tagNonHumanThe Twins Take Over Ch. 05

The Twins Take Over Ch. 05


Xylon Lukos watched the exchange at the staircase between Cole and Logan and felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He saw the Alpha's office door ajar and made his way slowly, unsure how to approach what he had to say. He stood at the doorway for a moment, took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds, exhaled slowly, and walked inside.

Carr looked up when he heard footsteps. "Xylon, what can I do for you? I'm really busy right now." Carr was thinking about contingency plans if things went sideways in California. Brett had some friends from a nearby pack in Gilroy, California that he was going to pump for information about this Jensen Pack.

Xylon cleared his throat, unsure of how to drop the bombshell. There was no way to sugar coat it. He blurted it out. "I think the Jensen Pack Alpha could be a Dire Wolf." His face blanched when he saw Carr's reaction.

Xylon was a Council Member and outranked the enraged Alpha before him. But anyone looking into the office would think it was the reverse. Carr walked slowly around the desk, clenching his fists. "And when were you going to tell us there were more Dire Wolves?" It took all of his control to keep his wolf in check. He really wanted to have Xylon on his back begging for his life.

"I'm sorry Carr, things have been happening so fast. I'd been making a list of Gary's friends and trying to do my own research to see if any were possible Dire Wolves. He is the one I suspect the most. I remember comments from other employees about a marked change in physical appearance and a rise in aggression. He left my company four years ago, and I didn't think anything of it until this incident with Gary. It all fits." Xylon would not back down. He wouldn't fold. He'd been an Alpha in his day. He could hold his own against Carr. But he hoped he wouldn't have to. He liked Carr. And he was very sorry he hadn't brought it up sooner. But it had been on the agenda for a Council Meeting to be held tomorrow.

"I'm sorry Carr, but it isn't Council policy to discuss pack issues with other Alphas. Four years ago we had heard rumblings about a challenge to the Alpha in the pack and that Rolf had taken over. Of course it surprised us all. Rolf had been an Omega when he came to work for me. Very bright, very excited about the discovery of the Dire Wolf gene in our species. He didn't seem like someone who had aspirations of being an Alpha. And he had two older brothers who were high ranking Betas." He watched as Carr sat down on the desk, seemingly calmer than a moment ago.

"There were no complaints from the pack, no muttering from the surrounding California packs that anything was unusual."

Carr looked at Xylon and gave a long exasperated sigh. "This is a disaster." He looked over his shoulder at Brett. "Stop the plane, tell Cole to hold off for a bit. We need to figure this out. Who knows how many Dire Wolves are in that pack. I'm not sending anyone else in there without a plan. Trey and Troy are still alive, and I can feel two others in the Alpha bond. They obviously mated with the females."

That news made Brett's head spin. Two more panthers? They'd been expressly told not to mate. But maybe they didn't have a choice. Carr didn't seem to be upset by the fact. Brett strode out of the room, already on his cell phone to the airport telling the pilot there would be a delay, and possibly more passengers.

Bryant came running into the office. "Yes Alpha?" He'd been asleep until about three minutes ago when the Alpha sent for him through their bond. With the hunt and other festivities last night, he'd hoped to be able to sleep later. Obviously that wasn't going to happen.

"Have the Council Members come to the dining hall."

Bryant stood and stared at Carr. "Now?" He was pretty sure none of them had returned to their quarters much more than an hour ago.

"Yes, now!" Carr fortified the command through the bond. He wasn't playing around, this was serious.

Bryant wasn't going to ask again and left the office in a hurry.

Cole barged into the office. "Carr, why'd you stop us? What's going on?" Cole was ticked off. They'd just been about to leave for the airport when Brett stopped them. "We need to get moving." He noticed Xylon sitting across from the desk looking fairly sheepish. He looked from the Council Member to Carr. Something was up. "Well? What gives? Trey and Troy are alone there with two human females, they need all the help they can get."

"I'll explain when the Council arrives." Carr walked out of the office without a glance back at his little brother.


