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The Urge


The Urge

Her days were busy and tiring, but still The Woman longed for something she had to wait for. She went about her daily duties of caring for her young one, the animals, and the house.

"Awe, what a sweet house wife I Am.", She said to herself semi-sarcastically, as she sweated in the heat scrubbing the floors.

The little one was at her grandparents so The Woman could get some cleaning done before The Man came home from a long week at work. The Woman worked hard to get the stains of child's play out of the carpet and to sweep up dried mud from the corners. She sweated furiously in the kitchen getting a large dinner in the oven. Despite the humid afternoon, The Woman was feeling quite fresh.

Then she remembered the living room needed to be vacuumed. She bent down to get some toys from under the couch and she felt The Urge creep up. The Woman had a secret, one she didn't tell very many. The Urge had come to her since she was very young and she never knew when it would happen. She tried to ignore it but the more she ignored it the stronger The Urge became. She kept vacuuming but still she felt the tingle and she could almost scream!

The Woman couldn't take it anymore, The Urge wins again. She rushes into the bedroom while ripping off her pants and begins to rub herself. She feels between the lips of her pussy and feels the wet and the warmth. The Urge still doesn't diminish. She keeps rubbing but she just can't satisfy The Urge that easily today.

She glances at the clock.

"FUCK." It is almost time to get the kids.

She keeps rubbing. She slips a finger in and tries to find that elusive G-spot. "Is it possible to find your own G-spot?" The Woman thinks to herself. She giggles thinking how after all the years satisfying The Urge she would be a pro at this.

She slips in a second finger. Now she is really starting to give herself the old "in-out, in-out". It feels good. The Woman feels her own warmth and wetness and she fantasizes about The Man coming in right at that moment and taking over. Then taking his hard cock and stuffing it hard and fast into her pussy. She imagines him getting harder and harder; then exploding his juices deep within her loins. She Moans.

Now she's starting to get somewhere.

The Woman slips in finger three and starts to feel herself inside, thrusting in and out, quickly. She starts to moan. Her breathing gets heavy, her legs keep twitching, and then...

The Rush.

Then she hears the front door open...

The Woman scrambles to wipe off her hand that is covered in herself. She knew that it must be The Man returning home, but just in case she needed to dress quickly. Before she could get her leg into her pant leg the bedroom door opens.

The Man looks at her and smiles. He knew he caught her doing something naughty. This made him pleased, yet jealous.

"So, what have we here? A harlot? A naughty house wife? Where's the pool boy?" The Man said jokingly.

"Oh shut it you. I didn't think you would be home yet, I needed to...well.. You know." Replied The Woman.

"Oh. I know." Said The Man.

Then he walked over to her, put his arms around her, kissed her passionately, and grabbed her ass.

"Nothing is better than coming home to hot dinner." He said and winked.

With that statement he threw The Woman onto the bed and ripped down her panties. He spread her legs open half in a hurry. This made The Woman feel The Urge all over again and she instantly started panting.

The Man began licking and his breath was warm. The Woman twitched with delight and then let out a long moan as the man thrust in two fingers. He licked harder making The Woman's legs twitch. He giggled which vibrated on her and only made The Woman feel even more like bursting right then.

He pulled his fingers out and with her wetness he stroked his hard cock. The Woman reached over and started to help. She kissed him and then put her mouth around his throbbing shaft. She sucked his cock while he fingered her pussy until The Woman couldn't take it anymore.

The Urge was strong.

She pushed the Man back onto the bed, straddled him and he thrust his cock into her with one motion. The sudden ecstasy was too much and The Woman cried out. Not in pain but rather in total and pure animalistic pleasure.

He fucked her until she came. He fucked her until he came. Deep inside her pussy, she could feel him throb and pulsate. That was her favorite moment; she liked how he moaned with each pulsation.

The Urge was content for now.

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