tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe True Story of Snow White Ch. 4

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 4

byThe Story Teller©

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* * * * *

The Queen was not idle while Snow White was learning to appreciate the pleasurable intricacies of the erotic arts. She was busy interviewing prospective husbands for Snow White. Already she had discarded at least a dozen kings and princes because they refused to comply with her two requirements. First they had agree to sign over any rights to Snow White's inheritance, namely the castle and surrounding kingdom, to her. And the last and most important dictate of all, they had to agree to be tested in bed by her. With everything Snow White was learning, the Queen couldn't let her go to an amateurish lover. She would need a very accomplished husband to keep her interested and occupied so that she would not stray, therefore completing the mirror's prophecy.

She shuddered at the thought. The door to her sitting room opened and a brawny young man in uniform entered. "My Queen, the next applicant is here."

"Show him in, Adrian."

"Yes, my Queen."

The Queen settled the blue silk of her skirts around her legs, so that they clung to the shapely curve of her thighs. Folding her hands demurely, she waited.

The man who entered the room stopped her heart. He was the most stunning specimen of manhood she had ever seen. He exuded power, strength and virility. His chiseled face was striking, with slate gray eyes that stared at her with predatory intent. His long waist length black hair, which was left to hang free around his cape-covered shoulders, was liberally streaked with white stripes making him appear even more dangerous.

He smiled at her scrutiny and casually pushed his cape back and over his shoulders. The body revealed caused her breath to quicken and her cunt to moisten. The man's body was lean and hard, his muscles not overly large, but well toned giving him the look of a warrior. Her mind boggled when she realized that the prominent bulge hidden underneath his pants was still flaccid. Oh God, she could almost feel that thick cock pounding inside her pussy. She couldn't let this man have Snow White. No, he would be hers, she vowed, even if she had to place a spell on him.

"Would you like me to strip." He drawled in a deep voice.

"I don't think that will be necessary." Her voice was husky with desire. "Please, do sit down."

He removed his cape and tossed it over the back of the chair. "I am Prince Cassius Charming. My kingdom is several days' travel from here to the east. I have heard that you are seeking a husband for the Princess Snow White. I am here specifically for that purpose. Name your price." He said in an offhand manner.

"My dear Prince, I'm terribly sorry to tell you this, but I have already betrothed Snow White."

His unnerving gray eyes stared at her for several long minutes before a small sardonic smile curved his lips. "You're lying."

She didn't bother to deny it. "The Princess Snow White will not be wed to you, however I, also, have been searching for a husband and find that you perfectly fit all of my requirements."

"But you don't fit my requirements. Your genie in the mirror showed me their tryst together through a mirror in my palace and I have seen her potential. It is she and no other that I will take to wife. You are a mere faded bloom compared to her."

The Queens eyes blazed with raw fury. How dare he say that to her, she was a thousand times better than that twit Snow White? In her anger she forgot everything but her desire to destroy the upstart Prince Cassius. Circling her hands in the air she created a fireball out of black magic and hurled it at the Prince.

Prince Cassius stayed calm in the face of the Queens fury and snatched the fireball within inches of it reaching him. With a few chanted phrases the ball changed from fiery red to a cool blue. He threw it back towards the Queen.

Her shock at his magical abilities slowed her reflexes just enough that she missed the ball. It surrounded her, enveloping her in a glove of immobility.

"Now then, first things first," he began, "I have the betrothal contract right here. Your genie gave me all of the specifics, I have made sure that all rights to this kingdom and castle are written over to you and the dowry is the amount that you have offered all the other applicants." He placed the paper on the table in front of the spellbound Queen. "Sign it."

Her eyes stared blankly ahead while her hand picked up the pen and dipped it in the inkwell. There was no sign of her inner struggle to release herself from his magical web. With the last flourish of her hand across the parchment she was defeated and Snow White's fate sealed.

"Excellent." Cassius rolled up the parchment and slipped it into an inner pocket of his cape. "As for your second requirement, I'm afraid that I will have to decline your favors for myself, but never fear I shall find someone to amuse you." Turning away, Cassius moved to the chamber door and opened it.

"You there, what is your name?" He asked of the blond haired warrior guarding the door.

"Adrian, your majesty." He replied.

"Adrian, your mistress has need of your services and that of a comely maid. Find one and attend the Queen immediately."

