tagNonHumanThe Twins Take Over Ch. 03

The Twins Take Over Ch. 03


Trey's knot receded and he felt his cock slip free of Rebecca's swollen pussy. They needed to get moving. He could hear the howls south of them, maybe a good five miles away, but they would make good time if they'd heard the passionate sounds of their mating. Most Werewolves could run at thirty-five to forty miles per hour. Five miles? They could make it in fifteen minutes or less if they weren't tired.

He gently moved her blond hair away from her face and whispered in her ear. "Rebecca, we need to go. Get dressed baby. We have to run." He reluctantly disengaged himself from her and pushed his clothes into the bag she would be carrying. He looked at her beautiful face as she sat up. Her hazel eyes seemed different somehow, brighter, more animated. Was she purring? He cocked his head and listened. It was there, just barely, as she breathed.

Rebecca blinked a few times as she looked at her mate. She stopped for a second. Her mate! That was the first time she'd thought of him that way. She had to concentrate hard to put her clothes on. There were other thoughts confusing her brain. Something about biting him. This was distracting, arguing with herself. She could hear Trey talking but she was having a difficult time registering the words. But looking at him made her want to do more than bite him. God he had a gorgeous body. She stared at the muscles that covered his tall, broad frame. She licked her lips slowly and made a move towards him on her hands and knees.

"Rebecca, did you hear me? Hurry up and get dressed." Trey was a little worried, more like a lot worried. This might have been the biggest mistake he'd ever made in his life. But at the time, it seemed like such a pressing matter, and they'd thought they were so far ahead of the pack. She just stared at him. Maybe it would be easier for both of them if he was in his wolf form. He shifted and the black wolf stood a good ten feet from his mate who seemed to be moving in slow motion. He whined in frustration at her.

Trey looked up at the clouds that were forming in the cold night sky. They looked eerie, illuminated by the full light of the Wolf Moon. He could smell the change in the air. Rain was coming.

She shook her head to clear her/their thoughts. "I need to take control of myself, us, whatever." She threw on her clothes as fast as she could and tried to walk normally but found herself moving in a new and entirely different way. She felt her strides were longer, more graceful. She didn't have time to think about it and forced herself to move faster. She climbed onto Trey's back and held on tight, forcing herself to control the urge to bite him. They didn't have time for that now. They had to wait, they had to.

When he felt her in place on his back Trey took off at full speed in the direction Troy, Danielle and Anneke had gone. He could smell them and was able to catch up fairly quickly. So far the terrain hadn't been too bad, but looking ahead of them it was steep and rocky. The howling south of him didn't sound any closer. Maybe they hadn't heard his howl and her screams? He could only hope.

"Finally." Danielle smiled at her friend as they caught up and then pouted when she saw her neck in the moonlight. "You're half way mated. Troy heard all the noise you guys were making and was so concerned you'd be heard he started listening for the pack and heard them howling and that put an end to our mating." She stared with envy at the deep bite mark on the side of Rebecca's neck.

Rebecca didn't even feel it anymore. She brought a hand up and slowly traced the ragged edges of the wound. She shivered with the memory of what happened such a short time before. She hoped they could escape these wolves fast. She didn't know if she'd be able to stop herself from biting him. And what would happen to her if she didn't finish mating tonight? What if they didn't finish until tomorrow? Would she be a panther? A wolf? Something in between? As she brought her hand back to Trey's neck she felt a wet drop hit the back of her hand. "It's starting to rain."

She looked up at the rocky ground ahead and the water starting to accumulate on the rocks. "Maybe it'd be better if Dani and I got off and walked?" The big head of the wolf she was riding turned and looked at her with his dark eyes and growled quietly. "Understood, not walking." Her hands grabbed hold of his thick fur to help keep her steady as he worked his way between the boulders. Every so often she would feel his haunches bunch and then he would leap to his next foot hold. If she hadn't been prepared she would have taken a hard tumble. She looked over at Dani who was holding on for dear life.

"Are they getting any closer?" Danielle twisted around to look behind her. She couldn't see a thing even with the light from the full moon. It hadn't yet reached it's zenith which Troy had told her would be at about eleven thirty. She felt like they must have been out here for a good twelve hours, but it couldn't have been more than four. This was going to be the longest night of her life, if she lived through it that is. And now on top of everything else, it was raining.

