their right places - - but that wasn't what made her smile. Clark was sat at his computer desk, slightly turned away from her, wearing a pair of earphones that were plugged into his laptop, his baggy lounge pants around his knees. On the screen in front of him, was the video he'd recorded the day before of he and his brother fucking Annie together in the lingerie store. The point of view film showed her deep throating her son's huge cock time and again. As he watched it, Clark's hand slid slowly up and down his big cock.

Annie walked quietly over to him, watching him jerking himself off as he watched the porno, until she stood directly behind him. She reached over his shoulder, her big tits squashing into the back of his neck as she took hold of his hard dick, making him jump in fright for a second before he smiled at her.

She pushed his headphones off and whispered "Your father's downstairs so be quiet. So is this what you do when your dad and me are in church? Jerk off to porn?"

"Not just any porn," he whispered back. "I'm watching me and Bruce fucking you." He turned his head and kissed her as she slowly stroked his prick.

"So I see," Annie said, looking at the screen. "God, you've both got such big cocks. I can't believe I took both of them at the same time." Clark's dick lurched in her hand, dribbling a thick stream of clear pre-cum that she smeared all over the rosy knob and down his length, the slick sound of her hand job the only noise in the room for a while. "Talking of big cocks, where's your brother?" she whispered.

"One of his friends came round, insisted he head out with him for some reason," Clark said quietly, his gaze moving from the screen to his mother's hand on his dick and back. "So I guess you have to make do with just me," he said.

"Oh baby, I'm never just making do with you, don't worry about that," Annie said, stepping out from behind him. She bent at the waist, holding his cock upright, and sucked and licked at the head, taking the first few inches into her mouth.

"Annie, darling?" Edgar called from the base of the stairs. "Would you like a coffee or something?"

Annie took her son's cock from her mouth. "No thank you, Edgar," she called. "I'll get myself a hot drink soon." Clark stifled a laugh at his mother's innuendo. "Sorry," she whispered to him with a smile. "Couldn't resist."

As she bent down and sucked on his cock once more, he reached out and cupped her huge tits, groping and squeezing them gently. He found the zip at the front of her dress and pulled it down, peeling the sides apart so he could run his hands over her bulging tit flesh.

She stood up, letting go of his prick, and pulled the hem of her skirt up to her waist. Beneath it she wore a tiny black G-string and a pair of thigh high hold up stockings. She cocked one leg over his, straddling his waist, and pulled her thong to one side.

"Want to slide that big cock up Mommy's pussy?" she asked quietly.

Clark took hold of his prick and moved it slightly, the flared knob sliding between his mother's slippery pussy lips before it slotted into her moist hole.

"God, mom, that feels good," Clark said, watching his mother slowly lower herself down, her pussy spreading to accommodate his thick length.

"You're not wrong, baby," she sighed quietly, sliding herself up and down his pole. She placed her hands on his shoulders and inched her sopping wet twat over his cock, loving the feel of her son's dick inside her. "Oh Clark, honey - - I want to go - - fucking wild on your cock - - but we can't - - your father might hear," she gasped.

"Then we'll have to be quiet," he said. He pulled the sides of her dress further apart, exposing her lacy black bra before pulling the cups down over her huge tits. He gently sucked on first one nipple then the other, cupping her enormous jugs, filling his hands with them. "Mmmmm, love your tits," he mumbled.

"Ahh, yeah - - suck Mommy's tits," she whispered, cradling his head into her massive tits as she fucked her pussy up and down his cock. "Mmmmm, such a big cock for Mommy," she purred.

"Annie, have you seen my golf clubs?" Edgar called from down below.

"In the garage?" she called back, stifling a gasp as Clark pushed his dick deep inside her pussy.

"No, I've looked in there," he said. "Are they in your bedroom?"

Annie and Clark froze for an instant as they heard Edgar start walking up the stairs. She stood up, his cock slipping out of her pussy and slapping against his stomach, and pushed her dress down, then quickly pulled her dress zip back up, covering her tits. She rushed out of Clark's room and went next door, into her own suite; had Edgar looked up he would have seen her but he had his head down, concentrating on the steps.

She looked at herself in her mirror - - a little flushed and, beneath her dress, her tits were still free of her bra but she thought she could pass.

"They're not in here are they, darling?" Edgar asked as he walked in, looking around her room. They hadn't shared a bedroom in some time, Edgar claiming he slept better on his own. He glanced up at her but didn't notice anything amiss, it seemed.

"Now why would they be in here?" Annie asked. "I'm going to get changed in a moment, so hurry up," she said with a hint of exasperation.

"Fine, fine, I just thought you might have picked them up by mistake or something," Edgar said, casting his gaze around. "I'll check my room," he said and headed back out on to the hall.