Rebecca looked out the cave opening into the clearing sky. The moon was low, just over the mountains, about to disappear. There were still a few clouds but the rain had almost stopped and they were going to be leaving this cave soon. So much had changed in the last twelve hours, and her life would never be the same. She looked over her shoulder at the tall muscular man that was now her mate and smiled. She'd never been so happy. She couldn't wait to get home, back to the Baxter Pack where they belonged.

The sharp whimper of pain caught her attention and she ran over to help with the poor little brown wolf. They'd thought her leg had started healing after Danielle's strange compulsion to lick it. But once again, it had stopped healing, and she cried out as she re-injured it.

Danielle had tears in her eyes as she held Anneke's head in her lap. "Why isn't it healing?" She looked up at Troy as she gently stroked the brown fur.

"I don't know, maybe your panther should lick it again." Troy had been amazed at how the healing had started after that. But then it had reached a plateau and stopped. And now this, re-breaking it.

Trey got down on his knees in front of Anneke. "We need to talk, I'm sorry, we'll have to take the chance and have you shift Anneke." His dark eyes were sad. He knew what he was asking. There was a chance that when she shifted with broken bones they could cut through the skin, blood vessels, or nerves. And then what? Especially since it wasn't healing. They had always taught the cubs to never shift after breaking a bone. Wait until the Doctor says he has it in a good position. But they didn't have a Doctor. Trey had done everything he could. He needed Anneke's help to know what to do for her next.

Trey took the splint off Anneke's rear leg and had her lay on her side with the broken leg on the ground. He held her leg as gently as he could above and below the break and nodded his head.

Anneke's pale blue eyes were filled with pain but also determination. She may just be an Omega, but she had been raised to be tough when she had to be. And the last four years had toughened her even more. She closed her eyes and concentrated to trying to dull the pain. She didn't even feel Trey's hands holding her leg, all she felt was the incredible pain coming from the bone itself. She gritted her teeth, whimpered, and shifted.

Anneke's painful scream filled the cave and echoed for minutes after. Rebecca and Danielle tried to comfort the sobbing female. She clung to her new friends and tried her best to control the pain long enough to think. Tears streamed down her face, but her sobs quickly stopped and a look of horror came across her face.


Axel gathered the Betas to re-start the search. They couldn't fail this time. If they did, he didn't doubt he would be the next to die. Being the only one of the search group to have a bond with the Alpha was the only thing that made him hopeful he would make it through regardless. So few had bonds. If he killed them all then who would help him keep the pack together? There were so many that wanted to escape. They were just waiting for their chance.

The wolves ran through their lands until they reached the State Park. They couldn't believe the fugitives would have gone any other direction. Any other was well covered by surveillance. It was only the park that was unwatched. They would search the whole park if they had to, the entire twenty thousand acres.

They fanned out to try to pick up the scent of the fugitives. Axel heard one of his group howl to the north and they all moved in that direction until they found him at a tree. They looked at the tamped down area of leaves and loose dirt underneath. The wolves walked around the area, noses to the ground, until one of them caught just a hint of something unexpected buried under the wet leaves.

The wolves shifted.

"What did you find Kent? You looked like you had something for a second." Axel looked at his friend.

Kent slowly smiled at his pack mates. "I smell a female in heat."

Their faces lit up. This was something interesting. Pack females only went into heat after mating. But humans did so their entire adult lives until they reached middle age. This was a surprising development. They'd be much easier to track even with the recent rain.

"Then let's get going." Axel shifted and waited for all the Betas before putting his nose to the ground and looking for more of the female's scent.


Rolf walked through the halls of the main house. Delilah had passed out on him. He smirked to himself. He was sure Viktor was in a rage after feeling his mate's orgasms over and over throughout the night through their bond. He had to admit that half his pleasure came from the humiliation he caused his bitches and their mates. Mating bonds meant nothing to him. He wanted to cast his seed wide and sire as many Dire Wolves as he possibly could. He didn't expect the mated bitches from his pack to conceive, they were just a diversion until he could mate with those that Gary would send to him. The plan was for several of the females to be sent to him for breeding.

