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The Twins


I should probably start with some background information. The story that I'm about to tell you takes place at my grandmother's house. My name is Joe, I'm exactly six foot tall, I'm quite slim and I'm a decent athlete. I've been a rower for about five years now. By the way, I'm twenty years old.

This story also involves my 65 year old 'Nan', Jill, who is a little over five foot, but unfortunately after a car accident two years ago (in which her husband was tragically killed) she broke her hips and gained a lot of weight; and my 18 year old cousins, Jessie and Lizzie, who are twins. They are identical with long, deep red hair, pale white skin and terrificly slender figures. They also have decent and perky 36B breasts.

The story begins one day when I went over to my Nan's house to check up on her. I let myself into the bungalow with the key she had given me and I proceeded to the living room. I walked in to find nobody was there. I was just about to turn around when somebody jumped onto me.

"I've got him Liz, jump on him while he's down!"

I realised that it was my cousin, Jessie, just as her twin sister pounced on me.

"Hello mister," she said in a playful mock anger, "what do you think you're doing coming in unannounced? We could have been doing anything in here!" With that she winked and I could have sworn I felt her rub her crotch against mine.

"I'm very sorry miss," I said, smiling and playing along nevertheless, "I thought it would only be Nan that was in."

She kept rubbing against me and I could feel myself getting hard. I decided I had to get out from under her before Jessie noticed how aroused her sister was making me.

"If you'll excuse me," I said while making a move to get up, " I'm getting a bit uncomfortable..."

As I got up, so did Lizzie, and she looked straight at my crotch and laughed,

"No wonder you're uncomfortable with a beast like that in your pants!" She quickly grabbed me and dragged me, while I was still in shock, into the guest bedroom. She forced me down onto the bed and straddled me, as I saw Jessie quietly enter the room after us. Lizzie began to strip in a hurry, her beautiful red hair swishing everywhere as she removed her tight fitting black jacket and matching jeans. She was now only wearing her underwear: a lacy black bra, with a similarly coloured thong. She lowered her face to mine and pressed her lips to mine too, she flicked out her tongue and ran it past my lips. While we were kissing she had removed her bra and thong and when she released me I could see her in all her naked glory. She was truly beautiful, her tits and ass were both perfectly sized for her body, as were her sister's, as she too had now undressed.

Jessie walked over and unzipped my trousers and pulled down my boxers. She immediately saw my 7 inch erection and took it between her lips. She licked me all over and then guided her sister until she was impaled on my thick rod. It felt so good that I had to really fight to keep from cumming too early. Jessie then walked around the bed and sat straight onto my face. I knew what was expected of me and quickly started lapping at her already dripping cunt. The twin sisters straddling me were now engaged with each other, locked at the lips whilst their hands explored each others breasts. They were sucking on each others' tongues and spitting into each others' mouths, it was an incredible sight to behold.

I eventually felt myself reaching the point of no return and, trying to make myself heard over various moans and whimpers, I shouted,

"Liz! Quick get off me, I'm gonna cum!"

To this I got the reply,

"No way mister, I want to feel you fill me up to the brim!" And I did exactly that, I came dramatically and poured what seemed like gallons of jizz into my cousin. The resulting throbs and moans caused both of my cousins to climax less than a minute later.

We quickly got cleaned up, and as we were changing the sweat coated sheets we heard a door close and my grandmother shout,

"Jessica? Elizabeth? Is Joe here yet, he was meant to be here an hour ago according to this text he sent me."

Our scrambling to tidy up now became even MORE frantic.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous11/22/17

Bisexual Female Cousins

I clicked on this story because of the tag "Bisexual Female", and I find it endlessly amusing that the titular twins are (almost) named Jizzy and Lezzie.

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