tagMind ControlThe Ultimate Playboy Pt. 04

The Ultimate Playboy Pt. 04


A playboy lifestyle reaches resolution.

PART 4: Side Effects



"Honey, I'm home!" The smile on my face was also obvious in my voice. I'd just finished an agonizing final exam and was looking to blow off some serious steam.

Marissa looked up at me from her spot on the couch. I knew she'd be waiting for me, studying for her own finals but eagerly anticipating my arrival. Despite my full enjoyment of all the pleasures a sorority house could offer, Marissa and I found ourselves spending more and more time at my apartment, quietly alone together.

After years of screwing every hot babe I could get my hands on, the multiple partners mystique had started to wear out and I actually longed for something close to a monogamous relationship. And Marissa was more than happy to give it to me. True, we still had a few threesomes with Nina and a couple of others, but mostly it was just a loving one-on-one thing for the two of us.

She would never be a replacement for Kaia. That had been a different kind of relationship, a little more red-hot, a lot more kinky. I had always felt a flaming lust for Kaia. But with Marissa, I felt a tender affection. She was just my down-to- earth girlfriend, and she adored me. We'd grown closer together in the last nine months than my entire year and a half with Kaia.

In those short nine months, I had grown more attached to her than any other girl I'd ever known. I'd deliberately not told her about the start-up company or that I was likely about to become rich. After so much time and our active sex life, she was completely immune to my effect, and I could clearly see that Marissa loved me for me. No gold digging, no chemical alterations, just pure, honest love. And I loved her back all the more.

I stalked across the room, my books landing in a heap on the desk and I literally pounced on Marissa, causing her to squeal in half-fright before I simply straddled her legs and kissed my girlfriend deeply.

Marissa's squeal calmed down into a happy "mmm..." as we locked lips. But the lust was still raging inside of me, my erection having a sexual mind of its own. And yet Marissa was still enjoying the casual warmth of our kiss, just platonic affection compared to my flaming desire.

It was taking me a while to get used to this sensation. Here I was, red hot and horny; and I knew my body was pumping out über-pheremones like nothing else. But after so much time (and so much semen), Marissa was impervious to my effect. So I was going to have to do this the old-fashioned way.

I tickled her.

Marissa was quite ticklish, and at the very least it always got her blood racing. She giggled and laughed and tried to fight me off, but I used my superior physicality to whip her shirt off. And while I kept tickling, I pinned her ass against my hips with an arm around her waist while I got her bra off as well.

I finally let up on the tickling and began kissing the back of Marissa's neck, her skin now very sensitive to my touch and she moaned feeling the lust pour through my lips and onto her skin.

Not another word was spoken before I yanked her shorts and panties down to her ankles, and bent Marissa's light body over the couch armrest before me. My hand soon found its way to her moistening pussy and I thumbed at her clit. I was too horny for serious foreplay, but Marissa didn't seem to mind as she simply positioned her body for me.

I reveled in the simple eroticism, knowing I had this gorgeous creature offering herself up to me and there wasn't a single unnatural impulse causing it. Marissa really and truly wanted me, no special effects, and I loved her for it.

Already anticipating what was next, Marissa spread her legs and showed off her perfect ass while I fished my rod out of my jeans, letting both them and my boxers hit the floor. I still had my shirt and shoes on, and I was about to get some seriously nice service.

So placing my erection into her now wet folds, I gripped Marissa's hips and buried myself into her in one full stroke.

"Ahh..." she sighed feeling me penetrate. And we stayed like that for a few seconds to soak in the sensations.

But then Marissa began to buck her own hips back at me, and I took up the familiar pumping motion, fucking in silence to hear the wet slaps of my hipbones impacting with Marissa's asscheeks and the soft pants of my girlfriend's arousal.

I felt the gentle tug of my testicles swinging in pendulous arcs. I let my hands roam across her naked back, feeling the little bumps of her spine and stroking her legs. Our sex was an intoxicating juxtaposition of raw fucking, still half- clothed and taking my woman over the armrest of a couch, and gentle lovemaking, reveling in the little details of each other's bodies and feeling the soft caresses.

