tagMind ControlThe Valedictorian

The Valedictorian


By Desiree and Jasmine Fox

DAMSEL Approved

Katsumiko Fredrikson, daughter of Sumi and Fred was enjoying her eighteenth birthday party, In her favorite Cos-play outfit plus the face painting and fun games that her Mom had come up with.

Though her 'Friends' did not seem to be enjoying it much. No Candy, Bambi, Carol, Mary and Roanna, were actually there to plot, as they each had their eyes on being Valedictorian, or one if the guys, either Manny the top swimmer in the state and on his way to the next Olympics. Or Harry , Point guard for the State Champs Basketball team with Offers from UCLA Kentucky, USC, and many other big time Basketball colleges. The girls could not understand why these two bothered with Katsy as she was always in baggy sweats, they may be school colors, and today she was wearing a 'Hamster' Costume saying "Fumufu!"

What they really did not know about their 'Friend' was that as well as growing to 6 foot 2 she had also matured in all the right places, but Miko was very embarrassed by her new assets and did her best to hide them. She looked like a larger version of her mom being a foot taller with the same proportions, except their waists were the same size 21 inches.

Only Harry and Manny were still friendly, and though her 'girlfriends' may complain about her clothing they all still studied together. The boys wanted to get closer to her much closer and were sure they wanted to find out what she was hiding under those baggy sweats. After all she was always an exotic beauty, even though she looked like a twelve year old body wise. Miko was a great dancer and they had been there next to her learning martial art's from her mother the favorite MILF in the neighborhood.

So the conniving friends had pooled their money getting their 'Friend' 6 weeks with a 'Personal' Trainer, specializing in pole dancing, a makeover and an entry into an amateur dance contest. They were sure the drugs they had bought for the last step would ensure that Katsy would drop out soon afterward, leaving the Five girls with the best shot at taking up the mantel as Valedictorian.

Everything had been carefully disguised, and at the last moment they would take their 'Friend' Katsy to the new venue for the Dance contest giving her the bottle of tea with the drugs on the way. Then they could put Katsy into her special costume.

At the end of the party , Manny and Harry had stuck around to help Miko out of her costume, she was so happy, the gifts had been so personal, and perfect, thankfully the new Bra's her Parents had bought her were already put away, well except for the sports bra she was wearing to keep her new attributes under control. Miko had gained 4 cup sizes since Christmas, the Doctor had said it was unusual, but not unheard of.

The Boys were about to learn of Miko's new voluptuous figure, as she always did have a very thin waist, but her hips had almost gained as many inches as she had put on up top. It was obvious to Miko that it had to be from her Fathers side of the Family as Miko's Mother was a very petite woman with comparably normal size breasts.

The rest of the guests had left, as Manny and Harry finally wrestled the suit off of Miko the turned to see their Friend, dressed as they had never seen before. A silky body suit that showed every womanly curve. They stood there mouths open sweat dropped expressions.

Miko looked at her 'boy' friends they were frozen in place drooling, "Um guys please you're scaring me." Both boys finally new that as hot as Miko's mother was the daughter was hotter, they both zeroed in on making Miko their next target. Though each boy new that they had to play it cool.

Harry was quickest to respond, "Sorry Miko it's just last time we say you in anything that body tight was at the pool in your swimsuit." the boys had always called her Miko as that was what she preferred. Something that always bothered her about her 'girlfriends' always calling her Miko even after she had made her preference known.

Manny gave a low whistle, "Damn Miko you are hot, lets go out maybe to dinner and a Movie Friday night." Manny, had run his hand through his hair, and straightened up so he stood to his full 5 foot 11 inches with a very bright smile. Manny loved hugging her his face buried in those huge tits.

Miko was amazed and before she could answer 6 foot 5 inch tall Harry asked, "Would you please go to the Art museum and dinner with me on Saturday, dear Miko?". Harry was almost jealous of Manny though when they hugged he felt Miko's entire body against his.

The two boys looked at each other trying to figure out how they were going to become number one with this Babe that had always just been a friend. Miko giggled, "I shall, go out with both my young suitors. Just make sure you explain to my Mom what your intentions are." Both boys paled, ass not only was Mrs Fredrikson the Hottest MILF in the city, she was also the most dangerous as she was some amazing Hidden Dragon ninja.

Mrs Fredrikson came through the door, sharp eyed, "Just what do you to have planned for my Katsumiko?"

