tagMind ControlThe Ultimate Playboy Pt. 02

The Ultimate Playboy Pt. 02


Most stories would bring in another guy or two just to balance out the overwhelmingly female ratio. This is not that kind of story.

PART 2: The Effect



I moved ahead, my hands rubbing at the cute girl's asscheeks while I aimed myself forwards. Mrs. Robinson came right up to whisper in my ear. "And I mean FUCK her. I want you to split her in half so that she'll never forget it."

I could not disappoint my goddess. So the moment I got my other head firmly situated, I rammed in with all the force my hips could generate.

Gabrielle screamed in pain as her supertight tunnel was instantly stretched farther than it had ever gone before, and I didn't give her a moment to recover as I backed out quickly and slammed myself in once again. She had barely stopped her first scream when my second thrust forced a new scream out of her throat.

We were in a room across the hallway from the main lab, which was organized like a doctor's office. A double-sized hospital bed dominated the space, an array of test equipment nearby. Gabrielle was on all fours while I knelt behind her, slamming into her pussy over and again.

Even with the near empty campus and the closed lab, I was still amazed no one had heard the screams yet. The room wasn't designed to be soundproof. So I kept fucking, and Gabrielle's screaming finally died down into a constant whimpering as I was banging in and out as hard as I could and she was being assaulted by more feelings than she'd ever imagined.

Only a minute into our fucking, Gabrielle's whimpers slipped into a shriek as she came, her legs quaking as the climax rippled across her body. But I wasn't about to let up on her. I fucked her hard through the middle of her orgasm, and then she was shrieking again as she came again.

Backed up by previous empirical data, we were proving that my "effect" not only instilled a heightened state of arousal in the subjects, but also magnified their sexual pleasure, resulting in highly positive encounters with impressive satisfaction levels.

In other words, sex with me was fantastic.

Gabrielle was now subject B in the experiment. I'd run through many such experiments with subject A, so much until Mrs. Robinson was starting to walk a little funny. Gabrielle had been a loyal assistant, running the experiments while watching me fuck Mrs. Robinson's lights out. Our initial round of testing complete, she was a logical (and very eager) choice for a second test subject.

Gabrielle was a pleasing subject. She was a little on the skinny side, and didn't take care to do perfect trimming down there, but she had a nice rack hidden in her baggy clothes. The only issue was that she was a virgin, and despite the massive arousal I produced in her, she had still been very nervous. My effect can instill arousal, but a person's decision-making can still override the inclination.

None of that mattered anymore as I tore through her hymen and thus I had deflowered her.

Mrs. Robinson was then next to us, one hand reaching down to rub at Gabrielle's clit while her other hand rubbed a firm breast, still perfectly formed in youth. And when Mrs. Robinson moved to plant a juicy kiss on Gabrielle's lips, Gabrielle's pussy went nova and a bigger climax poured out through our juncture. Oh, my effect was also an inhibition-reducer, where the subject became open to lesbianism, anal sex, exhibition, etc. Mrs. Robinson and I had already tried just about everything.

Orgasmic fluids were coursing down Gabrielle's legs, and I had a mind to add my own special blend to the mix. But Mrs. Robinson had a more intelligent solution given that it was Gabrielle's first time and we had no protection. Condoms were a variable we didn't want to add just yet.

"She has to swallow your cum."

My hips were already speeding up towards explosion, and I pulled out and started jerking my own shaft.

It took Gabrielle a moment to recover from my pounding of her pussy, and finally she turned around and sank to her knees. All she could manage was to open her mouth, so I moved forward until she sucked the head in as best she could.

I was still jerking myself when the rush came. Mrs. Robinson warned "Here it comes", and then my first load ejaculated into Gabrielle's mouth.

Her eyes flew open as it hit the back of her throat, and then she was desperately swallowing as jet after jet poured out of me.

After the third jet, her timing was off and she gagged, but Mrs. Robinson held her head tight around my rod as every spurt filled up her mouth and started to dribble out between her lips.

Gabrielle finally backed away and my final shot splattered against her cheek. She sat back on her heels, sighing with contentment, a happy grin on her face. She was covered in sweat and my fluids, and waited patiently as Mrs. Robinson moved around removing various electrodes and sensors from her naked body. Not the typical way of losing one's virginity, but Gabrielle didn't seem to mind.