He stopped mid stride on his way to the kitchen. He felt a presence in his mind. Anneke? She was in pain, in a cave, surrounded by her companions. An evil grin crossed his face. He knew she had found a way to block their bond but this time she had faltered. Now he knew where she was, and he quickly sent the information on to Axel. He had them now. He looked up when he heard small feet trying to tip toe nearby. He made an attempt at a friendly smile at the little female who was trying so hard not to be noticed. Soon he would sample what she had to offer. He'd never seen her at the hunts and his whiff of the air confirmed his thoughts, she was a virgin. Not for long.

Halle felt the Alpha's eyes on her as she tried to do her chores and make her way through the house. Her skin crawled. She was too young for his attentions. Her parents told her she was safe until she was eighteen. She would be eighteen next week. She had hoped things would change and the Alpha would be gone or her parents would succeed in finding a way to escape and start over with a new pack. But she knew if they were both still here when she turned eighteen, he would have her. Her blood ran cold as she thought about the Alpha touching her. She needed to be more careful to avoid him seeing her. She'd done pretty well until last night. His lingering gaze on her then had scared her so badly she'd barely slept and almost missed her shift in the kitchen this morning.

The little blond Omega put her head down, her long hair obscuring her face. She tried to backtrack to avoid the Alpha but he stepped into her path, blocking her escape.

His hand reached out to cup her chin and raised her face to look into his. He smiled smugly. She would be his. Her big bright blue eyes watched him fearfully as he continued to stare at her with his pale blue ones. "How old are you my dear?"

She stammered, looking at his face, frightening her more than ever before. His smile looked like an evil snarl to her. "Seventeen Sir." She said it so softly he had to bend down to hear, even with a Werewolf's enhanced hearing. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. She was doomed, she knew it. He didn't care about Pack Law that no female should ever be forced into mating or sexual acts. He made his own laws. She'd heard her parents talking.

His finger traced her cheek, caught one of her tears and slowly brought it to his mouth. He continued to hold her chin, and she watched as he licked her salty tear off his finger. "Mmmm, you taste good my dear. I'm sure all of you tastes just as good. We'll have to find out, soon, won't we?" He slid his fingers across her jaw and down her neck and between her breasts. "I will teach you so much my dear. You will learn to please me. When is your birthday?"

Halle was petrified. Her entire body shook as she answered quietly. "January sixteenth Sir." She wanted to cry. She wanted to run to her parents and beg them to take her away from here. But that would only bring death to her whole family. Her brother Axel was one of his Betas, one of the few that had bonded. If she refused the Alpha or ran away he could take it out on Axel. She'd never forgive herself if anything happened to him.

"Ah, then not long to wait. Good, I look forward to your birthday. We will have our own private party." He bent low and softly kissed her forehead. His hand lingered on her soft skin before he slowly pulled away. "Now return to your errands my dear."

She politely nodded her head and walked as quickly as she could back to the kitchen. She hoped she could make it through the day without throwing up. How would she hide this from her parents? From Axel?


Jordan laid quietly, not able to sleep, not able to clear his mind of the horrible thing he'd done. He'd brought those poor females to their doom, a fate worse than death, being the mates of his demented Alpha. And the males, what Rolf would do to them before he let them die. He turned his head when he heard the key in the door. He jumped off the bed when Viktor approached him.

"Viktor, you look terrible. What happened?" He couldn't believe it. Viktor looked like a shell of the Were he had always been. His eyes were swollen, bags had formed underneath them, and his skin was pale. "Viktor, what's wrong?" He grabbed him by the shoulders and gave him a shake to get his attention.

Viktor slowly looked up, his eyes vacant. "He owns her Doctor. She belongs to him now. I've lost her forever." He dropped his head and began to cry.

"Don't be silly Viktor. She's trying to stay alive. She has to do what it takes. She loves you, she's your mate." Jordan was shocked, not only at Viktor's appearance, but his words. He and Delilah were meant for each other as any Werewolf mates were. To even think she would discard him for Rolf was ridiculous. "Viktor, what could possibly make you feel that way?"

"I felt her pleasure all night long Doctor. She couldn't hide it from me. He made her feel things I never could. She was hungry for him. She begged him to take her over and over. She looked forward to his touch, his body. She wanted to please him." Viktor sat on the bed, held his face in his hands, and sobbed.

