tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 33

The Vassal Academy Ch. 33


Part 33: Educating the Dominant, Testing the Slave.

Carlos sat at the dining room table and was introduced to Andre and Thomas. Then Devon began to brief the trainers. "OK, we had Crystal in the Kitchen this morning, and as usual, she had the music going." This was met with chuckles from the trainers. "Geneva is still hung up on applied deep throat. Thomas, I'm stepping in for her next class."

"Right Devon, I've held off trying to distract her." Thomas admitted. "I know that approach works best with a trainer change. Should I cancel her class this afternoon and send her elsewhere? Perhaps to orgasm denial training?"

Devon shook his head. "Thomas, I want to go ahead and have Geneva in Oral Arts this afternoon. We have Diane in Ballet three with Rebecca. Start to let her know she's ready to be tested, and give her a hint of what she'll be expected to do for Ballet finals."

"Got it Devon." Rebecca said between hasty bites of food.

"Suzanne is headed home again in the morning, and Theo is due in a few more days. I think Dominique is enjoying his attentions right now, and is hesitant to give him up for a month or two."

Andre smiled. "Am I to gather that he's suitable endowed?"

"I have no idea, but she keeps putting his training off, so I'm assuming she's enjoying his company." Devon admitted with a knowing grin.

"Probably hung like a horse." Rebecca said as she reached for her glass.

"Carlos, you'll be with me at first, and then we'll pass you on. We can't expect you to become a trainer in a couple weeks, or even a month. What we can do is teach you the subtleties of dominance, and submission, and understanding the roles of each. We can teach you to learn to read the submissive, and know when you're reaching the limit with them." Devon said.

"To prevent another accident?" Carlos asked.

"That too, certainly." Devon said. "You'll watch some classes, and then discuss the classes with the trainers. To see what subtle tells the trainers look for."

"Send him to Ballet." Ann offered. "If nothing else, it will do Diane good to be used as a teaching aide for Carlos."

"Actually, I plan on using Carlos to help me get Geneva past her Deep throat issue on station ten." Devon said. "It will do them both good to have him there."

After lunch Devon sat on the edge of his desk. "This will only take a few minutes really." He shifted and said. "Forgive me Carlos, but I don't intend to insult your manhood here. What I am going to say is we can improve your performance as well."

"My performance?"

"Yes." Devon said. "I'd like to try and extend your sexual skills, to better understand the woman's anatomy, I presume your Hetero only by the way."

"Yes." Carlos said uncomfortably.

"Then I'd like to train you to last longer in sex, and teach you the woman's erogenous zones, it will make it easier to torment them." Devon said.

Carlos looked at Devon and obviously clenched his jaw for a moment. Then he forced the words from his mouth, it was obvious that he was straining to get the words past his tight jaw. "I've never had any complaints about my fucking."

Devon nodded. "I'm sure you are quite adequate out there, perhaps even above average. Here, it is as if you went from High School to a Graduate student program, skipping the college as it were." Devon softened visibly. "Trust me in this my friend, we have much to teach, and you'll learn a great deal. Pride is something a Dominant must have, but he must not allow that pride to direct him towards foolish positions."

Carlos was now openly glaring at Devon. As he opened his mouth to speak Devon interrupted him. "I read a book once, where the head of a New York investment house took a position that appeared to be sound and wise. In another day, it became apparent that financial position was not sound, nor wise. The man in question stayed the course, instead of admitting his error. He didn't want to look like a pussy if you get my point."

Carlos continued glaring and again opened his mouth to speak. Devon again cut him off. "So instead of looking like a pussy for changing his mind so soon, in another two days, he looked like an ass for refusing to admit the truth and save his company, his investors money." Devon shrugged. "I'm sure you have a similar story from your work, where someone publicly took a position, one that looked good at the time, only to find it was absolutely wrong later."

Carlos relented somewhat. "As a matter of fact, my Father. He invested money in a copper mine in Bolivia, and after a year's operations, production was well below what was expected, or even the minimum required to meet operating expenses. The quarterly stock reports demanded payment, at roughly a dollar and a half per share. With the million shares of stock we held, that came to a hefty sum of money. We had to pay of course, but instead of selling the stock, Dad held on to it for another six months. We had to pay that amount twice more before we abandoned it. It was a substantial loss for us all the way around."

