tagGay MaleThe Vacation House Ch. 21

The Vacation House Ch. 21


Sleep eludes me, it's my fault, no doubt about that. How the hell am I supposed to go through with this crazy idea, I'm not really going to act this out am I? Hell no! Wait, I promised, agreed to go along with this wild fantasy role play, well sorta.

The sound of soft breathing drifts down to my ears from the bunk above, it's hypnotic, stimulating, horrifying! I've got to figure some way out of this situation and fast.

My eyes catch the first break of dawn, heart begins to race, pounding pressure inside my head makes my ears burn, chest swells, damn it, my dick's swells too. Right hand grabs hold of rising flesh, squeezes it, control's it's movement, pushes it against tight muscles just above my V shaped hip line, teases my belly button , a drip of pre-cum releases from the head of my youthful manhood.


"Whoa, what the heck?"

Startled out of my whits, I fixate on Tag's crotch, inches in front of my nose. His leap from the berth above takes me by surprise, replaced as quickly by panic.

"C'mon you, we've got a big day ahead of us, get your lazy ass up and meet me in the kitchen, PRONTO says Tonto."

Already? He's starting already? I wish he'd just slow the heck down, let me adjust to this.

"Oh yeah, ha, ha, ha, Tonto made a funny, what did you do, stay up all night thinking that ditty up did you?"

"Nope, came to me, just like that!"

Right in my face, Tag sticks his ham sized hand right in front of me, snaps his fingers with such force that I am momentarily deafened. I sit up just as quickly, grabbing at his extended hand, wraps my long fingers around his wrist, pulls him off balance. He lands on top of me, an elbow to my stomach knocks the wind out of me, gasps for air while his bulk pins me to the thin mattress is not exactly how I had anticipated starting the day. He rolls to his side, laughs, slaps my back side and gets up to his feet.

"I told you, get up, don't get me started or there will be hell to pay."

He sounds serious, serious enough for me to take notice, he seems bigger than normal. OK, I'm laying down, he's standing up, of course he looks bigger but damn, he sure looks bigger, like everywhere!

Tag turns toward the bedroom door, pulls it toward him, the depth of silence flooding the room makes my skin go all goose bumps. I shiver, pulls the sheet up over my head, ignores his demand. Footsteps, not so softly shuffle toward me, pretending to hide under the covers, as if that somehow is going to protect me from my new tormentor's wrath. Wham! The force of the pillow swung at my thinly veiled head is followed by a hand grabbing at my ankle, yanks me out of my hiding place, my butt hits the floor with a mighty THUD!

"HEY! That hurt!"

"Well, the next time I give you a directive, you'll jump when I say jump, now won't you? And that is a rhetorical question, now get your lazy ass up, I'll be in the bathroom putting a few things together for our little adventure. I'm telling you this Robbie, you are gonna LOVE THIS!"

Love this? I'm already dreading what is about to happen. What the hell am I going to do when my Dad walks in and finds me trussed up like some Thanksgiving Turkey? He's gonna know for sure that I went back on my word, spilled my guts out to Tag. I promised him that I would never, ever tell anyone about what goes on between the two of us.

Wait, wait a second, I didn't let this out first, Dad must have confided in Lee long before I told Tag. Yeah, this is not going to be some sort of beat down on Robbie time, well, we'll see who has the last laugh, if he starts in on me about breaking my promise, I'm gonna give him the old pot calling the kettle black crap that he likes to use on me. Talk about guilt, yeah, we'll see who is going to wind up eating their words.

Getting up off the floor is a little more of a deal than I had thought it might be. My body is sore, my dick is rock hard, WOW, I must have just given Tag one hell of a show, sitting on my bare ass, legs splayed, prick jutting out like a telephone pole. Wait, he was laughing, was he laughing at me because he thought it was funny that I was yanked out of bed or was he laughing at me cause he thinks I've got a small penis? I don't have a small penis, no, I'm a bit larger than the average that I've read about. No way, he couldn't have been laughing because of that. Wait, he does have more in the pocket than I do, maybe he was laughing at me, shit.

I grab at the cloths worn the evening before, they are piled up on the chair next to the desk. Rushes to get dressed, stumbles out into the hallway, heads toward the bathroom. Gotta take a leak, man am I going to have a rough time with that, rock hard, bladder filled, one of them is going to have to give first, I'm just not sure which one though.