Both young men, were flummoxed "Um, ah, ...." Finally Harry got it together, "I will treat her as I would hope others treat my sister Candy." he saw that Mrs Fredrikson started to react, as Candy had a bit of a reputation as a slut. "Um, as I would treat my Good friend Miko with respect and Honor." He really wanted to believe that Miko may have some of the slut in her after all the other girls in his sisters circle of friends had been easy to fuck.

Manny saw the fortune in keeping quiet, "I to would treat my Dear Friend Miko with Respect and Honor." Harry chucked him on the shoulder and Mrs Fredrikson and Miko giggled. He also hoped that his sisters slutty friends had rubbed off on Miko.

Mrs Fredrikson remarked, "Well If little Sumiko," she winked, "Okay, young, as she is far from being little for some time now. If she decides to Kiss you that is fine, but if I find you forced anything on her, well lets just say I can be very unpleasant."

The Party had ended just before 5pm, as they always had a Family dinner on birthdays, though this year, many of the family could not get home. At least her favorite Aunt Kasumi would be there. "Mom since it is just going to be the 4 of us can I invite Manny and Harry to stay for Dinner?" She wanted to have a chance to see what this was like having a boyfriend.

Every one had been amazed when Katsumiko had come back downstairs with her Aunt Kasumi. Katsumiko had a red kimono style knee length dress on. Her hair was loose and flowed down to mid calf, the lustrous blue black hair almost sparkling as it flowed around her. With red sandals that made her look so very elegant. The dress was tight, and emphasized her large bust, thin waist and generous hips. Katsumiko's family and friends were stunned by her beauty, that she had been hiding that Aunt Kasumi had uncovered.

They had a very nice dinner and as Manny and Harry were accepted as suitors. Miko found herself feeling strangely happy when her parents called them suitors. Katsumiko shocked remembering her visage in the mirror. The dress reached her knees but this was the most leg she had shown since she was 12. That had been the last time she had worn a skirt for her birthday dinner.

Katsumiko leaned down to kiss Manny chastely on the lips, she felt a spark in her a quick hug. Thank you for coming and I look forward to our date on Friday, if you wish I will see if my Aunt has some flats that go with one of the outfits she brought."

Even though Katsumiko was now 7 inches taller, he replied, "No not at all, Babe you look so hot in heels." At the moment he would do anything she asked, as he found he really wanted to explore this sexy bitch.

Katsumiko Smiled and hugged him a bit tighter, with another kiss lightly on the lips. "Till tomorrow then Be here at 5 Sharp." Manny somehow adjusted his cock without the parents noticing, he thought.

Manny without thinking smiled, "Sure Kitten." he blushed hoping that only Miko had heard his mistake.

Katsumiko was pleased, with it but not sure how to answer, so whispered in his ear, "Kitten? That's cute." She turned Manny and sent him on his way out the door.

Katsumiko turned to Harry saw a sparkle in his eyes. Kissing him lightly on the lips at first but Harry pressed in turning it into a hot french kiss with a hug that went from tentative to intimate exploration. "Well that's a little fast sweetie, bet you do not see eye to eye with many dates." Miko giggled, as she moved Harry's hands off her ass and right breast.

Harry Smiled he had also felt a spark from what seemed like a short moment that their lips had touched and bodies entwined. There her ass and tits were the best of any of the circle. "I can understand why there might be some to call you Kitten but you are a Tigress. For now I call you friend if we are lucky maybe soon we will be Lovers."

Now Katsumiko blushed, she demurely looked down, and blushed even more seeing Harry's pants tenting out. Miko quickly looked to the left, Then Looked up to say something. Both boys had huge members though Harry's had seemed bigger, was She ready for that.

Harry took advantage and kissed her again their lips open and pressed together. Harry did not snake his tongue into Miko's mouth letting her take that move if she wished. Then he felt Miko's arms go around his neck and her tongue tentatively explore Harry's teeth and tongue. They dry humped each other as they lost track of where they were. Miko suddenly realized they were not really in a private place pushing Harry back breaking the kiss.

Harry looked at Miko with desire "I look forward to our date on Saturday, will be here at 11 am to pick up my Princess. The Museum opens at noon and we should have a little lunch before we go."

Katsumiko Smiled, "Yes that sounds like a good plan. Goodnight Harry." as she opened the door.

