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The Unaffordable Vacation


I would like... Unedited / Rough version, please forgive the writing mechanics.

Now I've been told that when men say "Your wife is beautiful," then she's beautiful, but when men and women both say it, she's hot. Well, Janet falls very much into the latter, but I think it's much more than her outer appearance, she's also a beautiful person to be around. She's one of those gals who, even in the grocery store, women will just arbitrarily say "You have the prettiest hair, I love your nail polish, Gosh, you are such a cute couple, etc."

Once while standing in a Wal-Mart check out line a forty something man just came out and said "I don't mean to be disrespectable what so ever, but you have the prettiest legs I think I've ever seen on a human." Now Janet is not the boisterous, "Hey look at me" type by any stretch. Actually she's one of those women who try to down play herself constantly, one who doesn't take compliments as genuine, almost as if she doesn't deserve it. I truly think it's because she was the middle child of three sisters, but what do I know. I do know that every day I tell her how gorgeous she is and how lucky I am.

To begin this adventure allow me to say something crazy obvious, a husband doesn't just wake one morning and say "Hey, I'd love to watch another man flirt with my wife," or "Hey I'd love to watch another man put his hands on my wife's ass," or how about "Damn, I'd love to watch my wife sexually experiment with another man with out limitation."

I certainly wasn't one of those Joe's, no normal husband does that. However, the story you are about to hear is absolutely true, and no, we didn't change anything to protect the identities of the characters being depicted, other than the names.

My recreation will not do the real events justice as they were beyond words, but I'm certainly going to try.


One never knows how well they have it until they graduate from their perfect college undergrad existence, hearing their mom and dad say "You're on your own." Actually I agree with that now, it's just the motivation we needed, we meaning my wife Janet and I.

Janet had folks much like mine, once your four years were done in college, you were absolutely on your own. Janet and I were High School sweethearts whose parents completely approved of our relationship from the start.

Both of us hailed from Nazi "Make good grades, success insuring, A+ enforcer" type families, since the days of kindergarten. It had it's benefits though, both sets of parents thought we'd be the next super couple, having everything they never had. That left us alone a lot to study. Oh yes we studied, but we also explored every chance we got.

Ever since freshmen year in high school we uttered "We're going to the same college no matter what, we'll be together forever, I love you, we'll be married someday" and we actually meant it. It was almost like we were married in high school. I mean hell she and I had been sweethearts off and on since age six. Our parents basically shared raising us over the years.

After college graduation though we got "the wake up call." In our lucid awakening, we both found ourselves in utter debt, broke, and living on love. We finally knew what it was like to rough it, big time. The part about "You can't live on love," My father invented the saying, so if you've ever heard it before, yep, came from my dad. Yes, our parents helped us get set up which we are now grateful for, but they absolutely bailed on us after that, and when I say "Bailed," I mean after she and I married.

Three weeks into our masters degrees, we became Mr. and Mrs. Waters, at which time we instantly knew income was paramount, not to have a good time, but to live. Before the wedding we never had to worry about the little things like life sustaining protein and carbohydrates, you know, food? However, both sets of our parents took a hard stance on "You wanted to wed early? Deal with it."

We tried to beg a bit at first hoping to squeeze the rind for its last drop of juice, but that soon dried up. No, they didn't let us starve at first, but they laid it out in a way that told us we were on our own, grow up.

Now Janet had the upper hand in that as a Psychology major, she was sucked up by the State Hospital instantly when she applied. Yes, the pay sucked, but she brought down nine dollars per hour, and that was nine bucks we didn't have the day before. It was a job, but very few people stayed there as a career, quite simply it was an internship with pay towards Janet's PHD.

I on the other hand, had gotten a call from a well known grocery store warehouse, one I can't mention for legalities sake, and was bringing down a whopping seven buck an hour. If you added our part-time pay together, we were still poor, but alive. It kind of worked out though. Janet was on third shift and I was on second, so I visited her nightly.

