tagBDSMThe Turning of Emily Ch. 01

The Turning of Emily Ch. 01


This affair was already several weeks old, just how it had started was still quite a mystery to her but so far it had been incredible. She had never meant it to happen but he had pursued her relentlessly at every opportunity. To Emily whose marriage was not as perfect as it appeared to the outside world it was like an intoxicating breath of fresh air. One of those poor unfortunate women who never had to worry about money or any of the other mundane matters that life thrusts at lesser people Emily had become bored with her opulent lifestyle. Married to an older highly successful business orientated man who pampered her every need she felt stifled and yearned for change. The affair made life more bearable for her but it was becoming an obsession instead of the distraction she had intended it to be. She lived for the brief time they spent together and squandered a fortune on gifts for him, which he always accepted graciously.

Mickey had booked the same room at the hotel they usually used and she felt girlishly excited as she approached the now familiar door and knocked softly. Smiling wolfishly Mickey greeted her and drew her inside kissing her passionately before she could speak. Inside the air was incredibly hot and strangely scented for some reason but she was too excited about what he might have planned to wonder. Over the past weeks their lovemaking had grown more varied, more experimental and increasingly adventurous as Mickey played out his fantasies with her. For her part she found herself besotted with a man who was extremely cunning and manipulative and enjoyed playing with her mind as much as he did fucking her. Emily knew that but didn't care, she was too involved to care about the way things were going and trustingly complied with her obsessive lover's tiniest whim without question. The last time they were here he had spent over two hours training her in the art of oral sex and forced her to swallow his spunk at the end. At the start she had thought the whole idea disgusting but the experience had excited her immensely. The time before he had fucked her with a huge dildo, before that it had been masturbation he had forced her to do, she wondered what surprise tonight might bring unaware just what the implications were.

Mickey took her coat and led her into the main room, unusually the bedroom door was closed which puzzled her for a fleeting instant. On the phone earlier Mickey's instructions had been quite precise, she must wear only clothing that could be removed from the front and to dress sexily for him which she would do anyway. She had finally decided to wear a long red denim dress that buttoned up the front; she left it undone up to about four inches below her groin. Choosing to wear no bra she wore only the briefest of panties and smoky grey hold-ups, on her feet she wore a pair of red high-heeled ankle strapped shoes. As he took her coat Mickey expressed his approval at her attire, he was dressed in a hotel bathrobe and mules. He wasted no time engaging her in idle conversation, knowing he could control her fully he moved straight in for the kill.

"Emily, darling how would you like to try something a little adventurous and exciting tonight?" he oozed confidence.

"Mickey this is exciting enough for me!"

"Yeh but I'd like to experiment a little," he grinned disarmingly "if you would I'd be ever so grateful?"

"Oh yes and what do you want me to do?" Emily feigned shyness and acted like a little girl "you know I'll do practically anything for you Mickey!"

"Your so sweet my love I don't know if I dare ask you!" he toyed with her.

"If you don't ask you'll never know if I'll oblige you." Still playing it like a teenager Emily was walking straight into his snare.

"Have you ever considered bondage?" his voice was oh so meek.

"Bondage," she gasped shocked at the word "oh Mickey, I don't know!" she felt genuine alarm at the prospect.

"Nothing serious like, just restricting and teasing so to speak I wouldn't physically hurt you I swear!" he sounded so sincere as he began to persuade her.

"To be honest Mickey the thought of it scares me!" she felt herself tremble as she replied, "I'm sorry Mickey."

For a while he said nothing, he just worked on her with other methods, adopting the poise of a crushed man he stared at her with tearful eyes and let the silence eat at her resolve for a few tense moments. Feelings of guilt rose in her softening her will to resist him and he watched her knowing just when to carry on his persuasive chatter.

"Oh Emily I thought you trusted me?" he sounded genuinely hurt and Emily's heart melted just as he knew it would, "you can trust me, please my love it would mean so much to me."

"Ok, Ok I give in," then she added "but if it gets too much you must promise to set me free!"

"Sure Emily, you've made me so happy."

