tagRomanceThe Unwritten Rules Ch. 05

The Unwritten Rules Ch. 05


Soft kisses tickle my neck. Arching, I open my eyes to the beautiful sunrise. The shadow of birds dance in the dawn colored sky. A cool breeze drifts over my face and I am grateful for the blanket Yuri had thrown over us at some point in the night. His hard chest is against my back and his warmth cocoons me. His erection is nestled against my bottom and his hand on my stomach keeps me close.

"Good morning, beautiful."

I stretch, returning his greeting. I pull his borrowed jacket closer to me and inhaled deep. I have never felt so safe and wanted in my life.

"Hmm. That feels good." Yuri molds his body to mine and follows my movements. I smile and settle against him, recollecting our night together. Our make out session lasted long into the night. After, we rustled up cheese, crackers and fruit from the basket. We whispered sweet nothings as we fed each other, fireflies bopping and twirling outside our romantic seclusion. With insects singing in the distance and Yuri's arms surrounding me, I drifted into the most peaceful sleep I've ever had.

I would have gladly gone all the way. Even without the promise of climax at the end, I knew I would treasure every second of being with Yuri but he halted our play, promising, "Soon."

"We have to get out of here," he says now, still touching me softly.

Still it takes more than thirty minutes to rise from our picnic area.

"Are we going to just leave this stuff here?" I ask, gesturing at the remains of the last night.

"It's going to be taken care of."

Twenty minutes later, we're on our way back to the apartment. The morning wind comes into the car and teases my bedraggled hair. The ends tease my chin and neck. Our hands are joined between us. Yuri's thumb is caressing the back of mine.

I don't want this to end.

His eyes are hooded and his clothes are disheveled. He looks like he just rolled out of bed. Inexplicably, I blush and a silly grin tugs my lips. He answers with one of his own. As if he reads my mind, he squeezes my hand and brings it to his lips for a kiss, saying, "Spend the day with me."

"I'd love that. I need to call Lovely though."

I need not have wasted my breath.

"Bow chicka bow wow," Lovely says as a greeting and my cheeks heat. "Please tell you're in bed still naked and sweaty from getting your freak on."

I groan. "Love-"

"Oh girl, tell me everything."


"I can hear it in your voice." There is clapping on the line. "My girl has finally gotten laid."

A quick glance at Yuri tells me he's getting the gist of the one-side conversation

"Are all the rumors true? Is it as big as they say?"

A raised eyebrow comes my way. I shrug, blushing so hard, I am sure my hair will catch afire soon.


"Oh gosh, this is so wonderful. I'm so happy for you guys! Is he next to you?"

I clear my throat and reply, "Actually, yes-"

She squeals before I can finish my sentence and I hold the phone away from my ear. When she finally calms down, she says, "Don't bother coming in today. I've got everything under control."

The line goes dead.

"I'm yours for the day," I say lamely as I return my cell to my clutch purse.

He just smiles.

Walking over the threshold into our apartment, I instantly feel the difference. Removing Yuri's jacket and placing it on the back of the couch, I realize the difference is not in the surroundings. It's in me. While I am still afraid of what the future holds, I want to take the chance even more. What if we could be all Yuri says and more? What if there is the tiniest possibility that my fantasies can be more than that? Can I be a wife, a mother, someone's reason for being?

I want to find out.

I look back. He is leaning against the closed door, looking at with me with such heat and devotion. Ignoring the tiny negative voice in my head that says this is a bad idea, I walk up to him and say, "Make me feel like a woman, Yuri. Make me yours."

I kiss him. Not the timid, unsure peck I would have given him just yesterday but a no holds barred, tongue practically shoved down his throat kiss of a woman ready and willing to be fucked. He meets my candor with equal force, opening his mouth to receive my tongue. Later I'm sure I will be shocked at my behavior but now I revel in this heady sense of control.

Tearing my lips from his, I pepper kisses along his jaw and neck. My hands are busy as well. One by one, I undo the buttons of his shirt until the garment gapes open. I push it off his shoulders and it lands on the floor with a whisper of a sound. He helps me remove the white undershirt and it follows a similar course.

A low sound of appreciation escapes me. Broad shoulders. A wide chest divided by abs stacked better than a Hersey's bar leading to lean hips. Tiny, brown nipples. All of it adds up to make up this male perfection. Adonis has nothing on Yuri.