Rebecca struggled to see and though the moon was bright, the clouds were interfering with it's light and she still wasn't having much luck seeing what was ahead of them. The wolves must have amazing night vision to be running through these rocks. They never seemed to make a mis-step. Just as she thought it, she heard Anneke's surprised yip and then painful howl as she slid off a wet boulder and fall into a crevice between the rocks.

Trey and Troy immediately stopped so the women could dismount and then shifted. They made their way to the writhing brown wolf who whined and let out an occasional yipe as she moved the wrong way. Trey laid down on his stomach and slid his hand down the wolf's leg to see how tightly it was wedged. He couldn't even get a finger between the rock and her leg. "Troy, see if you can find anything metal around here, a T-post or something."

Troy shifted and ran off towards a fence they had passed not long ago. If he had to he would pull a post out of the ground.

Rebecca and Danielle picked their way in the dark to where their Omega friend was trapped. Dani knelt at Anneke's head and slowly brought her hand down to stroke her soft fur. "Oh Anneke, I'm so sorry. We'll get you out." Dani had tears streaming down her face. She hated to see anyone in pain. Anneke had already been risking her own life to help them and now she was hurt. She saw the grateful look in the wolf's eyes.

Rebecca saw Trey's face and knew it was more than her leg being trapped. She mouthed the word, "Broken?"

He silently nodded. "Stay here. Hold her back leg so she can't try to move it, OK?" Trey stood up, shifted, and ran up the hill and disappeared.

Rebecca tried to follow his form as he moved but lost him in the dark within a few yards. She listened intently for his return but there was silence. The whines from the injured wolf brought her attention back. She carefully held her with one hand in front of her knee and the other lifting up a little under her hip. She hoped she wasn't adding to her pain. "Let me know if I'm doing something to make it worse Anneke."

The wolf turned her head and licked Dani's hand. "I think you must be doing OK Rebecca." Danielle continued petting her. She hoped it was helping Anneke relax, it was helping her at least.

Rebecca heard some noise coming from the downhill side. She looked in that direction and listened. It sounded like a single wolf climbing the rocks. She was kind of amazed at how well she recognized the sound after only a few weeks of living with the pack. But was it Troy returning? Or one of the Jensen pack about to find them? She lightly laid a hand on Danielle's arm to get her attention and put a finger to her lips. She could see Anneke heard it. Her ears were forward and motionless and she was holding back any signs of her pain. Rebecca felt around and found a hand sized rock that she picked up and held at the ready.

Danielle saw Rebecca pick up a rock and felt around near where she was sitting and found a rock of her own. They may not be able to do a lot of damage but they might be able to slow down a single wolf. At least enough until Trey and Troy could make it back. They would protect Anneke as best they could.

The two women were ready, tense, and willing to stand their ground to protect their new friend. The wolf's instinct was to growl, but her human half knew that could give away their position. The three females waited for what seemed like an eternity before they saw the familiar black wolf carrying a long metal post in his mouth.

Troy spat the post out of his mouth, and it clattered against the rocks. He shifted and picked it up, carrying it to where Anneke was trapped. He pushed the post into the crevice next to Anneke's leg and used it like a crow bar, trying to widen the crack.

Dani stared at him in awe, his nude body visible in the light of the full moon that peaked out from between the clouds. His biceps muscles seemed to be bulging under his skin as he used brute strength to try and crack the rock further. And with the rain coming down and running off his skin... She couldn't look away and could feel her body becoming aroused, again. She tried to focus on something other than Troy's amazing body, but she wasn't succeeding and could tell that he could smell her arousal when he glanced at her and gave her a quick smile before returning to his task.

"Hey you found one, good." Trey had returned and ran over to help Troy by adding his strength.


The twins looked at each other and smiled. "Got it." They said in unison. They see-sawed the post a few more times to crack the rock further.