"Sometimes we make a decision, one that looks good, and sometimes we regret that decision later. I've made mistakes as well, and I'm not going to bore you with the details. The trick is to honestly admit that you might have made a mistake, and aren't perfect." Devon said.

Carlos nodded his head. "I am the student, you are the Master, is that it?"

Devon shrugged. "I prefer teacher, or trainer. I'm here to take your natural gifts, and help you make the most of them." He stood and said. "Come on, I'll give you a demonstration of the symbiotic relationship that is a good Master/Slave example."

Carlos followed him expecting to follow him to Ballet. Instead Devon stepped inside a dark room and flicked the lights on as he entered. He walked to a shelf and ran his eyes over the assorted dildo's and vibrators. He selected one and then turned and said. "This should do the trick."

Carlos followed Devon to another room, where Jeannette had said Oral Arts were trained. Inside Thomas was teaching a woman who must be Geneva. Devon said. "Forgive the interruption Thomas, how is Geneva doing at station ten?"

"Still having trouble Devon." Thomas admitted gesturing to the screen.

Devon glanced at it and said. "Carlos is here to observe and learn Geneva, and I thought you might enjoy having him watch you."

Geneva said. "Yes Master."

"Carlos, Geneva is a rather unusual slave. She likes to be humiliated, degraded. But she also loves to serve." Devon said as he knelt behind and slightly to one side of Geneva. "She's having a little trouble with station ten. It requires a deep throat, and she's got the probe, but can't seem to adjust to this size."

Geneva hung her head in apparent shame. "Master, I'm trying. I'll get it."

"I know." Devon said softly. "I know you will, because you're a great slave."

Geneva smiled slightly. Devon continued. "I'm going to help you, and we're all going to see you perform this today."

Geneva looked at him in surprise and a little fear. "Master, I don't think I can."

"I know you can." Devon said reaching out and stroking her head like a favored pet. "Now, start the station again, and I'm going to amuse myself with this." Devon held up the dildo.

It had a half dozen buttons on it. Two protrusions extended from the base, and inside the clear material was a number of small beads. Devon tapped one of the buttons and the beads started to rotate inside the shaft of the vibrator. Geneva's eyes locked on the dildo, and she licked her lips. She turned to the dildo hanging from the wall and began to suck it again. Thomas selected start over from the options on the screen, and Geneva started to follow the prompts.

Devon started to run his hands over her behind, his fingers finding her damp, and he started to talk, as though to Carlos, but Carlos immediately realized the conversation was for the benefit of Geneva. "You see, she's a performer. She loves to perform degrading and humiliating tasks. This kind of thing, well it's her dream. Devon rubbed his fingers together to show they were getting wet from Geneva's pussy.

Carlos shifted to watch Devon better, and saw that Devon was stroking Geneva's pussy and ass almost lovingly. "I bet she dreams of this very action. A cock in her cunt, stretching her, filling her, and one down her throat as well. She's just a little afraid, and that fear is making the task of swallowing the dildo nearly impossible."

Geneva squirmed a bit, a sure sign she was enjoying herself to Thomas, and Devon. Devon slid the shaft of the Vibrator into her pussy, and said. "See how happy she is to get it?" He then pressed other buttons and the extensions started to vibrate and hum noticeably. "This one rubs her clit viciously, and this one tickles her ass teasingly."

Geneva pressed back towards the Dildo, her eyes still locked on the screen but half closed in passion. Her breathing had increased and her nipples were obviously growing erect. Devon continued speaking. "I bet this little slut would love nothing better than to have Master Andre's balls resting on her chin, with his shaft shoved down her throat until she about has it coming out her ass."

Geneva shuddered in obvious desire and moaned. She was approaching the deep throat part, and wasn't thinking about it. Devon was watching the screen and when it reached the point, saw Geneva shift position slightly, to create the straight line, and then as she moved forward to where she normally gagged, Devon shoved the vibrator deep within her pussy. The probe near her ass tickled it unendurably, and the probe on her clit hit that pleasure button hard and relentlessly.

Geneva sucked in air in surprise, and then swallowed without thinking, and found the dildo in her throat, and the green lights flashing on the screen. Before she could think, Devon wiggled the vibrator in her pussy and said. "Imagine it Carlos, a cock down her throat, another up her ass, and one stretching this sex hole of hers uncomfortably."