I drag my fingers down the hard slab, sifting through the nearly invisible hairs. His groan vibrates the flesh beneath my fingers as I scrape my nails gently over the flat nipples. Cream flows from my pussy to flood my already saturated panties.

Perspiration sparkles like tiny diamonds over the chocolate-colored skin and I cannot resist. I lean close and kiss between his pecs. He freezes but he does not stop me as I placed another just a little bit lower. This time I flick my tongue over his skin and his salty tang explodes on my taste buds. I moaned my pleasure but the sound is overshadowed by the deep bass of his groan.

I look up as his fingers tangle in my hair. The remaining pins fall to the floor. A hint of red slashes over his cheeks and his jaw is tense but it's his eyes that have me mesmerized. They are pools of green gold, hard with need that almost brings me to my knees.

Holding his gaze, I nip the small nipple and just that quickly I find myself backed up against the door. Yuri's fingers tighten in my hair and he pulls my head back to plunder my lips. His eyes still holding mine prisoner, he presses his erection against my belly. My pussy clenches and throbs to be possessed, taken. To be pounded in submission just as his eyes promises.

He drags my dress up and palms my ass before sliding over my dripping center. "Oh god, baby. You're so wet. Drenched."

His thigh nudges mine apart and his fingers enter the lace doing a very poor job of guarding my womanhood. He parts my slit and a long finger traces around my center and up to my pulsing bud. Around and around it goes but only gives my clit the barest touch.

"Touch me," I beg, undulating against his hand.

He takes my hand and places it over his. "Show me how, baby. Show me how you like it."

My finger over his, I rubbed the tiny organ with sweeping strokes that grow harder as our breathing escalate. He licks at my bottom lip and retreats. Blindly I follow and do the same. Soon we are lip locked, our tongues entangled and our hips copying the movements of our fingers.

"Put my finger inside you, Bri. I want to feel your heat."

Together our fingers press into me and I bite my bottom lip. A sobbing moan still escapes me when my flesh quavers in reaction to the drag of the calloused tip of his. It reaches far deeper than mine and curves to stroke me higher. We develop a smooth tempo. The smell of juicy arousal sends a naughty thrill through me and the wet sound of my need echoes loudly.

"You're so fucking hot, Bri. Just like I always dreamed. Better even."

Tap, tap, tap the heel of my palm goes against my clit, forced into the rhythm of his. Just as I feel that familiar stirring in my belly, he takes our hands away. I wail, "Noooo."

"It's okay, babe. I've got you." Unexpectedly, he lifts me. "Wrap your legs around me," he orders though my thighs already move on their own accord and clasp his hips.

A sharp tug of his hand and cool air rushes over my pussy. The sound of a zipper follows and I jump when something hot brushes me.

The star of my fantasies pushes a path through the swollen lips that receive a fresh dose of my cream. The flat head nudges my clit and I shudder violently, my nails digging into his back and shoulders. As if the motion is transferred to him, Yuri shudders as well and places his open mouth over my shoulder, pushing the fabric of my dress aside.

"Does that feel good, baby?" he croons against my flesh. "Because it feels fucking marvelous on my end. I can't wait to be buried inside of all that goodness, to feel you squeeze every bit of cum from my cock."

His words affect him as much as me. His hips jerk sharply, passing his length over my entrance before bumping my butt cheeks. I can only tremble in answer.

The head of his cock against my slit, he rocks against me. Little by little, the blunt tip enters me. Even with my natural lubrication, my flesh resists. Yuri's persistence pays off though. When those few inches slip in we both freeze, eyes locked. A bead of sweat rolls of Yuri's forehead and falls on my chest to roll down between my breasts.



"We need to take this slow, babe. I don't want to hurt you." He rests his forehead against mine and closes his eyes briefly. "Fuck, this is not how I wanted the first time to be. I wanted to savor you, to show you how much you mean to me. Not take you like a demented asshole against the door."

He opens his eyes and his conflict is reflected there.

"Bed," he says decisively though the words came out harsher than he wants I'm sure. "We need a bed."

Wrapping me securely in his arms, he takes the first step in the direction of our bedrooms. We both groan as it forces his thick head just that little bit more into me. He stumbles before righting himself against the wall with one hand. The next step isn't any easier and I know breaking our bond is just as unacceptably to him as it is to me. Another step. Then another. Every one drives him deeper, only to pull him back again.

