tagErotic CouplingsThe Ultimate Mind-Fuck

The Ultimate Mind-Fuck


A knock on your hotel room door. Whom could it be? You're not expecting anyone. You didn't order room service. It must be some mistake. You look back down at your computer and go back to typing, assuming they'll go away. But they don't. Several more seconds go by and there's more knocking. You sigh and grab your drink to keep from spilling it, then hop off the bed that you were comfortably enjoying before you were so rudely interrupted. You're gearing up to give whomever is on the other side of that door a piece of your mind. You almost can't wait to lay into them. Increasingly nasty thoughts stream through your head. Upon reaching the door, you unlock it then jerk it open in one swoop. Your eyes get big, but then you pull back and keep in line with your cool, calm nature. A slight smile creeps across your face. "Red," you say softly.

I smile broadly and laugh. "I've never told you this, but I do love it when you call me that." Without even being invited in, I walk around you and step inside, looking around at your most recent digs. "I thought you said you were 'slumming it'. This doesn't look much like 'slumming it' to me there, T."

You finally close the door and make your way into the room behind me. "What're you doing here?"

"I came to see you, of course."

You chuckle, somehow enjoying my vague, unrevealing answer. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"I'll have one of whatever you're having, darlin'," I answer nonchalantly, smoothing down my short, black dress.

"What I'm having is probably a little stiff for you, dear," you inform me as you make your way over to the bar.

"I'm not one of those lace and frills women you're used to, T," I say with a smile.

You laugh to yourself and shake your head. "No, Lore, you certainly aren't." You retrieve some ice, adding some to your glass and some to a fresh glass, then you pour us both a stiff drink.

By now I'm sitting in one of the two ivory satin covered chairs across from the bed, fully making myself at home. I watch you intently from across the room noticing that you're wearing one of those fluffy, white hotel robes and your hair's still slightly damp. Carrying the two drinks, you make your way over to me. You hand me one of the glasses, then sit down in the available ivory chair just opposite me. We stare at each other as we raise the glasses to our lips. Toothy smiles are hidden behind the crystal old fashioned glasses. We exchange no words as we sip our cocktails, but we say much. Knowing glances and dancing eyes tell all. If others were to see us, they may think little of this exchange, but we know the truth. The mind-fuck has begun.

After a long sip, I bring my glass down and sit back in the chair, never breaking our gaze. Holding your glass with both hands and with one elbow propped up on the side of the chair, you cock your head to the side and continue to stare into my deep chocolate brown eyes. I allow a smile to slink across my pouty pink lips.

"Lore, Lore, Lore," you whisper, shaking your head.

"Surprised to see me?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

"I am. I certainly didn't expect you to be dropping in on me tonight."

"Expect the unexpected. Us non-frilly types are unpredictable," I say with a wink.

You laugh. "I'm glad you're here."

"That makes two of us," I say, sipping my drink, still gazing into your deep eyes. My heart's racing, though I'm trying to play it cool just like you. It's best for the purpose of this mind-fuck if neither of us flinch. "Am I interrupting anything?"

"No, just showered a bit ago and was doing a little writing," you inform me, nodding over towards the bed where the open laptop is still sitting in the center.

"I was afraid I was gonna interrupt you and some birdie doing a little nesting."

You laugh out loud. "No, no birdies tonight."

"Until now," I remind you.

"Until now," you repeat.

"It is quite a nice place ya got here," I say, trying to make conversation.

"It's ok."

"Don't be so pretentious. It's more than ok."

"As long as you're impressed, then I'm happy," you say sarcastically.

"Oh Thomas, darling, you know fancy, expensive hotel rooms aren't what impress me."

"Oh? Then what does impress you? Enlighten me."

I take a long sip of my drink, swirl the alcohol around on my tongue, then slowly swallow, all the while meeting your gaze. I look straight through you, a fire in my eyes, and simply answer, "You."

I then set my old fashioned down on the table that separates the two satin ivory chairs we're resting in and stand up. "I know you're 'slumming it' since this place is veranda-less and all, but I think I'll still go check out the view from the balcony before I take your word for it."

"Be my guest," you say, gesturing towards the sliding glass door that's already wide open. As I get closer, a blast of salty air tickles my nose. I make my way onto the balcony. Sure, it's no veranda, but it's more than enough. A small table separates two beachy chairs that sit off to one side. I walk all the way over to the railing, resting my hands on the steel still warm from the afternoon sun, and breathe deeply. The luminescent moon shines down over the entire beach. A long, distended silhouette of blue reflects off the dark water, which shimmers as the waves break and crash.

