tagNonHumanThe Twins Take Over Ch. 06

The Twins Take Over Ch. 06


The plane winged it's way across the cloudy skies, crossing the border from Nevada to California, half way through it's flight to Oakland Airport.

Cole was chatting with his brother when suddenly, the Alpha looked out the plane window and cocked his head. Cole continued talking until Carr held up his hand, indicating he should wait.

"We're close enough that the Alpha bond is stronger. We can communicate with them now." Carr smiled broadly at his brother. He felt much more confident now. Trey and Troy were fine, the females were fine. They had a plan.


Danielle almost jumped out of her skin when she heard Carr's voice in her head. Rebecca grabbed her hand and squeezed it hard to get her attention back to the here and now and not alert their captors.

"We'll be fine Dani. Trust me. Trust Troy and Trey." Rebecca leaned in close enough to whisper in Danielle's ear.

They walked through the park, closer to the compound and the Alpha. The Betas surrounded their captives, always keeping a wary eye on the two males and practically ignoring the females. Humans were no threat to them. However it was a bit distracting that they were both in heat.

Niels eyed the blond female as she walked carefully through the rocks, leaves and fallen tree branches. It was wet from last night's storm and the footing was dangerous. She took her time and picked her way through cautiously. She kept looking over her shoulder at one of the Baxter males. The grey wolf watched closely. She was pretty for a human. He knew the Alpha wanted her, wanted both of the females, but it wouldn't hurt to sniff her. He skulked up slowly behind her, his nose just about to reach between her legs from behind.

The grey wolf felts hands grabbing his coat just before he sailed through the air and hit a nearby tree. He yelped in pain and shook as he picked himself up off the ground. What in hell happened? He looked up and saw the enraged faces of the Baxter Betas and heard their menacing growls. Both looked furious. They looked so much alike he couldn't tell which had thrown him but he knew it had been one of them. He moved slowly forward, growling, teeth bared. He'd show him, or them.

One of the males moved closer to the brown haired female, shielding her from Niels' view, while the other widened his stance and faced the grey wolf head on. The blond female hid behind him.

Axel couldn't believe it. Niels was an idiot. The sable wolf quickly ran between his pack mate and their supposed prisoner. He stood between them, eying one and then the other. He growled at Niels until he saw the grey wolf drop his head in submission. He glanced back over his shoulder at the male who stood, fists clenched, ready to defend...his mate? He sure acted like a protective mate, not a kidnapper which Rolf had said he was. He looked at Anneke's face. She looked more concerned with the human females and her former captors than she was with Niels. Axel was confused. He barked an order at Niels and they re-started their trek through the trees.

"Anneke, how's your leg feeling? I'm trying really hard not to jostle you too badly." Kent cringed every time he thought he heard Anneke in pain. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. He and Axel and Anneke had all grown up together. He'd been sure that someday Axel and Anneke would mate, but it never seemed to happen. It was really too bad. They were perfect for each other. He could see Axel watching her closely as they moved through the park.

"It hurts Kent, but I'll make it." Anneke sighed and held on tightly around Kent's neck. Her leg was sore and she really would like to rest but she doubted Axel would allow it. Rolf wanted them to hurry. Aside from the pain in her leg she was feeling sick to her stomach with the thought of seeing her brother again. This could be it. He might kill her as soon as he saw her.

Kent stopped in his tracks and looked at her for a moment. "Axel, hold up. We've got a long way to Marsh Creek Springs. Anneke needs a break." He smiled and gently set her on a tree stump.

She mouthed "Thank you." She looked down at her leg, amazed that the swelling had gone down to nothing and the bruising was totally gone. She had to admit it didn't really hurt so much as ache. She started to massage it and didn't think it felt all that bad anymore.

As Kent walked away toward his friends, Danielle and Rebecca approached slowly, trying not to attract the attention of the wolves milling around impatiently. They sat down on either side of Anneke and leaned in close so they could speak softly. Rebecca whispered. "Are they all loyal to your brother?" She looked at each wolf in turn, trying to appraise them one at a time.

"More like scared to death of him. He's killed so many, they know it doesn't take much for him to turn on someone." Just the thought of her brother's erratic actions made her shiver. "Axel is the only one of them with a bond. But I don't think he's any more loyal than the rest. I think he's just one that will be as loyal as he can to his leader even if he doesn't respect him." Her eyes lingered on Axel. She could never get over how beautiful his sable coat was. She let out a long, slow sigh.