"I'm still scared so take it easy Mickey," she tried to hide the tremor in her voice unsure whether it was fear or excitement that caused the butterflies in her tummy, "what would you like me to do?"

"Nothing my love," his voice sounded so calm and reassuring, "just stand there looking radiant, be quiet and allow me to take control."

She reddened at the compliment and watched him move away a little as if to afford her a better view as he undid the sash of his bathrobe and pulled it through the loops, which held it in place. As he slipped the length of sash from around him the robe fell open and Emily was surprised to see he was already standing proud. Cat-like he circled her running the silken length through his hands meaningfully. Finally he moved up close behind her and drew her wrists together behind her back. A thrill ran through her as she realised he was binding them together.

"Are you Ok Emily my love?"

"Yes, I'm fine," her voice wavered and her mouth felt dry.

"Do you mind if I blindfold you, it would heighten the effect immensely for you?"

"No, go ahead," she felt compelled to answer in brief replies for some reason.


Partly wishing she could have refused him Emily watched him as he moved to the dresser and returned carrying one of those masks the airlines give you to help you sleep during daylight and a strip of fabric. Meekly she allowed him to slip the elasticated mask over her eyes then clearly not content it would stay there of it's own accord he secured it tightly with the strip of fabric. The ensuing darkness was complete, not a chink of light crept in around the mask and it left her quite disorientated and it scared her a little. Deep inside her Emily felt previously unrealised passions stir and it worried her to find that she was actually enjoying this. She wondered just how far Mickey intended to push her this time and wondered also why she enjoyed letting him do it so much.

"Everything still Ok?"

"Yes," her throat tightened making her voice sound tiny and quiet.

"I think you find it exciting?" she could hear him moving around her.

She jumped in response as she felt his hands on her hips and she trembled as they slid casually down the front of her thighs moving inwards below where the lowest button of dress was fastened. She heard him chuckle mischievously as his hands slipped beneath the dress and ran up her stocking clad thighs to take hold of her panties. Perspiration began to bead upon her burning skin as the heat of her rising passion reacted with the hot dry air in the room as she felt her panties being drawn down her long legs. She stepped from them when prompted by taps on her feet and became aware that Mickey was standing very close in front of her. So close in fact his hard member poked her insistently in the belly. He took her arm gently and led her to what she presumed was the bedroom. As they entered she noticed that the air was perfumed with a faint but distinctly feminine fragrance but she paid it little attention as he turned to her once more.

"You are enjoying this aren't you?" he whispered hoarsely "you're a dirty bitch really aren't you Emily?"

"Yes, yes I am!" she answered both his questions in one.

"Get on your knees!" his tone was authorative but calm.

Obediently she sank warily to her knees, she was scared of stumbling and falling blindly but before she had settled her Mickey was already waiting behind her. Emily felt him wrapping the trailing ends of the sash that bound her wrists about her ankles, in moments she was bound securely. In the otherwise silent room Emily heard him padding about, she thought that she heard the sound of his robe whispering as it settled on the floor, and heard something else that sounded rather like a kiss. Straining her ears she heard his unhurried footfall come nearer and even in the heat of the room she could sense the radiant heat as he drew closer, his well recognised masculine scent suddenly grew strong in her nostrils now. As she knelt there blindly his hands took a light hold of her head, he caressed her long blonde hair tenderly for a moment before taking a firm grip on her head with one of his huge hands. Emily knew already what would happen next and she readied herself breathlessly, she was incredibly aroused already and was fairly sure her pussy juices must be dribbling onto the floor.

"Open your mouth bitch," he ordered and she obeyed him enthusiastically.

"Suck it you blonde slut!" he grunted as he eased his helmet into her open mouth.

The filthy insults spurred her on, she knew she was a slut, she deserved the abuse and what was more she loved it as she sank her mouth eagerly around his gnarled cock. She was intent on giving Mickey a blowjob he would remember and set to work earnestly writhing her tongue around his helmet whilst drawing him deep into her mouth. Soon though she had lost what little control she had over the situation and let him take over completely. Emily knew she had no other choice because he took her head in both hands and began to fuck her mouth. Slowly at first he eased forwards then back, she sucked and licked the gristly shaft diligently as he thrust in and out of her mouth. Her eagerness was infectious and soon he increased the pace until he was fucking her face furiously. He was close to coming very quickly and she wanted to suck him dry but he withdrew at the last instant and showered her face with his hot jism.