With my hands on her tits, Marissa moaned and grinded out one orgasm before she decided to take charge of the situation. She reached down to pull me out, and re-aimed my cock herself into her other hole. Did I mention Marissa really got off on anal sex?

I was obviously going to go along with her movements, and helped settle the mushroom head tightly against Marissa's winking rosebud, and she grasped my hips to feed me into her own asshole. My eyes were aflame watching inch after inch disappear, swallowed up by the paradise of Marissa's perfect ass. And then I lost all semblance of control, and soon I was machine fucking my girlfriend so hard and so fast all she could do was try to hang on.

We went from zero to sixty so fast that Marissa didn't even know what was hitting her, and she was crying out her climax before she even realized one had been approaching. She always went crazy whenever I fucked her up the ass, and I was only too happy to oblige when she demanded it. We began fucking so hard that I actually lifted Marissa up by her round tits, slamming her body against me while her arms flailed around, searching for a hand-hold and never finding one while her body was yanked to and fro.

And just when she came again, I pulled back on Marissa until she was standing vertically, trapping her back against my chest. She howled in pleasure and her whole body vibrated as the climax overtook her. And clutched into this position, I let my hips slam forward one final time until we were as pressed together as possible, and I ejected a massive burst of cum deep into her bowels.

We stood upright, twitching for a minute while I emptied myself out into Marissa's body, and she dribbled her own juices out onto the floor. And then finally she bent forward over the armrest again and I pulled back and out with a wet plopping sound.

Marissa panted to catch her breath for a minute before I simply leaned down and carried her up into my arms, letting her rest her head against my shoulder like a small child. And I carried her into the bathroom so we could relax with a nice shower.


I got my degree and graduated. Mrs. Robinson set us up with some office space and a manufacturing plant just twenty minutes from the school, so Marissa and I were able to remain a dating couple into her Senior year.

"Red" body spray had first been introduced as just a copycat to the Axe and Tag product lines, albeit a much more expensive version. But after the first few months, rumors on the Net and at various clubs began to spread that the product really worked as advertised. Guys were picking it up left and right to enhance their fishing expeditions. Girls even started buying it just to amp their own arousal levels whenever they felt the urge.

But we got our biggest boost when a women's rights group made a bunch of noise trying to get the body spray banned. They claimed that it unfairly influenced a woman's mind and should be labeled as a date-rape drug. They even commissioned a study to prove its effect.

In the end, all the media attention just made sales skyrocket, and several other studies commissioned by our rival companies went out to say that the product was bogus. The makers of Axe and Tag hated losing sales to us, and were doing their best to discredit us.

The result was that after a few months, no one paid any attention to the "scientific" claims as there were too many contradictory opinions. We got a ton of free publicity, and both Mrs. Robinson and I were already millionaires. Gabrielle even got a hefty six-figure raise.

Marissa was at first suspicious of me once she realized what kind of company I worked for (I'd told her the name of our start-up once product hit the shelves). She wondered aloud if there was some strange prototype product I had used to get her in the first place.

But I honestly told her that I never used the product around anyone I knew, and especially not with her. That was pure "me", no added body sprays necessary. And besides, our love couldn't be faked.

In the end, Marissa didn't exactly mind dating a fabulously wealthy businessman. Well, she called me that, but I was basically a non-working owner who just sat back and waited for the cash to roll in. The formula still required my blood, of which we had an extremely limited supply. After all, I still needed it to power my own body.

So Mrs. Robinson dialed way back on the concentration, trusting in the body spray's reputation to keep it going while still having enough to be a useful aphrodisiac. Supply stayed down, demand went up, so prices went through the roof. And people were still buying it. Besides, very few women out there would ever be getting direct doses of the antidote (my semen), so they'd never become immune to its effects.

So by the time Marissa graduated, I was richer than my dreams could have ever envisioned.



"Well, Randi. I'd say you're living up to your name..."

"Gosh! I'm not normally this horny... oooh, right there..." She hung her head down between her shoulderblades, focusing for a moment on thrusting her hips back against my cock while I drilled her doggy-style. "But then sex has never been this good either..."