"Yes, your highness. I shall return shortly."

Cassius shut the door and returned to the Queen. With another wave of his hand she felt some of her mobility returning. Immediately she tried to wrest herself from the spell only to find her energy draining away once more.

He smiled slyly. "The spell will only allow you the movements and words that I want you to have."

A knock sounded at the door.

"Enter." He called out.

The guard entered followed by a rather tall statuesque woman with blond curls that cascaded like a waterfall to cover her full breasts.

Cassius sat on a couch against the far wall, his eyes directing the Queens movements.

She walked towards Adrian, her movements sultry and smooth. On the way her hand snagged a chair and dragged it along to place beside Adrian. "You have been standing quite a long time, Adrian, please sit."

Cautiously, he sat. His reaction turning to shock as the queen draped herself across his lap, with her delicious backside pointing up. Wiggling her ass she pleaded. "Adrian, I have been a very naughty girl and I must be punished. Pull my dress up and spank my ass."

Stunned eyes looked at the Prince who nodded an assent. A delighted grin curved Adrian's lips as he hurriedly tossed the Queens skirts over her back and head.

Full pale peach globes unfettered by panties awaited the stinging touch of his hand. He gripped a cheek in each hand, squeezing and kneading the flesh. Then raising his arm he brought it down on her ass with a resounding SLAP!

A high-pitched shriek escaped the muffling effects of the skirts.

Adrian kneaded the stinging flesh before raising his hand once more and smacking the other cheek.

For several minutes the only sounds in the room were the sharp slapping noises as hand met ass and the wailing shrieks of the Queen.

Prince Cassius' eyes fell on the maid still standing near the door of the chamber. Her eyes stared at the scene before her while one hand held her skirts at her waist and the other was busy fondling her pussy.

"Come here, my beauty." Cassius called to her. "You will find that I am much better than your hand."

A blush stained her cheeks at being caught but she readily moved over to stand before him. He reached out and ripped the material of her blouse and skirt from her body. Next he opened the buttons of his trousers, and pulled out his engorged erection.

"On your knees, little one, and suck my cock." He ordered.

His mouth opened on a wordless moan as she pounced on his cock, sucking hungrily. Her mouth was like a vacuum, her cheeks hollowed with the force of her suction. Up and down her head bobbed, pausing every few seconds to run her tongue along the length of his raging cock. Once more she sucked him into her mouth drawing him further and further down her throat until she had taken his entire cock down to the root.

"FUCK YES!" He growled dropping his head back to rest on the couch.

She swallowed, the motion forcing his cock deeper while her throat muscles squeezed and caressed him

"SHIT! OH CHRIST, DO THAT AGAIN!" His hands fisted in her hair holding her still so that she could not release his cock from her mouth.

It was even better the second time, his whole body arched up off the couch. The feeling of having his cock so deep in her mouth was overwhelming. It was only when he realized that she couldn't breathe did he reluctantly ease out. Letting go of her head he let her set the pace while his attention turned back to Adrian and the Queen.

Adrian roughly pushed the Queens thighs apart as she lay on top of his lap and thrust a hand between them. Wetness coated her pussy and inner thigh and covered his fingers as he rammed three deep inside her cunt.

"AHHHH! YESSS!" She screamed. "MORE! GIVE ME MORE!"

"I'll give you more, later, bitch. But first I'm going to eat your pussy." He told her with relish.

"Adrian." Cassius called over to him.

Adrian glanced over to find the Prince enjoying what looked to be an excellent blowjob. "Yes, your majesty?"

"I do believe the Queen needs some air, why don't you take her out on the balcony and if there are any people about, why then she'll have someone to converse with."

An erotic plan began to form in Adrian's mind at the Prince's words. "An excellent idea, your majesty. My thanks."

"No thanks are needed, Adrian. It will be my pleasure to watch."

The Queen felt herself lifted up, her skirts haphazardly settling around her legs while Adrian opened the balcony doors and pushed her over to the metal railing.

"Look my Queen, there are several people for you to speak to. Spread your legs wide for me and call them over here. We'll see how long you can keep them from knowing what is going on under your skirts." He laughed wickedly.

