tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Twighlight Zone Ch. 03

The Twighlight Zone Ch. 03


'The Twighlight Zone' is a series of connected stories with recurring characters, but I hope that each can stand alone. The stories deal with femdom, bondage, mind control, consensual, reluctant and non-consensual sex, sexual torture, physical and chemical body alteration, and lots of other nasty and fun stuff. Mostly, they deal with a woman, her erotic empire, and the people with whom she interacts.

If that isn't your cup of tea, then I would suggest finding another story.


The Twighlight Zone, Chapter 3, by Seurat


"Have you read these papers thoroughly, Mr. Roland? Do you understand what signing them means?"

"Yes, sir."

"And you, Ms. Harn, Have you read and understood these papers, and comprehend what signing them means?"

Shit. I wrote them. Of course I 'comprehend', you little prick.

"Yes, sir."

"Then I need you to sign here, Mr. Roland, and here, and here."

Hurry up, you little dick

"Ms. Harn? Sign here, here and there."

The two complied, then stood away from the table.

"The witnesses will sign here." The notary's two companions signed, and he affixed the seal and stamp. "I'll make sure these are filed correctly. Here are your copies."

* * * * * * * * * *

Elizabeth almost shook with pleasure as she watched the notary and his companions walk to their car. John had just signed away his entire fortune to her. With this third pansy under her belt she would be a multi-millionairess. She'd never have to work another day in her life.

John turned and looked at his lover. She was everything he could have wanted in a woman. Almost six feet tall, she towered over is five-eight frame when she wore her heels. Toned body, nice bust, and a face which could survive in the modeling industry for years to come. Big blue eyes, pouting lips, and long, blond, wavy hair that reached halfway down her back. Besides the obvious physical attractiveness, she was charming, intelligent, and had a wonderful sense of humor. How she had remained a virgin so far into her life, he couldn't figure out, but she assured him it was so and that it would remain like that for the time being. Not that he hadn't tried. He plied her with expensive dinners, candies, and lingerie. She said that penetration wouldn't happen until they were married.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Oh god yes...yes...Yes...YES!"

Elizabeth's body shook with another orgasm brought on by the ministrations of John's tongue. When it came to oral pleasure, John was good. Too bad he wouldn't live long enough to stick anything besides his tongue in her.

Of the three men she had truly dominated in the past few years, John had been the easiest. Hell, she didn't mind wearing the sexy lingerie he gave her, especially since it seemed to give her even more power over him. Made her even more desirable to him. Got him even more worked up. It was easy to dominate men if you used their sexual desires against them.

"Een nn eee," spoke the mound of hair between her legs. She released John's head from between her thighs.

"What was that, honey?"

"I said, 'I can't breathe'"

Giggle. "Sorry, teddy bear. When you get me going like that, I can't always control myself."


"Yes dear?"

John stood up, which the bulge in his jeans overly evident. Must be painful, she thought. Good.

"I was just wondering. I mean, I signed the papers and everything, and you had said...well, I was wondering if we could...make love?"

"Oh honey," Simp! ,"I told you that it isn't proper until we're married." Unless you had a nice thick cock like Max. "And remember, I don't want you touching yourself; a man's seed should only be used for procreation. So none of that nasty masturbation." Unlike me, who's going to be sticking that big ole nasty dildo right up my cunt once you leave.

"But...but...you said...How about if you...you know, gave me some oral satisfaction, like I do for you?"

"Put your THING in my mouth?!" Like it could even fill my mouth. "That's disgusting!" She'd never even let him take his pants off. In fact, she protested every time he tried. No sense in creating a temptation for either of them.

John looked like he was going to cry. Elizabeth lay back in bed. Three months of leading this wimp along. He must be ready to explode. It made for six months total in his celibate state; three months of nothing with her secretary Cheryl before she got hold of him, and now another three months with her. Of course, she did lose a good secretary when she fired Cheryl, but the poor girl had been ready to give in to his sexual demands instead of following her boss' orders. Cheryl had also threatened to expose what she knew of Elizabeth's plans, and Elizabeth couldn't risk that. Cheryl had been fired from her job, and then promptly disappeared. Elizabeth had quickly been dropped from the list of suspects.

