tagNonHumanThe Twenty-First Ch. 02

The Twenty-First Ch. 02


His name was Alex and he was very mysterious. His hair was jet black, his eyes, grey. He was scruffy looking, but cute, and Karri wanted him. He was never seen without his black trench coat and clunky boots. They seemed to be his uniform. Nobody knew much about Alex except for the fact that he wasn't from around town, or state, someone said.

Karri had a reputation for sleeping around. One night stands were her specialty, her heart-breaking manouevers. Karri was born a heart breaker with sultry deep brown eyes, pale blond hair and a gorgeous body. Karri's closet was full of slinky tops and mini skirts.

The first week of his arrival at Karri's school, she heard he'd been asking around about her. He seemed very determined, very confident that he would date Karri.

The instant he approached her, a seductive smile curved Karri's sensuous pink lips. A sly, knowing grin spread across Alex's face and he nodded a greeting to her.

Karri raised an eyebrow at him, it was all she could do. Her tongue felt thick in her mouth. She couldn't believe a guy was making her tongue-tied. This was ridiculous, although his eyes had the cutest crinkle when he smiled, and his teeth were perfect, unmarked and straight.

"Hi, Karri right?" His voice was gruff and deep. Oh so deep. She nodded and smiled enticingly, wetting her lips with the tip of her tongue. "I'm Alex. I heard you're the president of the welcoming committee and are the one I'm supposed to talk to." He raised a black eyebrow.

"Yeah, that's me. What can I do for you?" Her heart skipped a beat. If only he'd ask her out first and not make her do all the work.

"Well, I was looking for someone to watch the sunset with. You know, someone to stroll down the beach and walk through the waves with." Alex smiled again, this time a small scar was made visible on his cheek. Karri instantly reached out and caressed his cheek where the scar was.

Alex grabbed her hand and kissed her fingertips.

His other hand reached over and traced along the scar on Karri's face. It started at her eyebrow and went down to her chin. It was very faint now, under her makeup, but she was born with the scar. Her mother had been mugged while pregnant with her and Karri had suffered the consequences.

Alex knew the scar well. He had been seeing it in his dreams for the past eighteen years now.

"You know, I just might know someone that could join you." Karri raised her delicately plucked eyebrows and tried to remove her hand from his.

He was sending shivers up her spine as his tongue played with her fingertips.

"Really? Good. Is she as pretty as you? I don't think anyone could really come close to being as nice as you. I hope it's you." Alex nibbled gently on her pinkie finger.

"Well, I was going to set you up with our cafeteria cook Bertha, but I guess I could take her place." Karri finally managed to remove her hand from his. Her knees felt like Jell-O at this point.

"Good, write down your address and I'll pick you up Friday at nine o'clock."

"I thought we were going to watch the sunset," she said, disappointed.

"Oh, that's next time. I want a beach strolling partner this time." He smiled reassuringly.

"Okay. Sounds good to me." Karri ripped a piece of paper out of her book and wrote her address and phone number on it.

He kissed her hand as she handed him the scrap of paper.

"See you Friday." His voice was thick and husky. Then he was gone.

Karri was in heaven, he seemed to actually like her back! She was excited. Finally a guy she was interested in, and he asked her out before she asked him out.

Karri pulled her dayplanner out of her purse and opened it to that week. On Friday May the twenty-first she wrote down 'date with Alex, nine pm.'


She bumped into Alex around school only once during the week.

When they'd talked, Alex held Karri's hand and nibbled on her fingertips.

"If you keep this up mister, I'm going to have to do something awful to you to get you back." Karri had threatened teasingly.

"Oh? Get me back for what? How does it make you feel when I do this? Does it feel good Karri? Do you like this?" Alex ran his fingernails up Karri's arm all the way to her armpits and back down again. He continued to suckle her fingertips, swirling his tongue around the tips.

Her spine arched, pushing her chest out towards him involuntarily. She thought she would die if he didn't stop. The tingles in her spine were now centered in her body, concentrating on one thing, and if he kept up, she was going to explode, right there in front of him.

"Oh god, please stop!" Her voice was ragged, breathless.

Alex did as she asked and laughed. He put his hand behind her neck, pulling her closer. He planted a firm kiss on her lips.

"See you on Friday, nine sharp." He whispered gently as he backed away from the kiss. Then he was gone.

Karri's body slid down the wall as she collapsed into a puddle of ecstacy on the floor. God she wanted him.


Soon it was the anticipated Friday. Karri was bursting with excitement, awaiting nine p.m. She dressed to kill in a black leather mini skirt and a pale blue scoop neck, shoulder-less blouse.

The old grandfather clock in the front hall of her parents' house chimed nine o'clock. Before the ninth chime sounded, Alex pulled into her driveway in an old, black, banged up jeep.

