The Unexpected Wedding Guest


"Fuck me, Jake. Fuck me hard," she ordered, sliding up his body. She let her breasts drag across him, rubbing them against his cock and stomach.

Jake grabbed her by her shoulders, pulling her up to him. He kissed her deeply, sitting Shona on his hips. Shona grabbed his cock, rubbing it against her belly. She lifted herself, aiming the hard shaft at her wet tunnel. Jake looked up at Shona as she positioned herself to accept him. He slid his hands along her hips an up over her small waist. Sliding up her side, his hands cupped her large breasts, caressing them . Shona eased herself down on to him, feeling his thick cock forcing its way into her tight cunt. Jake moaned as her pussy swallowed him, taking him deep into her inner being.

Shona squeezed her pussy, gripping his hard shaft. Jake grabbed her waist, lifting her, then pulling her down hard on to his thrusting hips. Shona cried out as his cock rammed into her cunt, splitting her open.

"Ooohhh Gggddd, Jake, yyyeeeeessss, yeeesssss," she cried, rocking her hips hard. Jake thrust again and again, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her. "Fuck me, Jake, fuck me hard!!!" she pleaded, bouncing up and down on his cock.

There was no slow build up, only a fast and furious fuck. Shona rocked her hips hard, feeling his cock rubbing against her clit. She squeezed tight, as if trying to hold his cock inside her. Holding her by her waist, Jake lifted, then slammed Shona down on to his cock, ramming it deep. His hips thrust upward, slamming against her arse. Shona could hear the slapping sound, her bum pounding against Jake's hips. She felt his cock growing harder and thicker inside her, filling her. Jake groaned loudly, grabbing her breasts, groping the large fleshly globes. Shona leaned forward, rocking her hips hard. Her cunt was on fire, burning inside. She felt her body shudder as a small orgasm ripped through her. She continued thrusting, fucking his thick cock. Jake leaned up, burying his face in her luscious breasts, sucking and biting her flesh.

"Ooohhh fuuucckkk, yes, YES!!" Shona cried out, her cunt gripping at his cock. She felt her orgasm growing as she could feel his cock thicken, reaching his point of no return. Jake thrust hard, slamming his hips against her firm arse. Shona loved the feeling of being pounded, of being taken hard. Jake fell back onto the bed, pulling Shona on top of him, their bodies ramming hard into each other.

"Oooohhhhhh Gggddd," Jake cried as he drove his thick cock deep into Shona. His cock jerked, throbbing inside her pulsing cunt. Shona felt his cock tearing at her pussy, stretching her. Her cunt squeezed his cock tight as her body became rigid. She came hard, her juices erupting out of her pussy. A sudden burst of heat surrounded his cock, sending Jake over the edge. He wrapped his arms around his lover tightly, thrusting a couple of more times. His cock jerked and twitched as his hot load spewed from the tip, splashing against the walls of her aching pussy. His cum filled her pussy, sending more waves through her already writhing body. They came together, holding each other tight as their bodies melted into one another.

They lay there for a few minutes, trying to catch their breaths.

Rolling over onto their sides, Jake pushed Shona's long, soft hair away from her eyes. She smiled softly, almost embarrassed by what happened. Jake smiled tenderly, kissing her softly on the lips. They held each other, not wanting to let go. Jake smiled at Shona.

"We sure did wait a long time for this," he said, almost laughing, "I hope it was worth it." Shona rubbed her face against his chest, kissing him.

"Well, I don't know about you, but it was for me," she answered, sliding her hand over his side. Jake smiled broadly, a smile that Shona loved. They talked for a while about their mutual friends, the wedding, everything but work. They ordered another drink and some food from room service, not wanting to go to sleep so as not to lose any time together.

Jake could not get over how beautiful Shona looked naked. He loved how she dressed, always professional, yet alluring at work and always very appealing whenever they went out. But she looked even sexier and more beautiful without her clothes. After an hour or so of eating, drinking and talking, Jake could feel a stirring in his loins. Taking Shona by the back of her head, he pulled her to him gently, kissing her tenderly. Shona reached down, taking hold of his now stiffening cock, stroking it. Jake felt his cock become firm in her fingers.

Shona lowered her head, taking his now hard cock between her lips, working her skills on him. She felt his hands grabbing at her arse, squeezing her cheeks. She slid around, giving his fingers access to her pussy as she slid her mouth up and down his thick shaft. Jake worked his fingers into her, sliding them in and out of her now wet pussy. Shona increased her pace, sucking him harder. It became a race to see who could make the other lose control first. Jake pounded his fingers against her arse, his fingers digging deep into her. Shona tried to concentrate on his cock, but felt another orgasm about to come. His cock slipped out of her mouth as she buried her face into the bed, her hips pushing back against his fingers.