Jordan sat slowly next to the distraught Beta and put a hand on his shoulder. He spoke softly. "Viktor, she is trying to survive for the both of you. And you know Werewolf bitches love sex. And instinct forces her to want to please the Alpha, bond or no bond." He squeezed his shoulder hard until he had his attention. "Viktor, she is yours, forever. But you know what he does with females when he tires of them. You want to save her don't you?"

Viktor looked up, wild eyed. "Of course I want to save her. What kind of question is that?"

"Then will you help me? If I can contact the Baxter Pack, they'll send someone to save their Betas, and in the long run, us. Rolf won't give up those females without a fight to the death. And death is what it will take for us all to be free of him. What do you say? Will you help me?" He looked into Viktor's blank eyes. The fire had gone out. Or did he see a faint spark somewhere deep inside?

"How can I help you Doctor? How do I help us?" Viktor kept his voice down in case anyone was walking by. Luckily the Alpha's quarters were on the other side of the residence.

"Find me a phone Viktor."


The bleary eyed Council Members had woken up quickly when Carr told them what they knew and didn't know about the Jensen Pack.

"Alistair, I want my Betas back, and their mates. I'll do it alone if I have to. I want the Council's blessing. But if I don't get it, I'll go anyway." His steely glare at the white haired Were caused raised eyebrows all around the room.

"You have our blessing Carr, and our assistance. We will go with you. One Dire Wolf is dangerous enough, if there are more, you'll need every bit of help you can get." Alistair waiting for any dissent but there was none. "If any of you don't want to go, there will be no hard feelings. Many of you haven't been in a fight in centuries. I must admit I was worried about whether I could hold my own in our last battle. No one will think less of you if you stay behind." He waited silently.

"I think we'll all be attending Alistair." Rhys had to hold back a grin. He had to admit, battle was good for an old Werewolf. He had felt invigorated after the battle with Gary's pack. Of course he was also looking forward to his young mate. But that was just the icing on the cake so to speak.

The crash of the door turned everyone's attention to the entry way.

"What the hell is going on?" Carr was livid. His Betas knew better than to let anyone interrupt a meeting. But when he saw the excited look on Logan's face he decided to forgive them for letting the doctor barge in. "Yes Logan? Do you have news?"

Logan was out of breath but had a huge smile on his face. "I got a call from Jordan. He said the twins and the females had escaped last night. He found out afterwards the Alpha had planned on mating with the females so they escaped in the nick of time. But his pack is out looking for them. Jordan has been held prisoner since the escape but he found an ally to help him call out. They need our help." He looked expectantly at his new Alpha.

"The plane is waiting for us. Since we're dealing with a Dire Wolf again, no females will come with us. They won't like it, but I'm not taking any chances around this....thing." He scanned the room for any argument. None. "We meet in the compound in twenty minutes and head for the airport." He called for his Betas and walked out of the dining hall to his office. He stopped for a moment and looked over his shoulder. "Logan, you're still coming."

"Yes Sir, thank you." Logan could already hear Trina in his head arguing about being left behind. He tried to explain it was Alpha's orders but she didn't care. She still wanted to put in her two cents.


Anneke looked up at her companions with an expression of sadness. "I'm so sorry. I've betrayed us. I was in pain and forgot to shield my bond with Rolf. He knows where we are." She dropped her head and waited for one of them to end her life in retribution. She waited but nothing happened. She looked up and saw the four faces looking back at her. "Aren't you going to kill me? All I can do now is either slow you down or draw Rolf closer. If you leave me here he'll kill me anyway. I'd rather die quickly if you don't mind."

Rebecca and Danielle exchanged surprised looks and glanced at their mates.

Trey and Troy were in conversation through their bond about what to do next, both looking at Anneke but not with malice of any sort.

"We're not going to kill you." Trey walked back to the surprised Omega and began examining her leg.

"That's not the type of pack we come from Anneke. We don't kill without good reason. And we definitely don't kill our friends. We'll figure something out." Troy began speaking to Danielle through their bond. He explained the plan just as Trey was doing the same with Rebecca.

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