He honked the horn and waited for Karri. She dashed out to the jeep and hopped in.

The seats were old and the leather was cracked and broken open all over. One of the edges of the holes in the seat scratched insistently at Karri's exposed thigh.

She tried to shift her position and found Alex's cold fingers on her bare shoulder. He pulled her across the seat and into his lap where he kissed her thoroughly.

"Here, put this on for me." Alex pulled a black handkerchief from his pocket and tied it around Karri's head, covering her eyes.

"Where are we going?" Karri asked curiously, amazed how romantic Alex was being. She had a feeling he would be the one to melt her heart, especially after their two encounters at school.

"It's a surprise. You wouldn't want me to spoil it by telling you now would you?" He leaned over and placed a hot kiss on her collarbone.

"Nope." She snuggled closer to the warm body beside her and rested her hand intimately on his thigh.

When they reached their destination it was not what Karri had expected. They were at the harbour front area where the large trade ships used to dock. A condemned area. 'No Trespassing' signs were everywhere.

She noticed that it was dark and gloomy. There was no moon out that night either which made it even gloomier.

Not a very nice place for a first date, Karri thought to herself after the blindfold had been removed.

There were a few lights around on the pier, but nothing that lit up the warehouses. Karri could hear the waves lapping up against the docks and it made her feel creepy. It was too quiet for Karri. She was used to music blasting out of large speakers at dance clubs. Nothing like this secluded, quiet, out in the middle of nowhere.

She stepped out of the jeep and started looking around at her surroundings when a hand landed firmly on her bare shoulder. She turned and came face to face with Alex.

He smiled mischievously and led her towards one of the warehouses.

Alex was wearing his trademark black trench coat and clunky black boots. His hair was slicked back and the small scar was again visible on his left cheek. Karri thought it looked like a knife wound.

'God, what have I gotten myself into?' She wondered and pulled her hand free from Alex's grip.

"Alex, what are we doing here? I thought you promised to take me to the beach." Karri pouted and then pulled her bottom lip under teeth, chewing on it nervously.

"A change of plans. Here, put these on for me." Alex pulled a pair of handcuffs from the deep pocket of his trench coat.

"Excuse me?" Karri eyed the cold metal objects suspiciously.

"I thought you were into bondage. I'm sorry, I'm just a beginner, is this the wrong thing to start with? What do you suggest? Am I completely blowing this? I really hoped to make a good impression on you. How about the blindfold again?" He handed the blindfold back to her clumsily. He sounded so nervous and childlike that she took the handcuffs instead, wondering at her sanity.

She slipped the handcuffs on one wrist and let the other dangle loosely. She trusted him, but not enough to don the blindfold as well. It was a little less scary if she was able to see, being in the slum part of town as they were.

"The other wrist. Put your hand in the other handcuff," Alex instructed and held the empty handcuff up for her to comply.

"Why not just one for now? Please?" She leaned closer to him, her breath hot on his cheek. "Please?"

"Put it on for me, I know its scary, but I promise it'll be worth it." He still held the handcuff out for Karri's hand. She put her other hand up and let him snap the cuff on.

She followed along behind him as he led the way to the warehouse. Inside was a small room with a mattress on the floor, and a metal box on a nearby table.

There were two candles on the floor beside the mattress and a piece of two by four at the head of the makeshift bed. The room was dimly lit and not exactly to Karri's liking, but since it was for Alex, she figured she'd make the best of it. The walls were wooden and bare, the floor was unfinished concrete. Not someplace Karri really wanted to be, but . . .

Alex directed Karri to sit down on the mattress while he prepared everything. Karri figured he had champagne or wine for them, so she didn't pay much attention to what was going on in front of her. She was too busy trying to get her clothes off, as difficult as it was while handcuffed.

He approached her and smiled.

"Beautiful. You are so beautiful." His voice was husky. Karri wanted him right then. She attempted to sit him down beside her but he refused. "Not yet, I've got something else in mind to start with."

"What's that?" Karri asked coyly, leaning towards him so that her cleavage was visible down the front of her blouse.

"Here, lay back and I'll show you." He produced the key for the handcuffs and opened one. He lay Karri on her back, her arms over her head, and placed the two by four between her wrists so that she was unable to move. He locked up her other wrist and smiled at her.

Karri attempted to move, noticing how tight the metal was on her delicate wrists.

"And now what are you planning on doing to me? Pouring champagne over my body and licking it off?" Karri asked hopefully.

"No, something more like this." Alex retrieved a small syringe from the table and placed the needle tip on Karri's inner thigh.