Harry Gave her a quick hug be fore he stepped out the door, "Good night Miko, pleasant dreams, see you at school Princess." Katsumiko was amazed at how she felt, her friends were now 'boyfriends', her body tingled, yet she did not know what it all meant.

At school the next day Harry and Manny were disappointed as Miko was back in baggy sweats and her hair braided instead of loose and flowing like it had been the night before. Katsumiko's 'girlfriends' laughed at her behind her back not knowing the beauty hidden behind her baggy clothes. They also were disappointed that she refused to hug or kiss either of them.

At lunch Candy and the girls were gossiping as usual, but stopped to study once Katsy arrived. "Katsy dear don't forget Monday is the first day of the Aerobics class, you want to ride with us?"

Katsumiko was as usual bothered by the Katsy nickname but let it slide, "That would be nice. Could you give me a ride home as well if you don't have plans." Miko new that they would probably go to the Mall after but hoped they might be nice and drop her off at home.

Roanna offered, "you could come to the mall with us and then home afterward." the look on Miko's face made her laugh knowing what she would say was about to say.

Katsumiko shook her head, "No I have to get home to help with dinner and I need to study. Thank you for asking me to go to the mall though." She was afraid to let them see what she really looked like. Katsumiko had heard the cutting remarks they made about the other girls. So she felt it best to just keep hiding, after all they had all laughed so hard last summer at her one piece swimsuit.

Katsumiko breezed through the rest of the day, hearing the usual rude comments, "Out of the way, look at that and what freaky, tall bitch." Her Date tonight was the main thing that made it all disappear. Though the thought of the date did not stop her as she finished the tests in an average of 20 minutes each. Which gave her time to think about what she would wear. Auntie Kasumi had brought her so many new clothes and so many colors.

There were 6 kimono dresses, in different colors and scenes depicted. 3 were knee length and 3 stopped about mid-thigh. Katsumiko was not sure if she was ready for it but her mind had settled on the Red one with the golden Dragon motif, it was one of the sort ones, and there was a pair of strappy gold sandals that had a 3 inch heel. Miko was sure that Manny would appreciate the outfit.

Come Sunday , Katsumiko had two wonderful dates to bask in, she had worn just lipstick for both dates, and worn a longer dress for the date with Harry. Both boys had tried to get into her panties, but she had been able to put them off. Though she had enjoyed having her breasts played with both boys had brought her to several orgasms from kissing and playing with hr breasts. Miko was wondering if she was ready to wear some of the new leotards and yoga pants. She decided to park them and decide once she was there.

Monday went by pretty fast she was bust Tutoring a group in math so missed her friends at lunch. Katsumiko almost missed the girls leaving for the Aerobics class. Though it was a show they put on.

The girls all talked about their weekends, and Roanna mentioned "I can not believe my brother Manny out with a Hot Japanese porn-star, I'd have said model except for the rack she had."

Candy laughed, "Really, Harry was out with one that sounds just like that."

Carol wondered, "Why would a porn-star date your brothers, sure they are the hottest guys in school. But they are in High School."

Candy and Roanna gagged, "MY BROTHER IS NOT SO HOT." They looked at each other and giggled till the car stopped outside a sort of rundown building.

As the girls piled out of the SUV, Katsumiko asked, "Are you guys sure this is the right place looks sort of scary." She grabbed her bag even though she had already decided to not change into her new gear, and texted her mom the address and time they were to be finished.

Bambi led them to a side door, inside it was all mirrors, poles and flashing lights over what looked like a white linoleum floor. Katsumiko had been worried till she saw Bambi's sister Danielle, though she did not now she had been working as a stripper since she had graduated 2 years ago.

Danielle was in on the plan as she had been embarrassed by Katsumiko during Physics class by the then freshman. "Well girls get into your workout clothes. Then I will go over some basic moves then we will tun the music on and get in hopefully 30 minutes of practice."

Katsumiko watched her friends strip down. Each of her friends seemed to have some brightly colored outfit, Candy ad Bambi even wore pumps with three inch heels, which was close to Danielle's footwear. Miko was too embarrassed, and just changed from her ballet flats to her aerobic shoes.

Danielle remarked, "I expect you all to be in at least three inch heels by the second week. Katsy, you may get awfully warm in those sweats."