When he released her head Emily felt quite giddy and it took a few moments before her senses began to function normally. She could feel his come as it cooled and trickled thickly down the hot skin of her face and neck and it thrilled her. Mickey was panting quite heavily as she heard him move behind her once more, he untied her ankles then helped her as he eased her unsteadily to her feet. He made no move to untie her wrists but massaged them gently for her.

"Mickey?" she whispered softly "will you untie me now?"

"Oh Emily darling Emily," he cried as if hurt "it's not over yet, you've got to have your turn."

"My turn?"

"Yes my love." He whispered "Now I want to tie you to the bed and give you a big surprise!"

"Surprise?" she gasped.

"Oh yes, believe me my love!"

"Come on my love," blindly she unthinkingly allowed him to lead her once more until they came to the bed where he untied her hands.

"Lie on your back, here let me help you!" he positioned her on the bed exactly as he wanted.

"Mickey!" she sounded scared but wasn't.

"Hush my love," he reassured her "you trust me don't you?"

"Of course I do."

As she said that she felt him take her left arm and pull it outwards and upwards, he pinned it to the bed stretched out to one side above her head. Her ear caught the metallic clink of a chain and it registered in a flash, but too late as by that time she became aware of the sound and feeling as the handcuff closed snugly around her slender wrist. She was scared but did not try to relay her fear to him, she loved Mickey deeply and trusted him fully, and anyway despite her ridiculous fears Emily was extremely aroused. Without struggling she allowed him to continue and a second cuff snicked fast around her other outstretched wrist moments later. Emily was inescapably secured now, soon she felt her left ankle being grasped and heard the familiar rattle and click as it was cuffed. Very soon her right ankle was similarly secured. For a time Emily believed her ankles were cuffed together that is until she heard the chain rattling over the bed frame and felt them being drawn apart. Her legs were stretched apart quite wide but not uncomfortably so, she was unable to move very much.

"Mickey!" she cried.

"Yes my darling."

"I love you!" her voice trembled.

"I know!" he whispered, "Do you trust me Emily?"

"Of course!"

"Are you excited my love?"

"Yes." her voice was tiny, her throat tightening with emotion "very."


For a moment all was silent and as she laid there her body burned with an aching desire she had never known before. Lost in her own world she completely missed the noise from the chair that creaked at the far end of the room. She heard Mickey move quietly away, she heard the switch click then the slow sensuous music began quite loud but incredibly in tune with the highly erotic situation she was now in. All other sounds were masked by the music, the strange feminine fragrance lingering in the room grew a little stronger but it failed to alarm her though she could sense someone was very close. She could not suppress the squeak as a hot tongue licked some of the spent spunk from her cheek. Emily found it hard to believe even Mickey would do that but enjoyed it very much as her perspiration-beaded skin was slowly licked clean. One by one a practised hand started to undo the buttons that fastened the front of her dress and she moaned softly in response. Emily could not help herself from writhing enthusiastically in fevered anticipation as the damp fabric of her dress was casually peeled away from the sweating skin of her otherwise naked body. Sightless behind the blindfold Emily sensed rather than saw someone mounting the bed to kneel above her, she strained against the cuffs desperate for contact.

"Please...!" she wailed pathetically "please Mickey...!"

As if in response to her plea of frustration Emily felt fingertips softly begin to stroke her right shoulder. Mischievously the invisible fingers caressed her tingling skin, touching her lightly they traced her collarbone then they circled about the nape of her neck for long moments. To the overexcited, restrained and visually deprived Emily something about the hand was unfamiliar, but it felt incredibly good. The touch of the fingers that played upon her seemed somehow different to Mickey's usually less subtle masculine approach. To Emily their touch felt softer, each caress was more gentle and attentive and felt better than any other she had experienced for a while. Trembling with arousal Emily cried out softly for an instant then bit her lip to try and stifle her cry when she felt the hand advance over her vibrant willing flesh towards her right breast. She could not help crying out with delight as those unseen fingers homed in on her sensitive puffed-up aurolae and proceeded to gently tease and caress it for a brief moment.