It was only a five minute walk to the Hospital from my work. Most times I stayed with Janet during her shift all night. Luckily, the orderlies and staff were quite cool with it. In fact, many of them were nonexistent during the night which was great. There were at least seven people on third shift at this place. However, I only ever met one, and that was quite by accident. When the patients were asleep, so was most of the staff except for Janet, she took it very seriously.

After only a few weeks, I felt much better about Janet being at the hospital alone those couple of hours before my shift ended, especially on the wing she monitored. She had inherited a guardian angel of sorts named Henry. Many times I worried about Janet being there in a place where most of the staff was absent during the wee hours of the night, but more importantly because some of the residence in this place were nuts.

Henry was by far the exception, the absolute coolest sixty year old guy on the planet. And go figure, he was actually a patient in this place diagnosed with manic depression and mild schizophrenia. Which was hilarious, after later finding out he had the system down, and was, not to put too fine a medical diagnosis on it, a horrendous faker.

This guy was as normal as anyone treating him, and perhaps smarter. Henry was a life long activist / Peace Corps man, having spent decades in countries you only want to hear about, never visit. Some of the stories he told of the Congo and Ruanda were too much to quote, yet he seemed the most pleasant "Good will towards men" type guy ever. Many times I thought if I had gone through some of the things he had gone through over the years, I'd have probably hanged myself.

Little did I know when we first met him, Henry had a reason to live, and not be depressed (Laughing). More accurately he had a reason to be elated, quite the opposite of his diagnosis. Down the coast he had a boat, not a bass boat mind you, a very large nice boat. When he first described it though, I thought "Yep, he's nuts," or "Oh I bet it's a blow up raft with a sheet on a stick." There was no way he owned a pristine, modern, 50+' sailing yacht. He even went on about a Mercedes SL something, which I too thought was total bullshit. Regardless, I felt content that he watched over Janet before I got there. If Janet wasn't finishing an assignment on her computer, he'd be there with her at the front desk playing cards, looking at photo albums, just being a good friend.

Henry was finally scheduled to get out in two weeks on a medical release, when it dawned on me why he was there. It was to secure his early SSI as a screwball by a few years. Being that he couldn't be on SSI for being nuts and own a 50' sailing yacht, I later found out it was in his sisters name, as was every penny Henry had made over the decades, which was as it turned out, substantial.

I mean think about it, a Masters Degree level horticulturist working for a world humanitarian organization for thirty five years, who yes, probably made under 60k, but didn't spend any of it for three decades, none of it... Yes, he'd probably have a small fortune amassed.

After about a month of visiting Janet every night, I couldn't help but notice Henry flirting with her big time. It was very much in a complementary and flattering way, but none the less big time flirting. Although Henry wasn't your typical sixty year old, rather a well taken care of ,distinguished, six foot two inch tall man, It still didn't bother me at all, I just wrote it off as funny, as did Janet.

When it came to Janet though, she could turn the head of a ninety year old. To top it off, She always worked out just before going on duty in the hospital physical therapy room, usually showing up in just spandex shorts, a tank top, and running shoes. She truly loved that on third shift a dress code was nonexistent. They gave her hospital scrubs to wear, but there was never anyone there to say "Wear it."

All that aside, Janet is a knock out no matter what she wore. I did worry a bit about her being there by herself though because Henry would have protected her even though she could kick almost any mans ass with a hand tied behind her back. At 5'3", 119 lbs, brunette, very physically fit, and a beautiful face and smile, she couldn't help but be the elation of most of the male residence at this place, even the ninety year old fellas.

The wing where Janet worked was more like an extended stay hotel, where by some of the patients came and went as they pleased. Again though, Henry was always there to guard her at these hours of the night, and pretty much had the run of the place.

One evening I showed up and true to form, Henry was sitting across the table where Janet was typing on here lap top. It was always funny too because Janets conversation was much like "Yep, Umhum, Oh wow, yep." She just continued to type as he spoke, basically hearing every other word and focusing on her assignment. However this night was a bit different, I didn't notice right away, but I swear it looked as if Henry had about half an erection in his sweat pants as he sat there.