Mere seconds pass and I'm already wondering what you're doing, where you're standing, if you're coming out to join me. A chill runs through my body even though the air that's whipping past me is as warm as can be. I'm dying to turn around and see where you are, but I don't dare. Something tells me not to. And my instincts prove correct.

Suddenly, I feel your fingertips rest lightly on my bare shoulders as you move in behind me. I freeze. One simple touch from you and my heart jumps. I feel your hand move slowly up and sweep my hair towards the left, letting it fall around my shoulder. I feel your body get even closer to mine as your chest pushes against my back. Out of nowhere, your lips make contact with my skin just below my ear. The softest, sweetest kiss. Shivers travel down my spine. I lean back into you. My eyes close and my lips part, but no sound escapes. Your hands travel down my arms, finally snaking around my waist. Another kiss on my neck...this one slightly more urgent, though. Your soft lips dampen my skin. Your teeth nip lightly at me. A third kiss, this one, though, a direct hit. You instantly find that spot on my neck. You know the spot...one kiss there and you OWN ME. Congratulations. I'm all yours.

A very loud moan escapes my lips this time, which greatly encourages you. Your kisses against my neck get more fevered as you pull me back into you at my waist. I turn my head to the right and we're face to face. Finally, the moment I'd imagined a thousand times over. You bring your hand up and brush my cheek just as our lips meet softly. My heart races. I feel more than just your lips, though. I feel your passion, your desire, your need...all from one seemingly simple touch of your lips. I melt in your arms at that moment just as you'd predicted I would. Lucky for me, your arms are wrapped tightly around my body, holding me steadily against you. I can feel your cock twitch and stiffen against my ass.

I turn away from you again and look towards the ocean, going back to playing coy once more. "Beautiful night," I whisper.

"Beautiful girl," you whisper in my ear as you continue to hold me tight against your body.

"Trying to butter me up, T?"

"Butter you up? For what?"

"How should I know what dirty little thoughts might be roaming that mind of yours?"

"My thoughts are purely honorable in regards to you, Lore my sweet."

"Purely honorable?!"

"Of course."

"Why don't I buy that for a second?"

"My thoughts aren't less honorable just because I want you."

"You want me?"

"Even you can't play THAT coy."

"Maybe I just like hearing you say it."

"You like hearing facts that you already know to be true?"


"Seems silly."

"I can be a silly girl."

"Yes, you can be."

"But you want me anyway?"



"You know why."

"Tell me why."

"You like pushing me, don't you, Red?"

"Very much."

"You really want to know why I want you?"


"Because you showed up at my hotel room, unannounced, in this hot little black number and within two seconds we're already mindfucking each other, playing our little word games, and my cock got immediately hard. That's why I like you."

"So you didn't like me BEFORE I showed up tonight?" I push.

"Of course I did. We've mindfucked each other on several occasions. Not to mention, this is hardly the first time you've gotten me hard."


"And it doesn't hurt that you're also intelligent and beautiful."

"Now you're definitely buttering me up," I say with a laugh.

You ignore me and continue. "Plus, I like knowing that within the next, say, five minutes or so I'm going to shove my hand up your skirt and feel your wetter than wet pussy for the first time...feel you drip all over my fingers as I rub your clit."

"Presumptuous much?"

"Are you denying that you're wet as fuck?"

"Of course not. But who says you're gonna get to check?"

"I do."

"How do you know I'd let you?"

"Are you saying you wouldn't let me feel how wet you are?"

"Of course I'm not saying that. I'm just saying you shouldn't be ASSUMING that I'm gonna let you."

"I'm not assuming anything, Red. It's a fact."

"It's a fact that I'm gonna let you feel my wetness?"


"Is that so?"

Without hesitation, you shove your hand up my skirt, bring your hand around to my bare pussy, and ram your middle finger into my insanely wet hole. You pull my entire body back against yours with your free hand, pushing your hard cock against my ass cheeks. "Yes, Lore, that IS so, isn't it?"

"Apparently," I whisper quietly as I close my eyes.

"You can be such a pain in the ass, you know that?" you ask as you begin to pull your finger out of me.

