tagGroup SexThe Vacation

The Vacation


Jack and Linda had been working hard the last several years without even a short vacation. In January they both requested two weeks in June. In April and May they worked hard to make sure they could get away from work. They talked about going to the beach or the mountains, but just couldn't decide.

In the middle of May Jack brought home a brochure about a naturist resort. It was a long drive, but it sounded like fun. There was a lake, three swimming pools, tennis, mini golf, volley ball, a spa, a weight room and a game room. In their last year of college they went to a nudist resort for a weekend. They often talked about going again, but work always got in the way.

They decided to go to the nudist resort. The week before leaving they made a list of what to take and mapped out a route. They were both anxious to spend a week at the resort naked.

At thirty six they have both gained a few pounds. Jack is 5'11" 240. He has a little spare tire in the mid section. His thighs and calves are muscular. He has short brown hair and a neatly trimmed goatee.

Linda is 5'7" 160 pounds. Her work as an accountant keeps her busy. She has large round breast that sag a little. She has a little extra weight at her stomach, thighs and butt.

Three days before they were going to leave, Jack and Linda were doing dishes, when the phone rang. It was a friend of Jack's from college, Rick Thomas. He and a girlfriend had gone with Jack and Linda to the nudist resort 11 years earlier. Jack talked awhile, before hanging up he said, ok see you then.

After hanging up, he explained to Linda their trip was off. Rick got laid off. He got a nice severance package and wanted to relax before looking for work. Linda was disappointed, but she was good at rolling with the punches. She suggested they just relax at the house while Rick is here.

Friday afternoon Jack got off work early to pick up Rick at the airport. It had been four years since Jack had seen Rick. Even though their vacation was being cancelled, he was glad to see him. Jack was surprised to see him walking up with a tall red head.

She was five ten or eleven with a full figure. She had on a red tank top that showed the top of her cleavage. Her tan shorts showed her long legs. She had freckles on her beautiful face and round breasts. Jack caught himself looking at her longer then he should have.

Rick held out his hand to shake Jack's and said,

"Hey Jack I'd like you to meet Tina. At the last minute she decided to come along."

Jack said, hello to Tina and told Rick he was glad to see him. The conversation on the way back to Jack and Linda's was about college and what everyone's been doing since. When they arrived, Linda was home from work. They relaxed and got to know each other. they went out to dinner and dancing at a night club. They made it back a little after midnight.

Walking into the house, Rick looked at Linda and said,

"Jack tells me you were taking some time off. Did you have any plans?"

Linda answered, "We were talking about going to a nudist resort, but don't worry about ruining our plans at least we are getting away from work."

Tina asked, "Have you been to a nudist resort before?"

"Yes, but it was a long time ago. Rick went with us."

In a tone of excitement, Tina said,

"I have often wondered what it would be like to go to a place like that."

Jack looked at Rick, then at Tina and Linda and said, "How about we get naked and get a little taste of what it's like?"

there was a short silence then Tina said, "Sure."

Linda and Rick both agreed. After everyone was naked a few minutes, Tina said,

"Why not call the resort and see if they have another room and we can all four go."

Linda called and set it up. They would leave at noon and be there by five. Linda picked up her and Jack's glass and said,

"Anyone else need a refill?"

Tina grabbed her and Rick's glass and said,

"I'll give you a hand."

The girls went around the corner. Jack noticed Rick looking at their bare butts. He looked at Rick and said,

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck Linda?"

"Oh yeah, but I bet Tina would get jealous."

Coming back in, Tina heard the tail end of the conversation. She asked,

"What would I get jealous about?"

Rick answered, "If I had sex with Linda."

Linda looked at Rick, then at Jack. She watched Tina like she knew what she was going to do next. Tina got up and started walking towards Jack. Jack looked at her breasts, then her bald pussy. Jack was getting turned on. Tina's pussy was shaved except for a small patch above her pussy. Sitting next to Jack, Tina reached for his seven inch cock, and said,

"I wouldn't get jealous if I had someone to keep me busy."

Tina leaned down and started sucking Jack's cock. Jack leaned back and enjoyed it. Looking across the room, Rick was on his knees licking Linda's pussy. Linda was on the love seat moaning with pleasure.

Playing with Tina's large round breasts, Jack was close to cuming. He got her attention. Motioning for her to move, Jack got into position to lick her pussy. after licking her pussy for a short time, Tina started to moan. Moving her hips, she started cuming.

Climbing on the couch, Jack placed his cock at Tina's wet opening. Sliding his cock in and out, he got a rhythm going. Tina was meeting every stroke.

Jack looked across the room Linda and Rick were in a sixty nine. Linda was moaning with pleasure. Jack could tell from her sounds she was close to cuming.

