tagNonHumanThe Twins Take Over Ch. 01

The Twins Take Over Ch. 01


This is a sequel to "Wolf's Pet Chapters. 31 and 32." If you haven't read them yet, then this really will make no sense at all.


"Are you really OK with Troy and Danielle coming with us?" Trey was worried about Rebecca's state of mind right now. With everything that had happened to her in the last few months he didn't want her to feel crowded by having other people around during such a sensitive procedure. He was glad to have his brother meeting them, but was she glad about it? He couldn't help but smile while he watched her combing her long hair. It was an amazing blond color. It reminded him of corn silk, the color and the feel of it. He loved running her hair through his fingers. He wondered how it would feel on a few other parts of his anatomy. That thought made him smile wickedly.

"I'm more than OK, I'm really kind of relieved. I was worried what you'd do while I was sedated, but now I know you'll have Troy." She stopped combing, her hands still in her hair as she looked at the Werewolf that would soon be her mate. "I love you Trey, I don't know what I would do if I woke up and something had happened to you." She took a deep breath and held it for a moment. She didn't even want those kinds of thoughts in her head. She closed her eyes and shook her head to send the thoughts away.

Trey quickly crossed the motel room and got on his knees in front of her. His hands rested on her thighs and he looked up into her hazel eyes. "Nothing is going to happen to me. Don't you worry about that. But I'm glad you're happy they're coming with us to San Francisco. After you're recovered from the surgery, we can take some time and sight see if you're up to it. I've never been to the coast. Once we've mated, I doubt we'll have much of a chance to come west again." He couldn't take his eyes away from hers. Whenever he looked into them he knew they would be together always.

Her hands covered his and she squeezed them tight. She couldn't believe that she felt this way about a man in such a short time. She'd never been able to connect with men. But, then again, she was destined to be mates with a Werewolf, and she didn't think she'd met many previously. Her newly learned family history certainly explained some of her grandmother's strange behavior when Rebecca was a little girl. So many things were coming into place with the knowledge she had now. "I'd really like that. Carr won't mind us being gone a while?" She knew the Alpha would be the one to decide for sure.

"Nah, right now he has so much on his mind with the Council and the Panthers, Troy and I aren't a big concern. Besides, we still have time on our leave of absence from the Police Department. Might as well use it doing something fun right?" He smiled up at her and inhaled deeply, her scent of vanilla and apples flooding his brain. He closed his eyes to savor it. He opened them when he felt her warm hand on his cheek.

"What does that do to you? I mean my scent, what does it do to you?" She cocked her head as she looked down at him. She knew it must be something primal. She couldn't wait until she really understood it, after they were mated.

"I can't explain it other than that it drives me wild." And with that he pulled her down off the chair to sit on the floor with him. His arms encircled her and he drew her close, his nose buried in her neck, right where the scent was strongest, where her pulse beat steadily. He flicked his tongue out to taste her and felt her shiver in his arms. She giggled but didn't try to move away. He pulled back for a moment, but just long enough to stroke her face and capture her lips with his. She tasted so good, he hoped he could control his wolf. The full moon was so close and his wolf wanted to take his mate!

Rebecca shivered as she felt his kiss. She arched up into his body, baring her neck further. His lips left her mouth and she felt his teeth graze her skin and she could hold back her gasp. She could smell how much this excited her. She heard his quick intake of breath and knew he smelled it too. His arms were tighter around her and she could feel the bulge of his cock through his pants. She struggled to free her hands from his grasp and used them to feel the hardness underneath his clothes. Now she heard him gasp. She smiled to herself. She had some power in this relationship too.

Trey's lips moved down her neck to her chest. He carefully began unbuttoning her blouse, slowly, knowing she wanted this as much as he did. She pushed up into his hands, and he grinned. "Want something?" He stopped what he was doing and waited.

Her voice was low, husky, breathy. "Please Trey, touch me, don't stop." She was going to finish unbuttoning on her own but he stopped her, bringing her hands back to his lap.