Geneva came. She shuddered in pure pleasure, the stimulation on her clit more than she needed, and she came. She moaned around the dildo, and then slid back to breath. She took a breath through her nose, like a whale surfacing and then Devon shoved her forward with the Vibrator again, and she swallowed again. Again she stopped only when the rubber balls rested on her chin. Her lips firmly attached to the base of the plastic penis. The screen changed showing her what to do next. Geneva complied. She opened her mouth wide, which wasn't easy, and she slid her tongue out to lick the balls that were right there. Then she slid back in joy. "Task Complete."

She turned glowing to look at Master Devon and said. "Thank you Master."

"Thank you Geneva, I enjoyed it as well." Devon said with another gentle caress. "It's always a pleasure to watch you perform."

Geneva grinned sheepishly and hung her head slightly.

"Thomas, show Geneva as a pass for station ten please." Devon said.

"Absolutely Devon, and congratulations Geneva." Thomas said grinning back at her.

Geneva bit her lip and looked at Thomas as he walked to the training board near the door. He put a check mark next to Geneva's name, in the column for Station 10.

Carlos noticed something. Geneva looked at Thomas, and Devon, with respect, and love apparent on her face. She loved them. She actually loved what had just happened, and loved them for doing it to her. Carlos also noticed his trousers were getting a little tighter. Watching this performance was a huge turn on for him. To have such a woman, who would perform like this would have been the dream of men all over the world. To have a woman who would love to be humiliated would be such fun.

Devon he noticed was watching Carlos himself. He looked at Devon and saw something, a lesson was being taught, or would be taught soon. Carlos watched as Devon handed the vibrator to Geneva and said. "Clean this up, and as I recall, you're just about ready for your anal break in, is that right?"

Geneva was licking the Vibrator clean now and stopped only to say. "Yes Master. Master Andre has me up to a level four, and said I'm ready for five, no problem."

Devon smiled and again caressed her hair, running his hand over her cheek and Carlos noticed that again, she leaned into the caress. "Attend me tonight slave, and we'll get you through that too."

Carlos was shocked to see Geneva's face light up in joy. That was the only way to describe the reaction. Joy. Geneva was happy to be used anally? What power Devon had over these women. There were probably a hundred million men who would dream of such power, but only Devon, only the people here had that power.

Devon stood and said. "Carlos, come with me, and we'll talk about what you saw, and what you didn't."

"Geneva, start on station eleven, we have some time left." Thomas instructed.

Devon escorted Carlos out the back door and towards the dock. He smiled and waved at the Security guard, stopping to chat with the man in the shack for a few minutes before walking out on the narrow dock which was set up for boats, but none were there for now. Devon stopped and climbed up on the railing and sat on it. "What did you see Carlos?"

"The power you have is great. The ability to give them such joy, while having your way with them is beyond imagination."

Devon nodded. "That's the intoxicant part of the Dominant lifestyle." He nodded. "So if you had Geneva, you could probably imagine a thousand scenes with her, humiliating, degrading her, and having her begging for more right?"

"I'm sure I'm not alone in that category." Carlos said as he leaned back on the opposite rail.

"No, and that's why Geneva is here, because all of those, all of those like yourself, who lust for the power without understanding the dangers involved would hurt, or kill her through ignorance."

Carlos stiffened again. "What do you mean?"

"Where does that end? If you keep finding new degrading and humiliating experiences for her, where does it end?" Devon said.

Carlos said. "I don't know, I'm sure you could always think of new things for her."

Devon nodded. "Sure, but where does that end up?"

"I don't understand." Carlos answered honestly.

"She would end up dead, in the hospital, or in an asylum with Doctors working for years to put her mind back together." Devon said. "I presume that is not what you want."

"Certainly not." Carlos said. "Isn't that just the worst case scenario though? I mean, couldn't you enjoy the activity without harming her?"

"Not and keep her happy." Devon said. "She's a junkie for the feelings of humiliation, and degradation. She gets a huge rush off of it. In order to get that same rush though, you have to up the scene, up the danger, or the humiliation. Eventually, and it wouldn't take long, you're in unsustainable activity. Activity that will harm her, physically, or mentally, or even kill her."

Carlos pursed his lips and considered. "Carmen."