Enters the guest bathroom, see's Tag standing with his back to me, I'm pretty sure it's going to be the hard on that goes first. His reflection in the mirror over the vanity brings embarrassment for the first time, I've never felt ashamed in front of Tag before, not for any reason. Sure, I've been upset, angry, happy, even sometimes a bit turned on by him but embarrassed? Never. Drops my gaze to the items laid out on the counter top, see's normal objects, razor, shaving gel, a bottle of Dr. Bronner Peppermint Pure Castile Soap, an electric wet dry razor, what the heck is up with all these razors? Oh, wait a second, idiot, what am I thinking?

"So, you finally decided to get up did you? Well, I have a little surprise here for you. Just think of this as your early birthday present and don't say I never gave you anything."

He holds up a rectangular rubber object with a small tube dangling from the bottom of it. My eyes follow the length of the tubing, a small plastic object caps off the hose, it's smooth, white and has a small hole at the end. Tag pulls off a small tab at the top of the red rubber object.

"What the heck is that?"

My heart races as it hits me, I know what THAT is. Guess we are going through with our plan after-all, no time like the present, huh?

"You know full well what this is young man, now you just stand there and be quiet while I perform a little magic here."

The smile that reflects in the mirror, the snicker that escapes Tag's unshaven face all give meaning to the term "scared shitless."

The faucet handles are turned in opposite directions, flowing water pours from the spigot, the soft rubber bag is held beneath the running stream of luke warm liquid as it rushes toward the bottom of the sink. The bag begins to expand, extending downward toward the drain, weight pulls the "O" shaped handle Tag's fingers are hooked around. He pulls the bloated bag away from the stream of water, turns each of the handles to their off position. His motion towards the bottle of Dr. Bronners soap causes me to cock my head to the side, what the heck is that for? It's another one of those "duh" moments, a bit slow on the up take this morning, for sure. A small amount of the Peppermint Pure Castile Soap is added to the rubber bottle of warm water, Tag picks up the smooth plastic end piece that attaches to the tube, flicks a little object where the two connect, water gushes up into the air only to create a small arc, splashes into the bottom of the basin, the soapy liquid disappears down the drain.

"OK young man, over here, bend over and no lip out of you."

I move forward to where I have just been directed toward, a large hand pushes against the middle of my back causing me to lean forward, my big skaters bubble butt juts out in a very precarious way. My shorts are pulled down, boxer briefs soon follow. Cool air caresses my quivering out thrust rump. Fingers grip my left butt cheek, pulls forcefully, feels a smooth warm object as it moves up and down the exposed crack of my ass. Instinctively my ass hole tightens, the lubricated object is not swayed, determined to find it's target, slides very slowly into my spasm-ed opening, passing my sphincter, a sudden flood of warmth fills my bowels, damn I have to go.

"Now listen to me boy, you hold your water, you hold it tight hear me? Not a drop, not one single drop is to pass that hole of yours, not until I say it can. You got me?"

What the hell have I gotten myself into? I have to go, BAD! Dances side to side from foot to foot, leaning forward, I hold tight to the hardware behind the sink basin, a handle in each hand, death grip if there ever were one. Holds the pressure inside my gut, it threatens to escape, tenses, pulls my strength from everywhere in my body, directs it all, every ounce of focus I can muster to the small plastic object lodged deep inside my strangling butt hole.

"C'mon man, I've got to go, please? PLEASE?"

Lifts my head, looks at Tag's reflection in the mirror. His outstretched hand disappears behind me, a look of determination on his face sends doubt that my plea is going to be granted. The statue like stillness of the large figure behind me makes a move, his right arm pulls back, the feel of warm liquid runs down between my legs. OH GOD, please don't do it now, please, I swear, I'll be good, just let it all stay in, just a little longer.

"You, get your ass on that toilet, NOW!"

Swinging my backside the few feet to my right gives me a reasonable belief that relief is within my reach. The cool seat of the toilet meets my hard butt cheek, thankfully the seat cover had already been lifted otherwise this could have ended very bad. I look up at Tag's handsome face, his smile, bright white teeth, each one glistening, taunts me, tortures me, that smile, damn him and that smile of his!