Once complete, she slipped on a robe and we all huddled around the monitors to look at our test results.


So there was something weird about me. Not supernatural, just biologically odd. Everyone gives out pheromones. Humans don't even have to be in heat; our bodies are screaming out all the time. I just happened to have an exceptionally powerful set.

Even then, mine didn't quite work the same. Pheromones were usually detected by smell, drifting on the wind. Whatever freakish effect I had, it was a lot more powerful than that, working almost instantaneously on any female nearby. I could also focus it somewhat, zero in on a particular woman.

Mrs. Robinson wanted to turn me into a lab rat, run tests, the whole nine yards. Studying me could lead to the kind of scientific breakthrough that would define her career. If I got horny, I could turn her into a sex starved nympho. But any other moment she was clear-headed and a driven scientist whose academic ambition really outweighed her attachment to me.

Still, I put up with it. To me, Mrs. Robinson was still the most gorgeous woman alive. I had wanted her for so long that I was willing to be with her and keep making love to her in whatever way I was allowed. Once the school year had started, I joined her staff as a lab assistant so I could at least get course credit. Besides, in a moment's notice I could be screwing her lights out right here in the lab, for experiment purposes or even just to satisfy my own libido. We never went on dates, or did romantic things. The heat of our attraction was intense, and the sex was fantastic. But I was still alone, just a lonely single guy.

Strangely enough, after a few weeks of constant sex, my effect on Mrs. Robinson started to wear off. I was still thoroughly aroused by the sight of her naked body, or the husky seduction in her voice. But even when I focused my arousal on her, she was becoming less and less affected by me. In the meantime, I could still make any other female cream her panties whenever I got horny myself, so there was nothing wrong with me.

Mrs. Robinson theorized that her body was adapting to me, learning how to become immune to my effect. We just weren't sure how to prove it, or know the exact cause itself. After a few chemical tests and practical experiments, we finally found our answer.

Mrs. Robinson blew me to the brink of orgasm, then jerked me off into a glass. Then, with practiced scientific detachment, she added several droplets of my spunk to a group of the beakers filled with her female synthetic. The next time I got horny, we measured the chemical reaction. The group that had my sperm added reacted slightly less.

Several blowjobs later, with Gabrielle's help as well, we found that my sperm had a cumulative effect that was proportional to the reduction in arousal. Basically, the more spunk I put into a girl in a short period of time, the less she would be affected by me.

We even ran a control test on poor Gabrielle. She was able to spend a lot of time around me, but for two weeks was unable to have any physical contact with me. She was going nuts by the end of the two weeks, and her arousal showed no sign of abating. Finally, our brief test complete, I fucked her silly until she eventually passed out from pleasure overload.

Proximity alone did not lead to lessened desire. That required a fluid transfer. The sperm antidote also seemed to wear off after a while. Mrs. Robinson and I went more than a month without me cumming in her body, and when we finally returned she was just as overwhelmed by my effect as ever. But the more I kept banging Mrs. Robinson and Gabrielle in short periods of time, the less valuable the data would become.

So for further testing, we needed more subjects.



I stood in the lab, theoretically paying attention to the monitors before me and crunching numbers. But really, I was surreptitiously checking out the various women entering and leaving Mrs. Robinson's office.

The posting had gone out across the college for female volunteers to participate in a biology study affecting human sexuality. It was a paid study, so there were many more girls signing up than positions needed, and Mrs. Robinson was able to select only the hottest co-eds on campus.

The more the beautiful girls went in and out, wearing skimpy clothing and flashing some skin, the more I felt my blood simmering. More than once, one of the co-eds would glance at me, startled, then scurry away as if they'd gotten caught checking me out.

This was going to be fun.


Two hot blondes reclined side-by-side on the hospital bed in various states of undress, their bright blue eyes flashing in the fluorescent white lights. One's hair fell in golden curls, the other sleek and straight. Blouses had to be opened and skirts hiked up to the waist to accommodate the electrodes and other sensors. Mrs. Robinson, clad in a clean white lab coat, used the remote control to adjust the fold in the bed until they were both comfortable.