Trey let go of the post and motioned for Rebecca to back away. He slid one arm under the wolf's belly and one under her chest. "OK Anneke, I'm going to lift you out." He heard a whimper from her and took that as acknowledgement she understood. He slowly lifted the wolf out of the hole in the rock, her leg dangling. "Troy, hold her leg so it doesn't move. I found a cave just up ahead a bit. We can take her there and hide out until she can travel."

They moved carefully, trying their best not to cause the poor little wolf any more pain than she was already in. So far the skin wasn't broken, and the goal was to keep it that way. The rain was really starting to come down now. Luckily they were close to the cave and in minutes, were safely inside, dry, and relatively safe for the moment.

"What now Trey? It's raining, we won't be able to leave. What do we do for Anneke?" Rebecca was worried about their new found friend. Her leg was just hanging there. And it looked so painful.

"Anneke will be alright." Trey and Troy carefully laid her down on a pile of leaves that Trey had placed there earlier. "She needs some time to heal, we just need to get the bones to stay still long enough for her." He had already gathered some tree branches and set about picking the best sizes to use as a splint. Anneke looked up at him and thumped her tail behind her, sending leaves and dust flying into the air. Trey smiled back.

"She isn't going to shift?" Danielle had sat down next to the wolf and stroked her head. Anneke rested her head on Danielle's knee and let out a heavy sigh and closed her eyes.

"No, she's going to heal in her present form. It will take just a few days at the most. The rain may be a pain in the butt, but it's to our advantage now. No scent or tracks for them to follow." Troy gave Danielle a wide smile which she returned.

"How are the two of you doing? We don't feel the cold the way humans do, but you must be freezing. We left the jackets in the car." Troy looked the women up and down but didn't notice the usual signs that humans were cold. No shivering, no teeth chattering.

Danielle looked up at him and gave him a suggestive smile and giggled. "Well, to tell the truth, I feel kind of hot." She started to blush a deep red.

"Ha! Yes you look it too baby." Troy laughed. He knew it wouldn't be long before the "cat in heat" scenario started again. He had a feeling the only thing keeping her from trying to attach herself to him right now was her concern for Anneke. He watched as she tenderly stroked Anneke's coat while he and Trey tried to be as gentle as possible while they splinted her leg.

"There, that should hold it Anneke. I know it isn't too comfortable but from your nurse's perspective, how'd we do?" He looked at her expressive pale blue eyes. He could see the pain in them, but also gratitude. She gave a quick bark that he understood. They'd passed her inspection.

She settled her head back into Danielle's lap and closed her eyes again. Danielle went back to petting her.

"We have some food in the bags if you're hungry." Troy looked at Danielle and Rebecca who both shook their heads. "Don't try to be heroic or think you can go without food for as long as we can. Werewolves can go without food for up to two weeks in a pinch. But for now you're both still human."

"I'm not hungry for food." Rebecca said it quietly as she looked at Trey's muscular back while he was bent over adjusting the splint.

Trey looked behind him and winked at her. He had some ideas for how to spend the rest of the night. But they'd have to wait until they knew Anneke was alright, and the pack wasn't anywhere in the area before he acted on them.

Troy laughed out loud. "I'm going to take a turn around and see if those Betas are anywhere close. I'll be back soon." Trey nodded as he shifted and took off out of the cave to scout the area.

Rebecca watched Trey's every move. She had to bite him soon or she'd go crazy. Rebecca was in a constant argument with this new half of her. No one here would try to take their mate, she could be patient. But this new consciousness had no patience. She was all instinct. The bond must be formed so we don't lose him.


The Betas tried to be as inconspicuous as possible as they entered the main house. They hoped the Alpha was busy with some female and had forgotten about the escapees. They were soaking wet and wanted to dry off and maybe finish out the Wolf Moon with a female of their own. There was no way they'd find them in this storm. They never did pick up their scent. They even went into the State Park and thought maybe they heard a howl, but they weren't sure, and they never saw or smelled anything.

Axel shook from head to tail and water went flying in all directions. Once he'd gotten every bit of the water out of his coat that he could, he shifted. He brushed back his wet hair and grabbed some clothes from the nearby cabinet. He had one pants leg on when he stopped mid motion and stared up at the Alpha who was watching him closely.