Katsumiko cringed she really heard the venom as she spoke the nickname, "I'll be okay Danielle, I have some jazz shoes would those be okay." Miko pulled them from her bag, she had been in Ballroom dance class till her last growth spurt.

Danielle looked at them, was impressed Ballroom Satin Upper Dance Shoes Purple and Black satin which had an eight centimeter heel according to the info printed on the welt. "Yes those would be great, if you think you can handle them first day go for it Katsy.

While Danielle did a three minute demonstration dancing around the pole with a few beginner aerial moves. Miko put the on with a pair of CAPEZIO Adult Professional Fishnet Seamless knee-highs. Then Danielle watched as pairs of girls duplicated the moves. They were all impressed when Katsy improvised a ballroom move on the pole to finish.

Danielle worked them hard till five pm, mostly she instructed Katsy, the others were just watching. Miko was doing some moves that Danielle had only ever watched, but had been able to describe them to Katsy well enough.

Katsumiko was soaking wet by the end of class, where as her 'friends' were still pretty fresh. Her phone rang as Danielle released them. Katsy's 'friends' watched her grab her bag and run out to her mom. Danielle remarked, girls she could be put into an amateur night tomorrow she has the dance talent."

Mary agreed, "That would be so cool embarrass her out of school now an maybe I can get a date with Harry by the end of the week. But what sizes do we get for an out fit? It is so hard to tell with her wearing those baggy sweats."

Danielle thought about it for a moment, "Well my best guess is she is at least a double D on top, and about thirty six inch hips. I was surprised she had fishnet stockings on."

Candy remarked, "Let's just set her up for Wednesday night, because I don't think I can last more than one more night of this class.'"

On the drive home Katsumiko's Mother asked, "Sumiko sweetie, why did you not wear your new exercise outfit? You look very uncomfortable."

Katsumiko told her mother the truth, "Because I was afraid they would make fun of me, they are not very nice, not since the eighth grade."

Sumi looked at her daughter she had really grown up, "Sumiko they will love you if you're honest with them stop hiding from them they have always been your friends." Sumi really had not noticed the change in the girls.

Miko shook her head, remember all the cruel things they had said about her when she had gone into the house for drinks last summer. She had returned quicker than they expected, she had found them huddled together, 'Why do we still let that skinny skank hang with us?' 'Because she makes us look even better and she does our homework for us.' ' The flat as a board girl, she should be a boy , but would probably screw that up too.' 'The girl has no style did you see that swimsuit so 1950'snot that she could make a bikini look right.' There was more but she shook her self from the pity with the lovely thoughts of her dates just a few days ago.

Miko wore a nice dress too dinner that night, her parents noticed how happy she was. But her smile disappeared when they suggested she wear one of the others to school the next day.

Tuesday was more of the same, except lunch was so very nice as Harry and Manny had escorted her to a quiet corner in the quad. They laughed as the boys shared how wonderful the date they had with Miko was. Miko had even boldly kissed each of them. Both were looking forward to a repeat this coming weekend. So Miko drifted through the rest of the day on cloud nine.

When Katsy's 'friends collected her at the gate of the school. Carol handed her two bottles of tea told her, "Here this will help you stay hydrated during class." She smiled sweetly, with her evil intent lurking behind it.

Katsumiko drank down the first bottle it tasted so good, but her tongue felt a little odd like it was coated. She was sipping at the second when she dozed off. Miko had worn one of her new sports bras that was made to be shown along with the tight workout bikini bottoms. In her gym bag were her new dance skirt, and blouse that matched her shoes. Though she was sure she would never were the skirt and blouse opting to keep the baggy sweats on.

Katsy was so drugged she was zombie like led into the dance studio by her 'friends'. Candy whispered in her ear, "We will take care of you Katsy, let us help you get ready." Candy, Roanna, and Carol Started taking her sweats off.

While Bambi and Mary searched her gym bag. Both sets of girls had surprises. Roanna squealed, "Shes the PORN STAR, that Manny was out with no wonder she was so quiet."

Mary shared, "She even has really cute work out wear. This bra is a 36 E shes huge, and look she has a thong and pretty lacy bikini too. Oh the slut has thigh high fishnet stockings as well"

Danielle walked in with a garment bag, "Find the School girl costume, I think the top for that will cover her tits, well enough for a stripper. One of the other girls loaned some sky high Mary Janes to go with it in her size as well."

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