"I get that a lot." I fought back a smirk. Then I settled in, watching the red pigtails bouncing and the gentle curve of Randi's spine as she flexed and thrust on all fours, trying to eat my dick alive inside of her pussy.

Eventually, I slapped her ass and Mrs. Robinson's pretty, young secretary turned around and waited patiently as I blew my creamy load (my second of the last 30 minutes) all over her pouty lips and face.

Her body trembled with what was at least her fifth orgasm, her own fingers still buried between her legs. And then she sat back on her heels with a happy sigh, content to stay there forever.

But I tucked myself away and started straightening out my clothing. "Well, you said Mrs. Robinson would be back at 3. So you'd better get dressed and get yourself cleaned up. I'll just wait here in her office.

Once alone, I sank into Mrs. Robinson's plush executive chair. Randi was cute, and I knew I'd be seeing her for as long as she worked here. But new pussy was starting to lose its appeal. Just another day at the office.


It had been two years after graduation, and the company was doing well. Even better than the company, Marissa and I were celebrating our four year dating anniversary and I was seriously thinking about settling down. My special biology had brought so much to my life, but perhaps it was time for the Ultimate Playboy to hang up his spurs. Imagine that, a 25-year old sex-god wanting to settle down.

Marissa was the one girl in my life completely unaffected by the spray. She did try it once, but since it didn't do anything to her she wrote it off as a well- marketed product that brought me a ton of money, but nothing more than a placebo for psychosomatic arousal.

In the meantime, every other female on the planet was still vulnerable to me, and Marissa had been witnessing, first hand, the indescribable impact I had on the female population. She accepted it as an oddity of nature, and accepted that I loved her dearly even though I had never been fully monogamous with her. Hell, I even had the occasional tryst with Mrs. Robinson and Gabrielle for the fun of it, and Marissa was completely aware of all my extra-dating encounters. That was the unspoken contract, to be honest and upfront with what I was doing.

And she loved me for it.

I couldn't imagine anyone else completing me as a person quite like her. I wish I could say that life was just happily ever after. But there was one more major hiccup before that could happen.


Sitting on a pile of cash, I finally sprung for a mansion in Beverly Hills and we moved out of our sleepy college town. I wasn't needed at the office, Mrs. Robinson could come to me to get pints of blood every few months or so. So with visions of living like a King, I went all out: servants, cooks, the whole nine yards. It was just down the road from Hef's place to boot. Formal ballroom, lavish infinity-pool, private gym, movie theatre, the place was a palace.

Marissa was joining me, of course. We moved in just after that four year anniversary, and after three months of renovations and construction, we finally had made the place our own.

Obviously, we now had to throw a massive housewarming party. And with grounds this big, it was going to have to be a BIG party. So I invited everyone I knew, including old friends from school. I invited the neighbors, thinking a few curious old biddies would come snooping around and never dreaming that Hef would actually show up with all three of his girlfriends.

But what got me most excited was when a few past lovers sent RSVPs to tell me they would be coming as well. Marissa giggled and didn't stop smiling or bouncing around when we got word that Kaia and Jamie would be dropping by. They lived fairly close by (Jamie was from SoCal anyways), and both pouted that they could've visited with us as soon as we arrived had they known we were coming to town. Marissa's best friend from college, Nina, was also flying in. And I had a rush of nostalgia sweep over me when Daniela and Evie, the lesbian couple from Brown 106, sent back a message to add them onto the guest list.

Word spread about my new fortune and my party, and a week later the house was bombarded with calls from people I barely knew. The were mostly the "hey, remember me from high school?" kind of leeches I hated. So the staff spent a lot of time turning them down.

The next month flew by faster than anything else. The time itself was business as usual, and then suddenly the fateful night was upon us.


The party mostly got going in the garden. It was well lit, and the weather was perfect for a lazy California evening. That is, it was warm enough for all the ladies to be wearing rather brief cocktail dresses that exposed a lot of cleavage. The DJs had a good beat going, the open bar was flowing, and the bouncers were very efficient at keeping out anyone who wasn't on the guest list.