"Fuck," she whispered in annoyance. She hated being interrupted in just about anything but having to break off fucking her own son was the absolute worst! She unzipped her dress, slipped it off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor, pulling the cups of her bra back over her big tits. Despite him having paid for them, she couldn't remember the last time Edgar had paid them any attention. Now, though, she had Clark and his brother to give them all the loving they needed.

She cupped her huge mounds, squeezing them slightly, watching them bulge around her hands as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She loved watching herself and anyone else have sex which is why Edgar had put the large mirror on the wall but, again, it had been a long time since he'd been the recipient of that.

"Damn, mom, you look sexy like that," Clark whispered from behind her, making her jump.

"Clark! What are you doing in here?" she hissed, turning round to face him. "Your father's in the next room."

"I know," he said, stepping over to her. "But you and me have unfinished business," he said with a smile, nudging his still hard boner into her.

She slowly dropped to her knees and took hold of his cock, stroking it, lovingly licking it from his huge balls up to the flared knob that dribbled pre-cum over her lips as she kissed it. Her lips parted and she slid her mouth over his big prick head, sucking gently on it as she took it deeper, tasting his pre-cum and her own pussy juices.

"Yeah, suck that dick," Clark urged her, running his hand through her short, black hair.

"Oh God," she said, jerking on his big cock. "I must be out of my fucking mind."

"Or maybe just really fucking horny?" Clark suggested, guiding her head back to cock, watching as she eagerly stuffed as much of it into her mouth as she could, forcing herself to gag and cough, thick lines of spit running down her chin to drip on to her big tits.

They both heard the door to Edgar's room suddenly open. Annie stood up and pulled Clark by the hand into her en suite bathroom, closing the door just as they heard her bedroom door open.

"I've found my clubs, darling," Edgar called.

"That's - - that's good. You enjoy - - the game," Annie said from the bathroom.

"Are you okay? You sound a little breathless." Edgar said, tapping on the bathroom door.

"I wonder why?" Clark whispered in her ear. He held her up against the wall right next to the door, one leg in his hand, her thigh up around his waist, as he slid his huge prick deep into her pussy once more.

"I'm fine - - just - - you know - - women's things," Annie said as steadily as she could, staring into her son's eyes as he fucked her with long, slow strokes. She wanted him to pound his cock into her, shove his entire length deep up her cunt over and over but knew he couldn't until his father had gone.

"Oh? Oh! Oh, I see - - ah, yes, umm - - women's things, right," Edgar said. Annie knew he had a long standing aversion to anything even vaguely medically related to female anatomy. "Are you - - er - - are you sure you don't need me to - - ummm - - stay and help?"

"No, no - - I'll be okay," she said, watching as Clark bent his head and licked at the tops of her huge mounds of tit flesh. His cock slid in and out of her twat as he did, fucking her as she spoke with his father.

"I'll be on my way, then," Edgar said. "Be back late, might have a few drinks with Franklin and Henry."

"Okay darling - - see you later," Annie said. When they heard the bedroom door shut, she kissed her son passionately, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. "Oh you teasing bastard," she whispered. "I so want you to fuck me hard now."

"Well why don't I?" Clark asked. She pushed him back gently, letting him pull his cock free of her cunt.

"We have to make sure your father's gone," Annie said. "Stay here until I tell you to come out."

She kissed him again, stroking his cock that was slippery with her pussy juices and then licking her hand clean as he watched. She left the bathroom and headed over to the window that faced out on to the drive just in time to see Edgar load his golf clubs into the trunk of his car. He got in and a few seconds later drove off, heading for his round of golf.

"So he's gone, then?" Clark asked from behind her.

"Jesus, Clark, I told you to stay in the bathroom," Annie said with a smile as she climbed up on to the bed on all fours, her huge tits popping free of the lacy cups of her bra. "You should do what Mommy tells you, you know."

He knelt up on the bed behind her, holding his huge cock and rubbing it along the glistening, juice slickened lips of her pussy.

"So what do you want me to do, mom?" he asked.

Annie looked over her shoulder at him. "Mommy wants you to fuck her, hard and fast, baby."

"Now that I can do," Clark said. He gave a tug on her G-string, tearing it off, then jammed his big dick balls deep in her pussy in one stroke.

"Uuuhgggghhnnn - - fuck yes! Fuck Mommy!" Annie cried, able at last to stop holding back. "Ahhhh - - fuck me - - fuck Mommy's cunt!"

Clark did as she asked, packing his huge prick deep up her twat over and over, his hips slapping against her pert little ass as he gripped her hips and fucked her hard and fast.

"Fuck - - fuck that looks so good!" she moaned. Clark noticed her looking over to the side and grinned as he saw their reflection in the mirror. His mother's huge tits swung back and fore as he pushed his thick fuck meat in and out of her cunt. "Ohhhh fuck - - watch Mommy, baby - - watch Mommy as you fuck her!" she groaned. "Watch as you make her - - fucking - - cum!" she yelled, her pussy spasming round his prick, her orgasm rippling through her as her son fucked her.