"So do you think they'd back up the Alpha against two pissed off male Betas and two female panthers?" Rebecca watched the pack members carefully as she spoke, not wanting to alert them to their conversation.

Anneke thought about that. Would they back him up? No one had come to their aid so they'd had no choice before. But now, with their help... "I'm sorry Rebecca, I really don't know what they'd do. Fear is a horrible thing." The last four years she hadn't dared to think about a life without fear. Could she even look forward to it?

Axel shifted into human form long enough to get them moving again. "Time to get going. Rolf is waiting at the rendezvous point." Axel's eyes lingered on Anneke and the two human females. They seemed awfully friendly. Anneke wasn't telling him the truth, of that he was sure. But she'd never given him reason not to trust her implicitly. And what was he going to do if Rolf really wanted to kill her? He couldn't allow it. It would be like the Alpha wanting to kill his sister or parents. At that moment Axel had made his decision. If it came down to fight for Anneke or with Rolf, he knew where he would stand. He shifted back to the sable wolf and led the way.

Kent knew Axel had something on his mind. He couldn't take his eyes off Anneke. He continued to watch even as Kent picked her up and started walking.

The group was silent as they continued their trek to the meeting place. The Baxter Betas were cooperative and compliant other than the incident with Neils. But all that would change soon.


"They're in Mt. Diablo State Park, outside Danville. They were caught and are being taken to the Jensen Alpha." Carr looked back at his group of warriors. "Time to go kick some Dire Wolf ass!" He'd missed out on the battle a few days ago. He wouldn't let that happen now. The plane buzzed with conversation from the assembled Betas and Council members. He had to admit, this was an impressive army of Weres. Every Council member had been an Alpha at some time in the past. He couldn't ask for a better group to help him save his pack members.

James was looking at his iphone, mapping their route. "Um, It's kind of a big park. Did they say where inside the park?"

Carr looked over his shoulder at the map of the area. He pointed, "There, Marsh Creek Springs. Looks like our best bet would be to come through the town of Clayton. Clayton Road becomes Marsh Creek Road. We shouldn't have any problem finding them once we get close. It's just south of the Detention Facility there."

"OK, according to Google maps, from Oakland Airport to the Detention Facility is 54 minutes." James looked up and grinned. "That is if we're going the speed limit. I'll bet we can make better time than that."

"As far as they know there's only one Dire Wolf, the Alpha. He's been terrorizing his pack for four years. Just because there's only one I'm not going to say this will be easy. But at least there aren't more." He smiled at the nods from his pack. "And now we know the best way to fight them. Multiple layers of fighters and one person on the canister of antidote. His pack may try to protect him, they may not. Right now they're a big question mark."

"How many Betas does he have?" Cole wanted to have a rough idea just in case they backed up their Alpha. He wanted to be able to plan for how many to fight the Dire Wolf and how many to put up against the Jensen Betas.

"They only know about a group of eight that are traveling with them. Only one has a bond with the Alpha." He saw the startled glances from almost every Were on the plane.

"What? How can that be?" Xylon walked down the aisle to where the Alpha was sitting. "How can an Alpha not be bonded to his entire pack?" Xylon looked up at Alistair and Rhys who didn't seem as surprised. "Have you ever heard of anything like that?"

Alistair was quiet for a moment. "I have heard of it before. Several hundred years ago, the McDougall Pack in Scotland. The Alpha died unexpectedly. The pack didn't bond with his second or anyone else. There was mass confusion in the pack. No one took responsibility for anything. Many died from starvation the first winter because they hadn't planned for bad snows and ice that year. There was no game to be found and no one had thought to fill the storehouses. The following year they were attacked by a neighboring pack and most were annihilated. The few who survived had two choices, join the pack or die."

Rhys nodded his head. "Yes, usually if there is no Alpha another pack will take advantage. But these are kinder and gentler times. For better or for worse. I guess Rolf must have bonded with enough of the pack to keep things together. I don't doubt that he rules by fear and violence, not respect and strength."

"We may be able to use this to our advantage Carr. There won't be any coordination and those that follow because of fear may believe we'll rescue them as well." Alistair looked out the window at the nearing lights of the city.