The Queen felt her skirts lifted in the back and Adrian adjusting himself to sit underneath her before lowering her skirts. A tug on her silky nether hair reminded her of her orders and she called out to the group of people sitting on the lawn.

The minute she began speaking Adrian latched onto her pussy, sucking hard on her clit. Her voice rose in pitch as she continued to speak. His tongue licked her slit, lapping at the nectar, thrusting hard and deep inside as far as he could go before withdrawing and using his tongue to thrash her clit.

He paused, his muffled voice rising to her ears. "Ask them if they would like to see your breasts."

"Please, no."

"Do it!" He commanded.

Embarrassed, she mumbled the question.

"Louder." He yanked on her hair causing her to gasp in pain.

"Would you like to see my breasts?" She yelled down to the crowd.

"Hell, yes!" Someone in the back of the crowd yelled while the others clapped their approval.

The crowd watched in amazement as a pair of hands reached from underneath the Queens skirts and ripped open her bodice, baring her pert breasts with their pouting nipples.

"Whose under your skirts, your highness?" A voice yelled.

"Are you getting a nice finger fuck!" said another.

"Lift your skirts so we can watch him lash your clit with his tongue."

"What a wonderful idea." Adrian murmured. "Lift your skirts so they can watch." He ordered the Queen.

Hesitantly, she raised her skirts to the sound of more applause from the crowd.

"Look, it's Adrian! Give it to her Adrian! Suck on her clit!" A man in the back yelled.

"Fuck her with your fingers Adrian! Make her scream for us!" One of the women cried out before the man beside her pushed her to her knees and fed his cock to her eager mouth.

The sounds of the crowd urging him on just made Adrian's desire hotter. He attacked her pussy, his tongue whipping across her clit and his fingers forcing their way,

again and again, deep inside her slick cunt.

The crowd grew silent as the Queen rose on tiptoes. Her mouth opened and her body tensed. The orgasm was there just out of her reach. Gripping her breasts with her hands, she plucked at her nipples while her hips forced her clit harder against Adrian's tongue.

"CUUMMMMING! OH GOD, I'M CUMMING!" She screamed to the crowd. Her head fell back as the climax spiraled through her, blasting through every nerve and fiber of her body. "AHHHH! YESSSS, OH YESSSS! GIVE IT TO ME! OOOHHHH IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD!"

The crowd roared its approval while Adrian swept the weakened Queen up in his arms and carried her back into the chamber. Then one after another the men and women in the crowd fell on each other in an orgy of lust, ripping clothes off in their haste to fuck.

* * *

Cassius had watched the entire performance through heavy-lidded eyes. He felt only a brief sense of satisfaction over the Queen's slight humiliation. It wasn't enough! She had to be made to see that in everything he was the more powerful. With that thought an idea popped into his passion induced brain and he slid fingers into the comely maids hair lifting her from his cock. Pulling her up he turned her around and sat her on his lap with her back resting against his chest and his mouth near her ear.

"Tell me, my beauty, has the Queen ever taken a woman for a lover?"

"No, your highness. She has no leanings in that direction." She answered while sensuously sliding her ass up and down his prick.

"Naughty, naughty wench." He laughed in her ear and grabbed her hips to hold her still. "And have you ever had the pleasurable experience of having a woman eat your pussy?"

"I might have." She retorted.

"Ah, then you wouldn't find it too taxing to have your Queen at your mercy, telling her just where to lick and suck?"

She stared at the Queen who was still oblivious to anything. "Can you guarantee she won't harm me afterwards?"

"You have my word, that when you and Adrian are finished with our little interlude I shall have you escorted to my kingdom and you both shall have a place in my household for life."

"Then, I think that I would definitely like to see her royal majesty licking my slit and giving me pleasure." She said with a sneer.

Cassius willed the Queen to awaken and when she did, pulled her with his eyes to stand in front of him. Smiling maliciously at her he spoke, "My little beauty here tells me that you have never discovered the wonderful flavors of a woman's pussy. I believe that it is high time you were made to. On your knee's bitch."

The Queen visibly shrank from what the Prince intended for her to do. With every ounce of power and will she had left she tried once more to overpower the spell that surrounded her.

Prince Cassius' eyes darkened to black. Power gathered inside him and lashed out at the Queen, bringing a cry of pain from her lips and forcing her to her knees in between his spread legs and that of the maids.