It wasn't like it was sticking straight up or anything, but off to the side, however there was no doubt he was thinking dirty old man thoughts. Besides his regular medication, Henry applied twice a day, a Testosterone Gel prescribed by his doctor, which I'm sure made him hornier than the average sixty year old by a long shot. I just ignored what ever erection he might have had. I mean what the hell, he was fantasizing. If I got upset over every guy who thought wild thoughts about my wife, I'd be in this institution with Henry.

We all sat there and shot the bull for hours most nights. This night though Henry point blank began asking "When are your finals over?"

Janet quickly replied "Next week, thank God."

Henry in turn asked "How would you guys like to take a cruise with me around the Gulf and the Caribbean, about a month long?"

Janet looked at me with a mouth half opened blank expression replying "Gosh, that sounds amazing, but we have to work this summer to help with next semesters expenses. I so very much wish there was a way, but we'd have to pass, just our luck because we sure can't afford a cruise, any cruise." At the time I couldn't have agreed more.

The instant she replied, he quickly asked "How much would you guys make in a month?"

Janet laughed and said "Not much."

He kept on "No really, how much?"

We both replied "Maybe $2400 with a few extra hours of OT, if they allowed us to, but safely around $2000."

Now here's where we both about hit the floor. Henry rebutted "I tell you what, I'll pay you both $1400 for helping me do things around the boat. I will give you some cash to go grocery shopping for the trip, you can run some errands for me before we go, just little stuff. The other 99% of the trip you can just enjoy yourselves."

Janet put both hands over her face, but the expression on her face was unmistakable, she wanted to go. She glanced at me and said "Um, now this is just me talking, but how exactly do we refuse something this cool?"

I replied "Henry you had me at Cruise." We all chuckled and it was agreed we would leave in ten days.

I was still wondering how a guy with Henry's diagnosis could legally operate a boat, let alone one of this size. I even asked Janet about it and she explained that thousands of people have this diagnosis and they drive cars, trucks, basically leading normal lives. My only comfort was that I knew Henry was absolutely faking it anyway.

Ten days later, we had ran some small errands for Henry, did some shopping, and got ourselves ready, and when I say got ourselves ready, I mean Janet just had to have a few new swimsuits, go to the tanning bed, get some new shoes, etc, all of which Henry insisted on buying, and we happily didn't refuse. Before we left Henry told us "Now I don't want you spending any of the money I'm paying you. Lets face it, if you spent it on this trip, you'd come back with nothing, and then what's the point."

Again, we couldn't refuse, and turns out Henry was very loose with his money. It was almost as if he had sacrificed his entire life for others, and now it was his time. Just so happened that spending time with us, and spending his money on us, were both great reasons to be alive.

The trip was amazing, right from the start. Although we were supposed to be helping around the boat, we found ourselves just having a great time. This boat was so automated, it took care of everything. You simply plot the course, and it does the rest. As it turned out Henry just loved our company. I think we made him feel young again.

Two days into the cruise and about a thousand photos later, we all found ourselves up late on the deck drinking a bottle of Crown Royal, which surprisingly Janet was doing shots of while Henry and I sipped. Janet was a serious light weight drinker. At around midnight we broke out the camera once again and began taking goofy photos of one another once again.

A few times I asked Janet to sit on Henry's lap, and she did. On one photo, Henry put his arm under her right leg almost as if he was going to pick her up. The instant he did she looked as if she lost her balance a bit. As she quickly positioned to keep from falling off his lap, instantly spreading her left leg out to brace herself against a shelf of the main cabin, I snapped the photo.

We were all cracking up over it afterwards. She damn near hit the deck. After a few minutes and several other photos later, I began going back through the camera memory and came across that particular photo. I didn't know it when I snapped it, but she was utterly spread eagle, with her swimsuit crotch wedged tightly inside and between her pussy lips. It was accidentally one of the most erotic photos I had ever witnessed.