"I'll do my job if you do yours." He whispered it and finished the sentence with a quick flick of the tongue into her ear. Her entire body trembled under his. He began to open her blouse and kissed each collar bone, then down the middle of her chest, between her breasts. Her bra clasped in the front and he quickly had it undone and pushed it off. Her breasts were just perfect for him, his large hands could cup them and they fit like they were meant for him. He stroked her pale skin, watching the nipples harden and the darker aureolas pucker.

She laid underneath him, wanting to feel his touch so badly. "Please, Trey, please." She couldn't even think enough to be able to say much more. Normally she was talkative, but right now, all she could think was she didn't want him to stop.

He bent his head and gently took a hard nipple into his mouth, and sucked. He put an arm around her back to hold her tighter and sucked harder as he felt her response. His other hand found her other breast, fondling it, fingering the other nipple. There was so much he wanted to do right now. His brain was on fire with her scent, her vanilla and apple, as well as the proof of her arousal. He needed to taste her. He had to taste her.

Her hands fumbled at his jeans, trying to unbutton them and release his cock. Up until now, they had tried to control themselves, not wanting to lose control and mate before Rebecca was ready emotionally. But she was ready now and they couldn't. But they could do everything up to the bite. This was the first time they had really been alone. Rebecca wondered if maybe that was the reason she felt so ready. There were no interruptions, no patrols for Trey to be on, no games with his brother, no meetings, nothing, just the two of them.

The knock on the door startled them both. Trey whipped his head around, the growl coming from his chest, deep and menacing. Rebecca fumbled with her bra and blouse, trying to get herself back together.

"It's us bro. Thanks for the welcome." Troy was laughing as he and Danielle waited for the door to open. He looked at his soon to be mate and held her hand tight. He was really glad she'd thought of going with them to San Francisco. He couldn't imagine waiting at the compound for his brother. They'd never been separated since birth, almost a hundred years.

"About freakin' time you guys got here." Trey stood up, moved quickly across the room, buttoned his pants, and opened the door and gave his brother a hard thump on the back in welcome while Rebecca gave Danielle a big hug. This was going to be hard enough, but without Troy, it would have been even worse. Now at least he'd have his brother to back him up if anything went wrong. Nothing was going to go wrong, but always good to be ready. "How was the drive? Anything exciting happen in the eight hours since we left?" Trey sat on the bed and pulled Rebecca into his lap, holding her tight.

Rebecca was disappointed about the interruption. She hoped she didn't look as disheveled as she felt. She attempted to act like nothing out of the ordinary was going on and hoped she was doing a good job of it. Danielle and Troy seemed oblivious so far.

Troy sat in the lone chair in the room, pointing to his lap when Danielle looked around the room for her seat. She happily plopped down onto his legs, and he let out am over-dramatic "Oooof." He laughed when she punched him in the shoulder.

"I may not be a skinny minny but I'm not an elephant ya know." Danielle had always been self conscious about her weight, but she had to admit she had forgotten about it in the last few weeks. She wasn't as trim and athletic as most of the females in the pack, she was more like Karen and several of her cousins, curvy was the way they liked to describe it. And Troy never mentioned her weight, never made fun of her for having a healthy appetite, or suggested she take off a few pounds. She really had to pinch herself hourly to make sure this wasn't one of her dreams. Here she was, middle-aged, a little on the pudgy side, and in love with a drop dead gorgeous, rock hard abs hunk, who loved her just as much.

He smiled as Danielle got herself settled into his lap. She fit there just perfectly. He wrapped his arms around her and when they were both comfortable, answered his brother. "We didn't leave that much later than you. And we were a little preoccupied so weren't really paying attention. I know they were talking about letting the women meet Guillame, other than that, I'm as clueless as you." Troy started playing with Danielle's hair, he loved to feel it, he didn't know why, but did it matter? And she seemed to like it. They hadn't known each other long but he knew how to calm her when she was upset already, play with her hair. In fact, it seemed to have a calming affect on both of them.

"Well we've got another four and a half hour drive to SF, so maybe we should spend the night and get an early jump on the morning. The Doctor said we should just plan on meeting him at the pack hospital so he can make sure everything's in order for the full moon. He'll sedate the two of you and then the next day we'll drive into the city to the human hospital. He was hoping if Rebecca is healthy and no complications he can do the procedure right away." Trey knew Rebecca was already exhausted. He really didn't want to get back on the road until she was rested.