"Ooohhh Ggggdddd, Jake, You've made me cum so many times," she moaned, fucking his fingers. Jake smiled to himself, pleased with himself. He kept pounding her cunt with his fingers until he felt her pussy tighten around them, her juices flooding out. Jake then pushed Shona onto her belly, grabbing her by her hips. He lifted her arse in the air, rubbing the thick head of his cock against her wet cunt. Shona pushed back, driving his cock deep into her cunt. "Ooooohhhhhhhhhh," she cried, feeling his thick cock piercing her cunt. Jake thrust again and again, his hips slamming against her arse. Shona's face was being driven into the bed from the pounding. Her cries of pleasure were muffled by the pillows. Jake felt her cum again, her hot juices encasing his cock inside her. Shona could feel his cock throbbing, beating against her walls.

Jake pulled his cock out, rubbing it over her bum. He pressed the head lightly against her hole, waiting for a response. He didn't have to wait long.

"Yes, fuck my arse, Jake, fuck my tight arse," she begged, wiggling it against his hard, wet cock. "You want it, don't you, Jake? You want to fuck my arse?" Shona had a thin waist with a shapely rear. She knew Jake would watch it as she walked away. Jake did want it. He had wanted to fuck her arse since they had first met.

"You know I do, Shona. You know I've always loved your ass," he said, slapping her cheek. Shona squealed with delight. Jake smeared her cum over her button, pressing his finger slightly into her.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!" she cried, pushing her hips back against his finger. "Then fuck it, Jake... fuck my arse!" she ordered.

Jake rubbed his cock over her hole, pressing the thick head into her rectum. She squealed, them moaned as he worked his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. She grabbed her breasts, pulling at her nipples as he grabbed her hips, pulling her hard against him. She felt his cock force its way into her back passage, stretching her. She felt his hand come down on her cheek again... slap... SLAP. She would tighten around his cock, then relax, allowing it to slip further into her. Jake thrust hard, pounding her. Shona felt her arse being torn apart, pounded into submission.

"Fuck me Jake, fuck my arse," she cried out, ramming her hips back, impaling herself on his thrusting cock. Jake grabbed her hair, pulling her head up, forcing her hips hard against him.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she screamed, holding a small pillow to her mouth to deaden the sound. Her body was being wracked, slammed. She could feel his hips ramming against her cheeks as he fucked her arse. Jake reached under her, his fingers finding her cunt. He shoved them into her, finger fucking her pussy while his cock fucked her tight rear hole.

Shona was delirious. Her mind was swirling around. Every nerve in her body was firing. She felt Jake's cock growing harder and thicker in her back passage, stretching her.

"Ooooohhhhhhh Gggddddd, Shona, I'mmm cuuummmminnngggg," Jake cried. Shona had been holding her climax back. Now she was ready to cum with him, again.

"Cum, Jake, cum in my arse," she said, rocking her hips back against him. Jake let go. His cum shot out of his cock like a rocket, shooting deep inside her bowels. Shona relaxed herself, cumming harder than she had all night. Her juices gushed from her cunt, splashing onto Jake and running down her thighs. Jake's cum filled her back passage as he continued fucking her tight firm arsehole. He thrust a few more times, then collapsed on top of her. This time, though, they were both exhausted. His cock remained inside her for a while. Shona tightened around him, feeling him inside.

After a while, Jake slid off her, wrapping his arms around her still trembling body. He could feel her heart pounding against her chest. Shona curled up in his arms, feeling satisfied and safe. They drifted off to sleep, their bodies tangled together.

The next morning, the made love again, then showered together, caressing each other's bodies.

"Do you really have to go tonight, Shona?" Jake asked, hoping she would say stay. Shona looked down sadly.

"I just transferred there, I really can't miss any work. I spent all my holiday days with the move. I wish I could," she answered.

Jake thought for a moment, "If I could get the company to let you stay, would you want to?" Shona looked at him puzzled, wondering how he could do that.

"I think you know I would, Jake," she said. Jake smiled. He had hoped that this could become more than just a one night stand. He leaned over to the night table, picking up his mobile phone. He dialled some numbers.

"Hello, Robert, hi, this is Jake.... 'm fine thanks, you?... Listen, I really need Shona here this week. She knows everything about the project, much more than anyone else. I was looking over the new reports and they just aren't right. There are too many errors and mistakes, errors that Shona would have caught... Yeah, I really do need her. She will make my trip worthwhile." Jake turned to Shona, smiling as he caressed her thighs. "OK, great, so you'll call her now and get her here this week. that will be great, I'll see you tomorrow." Jake closed his cell. Before she could respond, Shona's mobile buzzed.

"Hello... oh, hi Robert. How are you? Sure, I can be there tomorrow. I'll have to make some quick arrangements though. Who else will be there? Jake and Mary, all right. I'll see you there... Oh, where will I be staying? At the usual hotel near Hyde Park? I'll make the arrangements for it. I'll see you there... Bye" Shona smiled as she closed her phone. "You are so bad, Jake," she laughed.

"I do really need you for this," he said, "that new person doesn't know enough about the project. We will have to work hard this week to catch up."

"Yes, but we can also play hard, darling," Shona said, resting her head on his shoulder. "I do need some clothes though. I have some still at a friend's flat, but I will have to buy some while I'm here. I was needing to anyway." Jake and Shona smiled at each other then turned and made their way back over to the bed...

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