I mingled with everyone, getting the frequent congratulations on the company's success and getting myself a light buzz. Marissa predictably gushed over her sorority sisters. I predictably gushed over Hef and the lifestyle he was living (a lifestyle I wouldn't mind myself).

I especially made time to have a long chat with Kaia. Even after a few years, she was still the most gorgeous woman I'd ever laid eyes on, Marissa included. Her body was absolute perfection, a goddess sent to walk on earth. Her brilliant emerald green eyes were piercing and sparkled of their own inner light. And when she moved, she moved with a grace and power that had everyone captivated by her, waiting with baited breath to see what she had to say.

It was easy to see how she intimidated people so easily. But for me, there was only a warm smile and a happy hug.

We shared a light peck right in front of Marissa, and then caught up on all the things that had been going on in our lives. We'd accidentally drifted apart in the intervening years, so much that we didn't even know we lived so close by to each other. She was sharing an apartment with Jamie right on the beach, and they had a bevy of men constantly pursuing them at every turn.

Kaia praised me on my success, and even joked with Marissa about how much she regretted letting the rich, sexy stud get away from her.

For the first time, I saw a flash of green envy in Marissa's eyes, but then the moment passed and we continued on with the pleasant conversation. Marissa did squeeze my hand a little tighter, however.

Gradually, things started winding down and people began to slowly trickle out. We'd gotten started before the sun went down, and now it was after midnight. Everyone was inside the mansion by now, clustered together in little groups. My party had been a good excuse for a reunion by many a classmate, and quite a few people were still around just to hang out with their old friends.

But as usual, my condition meant that there were quite a few horny girls around, some of them with a nostalgic eye towards me, perhaps remembering some of the best sex of their lives. For the moment, I ignored the hungry looks and just kept socializing. My effect did not have an "off" button and I'd gotten used to it.

On some level, I would have been just fine staying and chatting with everyone, Marissa glued to my hip so we could rub each other's backs and exchange loving caresses. The two of us were saying goodbye to a few of the neighbors, and I had planned on moving on to another conversation. But my dick had some ideas of its own.

Daniela and Evie picked the perfect time to approach us. We'd just finished our goodbyes and had a few pregnant seconds of silence before the neighbors left. Both girls had grown up into lingerie model-esque ladies, and Evie had also become a lot more outgoing from the shy innocent I remembered. She popped in, flexing her legs and pouting her lips perfectly while "ahem"ing to get my attention.

"We never got the tour!" she whined. Daniela stood right next to her and I paused a moment to admire them before responding. Both were tall and slender, with piercing blue eyes and high cheekbones. They looked almost the same except for their hair, Daniela the blonde stunner and Evie now the sexy brunette.

"Well, we'll just have to give you one then!" I stood up, reaching my hand out to Marissa. She smiled up at me, then took my hand and finished our goodbye and turned to start up the tour.

Daniela and Evie didn't giggle as much now that they were young ladies, but they still both ooh'd and ahh'd at the nice digs: in-house theatre, billiards room, 5-car garage, etc. They complained I didn't warn them to bring swimsuits for the expansive pool and secluded grotto. And eventually we ended up on the second floor checking out the bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms.

Now this whole while, Daniela had been quietly flirting with Marissa while Evie stayed up front with me during the tour. I hadn't warned Marissa that Daniela and Evie were a lesbian couple (still strong after all these years), and it looked like Daniela was actually more interested in Marissa's smokin' body and perfect ass than she was in me. Again, the effect gets girls aroused, but how (and to whom) they react is entirely within their control.

And Marissa didn't look like she minded the attention at all. Really, if a gorgeous blonde with a sexy European accent was hitting on you, would you mind?

So we just brought our little foursome up into the master bedroom when I heard a muffled squeal and then turned just in time to see Daniela tackle Marissa onto our oversized bed.

I had only a moment to see Marissa eagerly kissing Daniela right back before my head was turned and Evie brought her lips to softly tease against mine. My body's instinct took over the rest, and then with a comfortable familiarity, as if our fingers remembered from long ago, hands slipped inside of various pieces of clothing, groping and caressing while we slowly stripped each other.

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