The bed frame creaked and the firm mattress jiggled a little as the person that was kneeling above her adjusted their position. The slightness of the beds movement did not seem enough for someone as heavy as Mickey and Emily was beginning to suspect it was not he that moved above her. They had used this room several times before and strange as it seemed she remembered how much noise the bed had made and moved in response to their antics in the past. The unseen and possibly unknown person brushed lightly against her restrained thighs as they moved and the bed continued to rock and squeak quietly until finally the person knelt somewhere between her spread and restrained legs. Realising that some how she didn't care that it was a possible complete stranger Emily found the concept actually excited her. The delightful hands that unexpectedly cupped her breasts seemed small but they caressed her attentively. Finding she was becoming aroused beyond comprehension Emily squirmed futilely against her bonds in impulsive reaction to their attentions. The caresses she was openly enjoying seemed very different to Mickey's but they felt so good she never gave it a second thought as she responded to their touch. The hands finally left her breasts; she took the chance to try and compose herself, they would offer her no respite as they moved lower. Over her slippery perspiration beaded writhing body they slithered, down past her ribs, past her waist to grip her gyrating hips and hold her still. Obediently she froze as they gripped her and lay panting maniacally her body buzzing with excitement, but she started once more too aroused to help herself.

What finally convinced Emily that it was not Mickey who was making love to her was the totally unexpected but unmistakable feeling of someone's thick long hair settling heavily upon her belly and upper thighs. The person's upper arms pressed down against her thighs helping to pin her to the bed and effectively stop her excitable writhing, the person was clearly far too light to be Mickey. For the first time in her life Emily's sex drive was completely out of control and she was past caring who was making love to her. She whimpered as she felt hot breath being deliberately blown through her blonde pubic hair, by now she was too intensely aroused and excited by her situation to care whom it was anyway.

The sensation that followed was incredible; Emily immediately stopped struggling beneath the person and froze for a moment as she felt what she instinctively knew would be the unknown person's tongue commence work upon her pussy. Leisurely it began to trace the slippery contours of aroused distended sensitive flesh that was her pussy-lips. She wailed softly at the delicious sensations that rippled through her then cried out uncontrollably with pleasure as the tongue sank a little deeper into her slit on each successive leisurely pass. Her unknown lover's tongue was being employed very skilfully and would start its slow journey circling slowly on the sensitive area between her eager pussy and her anus. As the firm slippery tongue rose it leisurely explored the folds of her swollen labia until it paused to search out then briefly assault her tender clitoris lightly for a moment before making the return trip ploughing deep into her sucking wetness as it went. Aroused beyond comprehension she strained against her bonds in a futile attempt to increase the contact between her pussy and her tormentor's mouth as little by little she was agonisingly slowly brought to the verge of orgasm.

Whoever was manipulating her certainly knew their business for after slowly raising then keeping her at the very brink of ecstasy for agonising moments they would pull away repeatedly. Each time they did so they would then leave her overexcited pussy untouched for what seemed an eternity, writhing in vain a helpless Emily could only moan and plead pathetically whilst the intensity of her arousal waned before they started the procedure once more. After the fifth time Emily was frantic, her sweat soaked back stuck to her crumpled clothing and bedding as she writhed recovering from the agony of her denied orgasm.

"Ohh! Mickey please let me come!" she whined, "Please Ohh please!"

"Soon, do not fret my dear," Mickey's voice came from somewhere to the left confirming her suspicions "try and bear it and indulge me a little more first please."

"I can't take much more Mickey!" she cried feeling the tongue start it's magical work on her again.

"Quiet!" Mickey's voice came from somewhere closer, it was directly over her, he sounded a little irritated.

"Mickey... Ohh, Mickey Ohh.... Ohh..." She wailed as she was once more brought close to the brink of orgasm.

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