The plane taxied on the wet tarmac. The impatient Weres aboard fidgeted in their seats as the plane came to a full stop.

Brett was already on the phone ensuring the cars were ready for them. They wanted to make good time from the airport.

Carr sent a message to all four of his missing pack members. "Hang on, we're on our way."


Anneke held tightly to Kent as they moved quickly through the trees. She could probably walk on her own now, but maybe a better strategy was to let Rolf think she was still injured. Thank God for Danielle's healing powers. Of course that didn't answer the question of why she hadn't healed normally on her own.

She felt Rolf's presence nearby and shivered. Kent gave her a squeeze in response. Would she be able to count on her old friends to help her? Or would they stand with Rolf? She glanced at Axel who was walking next to them. She saw the set look on his face. She could tell if he was in his human form he'd be gnashing his teeth. He did that when he was frustrated and unhappy. Was he unhappy with her? Or Rolf?

Axel moved to the front of their group and led them into the clearing where Rolf waited, surrounded by ten other Betas who fidgeted and seemed utterly uncomfortable with the idea of backing up the Alpha.

Rolf's face lit up when he saw the females and became dark with rage when he looked at his sister. He slid off the log he'd been sitting on and walked slowly towards his successful searchers.

The Baxter foursome stared at Rolf. He had the same hair and eyes as Anneke, but that's where the resemblance ended. There was an odd look to his body. Where Trey and Troy and the Jensen Betas were tall, broad, and muscular, Rolf was tall and broad but looked almost stretched. His muscles looked like they were artificial somehow. The proportions were off. It was almost like he was a cartoon caricature of a Werewolf in human form. They'd heard he'd been an Omega before turning into a Dire Wolf. Was that why? The other Dire Wolves they'd dealt with had been Betas to begin with and been large Weres before the change.

Axel shifted and brought his group to a stop. "Alpha, we brought them to you. And we rescued Anneke. I don't know what happened, but she injured her leg and isn't healing properly."

"Rescued Anneke? You can't rescue a traitor Axel. But thank you for returning her. I'll look forward to meting out her punishment." He walked slowly to his sister, still in Kent's arms. He glanced down at her leg and took a large hand and squeezed it tightly until his sister let out a painful howl. "I guess my compound works." He looked into her eyes and and grinned evilly.

Axel was grinding his teeth. How could he hurt her? She was his sister. It'd be like if Axel were to hurt Halle. He couldn't.

Anneke spoke as she tried to push the pain down. Thank goodness the bone had healed most of the way. "What compound Rolf? What did you do to me?" She motioned for Kent to let her down. He carefully set her on her feet so she could face her brother on her own.

"Your feeble mind could never understand it Anneke. Let's just say it interferes with a Were's ability to heal. It comes in handy for treacherous little bitches like you." He didn't like the way she was standing up to him. Where was her submission? She should at the very least be cowering before him. His hand shot out and grabbed her jaw, squeezing hard. He leaned in close to stare directly into her eyes. "I will make you suffer my dear sister. You'll beg to die. But first you'll watch your friends' punishment."

He loosened up his grip and dragged his fingers lightly along her jaw. "And before you die, I will take away your precious virginity that you sought to save for your potential mate. You Omegas are so silly. What a waste." He turned to face Axel. "See what you could have had if you'd tried Axel? She loved you, did you know that? She pined for you for years. She hoped you would be her mate someday. You could have fucked her silly. You were the one she was waiting for. How ridiculous is that?" Rolf was so bent on his debasement of Anneke he didn't see the look of hatred on Axel's face. Nor did he feel the tenuous bond break.

He whirled around to look at the captives. "Now what shall we do with you two?" He faced the males that looked ready to kill. What could they do with his eighteen Betas nearby? Nothing. They were powerless. "I think I will mate with the females before I kill you. They will beg for me to take them you know. Every female does. They want the pleasure I can give them and forget those they supposedly love."

He looked at Rebecca and Danielle and gave them the semblance of a smile. He frowned when they recoiled. "Trust me my pretty little humans, you will beg me to fuck you over and over. You will fight every night for the honor of being fucked first. The two of you will be my first mates of the Vlkolak. Gary will send me many more. We will breed a pack of Dire Wolves."