Gabrielle and I were next door in the observation room, watching the experiment unfold through a large mirrored window and the test equipment monitors. I worried that with me in a separate room, any pheromone scent would be unable to travel to the test subjects. Gabrielle informed me that Mrs. Robinson had already dismissed that concern. My effect transcended normal senses.

Heidi and Isabelle were both members of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority. The Tri- Delt girls were some of the hottest babes on campus, but also notorious bitches. Both ladies were very pretty and they knew it. Even though they were in a closed room with no one else but a female college professor, they flexed their tanned legs and posed prettily to always ensure they looked their best. Both had huge, round breasts, unabashedly fake, barely tucked into expensive bras.

As their brief clothing shifted slightly with their every movement, I found myself becoming very interested in finding out what treasures lay hidden there. This was really going to be fun.

Mrs. Robinson told them to sit back, relax, and close their eyes, which they did obediently. She then left and joined us in the observation room. She set her clipboard down and then stood right behind me, looking into the room just over my shoulder. Then I felt a slight tickle as she brought her hands to my sides, rubbing slightly along my waist while I felt her hot breath against my neck. She had thought of everything.

Just staring at the two girls on the bed would not have been sufficient to make the experiment work. So Mrs. Robinson fell back on the most efficient way of achieving the proper effect. When I felt her hands in my crotch and her lips nibbling at my shoulders, I felt a twitch in my shorts in response. Gabrielle and I kept staring into the examination room the whole time, watching to see if there might be a reaction.

Mrs. Robinson kept up her assault on my willing body, and when she slipped her bare hand underneath my waistband and around my erection, my soft moan was matched by a louder moan from inside the examination room.

Both girls were visibly sweating, panting softly, biting their lower lips and showing all the tell-tale signs of arousal. As Mrs. Robinson kept jerking my rod, I felt the flames inside of me stoking higher while my eyes burned fire at the two blonde babes before my eyes.

Heidi and Isabelle were looking at each other, slightly confused at the feelings washing over their bodies. A girl getting horny talking to me at a social was one thing. A girl getting aroused while sitting on a hospital bed, eyes closed, with electrodes stuck to her skin was a completely different experience.

Heidi, the one with the curly hair, finally just shoved a hand down her skirt and started masturbating furiously, throwing her head back against the bed and moaning loudly. Isabelle was rubbing her own breasts and had a hand in her crotch but outside her skirt. Clearly, my effect induced general arousal, and not necessarily an attraction to me. They couldn't even see me.

This theory was further evidenced when Isabelle just rolled over and tackled Heidi, and soon the two were exchanging sloppy kisses while trying to pull each other's clothes off. Most of the electrodes got pulled off as well, leaving faded red circles in their skin where the adhesive had been.

Heidi got to the remote and lowered the bed to a flat position, and then the two of them moved around each other into a sixty-nine position and began to aggressively eat each other out.

Despite my focus on the examination room, my effect was not lost upon Gabrielle. She was panting herself, and had a hand in her own jeans while watching the pornographic scene before us. Mrs. Robinson, by now able to keep her hormones in check around me, motioned Gabrielle to me and moved herself away so she could study and objectively take notes on the events.

I looked away from the window briefly to kiss Gabrielle on the lips, then I moved her body in front of me, molding her against my chest and causing my crotch to press against her back side. One hand moved her jeans aside while I strummed her clit and the other hand snaked beneath her lab coat and under her shirt to cup a firm breast. And then I continued to fondle the slender lab assistant while we all watched the experiment's success.

Of course, there was still more data to gather. I kept fingering Gabrielle until she had a quiet orgasm. And then Mrs. Robinson was motioning for me to enter the room. I let Gabrielle go, and then followed my professor through the doorway.

The two sorority sisters were still in the throes of their latest climaxes, and barely noticed our entrance. But when I stood next to the bed and started to peel off my clothing, we had their full attention.

Mrs. Robinson had a blood sample gun and calmly took quick blood samples of both girls and then left the room. The blondes submitted calmly and then returned their focus to me, more specifically, to my erection pointing into the air. Our next steps became clear.