"What the hell is that?" Karri's brain screamed at her to get away. She squirmed and kicked at Alex. This was not supposed to happen. He was not supposed to be a druggie.

"I made this especially for you Beautiful. Sit still." Alex's voice and words began to worry her even more. Who was he? She didn't really know anything about him at all and now she wished she had done a bit more research other than 'Does he wear briefs or boxers?'

"NO! I won't let you do this to me. Alex, this isn't funny!" Karri cried hysterically, kicking and twisting away from the needle.

He tangled his fingers through her long blond hair and held her head back. He stared into Karri's watery eyes and smiled. The smile was cold.

"You will let me do anything I want to you, don't you understand? When I tie you up, I am in control. I thought you were into these bondage games Karri."

"Not like this. There were never drugs involved." Tears streamed down Karri's pale cheeks. "I don't want to do this anymore. Let me go. What's the safe word?" Karri pleaded.

"Safe word?" Alex smirked. "There isn't a safe word. And there are no drugs." He pinned her body under his with his weight and she screamed.

Her shrill voice filled the air for a moment before it was cut off by Alex covering her mouth with his. He squeezed her sides with his knees and stopped her squirming.

Again the needle was placed against her skin and this time pressed into her, but the contents were not injected.

Karri figured he was just scaring her. She thought that the needle was empty when he had passed it before her eyes. She relaxed a bit and went along with his game. It would be over soon anyway and she didn't have to go out with him again.

Alex then proceeded to tear Karri's clothes off her body. She had given up struggling and it now made it so much easier for him.

"Karri, this won't hurt a bit." Alex told her as he pushed her legs apart and climbed on top of her. He loosened his belt and his jeans fell down just enough to expose his intentions.

Karri took a deep breath and waited for him to enter her. But he didn't. She tried to look down to see what e was doing, but her view was blocked by her own breasts.

"Alex? Are you going to rape me?" Her voice was tiny, child-like.

"No Karri, you consented last week. This is not rape." Alex murmured and placed his fingers on the insides of her thighs. They made their way down to her lips and stroked the edges gently. As gently as he could with his calloused hands and his rough, cracked fingernails.

"Alex, please, don't do this to me, untie me, I can show you what pleasure is all about, I promise. This isn't pleasure at all, Alex, really it isn't." Karri pleaded as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"No, Karri, this is my game and I will play it how I want. You are just the gameboard." Alex winked at her.

How strange for him to wink like that, Karri thought. He must be insane.

Alex then pushed himself towards Karri, but she didn't feel what she thought she would. He did not have boy parts, but it didn't feel like girl parts either. He felt smooth all the way down. There were no bumps or openings, just smooth skin.

"Alex, what are you?" Karri's curiosity got the better of her, she had to ask him. Needed to know who this was in front of her.

"Your worst enemy. I want you to know what it feels like to be teased, to writhe in the agony of anticipation. Feel the pain of loss like all the others who you have teased and dumped for no good." Alex's voice turned cold and distant. It did not sound like him at all.

Alex's eyes flickered a strange green-blue colour and Karri could swear his tongue looked green for a second too. His ears changed colour to match his hair for a moment and then returned to their normal appearance. Behind him, there was a quick flash of a long reptilian tail.

"ALEX! What the hell are you?" Karri screamed, her strength back two-fold. She slammed her knees together and brought them up closer to her so she could kick Alex away from her. She knocked him backwards and then tried to pull her hands free of the handcuffs. It was no use, she'd end up breaking a wrist if she pulled too hard.

"Lay still you slut!" Alex hissed, his tongue definitely green and long and pointed.

"OH MY GOD! NO!! SOMEONE PLEASE, HELP ME!" Karri freaked. What on earth had she gotten herself into?

Alex climbed back on top of her and pushed her legs apart once more. His face went between her legs and she felt his hot breath on her lips again. She couldn't fight him off, he seemed to be twice the size he was earlier and he was surely three times stronger than her.

"Still, lay still." Alex demanded as his reptilian tongue entered her wetness below.

Karri gasped as her eyes rolled back into her head in ecstasy.


On Saturday morning Karri woke up in the warehouse, naked, on the cold ground. The mattress, candles, metal box and Alex were gone, as were her clothes, jewelry and money.

Karri burst into tears. Never had she been used so cruelly before. She couldn't believe Alex would abandon her like this.

"This is all just a bad dream. I'll wake up in a second," Karri decided firmly.

But she didn't wake up because she wasn't dreaming.

Yeah, she had slept around and been called a slut by her dates, but she didn't like any of those guys. The one guy that makes her heart melt isn't even human.

Karri stood up and looked around for something to cover her body.


Chapter Two coming soon! But I need comments to let me know I'm on the right track first!

Thanks, hope you enjoyed it so far!


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