I am quavering from the intensity of us and where this moment will lead. Everything tells me it will be the best thing to ever happen to me and I am impatient for the experience. On the sixth step, I growl, "I don't care where, just take me."

He growls right back, "I won't take you like this, dammit! You deserve better."

He takes another step.

I shift in his embrace and he slips even deeper, the burn of his size and being so long without a man is overridden by the pleasure of finally having him inside me. His hands on my hips prevent me from going any further. His jaw is tight with his restraint but I want him as wild and out of control as I. I clench my muscles around him.

"Don't, baby. You're destroying me..."

I nip chin. "Make me yours, Yuri. I want you to fuck me hard against this wall. I want you just as we are. Please."

"God, Bri, I'm sorry." That is all the warning I get before my back is once more against the wall and his hips flex hard into me.

My head falls back and hits the wall but I hardly feel it. My whole being concentrates on the thick erection filling me to the brim, on the pleasure/pain of being stretched more than I've ever been. He pauses and allows me to adjust. Slowly, my muscles expand and with the realization of every inch that's jammed into my body, my arousal spikes and they grip Yuri even tighter.

"Oh god, Bri. You feel like heaven. Like you were made just for me." He rains kisses on my neck, chest and shoulders.

I cannot agree more.

"Okay?" he asks after a while.

I nod and still he gives me another moment to enjoy the feel of him throbbing deep in my core before he withdraws inch by agonizing inch.

He slams home again.

My nails dig into his skin and my legs tighten around him as he builds a relentless rhythm. In, hard, fast and so deep. Out, slow, torturous, making my flesh burn for more.

He pulls the front of my dress down, bringing with it the cups of my bra. My nipples are hard and pointed, more red than pink.

"Feed it to me, Brianne. Put that deliciously hard nipple in my mouth." His words send my juices rushing over his cock and my muscles fluttering. His eyes darken to black. "Hurry, Bri."

Cupping them both, I raise the left tip to his mouth. Knees bended, he leans toward my offering. He licks it like it's an ice-cream cone. Again and again.

"Fucking delicious."

He sucks in time to the advance and retreat of his hips. I try to counter his movements but his hold is unbreakable and I growl my frustration even as I mewl in enjoyment.

He lets go with a wet sound and says, "The other one."

Just as before, the sensation rushes from my breast and blooms all over my body. My skin tingles and my belly clenches with each pull of his lips. I have had my breasts played with before-pawed more like it, actually. Before, they were just inconvenient lumps that draw unwanted attention and a back strain. They definitely were not used for my enjoyment. Yuri turns them into pleasure troves but nothing compares to the carnival of sensations going on between my legs.

Yuri's hips are moving harder now. His hands grip me tighter and pull me into his thrusts, sure to leave the marks of his possession. He hits the right spot every time. Words and sounds I thought would never come from me are screamed at one turn to be whispered reverently the next. My head thrashes back and forth, the feelings he inspires too much to handle. I beg him not to stop.

"Do you know how many nights I've stayed away, knowing this hot pussy was just inches away and knowing I couldn't do anything about it?"

His hands separate the globes of my ass. I felt naughty and exposed. "Oh yes, Yuri. Right there. Right there. Fuck me harder."

The slap of skin on skin is loud. Our breathing is heavy, echoing fast-beating hearts and the rush of blood. I am trapped in his gaze, in this moment. Icy heat crawls up and down my back as a surge tightens low in my belly. There is no warning. One moment all I feel is the strength of Yuri's thrusts, the drag of his chest against my nipples, the muscles of his back working beneath my hand. Then there is darkness for a split second before I lose control of my body.

Every muscle clenches tight then I shake uncontrollably. Though my eyes are open all I see is bursts of light as the roar in my ears grows louder and louder. I grit my teeth against the assault but it cannot be denied.

I am baffled by the intensity of what is happening, only distantly aware that I have finally attained that elusive peak when the second wave hits. It's stronger than the first and I have to scream my pleasure at the ceiling as Yuri quickens his movements. Pressing me harder against the wall and spreading my thighs wider, he pounds into me like a man possessed. More explosions rock me. Vaguely I hear him roar his climax.