The thought that he hadn't had an orgasm in six months sent another aftershock orgasm through Elizabeth. She could probably get his cock to erupt by simply rubbing her foot over his erection. Of course, the fact that he went without didn't mean that she didn't get any cock. Her lover Max would be here soon, and John had her good and worked up.

She picked up a chocolate from the box he'd brought her, and bit it in half. "You're going to have to go."


"I've got a business deal to finish." She twirled her tongue through the raspberry cream chocolate in her mouth, and thought how the silky feel was similar to that of Max's cock. "And I don't want you to be in the way." She finished the chocolate, and picked up another.

"Tonight?! But we were going out to the movies to celebrate!"

"I'm sorry honey, but I have to get this deal wrapped up before tomorrow." Besides, I want to climb on top of Max and fuck him like there is no tomorrow.

John got a resigned look on his face, pulled his shirt back on, and started towards the bedroom door. "Tomorrow?"

"I'll call, teddy bear." Although by then a gas leak in your house will have caused your untimely death by explosion.. She popped another chocolate into her mouth.

* * * * * * * * * *

Elizabeth watched from her bedroom window as John got into his car. She lifted her left hand and waved 'bye-bye' as he pulled away, but kept her right hand hidden. It currently held a 7 inch purple dildo she was getting ready to slide into her pussy. When she was sure that he was gone, she turned and jumped into the bed, lay flat on her back, and slid the big monster between her legs. Soon she would be putting Max's monster there. She closed her eyes and began moving the dildo in and out, in and out, in and out, feeling another orgasm build. It was good, but it wasn't Max.

* * * * * * * * * *



Ding-dong. Elizabeth's eyes fluttered open. She must have fallen asleep waiting for her lover, but a quick glance at the clock told her that she it had only been a half hour since John's departure. Max? No, he wasn't due for another two hours.

Ding-dong. Shit. She pulled the dildo out of her cunt, leaving herself feeling empty. This better be fucking good. She wrapped herself in a robe and headed downstairs.

Elizabeth opened the door to find a short (to Elizabeth) black haired lady at her door. She was attractively dressed all in white, with little white pumps to match her white purse. A bit conservative for Elizabeth's tastes, but to each their own. She carried one small and two large packages. Elizabeth looked at the stranger, "Yes?"

"Ms. Harn? I'm Tara Worthington from 'The Twighlight Zone'. I have some packages for you. Presents, actually."

'The Twighlight Zone'. Elizabeth had been to the unusual store a few times. She had an expensive pair of jeans from there that had zipper up both sides; you could get out of them completely in a flash, never have to take off your shoes, do your fucking, and be back in them before the light changed. She also remembered the other things they sold, besides every day clothing. Lingerie, sex toys, and fetish wear just to start the list. Too expensive for her current bank accounts, but maybe a place to visit once she was done with John. She and Max had gone looking a few times, and she had convinced John to buy her a piece of lingerie worth over $2000. She wore it a lot when she fucked Max.

"Presents? I'm sorry, I don't understand."

"A mister John Roland said to deliver these here this afternoon. All these items are custom tailored, set to the measurements taken when you were last in the store. I'm here to do your final fitting, if you have the time."

"John, that sweetheart." Horny little fuck. Must have dropped a bundle on this. He shouldn't be spending my money that way. "What do you mean, 'fitting'?"

"These are custom items. I'm here to make sure they fit properly, and that you can put them on and take them off without damaging them. Quite routine, I assure you."

Elizabeth thought about it for a moment. It was a little strange to have a tailor come to your house but, after seeing the store and the fact that the woman had three separate boxes (which meant a lot of money was spent), she reluctantly decided to let the lady in to her house.

"Well then, Ms. Worthington, won't you come in?"

The woman smiled, "Call me Tara."

* * * * * * * * * *

Elizabeth watched as the woman spread the boxes on the bed. There had been another few in her car, and these were spread out too. She opened a small bag and took out a four inch leather tube. She motioned for Elizabeth to turn around, the pulled the long blond hair into a ponytail, which was then held in place by the tube, so it stood out from her head like a horse's tail. "So your hair doesn't get caught in anything." Then she opened the first box and pulled out a pair of black leather boots that would probably reach to her knee. The five inch heels would be uncomfortable, but Elizabeth used to do runway modeling, so heels weren't that big a deal. Tara handed them to Elizabeth. "Go ahead and try them on. I think the size is right, and our shoes are actually very comfortable."