"Yes," I answer, steadying myself on the balcony railing in front of me.

"You also know that it's what turns me on most about you, don't you?" you ask as you push your finger back inside me, roughly.

"Yes," I answer again.

"Do you also know you're fucking soaking wet?"

"I figured."

"Why'd you figure that?"

"Because I'm here...with you...a stunningly handsome man who knows how to fuck my mind."

"Just being near me makes you THIS wet?" you probe as you continue to move your middle finger in and out of me.

"Being near you and fucking you."

"We haven't fucked yet."

"You know what I mean...said mindfuck began the minute I walked into your hotel room."

"This is true...no one else has ever fucked me without touching my body the way you do."


"But Lore?"

"Yes Thomas?"

"I have a confession."

"What's that?"

"I really, REALLY fucking LOVE touching your body."

"Is that so?"

"It is. Your pussy...." you push your finger inside me, "feels..." you pull your finger from within me, "incredible," and you push your way back inside me once more. "God, you weren't kidding...you DO get soaking wet."


"You did indeed."

"I must admit...I do so enjoy feeling you inside me."

"Just you wait, love."

"What am I waiting for?"

"I'm not going to spoil the surprise."

I look over my shoulder at you and grin.

Your finger immediately moves from within me and travels up my pussy to my clit. "Cum for me," you demand as you slowly begin to rub circles around my little button.

"Thomas," I whisper as I close my eyes and grab tighter onto the railing of the balcony.

"Cum for me," you repeat in a more demanding tone.

I have every intention of arguing with you, stopping you from taking control over me just yet. But I can't. You know me too well...you know how to get into my head. Your every word spoken with precise intent...every movement, every gesture calculated. Not to mention, your expert fingers begin to slowly circle my hard, wet little clit as your lips press light little kisses into my skin up and down my right shoulder. As I push my hips forward towards your hand, you know I've given into you. I can almost FEEL you smiling.

I grab tighter onto the railing and moan. "Stop smiling," I growl.

"No...I'm enjoying this too much to do that."

"I shouldn't give into you so easily."

"Lore...for once in your life, stop thinking. Concentrate on my fingers. Cum for me. And for fuck's sake, allow me the pleasure of making this gorgeous redhead orgasm on my hotel balcony."

I laughed and did as instructed. For once I shut up, let go of the mindfuck momentarily, and instead concentrated on the heat you were creating between my legs. Every dip of your finger, every touch of your lips on my neck...I took it all in. You added another finger and moved directly over my clit...pressuring harder, rubbing faster. I bucked my hips forward against your hand over and over again. "Cum for me," you whispered in my ear in that low, sensual voice you use to drive me out of my mind. As always, it worked.

I thrust swiftly into your hand a couple more times. As I felt your teeth sink into my neck, though, I soared over the edge. My orgasm washed over me. I moaned loudly, bucked wildly, and grabbed the railing so hard that my knuckles turned white. You must've sensed my knees were about to go weak because you finally moved your hand away from my clit and wrapped both arms around my waist just as my knees went out from under me.

"I've got you," you whispered, holding me tight against your chest.

"Wow, Thomas...."

"Shhhh," you whispered in my ear as you kissed it.

I breathed heavily into the night air, my chest heaving up and down as my heart pounded against my chest. There was so much I wanted to say to you, but I couldn't find the words. Instead, I let go of the railing and found my footing. I put my arms over yours and sighed contently. I stared out onto the ocean for several moments and just listened to you breathe against my ear. It'd been a long time since anyone made me feel so perfectly satisfied.



"That felt really amazing."

You kissed my shoulder softly. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, love."

"Did you enjoy YOURself?"

"Oh yes. There's something about an hot lil' redhead cumming all over my fingers that does it for me."

"What did it do for you?"

"You know what you do to me."

"I don't know what me cumming does for you."

"Don't you?"

"Tell me."

"You're being silly again."

"Tell me."

"I've got one better...I'll let you feel what you do to me."

You then let go of me, opened your robe, and quickly lifted my skirt. Without pausing, you pushed your cock between the lips of my pussy from behind, easily gliding through my hot wetness. We moaned in unison as you pushed your cock up the length of my slit and settled your thick hardness into my folds. Pushing your entire bare chest against my back, you said, "That, my dear, is what you do to me."

"I'm sure I could do much, much more to you if I tried," I retorted.