Sound escapes me, the rush of liquid floods out of my bowels, the force of it all nearly causing me to pass out. Feels as if every organ in my body had just been flushed out of me, dumped down the waiting pot on which I sit. Relief, spurt after spurt, just tries to push out every single drop forced into me, I just want it all out, NOW! Wads up a handful of toilet paper, pushes a little bit more, just a little insurance, just in case. Wipes gently, oh god, this has got to be the softest toilet paper I have ever used, man, thank god for little favors.

Continues to sit on the toilet, no more embarrassment, this is pure humiliation. My head hangs forward, tears, blinks from the burn of saline, droplets of tears splash onto my bare thighs. The shower door opens next to me, looks up, see's Tag lean in. He turns the handles, water pours from the shower head, steam rises quickly, fills the room with dampness, warmth envelopes me, I relax a little, comfort cloaks me, lulls me into a false sense of security.

"UP! C'mon, we don't have all day, gonna get you all nice and smooth, yeah, like a babies behind. That's right, up, get in that shower, make sure you stay on the right side, I don't want you crowding me when I get in there."

Looks up at my best friend, yeah, this is my BFF, listen to that bastard giving me orders as if I was his personal toy, guess that is EXACTLY what I am, his Boi Toy. I stand up slowly, still unsure if there just might happen to be a little bit of soapy liquid ready to escape my insides. Takes the few steps, enters the shower stall, moving to the far right side, leans against the cold glass enclosure. Drops my head forward allows the hot water to cascade over my crew cut hair, down my back, over my bulging butt until it mingles with the other rivulets of water flowing over sore shoulders.

Just outside the glass enclosure, Tag's moving form brings me back to the here and now. My secure feeling is replaced by anticipation. He leans forward, braces himself as he stands on one foot, then the other in order to remove his white Calvin Klein briefs, they are tossed unceremoniously onto the counter top of the vanity. I squint to see as much of him possible, the rising steam that hits the bottom of the shower stall is causing the clear glass walls of the enclosure to fog, I can't make out his entire figure but what I can see has me popping one hell of a boner in seconds.

"All right, you've done well, good boy, now make room for Tonto, we've got some boy scaping to perform. Oh, looky, looky here, Robbies got a big one, mighty big as a matter of fact, not as big as ole Tonto's but more than a mouthful I'd have to say."

As breath escapes me, my head snaps back, hot, steaming water runs over my lightly hair covered chest, down over my washboard abs, fills my belly button only to rush down, out over the length of my jutting dick, it pours off the end in a waterfall of pleasure. I'm so filled with the feeling of pride at hearing the words Tag has offered. My fears of size inadequacy washed away, replaced with throbbing pride. The gel being spayed from the nozzle of the can of Edge Shaving Gel that is being held by my friend gives me tingles deep inside my balls, my penis jumps a few pulses, my butt hole twitches with excitement, oh, this really is becoming something I can get into.

Tag puts the can of shave gel onto a small bench built into the shower stall. There are several objects along side it, the manual razor, electric razor, shampoo, conditioner, Dr. Bronners Peppermint Pure Castile Soap and a round blue nylon luffa puff. He turns toward me, we are face to face, dick to dick, his juts forward, even larger, ever thicker, yeah, just BIGGER than mine, just not as handsome as mine is. There's a curve to his, a good 2" to the right, big ass angry veins, blue, purple, red nearly pop out from beneath the skin. Jesus Christ, that thing is cut! He's that big and circumscribed too? Images how big it would have been had he been left in his natural state, Jesus Christ!

A forceful pull from behind my left shoulder has me spinning around, face plastered hard against the cold glass wall. My boner slaps the enclosure, pain from my sensitive penis shoots clear through every nerve. Guttural noise is forced out of my throat followed by a gulp of air then out again. The feeling of shave gel being applied to my shoulders, down my back, across the rounds of my butt, my head spinning. I can hardly breath, wishes for this feeling to never end. The razor is gently applied to my the nape of my neck, slow even strokes from the edge of my hairline all the way down to the underside of my glutes.

Tag's touch is gentle, passionate, his free hand placed upon my hip presses me against the glass. I want more, with every new stroke of the razors blade generates electric shocks to my groin. My newly cleansed insides tighten, there is simply nothing left, I contract my muscles, flex quads as more shave gel is applied the length of my legs.

I'm spun around again, my freshly denuded back side presses firmly against the enclosure. More gel, Tag's wide palm gently plays over my peck's, down my stomach, lingers for a moment, engulfs my entire gentile area. My balls, rock hard penis wrapped tightly in his grip. He pulls forcefully, my body arches toward him, lips nearly touch, hot breath forced out of his nostrils burn into my skin.