"I don't see the females. Where are they Axel?" The Alpha was never good at masking his displeasure. His face was contorted in rage. "Why did you return without them? Do I need to replace you?" He moved forward towards the Beta who was shaking uncontrollably.

"Sir, we, we couldn't pick up a scent. And with the rain..." His voice trailed off. Excuses didn't cut it with the Alpha. He put his head down in submission. "I'm sorry Alpha, we failed you. We couldn't find them." He stood there in the middle of the room, waiting to see if he would live or die. He stayed absolutely still. The only motion was the movement of his chest as he breathed and the occasional twitch of a muscle.

Rolf walked slowly around the frightened Beta. He really couldn't afford to lose many more. He had to admit that when he first took over the pack he'd killed too many. The pack needed more discipline but maybe he could do that with punishment other than death. For now, he would be patient. "Go! And stay out of my sight until the rain lets up. When it does I expect all of you back here immediately to start another search." He walked away and the only sounds were his shoes on the hard wood floor and his grinding teeth. He despised failure.

He heard someone running through the hallway that connected the hospital to the main house. He turned and saw the confused face of the Doctor coming towards him.

"Alpha, Alpha something terrible has happened!" He was out of breath and was unsure of what to do. "Alpha, my patients from the Baxter pack, they're gone, and so are their mates, and Anneke. I don't know what happened to them." The Doctor was turning in circles, wringing his hands and muttering under his breath. "I just don't understand. Where could they have gone."

"They kidnapped them Doctor." Rolf stopped to look at a female who was trying to walk by without him noticing. He leered at her as she scurried past. Hmm, another little morsel he had not yet tasted. Had she just turned eighteen? Even if she hadn't, did it make a difference? He was the Alpha. He made his own rules. What did he care about anyone else's?

"Who kidnapped them? Their mates would never have allowed it without a fight. There were no traces of blood or fur." The Doctor was so upset he couldn't contain himself. He continued talking to himself. "I'll have to call Logan and tell him what happened. The Baxter Alpha will be very upset."

"The males weren't their mates. And they were the ones who kidnapped them. This whole thing about them being their mates was a fabrication. The females were supposed to be brought to me as MY mates. The males came up with an elaborate scheme to steal them. They've probably already killed poor Anneke." He had to force himself not to smile. The Doctor was brilliant in his field but gullible otherwise.

"What? No, that can't be. Logan told me himself." The Doctor looked incredulous. "They didn't seem to be violent at all. I really don't think they would hurt Anneke. And the women seemed totally infatuated."

"Doctor, they obviously found a way to brainwash the females on their way here. They were a gift from my friend Paul. I was to mate with them tonight. This ruse the males cooked up fooled you. And now they are out there in this storm with my women."

"You were going to mate with both of them Alpha? But a Werewolf only has one mate. How could that be? I know you approve of dalliances but to have more than one mate at the same time? It's unnatural." The Doctor realized his mistake too late. He was questioning the Alpha. What a fool. But it was too late to take it back.

"AXEL." The Alpha's voice rang through the halls and found his Beta just about to enter his quarters.

He sighed and reluctantly returned to the main hall. "Yes Alpha? What do you need Sir?" He stood at attention. The last thing he needed was to make the Alpha any more upset with him. He'd seen enough broken bodies carted away in the last four years. He didn't want to be one of them. He was surprised when he saw the Doctor standing next to the Alpha.

"Axel, please see that the Doctor returns to his room. He doesn't appear well. I'd like to make sure he doesn't infect anyone else with whatever virus he may have. No one is to have any contact with him. And please be sure to take the phone. He shouldn't be disturbed by anyone. Set up a guard." He turned his attention to the poor unnerved Doctor. "I do hope you feel well soon Doctor. I'm sure that by the time my mates have been rescued you will be feeling much better. And then you may use all that training you have to help me succeed in siring cubs."

Rolf turned away and walked back to his quarters. Delilah would be waiting for him. He had so many things he wanted to do to her. He thought she might last much longer than his last plaything.

Axel looked sadly at the Doctor. "I'm sorry Dr. Majors. I have to follow his orders." He took the Doctor by the arm and walked him to his quarters.

As the Doctor walked into his room he turned to his escort. "Axel, I've been a fool haven't I?"

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