I'm not exactly sure why, but it turned me on seeing her on his lap, with his arms under her legs as she spread them. If you didn't know the situation, just looking at the photo, it very much looked like he was spreading her legs and looking at her crotch. It wasn't like I was dwelling on it or anything at the time, but for a brief moment I was truly aroused by it. I think it was mostly because I wasn't threatened by Henry because age, but was in some way aroused by Janet having another mans hands on her.

Upon finding it in the cameras memory though, I wasn't sure what to do with it because it was Henry's camera, not ours. I eventually just left it alone, and we continued drinking and having a great time. Later that evening we all went to our own cabins and went to bed. Henry always stayed up a bit later than us, making sure the boats systems were performing, making slight corrections, etc.

When we got to our cabin, Janet fell onto the bed and we played a bit, but I could tell she was minutes away from passing out. It was at this time I began thinking again about that photo and her on Henry's lap, his hands on her, her crotch sitting directly on his cock separated by only thin pieces of cloth. I was actually beginning to question my sanity. The more I though about it though, the more erect my cock became.

My fantasy kept getting more and more out there as the minutes passed. It went from just getting turned on by an accidental erotic photo, to imagining Janet on top of him wildly taking him inside her. After about a half hour more of this, I woke her and took my sexual frustration out on the moment coming harder than I ever had inside her, and in embarrassingly record time.

She asked what had gotten into me, and I just chuckled and told her it must be the ocean air.

Janet quickly replied "Wow, we'll have to bottle some air to take home."

A couple more days passed as we continued having the time of our lives, finally arriving in Mexico in the late afternoon. As we did Henry suggested that we just anchor just off the coast and wait until morning to go exploring, that there could be some bad elements patrolling around in the evening.

It was no big deal to us. We had a great time on the boat no matter what. We were constantly grilling on the deck, taking the twin Seadoo's out, drinking frozen margaritas, sipping on Crown, etc. As usual out came the cameras.

This time I had a bit more to drink, almost on purpose. It was as if rather than taking accidental erotic shots, I might even playfully get some by asking. I mean by this time, we all knew each other quite well, so if I were to say "Baby, give me a sexy pose," she'd do it just being funny. Granted, if I had too much to drink, it was a safe bet everyone else had too.

After a few photos and joking around, I asked Janet "Let me get one of you and Henry." Janet hopped up as usual and sat on Henry's lap, but this time I said "Awe, come on give me a sexy pose."

"Sexy?" she exclaimed chuckling. "Am I not sexy just being me?"

Henry quickly laughed saying "Sweetheart, that's an under statement. You're what men call smoking hot, even sixty year old ones."

She laughed as she pushed her hair up in the back with one hand and raised her legs up together with a sexy grin. I snapped the photo and quickly began joking around acting like a professional photographer. I began with "Okay great, now more sexy."

Janet at one point replied giggling "Okay are we talking sexy or sleazy."

Henry and I both laughed when he and I both began with "Oh yeah, sleazy. Woe, yeah sleazy, Baby."

Now Janet is the joker, make no mistake, but I knew at some point she'd stop and tell us we were just drunk and to shut up. On the other hand I wasn't used to Janet drinking like she had been, almost every day including this one. She was definitely on her way to inebriation. The more we heckled her, the more she played along.

She would occasionally pull down her top slightly to show some cleavage, or turn around and stick her butt out. After several minutes of this I again said "More Baby, more, talk to the camera."

She then got a grin on her face and shocked me a bit. She laid on the back deck wrap around bench seat, spread her legs up in the air and said giggling "Okay am I sleazy now?"

I snapped the photo saying "Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about."

She immediately jumped up from that one, now almost trying to see where my limit was, as she got on her elbows and knees and stuck her crotch right at Henry and I, with her back arched, ass sticking up in the air, she said "Okay, I'm done being sleazy."

Henry chuckled replying "Lord, I could watch that all night, but maybe it's a good idea to stop before my heart does, or before something in my pants begins to embarrass me."

Janet quickly laughed saying "Okay, no more lap photos for Henry."

I was floored that Janet had done what she had. Not in a million years would she have done anything close to that sober. Henry was right though, something in my pants was in fact embarrassing me too.

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