Our shoes are very comfortable, blah, blah, blah. Bitch. What would she know? Let her walk up and down a runway in a pair of four inch spikes instead of those schoolteacher shoes, and then tell me about comfort!

Elizabeth pulled the left boot on. The inside was lined with what felt like silk, and she could feel cool air circulating around her foot. Still, it was a snug fit. "How does it do that?"

"You mean the aeration? One of our patents. Keeps your foot dry and comfortable, without the need for stockings or socks. Zip it up."

Elizabeth pulled the zipper up, and the leather edge folded over the seam for a smooth finish. The boot itself was snug all the way up; no loose spots were evident. It was as if Tara could read her mind. "Another patent. The leather isn't actually whole, but micro-squares connected with an elastic, and then sealed. It'll stretch almost twice it's original size and still remain smooth. The only problem we have is that it becomes very puncture and cut resistant. That can make it difficult to cut patterns." Elizabeth pulled on the other boot, luxuriating. Max would get a hard-on just from seeing her in these. These would be perfect for a little dominatrix and the slave scene. She was starting to make herself wet just thinking about it.

"What else you got?"

Tara opened another, smaller box. "How about matching gloves?" Elizabeth's eyes went wide. Elbow length black leather gloves were something she had always wanted but could never find in quality. She pulled on first one then the other, and marveled at how the lack of gaps or loose spots, not even at the wrist.

"These are incredible. How much does something like this cost?"

"I'm not permitted to disclose that information, Ms. Harn. But if you're wondering because you would like another pair, they do come in red, blue, yellow, green and white. Mr. Roland set up an account with us, and said you were to have Carte Blanche. We have a new catalog going to press in a few days; I'll have one sent over if you like." Elizabeth got up and went to her full length mirror. Even though she was still dressed in her robe, the gloves and boots, along with the hair tube made her just reek of kinky sex. She was definitely wet. Max is in for a night he won't soon forget.

"I must say, Ms. Harn, that those items compliment you quite a bit. Have you ever thought of modeling?"

"Why, thank you. I used to be a model."

"Would you ever consider modeling for us at the Zone?"

"I'm sorry, hon, but just today I signed a deal which guarantees that I won't be modeling any more."

"That's a shame, Ms. Harn."

"What else do you have there?"

"The main course, Ms. Harn. Mr. Roland spent hours picking this out for you. I helped him myself." Tara picked up the largest of the boxes and opened it, then pulled out a black leather corset, complete with under wired half-cups and a lined snap crotch. Elizabeth almost fainted.

"If your not too modest, you could try it on now. I do this all the time."

"I wouldn't be much of a model if I never was naked in front of the designers. Besides, I might as well complete the outfit."

Tara gave a grandiose gesture. "Then, if madam would be so kind as to step into this?"

Elizabeth shucked her modesty with her robe. The corset was beautiful. Max would flip. "I never knew John had such...unusual tastes." Little fucking pervert.. She stepped into the corset, pulling it up her long muscular legs. When it got to her hips she had to wiggle a little, put it finally pulled over. The inside was padded and lined with silk in a fashion similar to the boots. "How do I tighten it?"

Tara opened another box and pulled out a small remote control looking device, and attached to two little studs that were between Elizabeth's half cups. "Turn this knob to work a series of internal wires which draw the lacings shut. When it's as tight as you want it, use this clip to hold them in place, and tuck the cords here. I'll show you the first time." Elizabeth watched in fascinations Tara turned the device on. Two small gears pulled the cord in, tightening the corset first at her lower back a little, then further up.

The breath was pushed from her lungs. "I think that's tight enough."

"Really?" said Tara, a little surprised. "I would have thought somebody as fit as you would have gone much smaller." She began to disconnect the cords.

"Wait. I guess I could go a little smaller."

Tara smiled as she turned it on again, this time a little faster, so Elizabeth couldn't change her mind so fast. The heavy front boning caused Elizabeth to stick out her leather covered ass a bit, while the cups seemed to squeeze and lift her tits at the same time. The corset itself was seamless; not a single ripple could be seen. Tara tied off the ends, and stuffed them into a hidden pocket on the front.

"Not so bad, was it?" That remark got Tara a dirty look from Elizabeth, but she simply returned a smile.