I come back to myself slowly. Just like mine, Yuri's breathing is still harsh. Tingles still pull my skin though at a more leisurely pattern. Yuri's weight pushes me into the wall and something tiny and sharp pricks my bottom. Despite the slight discomfort, I feel glorious. Light. Free.

Yuri strokes my hair away from my face and I open eyes I did not realize I'd closed.

"I think I can finally make it to the bed now." He hoists me a little higher and walks us to my bedroom. He is still hard and each step sends shivers through me. High on delirium, I just cling to him.

He places me on the bed and rises. We both groan when he slides from my body.

Covered with latex, he is thick and hard against his thigh. I marvel that I took something that size into my body. I cannot take my eyes off it. It bobs with his movements as he pushes the rest of his clothing away, helping me discard mine as well.

I lick my lips and slowly meet his eyes. They are shining with the renewed passion that is course through me. The used condom is replaced by a new one. Like a predator on the hunt, he crawls over me and declares, "We're far from done."


Bending over me, he licks a path from my belly button to the valley between my breasts. He pushes the soft globes against his cheeks before grabbing one then the other between his lips, sucking at the stiff buds.

My fingers clutch the pillow beneath my head and my breath comes in sharp catching puffs. Lifting his head, he stalks over my body until his lips hover above mine. Our lips meet softly and I transfer my grip to his head.

More than twelve hours have passed since we first became lovers and they have been nothing short of a dream come true. A very naughty, erotic dream that thoroughly dispelled any notion that I am incapable of orgasming with a man.

At first I was afraid the ecstasy of our first time was a fluke but the second time around, with Yuri's tongue stroking my pussy with the enthusiasm of a starving man, proved it was more than a stroke of luck. When his cock sank into me the second time, we frantically raced to the finished, the desperation to have each other still there.

Though Yuri promised the next time would be nice and slow, I had no complains when I was taken hard and fast pressed up against the tiled wall in the shower that followed. We fell into bed then and dozed until the late afternoon. We woke with grumbling stomachs and tried to hold off the bubbling desire but ended up loving intently on the table where after Yuri's bended me over the kitchen counter. While he growled his completion in my ear, I screamed his name and cursed myself for not giving into his seduction sooner.

Nice and slow did not start until the sensually tender bath we shared before settling comfortably on the living room couch. I wore nothing but a pair of panties and the top half of Yuri's pajamas while he wore the bottom. Doing nothing but being together we touched, learning the small things we missed in the day's wanton excess. Hours, minutes or seconds later, Yuri kissed me and said, "I need you again. But I'll take it slow this time, I promise."

He lifted me in his arms and now, here we are in my bedroom. The soft light cast shadows of two bodies locked in lascivious abandon and the sheet are in disarray. The pajama top is unbuttoned and invites Yuri's exploration. His hand travels over my chest, tweaking my nipples on its path down to the line of my panties. Dipping beneath the elastic band, he finds my moist heat and groans.

He disconnects our locked lips and brings his wet finger to my lips, smearing my moisture over the trembling entrance. My tongue peeked out to lick at his finger, enticing it to enter my mouth. I suck it clean thinking how much better my juice tastes mixed with his as I remember licking our mutual climax from his cock earlier.

Removing his finger, he brings us to a sitting position and discards my top. Palming my bottom, he pushes me back down to the soft sheets and moves until my crotch is level with his mouth. He licks me through my panties. My hands find purchase over his head. "Oh Yuri..."

Pushing my legs up and out, he makes love to her pussy through the fabric. Soon though, my legs are raised and the barrier is swept away. Keeping my legs positioned in the air, thighs together, he pushes them up to my chest. My pussy lips are pink, engorged and wet. He adorns them with petting licks. Long lashes sweep down and momentarily hide the pleasure in his eyes as he groans.

Yuri is so open with his delight in my body. With him I am beautiful. How can I not be when his eyes darken every time he looks at my naked body? When he was hard and ready for me with one touch, one glance? Even now, he nuzzles me, inhaling deeply and whispers reverently, "Gorgeous. You're so fucking wet for me, baby. I love the way you smell. And you taste even better."

Using my hips, he brings me to his mouth and promptly laps up my juices like a starving man. "I can't get enough."

That said, he places my heels on the mattress and my legs sprawled, adds a pillow beneath my bottom. He resumes his feast.

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