You slowly stroked your cock back and forth against my pussy lips a couple times before answering. "I'm sure you could, too."

Without saying anything, I bent down and grabbed the hem of my skirt. In one swoop, I lifted the dress off my body and discarded it onto the concrete floor of the balcony. You didn't say a word. Your hands leisurely travelled up the bare skin of my back until they reached the clasp of my bra. A couple quick movements and you released the snaps. I let it fall from my arms and onto the floor alongside my dress. You, in turn, shook your robe off your shoulders and let it fall alongside my clothing.

I leaned forward into the railing, allowing my now bare breasts to sway over the edge of the balcony as the cooling, salty wind whipped past, making my nipples instantly erect. My ass, in turn, pushed back into your groin causing you to groan as your balls slapped against my pussy lips that were encasing your shaft. You rubbed down my spine. I closed my eyes. Your hands went to my waist as your lips made contact with my shoulder blade. I stood upright and leaned back so that my entire naked body was against yours. Your hands immediately came around and landed on my breasts, squeezing them and lightly stroking your thumbs over my taut nipples. We stood there silent for several minutes...looking out onto the ocean and taking it in...enjoying the feeling of the ocean air on our naked bodies...enjoying the fact that our naked bodies were so tightly pressed together.

Finally, you spoke. "Lore?"

"Yes, Thomas?"

Your voice turned deep again...a low rumble...almost a growl. "I want you," you whispered against my ear.

My breath caught in my throat momentarily, then I managed an answer. "Then take me."

"You're not mine to take."

"Says who?"

"Are you, Lore? Are you mine to take?"

"What if I am?"

"Are you?"


"Yes or no?"

"You already know the answer to the question."

"Maybe I just like hearing you say it."

My own weapons used against me. Damn. "Do you want me to be yours to take?"

"You know I want to take you...I want you to be mine."

I looked over my shoulder at you. "And you, Thomas, know I'm yours...ALL yours."

Without hesitation, you brought your hand up and caressed my neck as your lips made contact with mine. It was a deep kiss full of passion and desire mixed with longing and neediness. My tongue rolled over yours slowly, fully enjoying the way you tasted and the softness of your mouth. As you kissed me, your hands went back to my breasts, kneading them. You began to move your hips, allowing your hard cock to glide back and forth along the soft wetness of my slit. I moaned against your mouth. You moaned against mine. It was time.

Your hand left my right breast momentarily and I felt your cock pull back from my slit. I let out a little sigh of protest and you snickered. I looked over my shoulder at you, pouting. You leaned in and rested your forehead against mine. "You'll like this better, I promise," you whispered in that rough, manly voice that makes my clit throb. And throb it did.

I felt the tip of your cock press against my opening. I let out a moan and closed my eyes. I could feel you watching me intently. I closed my mouth and tried to look somewhat composed, but I was failing miserably. As you pressed your hard cock deeper and deeper into my wet, aching, dying-to-be-penetrated pussy, it was all I could do to not lose my mind. Finally, once you were balls deep inside me, remaining motionless, letting me adjust to the invasion, you leaned in and lightly kissed my lips bringing me back to reality. I opened my eyes. You smiled at me...a warm, sensual, loving smile. "I told you that you'd like this better."

"You've never steered me wrong in the past."

"Fuck...do you have any idea how perfect you feel surrounding my cock? How tight you are? How good it feels when you squeeze my dick like a vise?"

"Based on how amazing it feels to be filled up full of your cock and how it feels to be stretched to my limits, yeah...I have some idea what you're referring to."

"I've never felt a more perfect pussy, Lore...I'm serious...."

I kissed your lips lightly as I pressed back against you...my ass against your groin urging you for more. As usual, you never disappoint. You pushed me forward against the railing and cupped both of my tits in your hands, mauling them roughly, as you leaned in and bit my neck. It surprised me and I cried out...but that didn't stop you. You pulled backwards, easing yourself from within me, then thrust forward with such force that I lost my grip on the railing. I quickly grabbed on again, knowing that the next thrust was about to follow. You pushed into me again and again, rough and steady, as you sucked and bit at my neck and squeezed my breasts as you pinched my nipples between your thumbs and forefingers. I began to grunt and groan with each forceful thrust...I was entirely lost to you as you fucked me like I was the last woman on earth you ever wanted to be inside.

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