"No, but it is hard to breath." Elizabeth looked in the mirror again. Her already sexy body had an even slimmer waist, and her b-cup breasts, augmented by the wiring and padding, jutted from her chest like two c-cup missiles. I'm not going to make it waiting for Max - I gotta cum, and soon. " Is there more?"

"Mr. Roland also picked out some earrings; two sets of matched pearl studs. Are your ears double pierced?"

Elizabeth gave the woman a withering look. "Triple, actually."

Tara opened the small box. Inside were two sets of pearl stud earrings, one set larger than the others. Elizabeth took the box and went the vanity to put them on, but discovered she couldn't work the posts while wearing the gloves.

"Little help?"

"I'm sorry. There designed so the don't come off very easily. Due to the cost, nobody that buys a set is happy when they lose one." Tara put the posts through the holes in Elizabeth's ears, then snapped the backs on with an audible 'pop'.


"I'm sorry about that. They are a little snug, but you'll get used to it."

"You should have warned me" Elizabeth snapped. Her ears burned a little from the pain. "What's in that little box?" She pointed to a foot long box that had been inside the corset box.

"I forgot about those. They are toys that go with the corset. They are a little more 'personal', in nature. Would you like to see them?"

Toys? "Why the hell not?" Elizabeth got up and walked over to the bed. Her legs felt a little wobbly. Must be the boots. She opened the boxes to discover a small black dildo and a smaller black butt plug.

"I could show you how to put them on. In case you would ever be interested. I'm not saying that you're into that kind of thing , but..." Tara mumbled her way out of the suggestion.

Elizabeth's head started to get fuzzy. Her earlobes throbbed. "I don't know..."

Tara smiled an almost evil smile. "Here, I'll show you. Bend over and put your hands on the vanity."

Elizabeth felt her body stumble over to the vanity and bend over, thrusting her ass high in the air. Her head was growing a little fuzzy, as if she had a few drinks. "Will this do, Tara?" What am I doing?

"Nicely, dear" Tara opened the snap crotch and deftly stuck her finger into Elizabeth's wet pussy. "Plenty of lubricant here for both toys!"

Elizabeth felt the intruding digit, but even though her mind told her to be appalled, her body responded by thrusting backwards, pushing the finger in deeper. "Tara? I'm not feeling well. A bit dizzy, in fact." Elizabeth was having a lot of trouble concentrating on what was going on. "Something isn't right here. I think that the corset must be cutting off the oxygen to my brain. Could we take this off now? Tara?"

"Please, call me 'Mistress Tara', and I think things are going just perfectly." Tara removed her finger and Elizabeth watched in the vanity mirror as she used the wet finger to grease up the butt plug. A nasty smile came across Tara's face. "Ready?" She nudged the tip of the butt plug into Elizabeth's anus, which resisted, then pushed it all the way in with one motion. Elizabeth shuddered momentarily with the erotic pain, then felt a little relief as her anus closed around the smaller stem of the plug. Before she could think about it, though, Mistress Tara slid the dildo easily into place. "We'll just hook up the wires here, and close this crotch nice and tight, Tah-dah!"

Elizabeth's ass and pussy seemed overfull from the constriction of the corset. Something's wrong. What's happening to me?

"Stand up, Elizabeth. How does it feel?"

"Very full and very tight, Mistress Tara. Mistress Tara, what is happening to me?"

"You will not speak unless spoken to, Elizabeth. By the way, I think 'Elizabeth' is too proper sounding a name for a slut like you. What would be a good name for a slut like you? How about 'Bunny'?" Tara spotted the box of chocolates next to the bed, "or 'Candy'? Yes, I think a chocolate eater like you should be called 'Candy'. Don't you agree?"

CANDY!? What kind of name is that for a woman of her stature? Once she had made a success of herself she had insisted on being called 'Elizabeth. "Yes, Mistress Tara." It was as if her mind was stuck in a body she didn't control, a body with a mind of it's own, where she was just an observer.

Tara walked over to the dresser and rummaged through it until she found the zipper jeans, which she tossed to Candy. "Put these on. We're going to have guests in a little while."

Candy obediently began to put the jeans on, using the side zippers to avoid trying to pull the tight denim over the boots. Max! Shit! How am I going to explain all this? Am I going to be given the chance to explain all this? What's happening to me?!

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