His calm voice did not betray the anger raging inside him when he spoke. "The Queen is at your service my dear. If you will just let me make a few adjustments you can begin ordering her to your hearts content."

He pushed the maid forward until he could reach between their bodies. Grasping his erection he positioned it against her slick opening and then pulled her backwards. Off-balance his hard shaft speared her pussy, hard, fast, and deep.

"OHHHH!" She breathed out.

"Here, let me help you with your legs." He reached down and draped one over each of his thighs. "There isn't this much better, now the Queen has easy access to your pussy. Order away."

"Get your face in there, bitch, I want that tongue on my clit, now!" She ordered imperiously.

The Queen had no strength left, so it was easy for Cassius to force her closer to the maids' pussy. The aroma that wafted to her nose was surprisingly not unpleasant. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all, she thought. Since she didn't have any choice in the matter, she could surely handle giving pleasure to a woman. She knew how she liked to have her pussy eaten; she could do to this maid what she would like to have done to her. But, oh how she wanted that mammoth cock inside her and not that slut of a maid.

Silky down tickled her nose, bringing her back to reality. Her mouth opened and her tongue hesitantly brushed the maids clit.

"Oh come on! Give it a nice long lick!" The maid admonished her.

The Queens tongue flicked out again, this time dipping into the crevice moving upward to give a hard brush across the maid's clit.

"Better, but still not good enough. Suck it into your mouth and then whip your tongue across it."

"Wait!" Cassius interrupted. "Your lovely hair is in the way, my beauty, allow me to hold it out of the way so that we may have a better viewing of the Queen." His hands slid down brushing her pubic hair to the sides, then sliding further downward to spread the lips of her cunt apart.

The queen sucked the aching kernel deep into her mouth, smiling at the maids' cry of delight. She used her tongue as she had been commanded to, brushing it across the maid's clitoris at a furious pace.

She did not notice Cassius removing his hands and motioning towards Adrian. So caught up in her arousal and the delicious taste of the maid's pussy, she was unaware of her skirts being bunched around her waist or her legs being spread apart. Her ears barely registered the maid's lawn drawn out wail as Cassius's withdrew from her pussy and then violently reentered. But she did notice when Adrian pushed his way inside her slick flesh, the long length filling her full of cock.

She moaned into the maids' pussy.

"Don't you take that mouth off of my clit!" The maid ordered hoarsely.

It was not an easy task. Adrian's hands gripped her hips, yanking her back onto his cock while at the same time Cassius was maneuvering the maid's wet pussy up and down on his cock. The Queen had difficulty keeping in contact with the maids' clitoris, half the time she ended up licking Cassius's cock. Finally she gave up and just stuck out her tongue, moving from pussy to cock with every down stroke.

"Do you like tasting pussy, your majesty?" Cassius rasped at her. "How about Adrian's cock, do you like how it fucks you? But wouldn't you rather have my cock hammering into your pussy? Maybe if you beg me I'll give it to you. Beg me!"

She released the maid's clit, unable to let an opportunity to feel that monstrous cock inside her pussy pass her by. She begged and pleaded, all the while Cassius drew cries of rapture from the maid. She told him how badly she needed his cock inside her pussy, told him she would give him anything if he would only fuck her long and hard. She would give him the best blowjob he had ever had if he would only let her touch him.

"Shame on you, your majesty. How can you say these things to me when you already have a man giving you a hard fucking? You'll make him feel bad. No, I couldn't possibly do that to Adrian. You'll just have to dream of my cock and the pleasures it will never give you."

After that the fucking took on a feverish intensity, the maid's ecstatic screams reverberating through the room as Cassius used her pussy hard. His hands lifted her and then yanked her back down onto his cock again and again.

Adrian's fingers dug into the Queens hips, holding her still while his hips pumped his cock in and out of her seething pussy. He released her hips and leaned over her to whisper into her ear. "Do you want my cum, your majesty? Can you feel my cock swelling inside you? I am going to drench your pussy with cum. You're going to feel each spurt as it bursts from my cock head. Your going to be so full of cum it'll be dripping out of you for days." His voice grew hoarser and hoarser until with a loud groan Adrian thrust one last time forcing his cock as deep inside the Queen's pussy as he could go where he held still while jets of cum dynamited from his cock. "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! FUCK!"

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