"You love this don't you? Tell me, you love this?"

The hand around my crotch tightens again, yanks, the direction of pull moves upward. I look down at my straining hard on and darkening balls as they are being nearly ripped away from my pelvis.

"Yes! OH GOD YES! PLEASE? PLEASE do what you want, it's yours, I'm yours, what ever you want, it's yours."

My pleading voice echo's off the shower stall walls. The sudden release leaves me panting, grabbing at my very sensitive private parts. The razor barely touches my shoulder, in an even, slow decent heads directly for the mound of pubic hair surrounding my engorged penis. I close my eyes, allows a flood of water to fill my mouth, gargles, drops my head forward in order to spit out the contents. Watches as the razor approaches the years of puberty and maturing manhood as it is threatened with elimination. Bracing myself, palms flat, fingers splayed, quads tighten in preparation of the assault by my domination. The razor stops just as it touches the very edge of the curly gold forest of pubic hair.

Tag turns, bends forward exposing his massive man ass, the tremendous depth of his ass crack defined in dark hair growing from between the mounds of muscular flesh. Urge to drop to my knees and bury my face between his boulder butt is so over-whelming that I nearly forget that I had been given a directive, to only do as I am told. My mouth waters, I have to close my eyes, force myself not to give into my base desire, to shove my tongue between Tag's cheeks, find his week spot, exploit him for my own purpose.

"So, you like that, don't you boy?"

Caught, snagged, Tag snaps his head over his shoulder, seems to be reading my mind. He looks down at my raging hard on, then back up at my face.

"Yeah, you think I don't know what you were just looking at boy? I'm onto you, you little brat. You keep that thing to yourself, nothing gets touched, nothing, not-ta, that is unless I do the touching or give you permission to touch, even yourself. You understand me boy?"

Holy shit, I don't know if I am going to be able to control myself long enough, not even allowed to touch myself? The blood has already rushed from my head to my penis, there's no telling how much longer I am going to be able to withstand this torture. Turns my head to the sides, pushing my chin into my large shoulder, attempts to keep my mind on the sound of the water as it bounces off the bottom of the shower stall. This is going to be damned near impossible, no doubt about that.

"Click, BUZZ."

The Panasonic Wed Dry razor is brought to life, it's vibrating blade attachment tingles and taunts the edge of my pubic area, without delay, slow swaths of hair are being clipped away. The feeling of being naked takes on a new meaning, I feel so vulnerable, so damned naked, so, young. My ball sack is gently lifted, Tag forces his free hand between my legs, they follow his guidance, my stance is altered until he now kneels down, twists his torso in order to look upward, guiding the clipper attachment along the insides of my thighs, takes the back side of his hand, pushes my ball sack upward, exposes the area between the underside of my testicles, taint and the very opening of my swollen ass-hole.


I could not help it, I simply blurt it out, from inside and out over the lips. I regretted it the second I recognized my voice, Jesus Christ, now what?

"So, you're into this boy, huh, told you, you'd love it, just don't think this gives you the go ahead to say anything more. Not a word out of you, hear me? Nod if you understand me boy, I've got a little more work on you before we can allow you to be put out for exhibition."

Man, I just got away with one there, me with all of my bits and pieces in his hands, a clipper cutting away between heaven and more heaven, this could have all gone bad. I feel so insecure, no longer able to control my emotions, my actions, the flood of self pride must have been flushed out of me along with that bag of warm soapy water.

Fingertips being pressed between the cheeks of my ass force me to focus on the buzz of the clipper again, the falling water no longer enough a distraction.


No more buzz, no touch, continues to keep my eyes looking away from what ever Tag is doing. The cool feel of the shower gel being applied all around my crotch, a forceful push to the left moves me out of the falling spray of water. A shiver runs up and down me, I'm enveloped in a foamy blanket of activated Edge Shaving Gel as it becomes foam from the gentle application administered by a large firm open hand.


The cool touch of the 3 blade head of the Panasonic Electric Wet Dry razor moving over my skin sends me over the edge. My penis has reached it's limit, tries in vain to over-ride natures eventual outcome, the head of my dick nearly explodes from it's shaft as shot after shot, long streaming hot burning liquid seed gushes out of the distended opening. Long white strands of semi translucent cum splatters against Tag's tight washboard abs.

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