Devon nodded. "I don't know, but I suspect she was a bit of a junkie too, wanting more and more, eventually she'll self destruct that way."

"So how does one avoid that disastrous outcome?"

Devon looked over the water and then said. "You mentioned great power. To a certain extent, that is true. With power, comes responsibility, and power must be tempered by wisdom. Is the proposed action good, not just for me, but for her?"

Carlos nodded his understanding. They talked more, Devon walking him down the philosophical discussion, teaching him the responsibilities of being Dominant.

Crystal looked out the window of the Kitchen and said. "I hadn't seen him before. He's kind of cute."

Josh laughed. "I swear you have a half track mind."

Crystal grinned at him. "Hey, I like to fuck. Get used to it."

Josh returned to his dinner prep and Crystal to her chores.

"Devon, how do you know that you're doing the right thing, for them, or yourself?" Carlos asked as they walked along the property near the water.

"Use your intelligence, guided by your experience. When you leave here, that question will be easier to answer."

Carlos stopped and again looked over the water. "I have more to learn than I imagined, don't I?"

"I've heard that the Dalai Lama said that when you know, what you don't know, then you've truly begun to understand."

Carlos chuckled. "Do you answer every question with a riddle?"

Devon shook his head. "Nope, only the ones that are best answered with a question that makes you think, so you understand better."

"Any other brain twisting quotes I should consider this afternoon?" Carlos asked good-naturedly.

Devon shook his head. "Quotes bandied about to demonstrate a classical education are points of pride, but useless. The right quote, used to inspire, at the right time, is priceless."

Carlos sighed and continued watching the water. "I'd hoped for inspirational words about overcoming great obstacles and surmounting the highest peaks."

"You don't need those words." Devon said. "You already have that desire, what you don't have is the knowledge of how to do so yet. You don't understand yourself, and you don't understand your place in this world. So you don't understand the slaves, and what they want or need."

Carlos glanced at Devon. "My place in the world?"

"You're the third child, youngest of your Father. Your Brother is the Senior Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Board as the senior son of the senior son of your Grandfather. Your Sister is Vice President of planning and administration. You're the Deputy Director of Operations, which as I understand it is right under, and directly run by your Uncle. You don't have a place in the world, not one you've staked out for yourself."

Carlos looked out over the water again. "So what do I do?"

"Find your place, your personal place in this world. You'll find that your work doesn't define you, it's going to be your play that you find your happiness in." Devon said.

"As a Master?" Carlos asked.

Devon nodded. "Yes, when I'm done with you. I have my work cut out for me though. I've got to destroy the building, strip it down to the foundation, and start over."

Carlos chuckled and shook his head. "The arrogance of that statement is beyond belief."

"Your image of Dominance and Submission is flawed." Devon said. "The building that is your life in the lifestyle is flawed by that mistaken view." He turned and looked at Carlos, and Carlos turned to look at him. "It's not about sex, it's about symbiosis, and about understanding."

"I don't understand." Carlos admitted after a short while.

"I know, but you will." Devon then described each slave, and their own needs, and the personality of each and how they were all different due to those individual traits.

"Each one is so different, yet they are all the same?" Carlos asked confused.

Devon shook his head. "No more than a military unit is all the same. They are all soldiers, but they all have different gifts from God, gifts that I can't change, but may be able to apply to something constructive."

"A religious man? In this lifestyle?" Carlos asked smirking.

"If by Religious you mean do I believe in God? Of course, only a fool would deny the existence of God. There are a billion different forms of life on this puny planet. It's precisely the right distance from the sun, and precisely rotating at the best rate to guarantee the existence of life. God put a toxic and corrosive gas on the planet, and then created the life to create it and use it." Devon said. "God does exist, and the very nature of the world, the very existence of nature screams that God does exist to us."

"What religion are you?" Carlos asked still amused.

"None." Devon said. "Religions define themselves by excluding everyone who doesn't believe exactly as they do from God. I'm arrogant as you say, but only about things I can have influence over, or affect in some way. I have no authority, none what so ever, to affect your relationship with God, nor your admittance into whatever comes next." Devon shrugged. "If offered such authority, I wouldn't want it. God knows what he's doing, and he's given me these talents, and I will use them to the best of my ability to help people like you Carlos, to find your place in life, and find the happiness, the satisfaction in life, you lack right now."

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