tagErotic HorrorThe Vampire Queen Scarlet

The Vampire Queen Scarlet


I wake up in my bed to find her standing over me.

"Wakey-wakey," she says. "Is my little pet all rested up? Good. You're going to need your strength!"

I try to get up, but it is no use. My body won't respond.

"Oh, don't bother trying to get up. I've used my powers to paralyze you."

She leans in close, her eyes staring directly into my soul.

"You see," she says, smiling, revealing her fangs, "I'm the Vampire Queen Scarlet, and I've come here to feed!

I begin to panic, but she places her fingers over my lips.

"Shh. Don't panic, my pet. I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, I think you are going to enjoy this very much."

She explains, "The truth is, I am a very special type of vampire. I don't need to feed on blood to survive like some common beast. No, I feed on a more . . . exquisite source of sustenance."

"I feed on cum."

"I heard a rumor from the local whores that you have the most delicious, most exquisite cum in the land, and that you are known for cumming huge loads. I theorize a meal like that might sustain me for days, maybe even weeks, and I wish to test that theory . . . by giving you the greatest blowjob of your life!"

"You should be grateful for the honor," she says. "I have the power to draw upon dark forces that will surround your cock in infinite pleasure."

She moves in close. "When I am done, no other woman will ever be able to satisfy you!

She strips me of my pants and underwear, revealing my huge, throbbing cock.

"By the dark lord himself! Look at the size of this cock! Those whores were not lying. You truly have the dick of a stallion!"

She proceeds to stroke my shaft, gently at first, planting small kisses in between her words.

"I cannot believe *kiss* you wasted your time *kiss* paying for whores *kiss* when you could have a harem of women at your beck and call! *kiss* Loose women would come from miles just to pay tribute to this dick. *kiss* Those whores should have been the ones paying you!" *kiss* *kiss* *kiss*

"Oh, I see! Your manhood was both a blessing and a curse, wasn't it? You are so large, only the dirty whores of the brothel were able to take you. All the townswomen were just . . . too small.

"Ignorant bitches!" She curses. "Don't they realize what a gift they have been given!" She smiles. "No matter. There loss is my gain!"

She laughs manically before wrapping her lips around my erect cock. Her tongue wraps around the head like a serpent, teasing the head of my cock.

"Do you like that?" She taunts. "Is the cum in your balls building? Oh! Your balls look so big, they're practically swollen with delicious seed. They are hot to the touch! I bet your cum is boiling! I can't wait to feel your boiling hot jizz flowing down my throat!"

She bobs her head up and down like a piston, sucking my cock like a pro. It isn't long before I lose control.

"That's right! There is no use resisting me. It is futile! Give in. Give in to the power I have over your cock! Release your seed and nourish your vampire mistress!!"

I cum buckets, releasing a tsunami of jizz into her waiting mouth. Her eyes go wide with a look of shock at the sheer size of my load. Miraculously, she manages to swallow it all, albeit with some difficult.

"Incredible! I'm surprised you haven't impregnated those whores with loads this large!"

Cum drips down the sides of her mouth. "Mmmm, that was truly delicious. Nectar of the gods. In fact, it was so delicious, I think I'll take some for later!"

Suddenly, she pulls out one of those bags that hospitals use to store blood, guiding the tip of my cock near its opening.

"You still have some more in you? Of course you do!"

She continues to suck my cock, stroking the balls, licking the tip. She even gently rubs her fangs along the length of my shaft.

"That's right! Full the bag for me, my little cum factory!"

Even after the size of my first orgasm, the Vampire Queen gasps as I fill the bag until it nearly overflows!

"I cannot believe it! You came even more the second time!"

She, very seductively, drinks from the cum bag, savoring the flavor of my cum in her mouth before swallowing. She looks down at me lying on the bed.

"Well," she laughs. "I guess it is time for me to take my leave. Farewell human."

She turns to leave, but I beg you to stay.

"What's that?" She asks. "You don't want me to go? Well, I certainly can't stay here."

"You say that blowjob was the greatest thing you've ever experienced?" She gives a cocky smile. "Well, I wasn't joking before. From this day forward, no other woman will ever be able to satisfy you!"

Then she offers me a choice.

"Tell you what, because you came so much, and because your cum was so . . . exquisite, I'm going to give you a choice. I could leave you here, to a life of paying whores for sex, knowing you will never feel a fraction of the kind of pleasure I gave you with just my mouth, or . . . "

She gives me a devious, dishonest smile. "I could turn you into a vampire like myself. I could drink your blood. You would live on forever, and I would suck your cock and feed off your cum for all eternity, but beware, once you choose to become a vampire, there is no going back!"

I choose to become a vampire. She smiles and look at me like a predator looks at its prey.

"Very well. Prepare yourself. Your life will never be the same!"

She moves up to my neck and bite me, turning me into a vampire. The white cum drops around her mouth are replaced with red blood.

"It is done, " she declares. "How do you feel?"

Suddenly, my mind begins to go blank. It becomes harder to think. Everything begins to fade as my mistress towers over me.

"What's that? You feel strange? You don't feel like your in control of your own thoughts anymore?" She laughs. "Oh, did I forget to tell you? Well, I did say I was a special kind of vampire. You see, regular vampires just turn people into vampires and that's that, but if a cum-eating vampire, like me, turns a human she already fed on into a vampire, they become my mindless slave until the end of time!"

She laughs maniacally. "It won't be long now until the process is complete! Your mind will be gone, and I will have an obedient slave! Don't worry, I promise to milk your cock every day. After all, that's all you are to me now, a mindless cum dispenser!"

My last thoughts are of her laughing maniacally as the room fades to black.

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by Anonymous

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by pyramidqueen10/25/17

Loved the read and thanks for sharing

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by Sidewinder2k210/10/17


Great concept, extremely poor writing.

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by Anonymous10/08/17

Did this take more than ten minutes to write?

This has to take a trophy for stupidest piece of trash.
Even such a simple 'story' is rife with mistakes. Do your homework and study.

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