"Sounds good to me." Troy was pretty sure Danielle was about done for the day. A nap would do his wolf good too.

"I got the manager's OK to leave one of the cars here until we get back. I promised him we'd rent rooms on the trip back. I guess they don't get a lot of business out here in the middle of the desert. So two rooms for two nights in exchange for leaving a car here while we're gone seems to be a fair exchange. We'll get going by eight in the morning, but for now, let's get some dinner. I'm starved." Trey stood up with Rebecca still in his lap, holding her in his arms until he was on his feet, then letting her slide down his body until her feet hit the ground. He loved feeling her entire body touching his. But he needed to stop torturing himself. His wolf was ready to take her now and not wait. Trey had to keep reminding him if he wanted cubs, he'd have to wait. He'd almost given in to the tempation earlier. Maybe it was a good thing his brother showed up when he did. He might have bitten her and screwed up everything.

Rebecca took a deep breath. It was probably just as well. She certainly wouldn't have said no if he'd bitten her. She wanted him so badly, she couldn't believe it. This feeling of aching need was a new one for her. It was torture, but it was heaven. She skipped over to Danielle and took her arm, chatting about nothing in particular as they went to dinner.

Early the next morning the foursome started on the final leg of the trip to San Francisco. The twins sat in the front, the women in the back seat. Troy and Trey were amazed at how their mates could talk non stop for the entire trip. The countryside was beautiful but there weren't making any stops. They wanted to get to the pack hospital as soon as possible. The last thing they wanted was to have the two unmated Vlkolak feeling the effects of the Wolf Moon, especially away from their own pack.

"Where is the Jensen Pack compound?" Rebecca was leaning forward, her hands on the back of Trey's seat as she watched the signs for the upcoming cities, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville.

"It's east of Danville, just outside the Mt. Diablo State Park. Shouldn't be much longer. From there it's about an hour to the hospital in San Francisco." Trey didn't take his eyes off the road but he could feel Rebecca's excitement, and maybe he smelled a touch of fear. He couldn't blame her for that, he was scared to death.

Danielle stared out the window at cattle in the rolling hills between the cities interspersed with acres and acres of vineyards visible from the freeway. It was such different landscape than what they were used to in the high desert. "Did you know there are no wolves in California?" She looked at Troy and giggled. "Until now that is."

"Werewolves they have plenty of. Just regular wolves they don't. Just a few months ago one was spotted in Northern California. But Carr was pretty sure it was some loner who'd gone out hunting and was caught with his pants down, so to speak." Troy was glad there were more careful in eastern Nevada. There weren't any wolves there either, or so the public thought.

About one in the afternoon Trey spotted the entrance, a dirt road with tall Eucalyptus trees almost hiding it from view of the main road. He also saw the cameras lining the ten mile drive into the heart of Jensen territory. He nodded as Troy pointed out a scout that should have been hidden from view. Sloppy. If this were their pack they'd have something to say about it, but not really their business. They wanted to get Rebecca taken care of and get out of here. Driving into another pack's territory was an uncomfortable feeling. No, more than that, downright unnerving.

Trey's phone rang and he recognized the number, it was Logan's friend, Dr. Jordan Majors. "Hello, this is Trey."

"Trey, Doctor Majors here. I got the alert you had arrived. Drive up to the building on the far right of you. That's the hospital. I'll meet you at the entrance."

They slowed as they saw the buildings and stopped next to the hospital entrance. It was much bigger than their own. The twins got out first, each holding the door open for his mate. Troy and Trey were not too comfortable with this whole situation. Something seemed just a little off. No one here to meet them. No Alpha, no security. They moved closer to the women when they heard a door open and a single male walked out of the building.

"Hello, one of you must be Trey. I assume the other is Troy? I'm Dr. Majors." The male Were appeared to be in his mid thirties as most adult Were males did, with short brown hair and a perfectly trimmed goatee, the same exact color. He didn't have a big build, more the size of an Omega, and was dressed in a polo shirt and slacks.

The Doctor strode out to meet them, his hand up in greeting. Troy and Trey exchanged glances. He seemed pleasant enough.