"Gary? Gary's dead." Danielle realized she may have made a mistake, but she couldn't take it back.

Rolf's eyes narrowed as he turned slowly to face the little human. "Who killed him?" He moved close to the shivering female. He reached to grab her by the throat and was startled by long teeth ripping into his arm.

Everything moved in slow motion for all those assembled. The Jensen Betas were stunned and couldn't move as they watched what was unfolding in front of them.

Trey and Troy were just as surprised by the sudden movement but bursting with pride.

The blond panther tasted the blood flowing into her mouth. She wasn't about to let go unless she had to. She couldn't let Danielle be hurt. She'd seen Troy and Trey ready to move out of the corner of her eye, but she was closer. She had to do it. And she had the element of surprise.

Rolf stared at the huge cat that had a vice grip on his arm. What was it? Through the pain he realized the blond human was gone and this panther's coat was the exact same shade. He tried to reach with his other hand to pull it off but the cat was able to squirm away which caused its mouth to twist his arm and he heard the audible crack of each bone as it broke. How could this be happening?

The Alpha managed to finally shake the cat loose and looked at the flesh sizzling where the cat had bitten. It felt like it was on fire. He glanced up at the two snarling black wolves that had shifted in front of him and poised to lunge. He knew if he didn't escape now he never would.

Rolf shifted and in the blink of an eye grabbed Anneke by her shirt and took off through the trees. She didn't even have time to scream.

Trey and Troy had never seen a wolf move that fast. He had to have been at least twice as fast as they were. They would never catch him.

The sable wolf took off like a shot after the Alpha and his sister.

Kent watched sadly as his two friends went to their deaths. He was sure.

Trey stood by Rebecca as she shifted back, watching her wipe the blood from her mouth.

"Did you smell the burning flesh? What was that?" Rebecca had never smelled anything like it. She'd never seen a wolf bite do that. Was it something about her panther? The panther bite on a wolf? She wiped her bloody hand on a nearby bush. She couldn't wait to get the metallic taste of his blood out of her mouth.

Trey looked off in the direction the Alpha had gone. "I don't know. It was bizarre, but there's a lot of that going around here. What kind of Werewolf talks about raping his sister?"

Troy saw Kent quietly crying. He approached carefully and gently put a hand on his shoulder. "We're going to save Anneke. He's not going to kill her. He'll use her as a pawn."

"Axel will be dead long before we can save Anneke. He won't wait for help. He loves her even if he hasn't realized it yet." Kent tried to pull himself together. He looked up and saw the other Jensen Betas didn't know what to do. They stood there staring at each other. "Will you kill us now?" He looked up into Troy's shocked face.

"Our Alpha will be here in a few minutes. He's just up the road with help. We're going to help you, not hurt you. You want Rolf gone right?" Troy looked at several of the Betas who were shuffling their feet nearby.

Several nodded and answered, "Yes." They looked nervous, unsure of what to do next.

Troy had to know the answer to a question that had been bothering him since Anneke first told them. "Do none of you have a bond with the Alpha?" He watched as the entire group shook their heads. "How has the pack survived? Don't you feel like something's missing? I can't imagine no bond with my Alpha." He remembered back to the panicked feeling of the pack when Carr was injured and his bond was silent. But they'd still had the bond with the Alpha Bitch.

"We're empty. I remember what it used to be like. There was always an underlying feeling of safety, knowing you were never alone. Have you ever heard of a Were that committed suicide?" Kent looked at Trey and Troy who stood open mouthed in shock.

"I hadn't either. They were scattered, mostly among the older members of the pack who didn't have any family bonds. Rolf said it was best, that they were weak." Kent stared off into space. No one said a word.

They heard the movement behind them. The Jensen pack was jumpy and looked frightened as they formed a tight circle.

"It's alright. It's our pack. They'll help you, we promise." Trey had never been so happy to see Carr in his life. He gestured towards the Jensen Betas. "They're friends Carr. They need our help to rid their pack of their so-called Alpha."

Carr nodded. "We will definitely help. Now, I get the feeling you didn't follow orders about mating." Carr looked seriously at his two Betas. But he just couldn't keep it up for long. "Congratulations to you both. Ladies, welcome to the pack." He smiled warmly at the new panthers. He couldn't wait to see them.

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