Tina moved on her side. Putting her leg high in the air. Jack grabbed her leg and slid his cock deep in her pussy. That position gave him the angle to penetrate her deep. A short time later they both started cuming.

Linda changed position to let Rick fuck her doggie style. Grabbing her hips, he started thrusting faster. Linda was moaning louder, she was close to a third orgasm. All sweaty, Rick started cuming. Linda screamed with pleasure enjoying a couch splitting orgasm.

They sat up for another hour talking about the trip tomorrow. Jack showed Rick and Tina to the spare bedroom. Crawling in bed, Jack and Linda could hear Rick and Tina exercising the bed springs.

Linda threw off the covers and started sucking and licking Jack's cock. Jack moved to a sixty nine position. Changing positions again, Jack slid his cock in Linda's pussy. A long sweaty fuck and they both came. They drifted off to sleep.

In the morning they packed a few things and left. The drive didn't seem that long. They had dinner before checking in. At the resort they had a choice between a cabin by the lake or a motel near the pool.

Considering the motel had a television and the cabin didn't; they chose the motel. Jack figured if things got slow they could watch baseball on television. They had rooms that were side by side with a connecting door.

They started by taking a couple of canoes out on the lake. Stopping in the middle of the small lake, Jack said,

"Oh this is nice being out on the lake naked."

they spent the rest of the evening in the pool and the game room. A little before midnight they went back to their rooms. On the way back Rick made a comment about seeing the girls get it on.

Going into Jack and Linda's room, they sat down to talk. They talked about the resort, sports, work and where Rick was going to work.

Tina and Linda went into Tina's room to refill their wine glasses. Linda returned first. The guys had refilled their glasses with bourbon and seven that was in Jack's room.

Setting a large vibrator behind her on the bed, Tina said,

"What did someone say about seeing me and Linda have sex.?"

Before anyone could answer, Tina said,

"Come here Linda let's experiment."

A little timid and unsure, Linda got up. At the edge of the bed Tina reached out and caressed Linda's large round breasts. Tina was taking charge. She motioned for Linda to lie down. Moving closer to Linda, Tina started sucking Linda's left tit. she slid her hand down her stomach, caressed her hip, then moved to massage her butt.

Moving to suck on her other tit, Tina moved closer. then slid her hand to Linda's pussy. Linda's pussy was moist and getting wetter. Tina moved her fingers around the folds, looking for the right spot. she knew she found it when Linda started to moan. Tina moved between Linda's legs. She turned on the vibrator, it made a loud humming noise.

Tina put the vibrator to the top of Linda's pussy. The vibrator changed tones every time she moved it. Linda moaned louder. She was close to cuming. with the vibrator still there, Tina moved in to lick Linda's pussy. As she came a third time, she screamed with pleasure. Linda's orgasm shook her upper thighs; she grabbed Tina's head and screamed louder. Tina moved to lay her head on Linda's stomach.

Linda's juices were all over Tina's lips, chin and cheeks. Linda and Tina lay on the bed and relaxed. Rick and Jack moved to the other bed.

Linda slowly reached for Tina's breast. Squeezing one then the other, it was exciting touching a woman for the first time. Tina rolled over, looking at the ceiling; she was hoping Linda would reach between her legs. Linda rubbed her stomach. slowly she ran her fingers over Tina's small patch of red hair.

Linda picked up the vibrator. Turning it on, she rubbed it between Tina's legs. Tina was moaning, she was close to cuming. rubbing the vibrator across the top of Tina's pussy, Linda leaned closer. Extending her tongue, she licked Tina's pussy. It was wet. Tina started to squirm, she was cuming.

Linda licked Tina's pussy again. With more zest she ate Tina's pussy, while rubbing the vibrator on her outer folds. The vibrator vibrated Linda's chin, she almost jumped. Another movement of the vibrator and Tina had a bed shaking orgasm. Tina screamed and reached for Linda's head near her pussy.

After relaxing, the girls got up to refill their wine glasses. Returning to the room, Tina said,

"Sorry if I made you do something you didn't want to. You are so beautiful and after Rick said that about watching us, it turned me on so much."

Sitting down at the chairs next to the table, Linda said,

"I've often wondered what it would be like. I guess you can tell it was my first time. Don't be sorry. I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the next time. Maybe then I will be more comfortable.

Tina and Rick went back to their room. Linda and Jack sprawled out on their bed. Linda started licking and sucking Jack's cock. Jack turned around and started licking Linda's pussy. After she came once, she got up. Pushing Jack on his back, she climbed on him and started riding his cock until he came.

Lying back to relax, they could hear sounds of passion coming from the next room.

Over the next week Rick, Tina, Linda and Jack had fun at the resort. During the day and evening they would enjoy the recreation of the resort. During the late evening they were exploring each other in every position.

At the end of their stay at the resort, Rick decided to look for a job close to Jack and Linda. Tina agreed to move with him.

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