"Logan didn't mention you were identical twins. And these must be your mates? Lovely, simply lovely." He had turned to Rebecca and Danielle and gave them each a fatherly smile.

The women returned the smiles and Rebecca started to speak but Trey stopped her.

"Doctor, I'm sure you can understand we're a little wary of strangers and not up to being overly friendly right now." Trey had situated himself between the Doctor and Rebecca. Troy had done the same. Neither brother felt trusting of any male Were at the moment.

The Doctor smiled. "Of course, very understandable my boy." He leaned closer and whispered, "I'd feel the same if I had an unmated female at the Wolf Moon." He straightened up and began walking towards the hospital. "Follow me, and we'll get these young ladies all ready for tonight."

Trey and Troy took their mates tightly by the hand and walked behind the Doctor. Their heads moved in all directions as they walked, watching for anyone nearby.

Rebecca and Danielle noticed their mates were not their usual happy go lucky selves. They seemed jumpy at the very least. Paranoid might be a better description.

"I instructed the pack to stay away for now. I didn't think you would want any males around the women." Dr. Majors stopped at a room with two beds and motioned for them to enter. "We'll do some blood tests to be sure you're healthy, a quick physical, and take a medical history. And please ladies, please tell me everything I ask for. We can't afford any mistakes with your lives. Your mates would not take kindly to an accident. I would like to live to make six hundred." He chuckled to himself at his joke. "Let me get my nurse to help me and we'll get started. The two of you will have to wait outside. I really don't like being growled at while treating my patients."

The nurse had slipped into the room and shooed the brothers out. But before she shut the door she gave them each an appraising look and winked.

Trey was still feeling uneasy. He picked up his phone to call Logan and quickly pushed it back into his pocket. "Weird, no service. It worked fine outside."

"I have a creepy feeling Trey, I don't know what it is, but I can't shake it." Troy was glancing around the halls. It seemed so empty. Even if the Doctor did tell people to stay away from them, he thought he'd still see or hear movement of the pack in the area. He didn't even smell anyone except the Doctor and his nurse. And the only other they'd seen was the scout.

"I guess we just have to trust Logan and Doctor Majors. At least we can still feel Carr even from this distance. Makes me feel a little better." Trey smiled at his brother and sat down on the chair outside the door. He closed his eyes and concentrated on Rebecca's scent. It calmed him even if he couldn't see her right now. He could hear her answering the Doctor's questions. She sounded untroubled by it all. He made himself relax, breathing deeply, and heard his brother doing the same.

The twins jumped when the door opened. The nurse came out carrying tubes of blood. She again looked them each up and down and smiled. She seemed to exaggerate the swing of her hips as she walked away.

"C'mon in boys." The Doctor waited for them to rejoin their mates. He laughed to himself as he noticed the males touching the women, looking them over, watching for any sign they had been abused or hurt in any way. "I assure you, they are unharmed."

"Trey, Doctor Majors is very professional. You don't have to worry so much. I'm sorry Doctor, I know Weres are protective but I think he gets a little ridiculous."

"I'm used to it my dear." The Doctor smiled and turned to the males. "So here is the plan. As long as their blood work is normal, we will sedate them at four p.m. I want to be sure it's well before moonrise which will be four-fifty-six. We will keep them sedated throughout the night and let them wake at seven a.m., just after moonset. Then tomorrow at about nine we will meet at the hospital in San Francisco and we'll see what we can do to untie those tubes." He winked at Rebecca who giggled in response.

Rebecca and Danielle were nervous but ready to go. They held hands as they watched the strange looks on Trey and Troy's faces. They both chalked it up to worry about them.

Trey sat down on the bed next to Rebecca and stroked her soft hair. He leaned in close and inhaled. A blissful smile crossed his face and he leaned his chin on the top of her head, closed his arms around her body and held her tight. "I can't help it, I worry. I know, we'll be fine."

Danielle leaned into Troy who stroked her cheek. "I know, you worry too, ya big lug. We'll be fine too." She kissed him lightly. She was still amazed at how much she could love someone she barely knew. But one thing she did know, they were meant for each other.

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