Isabelle rolled Heidi onto her back, with legs hanging over the bed and leaving Heidi's wet crotch at the edge of the bed. Heidi spread her legs in offering, and I stepped between her spread thighs. She cooed at me as I leaned over her and sank my shaft down her tunnel as deep as I could go. She sighed happily as I parted her folds and began to lightly thrust into her, making the globes on her chest wobble enticingly. I propelled my hips against Heidi, and she wrapped her legs around my butt and arched her back, shoving as much of her crotch against me as we moved with an easy rhythm.

Isabelle settled her hips over Heidi's head while facing back at me, closing her eyes as she felt Heidi's tongue spearing into her. Then she lowered herself down so she could alternately lick at my rod and the pussy I was splitting open.

The three of us kept up a fast rhythm, and I found that I was already at the edge of cumming after warming up with Mrs. Robinson and Gabrielle earlier. I held back just long enough to give Heidi a muffled orgasm, then with my pride sated, I let loose, filling this beautiful stranger's quim with my jizz.

When I groaned and pulled myself out, still standing at the foot of the bed, Isabelle crept off of Heidi and reached out to suck on me, eager for her turn. I simply rested my hand on top of her head as she bobbed up and down on me, bringing life back to my rod.

Heidi got to the bed remote again and raised up the back so she could sit up and rest, watching her naked friend blowing me while cupping her own perfectly round tits and feeling my cum oozing out of her.

Once Isabelle was satisfied with my hardness, she turned around and got off the bed before turning and lying forward across the bed, bent forward at the waist. This put her in the perfect position to return the oral favor to Heidi while leaving her ass wriggling back at me.

Heidi simply let her head loll around, enjoying the pleasure as Isabelle lapped at her wet mound, slurping up the combined cum from her box and urging her friend to suckle harder at her clit.

I settled in behind Isabelle, holding her asscheeks in my hands as I lunged forward and speared my new erection into her dripping wetness. I thrust only a few short times before she was quaking with a new climax, her juices trickling out from our joining and dribbling down her leg.

I fucked Isabelle's pussy for several minutes, enjoying the warmth and wetness. But then I pulled out, and with my hands holding her open to me, I pressed the head of my cock at her other hole. Isabelle lifted her head out from between Heidi's legs and gasped as the crown popped through her sphincter, and then she moaned as my shaft descended into her ass.

Isabelle raised up her torso while I fucked her ass, bracing her hands on the bed, her arms straight with her head hanging down between her shoulders as she felt me reaming her out. I pressed my chest against her sweaty back, wrapping my arms around her waist while I raised my hands under her heavy breasts which were gyrating with our every motion.

I rested my head on Isabelle's shoulder, my eyes locked in on Heidi's gorgeous body while she continued to play with herself and bite on her lip seductively. Isabelle's pants and screams sounded off in my ears while I plowed up her backside.

Eventually, I lifted Isabelle back until we were both standing fully upright, joined at our hips. Her head lolled back against my chest and I began fucking her furiously while I dropped one hand down into her crotch. She could barely stand, quivering in my arms while I simultaneously titillated her nether regions and violated her asshole.

Isabelle's whole body began shaking as a powerful orgasm swept through her, dumping a load of her honey onto my hand as her ass muscles clenched tightly around me. Soon after I watched as Heidi, still reclining on the bed, trembled with a fresh climax spreading through her as well.

Finally, Isabelle's sphincter unclenched and I was able to let loose, bursting a torrent of sperm into her anal chute. I roared out as my orgasm overtook me, and when I was done pumping her body full of cum, I let go of her and she collapsed forwards facedown onto the bed, her asshole still gaping wide and trickling out a little bit of white jizz.

My legs were weak, and I staggered around for a minute before the door to the observation room opened and both Mrs. Robinson and Gabrielle walked in, looking professionally scientific in their white lab coats, clipboards, and composed demeanors.

Heidi let Mrs. Robinson take a new blood sample from her, post-coital. Isabelle was still half-conscious on the bed and offered no resistance as well.

"Thank you both for coming. I hope you enjoyed the experience." Mrs. Robinson paced the room. "We need to keep you here for one hour of observation and another blood check. But beyond that, if we need anything else further we will let you know."

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