"God, I love fucking you, mom," Clark gasped, never slowing his thrusts as she came.

"Oh God - - oh God - - Mommy loves it, too," Annie groaned, watching their reflection all the while. She reached back with one hand and pulled her ass cheeks apart. "Would you like to fuck Mommy's asshole now, baby? Mommy wants a good, hard ass-fucking, Clark. Would you like to do that for Mommy? Would you like to fuck Mommy's asshole?"

"Jesus, mom - - you really like anal, don't you?" Clark said.

"I love it - - love a big cock in my ass," Annie moaned.

Clark pulled his prick from her pussy and moved it up, aiming the bulbous head at her tight little asshole. He pushed forward slowly, watching as her butthole opened up for his big prick.

"Uuhhhhh - - fuck - - slowly, baby - - you've got such a big dick," she sighed as she felt him inch his iron hard cock up her ass. He started moving in and out, letting her get used to his size again. "Mmmmmm, yeah - - ohhhh, that's it," she sighed as he fucked more of his cock into her butt.

"That okay, mom?" Clark asked, watching their reflection one minute, then looking down at his cock disappearing up her ass the next.

"Ohhhh - - oh, that's perfect - - give me more, baby - - fuck Mommy's ass, now - - fuck it hard and deep! Fuck Mommy's ass! Mommy needs your big cock up her ass!"

Clark sped up, shoving his big, thick meat up his mother's butt, giving her the ass-fucking she craved. Her tight, hot ass muscles clasped his prick as he speared it up her hole for the second time in as many days. A tiny part of his brain wondered how his father could give up such a gorgeous, horny woman, but most of it was focused on fucking the hell out of her asshole.

"Fuck me - - fuck Mommy's horny ass!" Annie yelled, loving the feeling of her son's huge prick up her behind. "Jesus, baby - - gonna fucking - - cum again!" she cried, her pussy and ass clenching and spasming as he fucked her hard and fast, a second orgasm running through her body.

"Fuck, mom - - gonna cum too!" Clark grunted, packing his length deep up her ass.

"Cum on my face!" she cried. "Cover me in your cum!"

As much as it pained him, Clark drew his bloated cock from her hot ass and watched as she spun around and climbed down from the bed, kneeling beside it, beckoning him over. He stood in front of her, jerking on his prick before she knocked his hand away and sucked on his cock, stuffing it down her throat.

"Fucking hell," he gasped, watching his mother go ass to mouth.

"Mommy wants your cum, baby - - give it to Mommy," she said, jerking his dick, pointing it at her face.

Clark felt his prick swell in her hand as the familiar tightening in his balls signalled his own orgasm. He groaned as his dick spat out a huge line of viscous cream that splattered thickly over his mother's face, laying from her forehead, over one eye and part of her cheek before hanging off her jaw. Another line and another shot from his prick, glazing her perfect features in streams of pearly white jizz, running down her face, over her smiling mouth as she continued jerking on his cock, aiming the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and more shots over herself.

"Cum on Mommy's face - - that's it, baby," she cooed, coaxing out the remainder of his huge load, grinning up at him through the sticky white mess. She popped his cock head into her mouth, sucking down the last of his cum straight from the source. "Mmmmm, yummy," she said, using his slowly softening prick to push his cum from her face towards her mouth.

"Fuck, mom," Clark gasped, sitting on the bed, watching her scoop his cum from her face with her fingers before lifting her own tits and licking up the spunk that had dripped on to them. "I swear you're the best fuck I've ever had."

"Thank you, baby. It's a shame you didn't grab your camcorder; you could have filmed your Mommy getting fucked up the ass by your big dick." She knelt in front of him, cleaning the last of his cum from her skin for a moment before smiling as something occurred to her. She nodded over to her clutch bag on the side. "Pass me my phone, would you? It's in my bag."

Clark did as she asked, watching as she pressed the screen a few times, all the while semi naked in front of him.

"I never mentioned why I jumped on you and Bruce yesterday," Annie said, handing him the phone. "That might give you an idea."

Clark took the phone from her and she smiled as his eyes went wide as he looked at the picture on the screen. His aunt Jessica, his mother's older sister, was naked on her knees, her face and tits covered in cum. Beside her, also naked, were Jessica's two sons, Hank and Lucas, Clark's cousins, their big dicks in her hands, pointed at her tits. All of them were smiling at the camera and a message beneath it read: "Did it. Your turn. PS - - Kelly took the picture! XXX Jess"

"Shit, mom," Clark said. "Auntie Jess is fucking Hank and Lucas?"

"And Kelly as well," Annie said. "And that's not all. Your aunts Samantha and Marie got fucked by their boys yesterday, too. What do you say to a bit of swapping? Want to try getting that big dick of yours in your aunties?"

"Damn right I do," Clark said with a laugh.

"That's what I hoped you'd say," Annie said, leaning forward and licking at the stiffening rod of her son's cock.

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