tagErotic CouplingsThe Vicar of St. Dunstan's Ep. 16

The Vicar of St. Dunstan's Ep. 16

byNigel Debonnaire©

All of us get stuck by the weather from time to time. Sometimes, it can be a very good thing.

". . .temperatures tonight will be below freezing and remain that way through Friday. That's all for the weather, and now back to music." I switched off the radio; as usual, I caught the tail end of the forecast and had to get the rest of the details elsewhere. Going into the study, I called up the weather page and read the entire forecast: a freak winter storm was descending the British Iles from the Arctic: snow was beginning overnight and the equivalent of 4 inches expected by daybreak, with swirling snow through the next day and a half at least. It was expected to paralyze the entire country, except for the Southwest and Wales. I took a look at the pantry and emergency supplies: all were in order to last several days, and I began soaking some beans so I could prepare a pot of authentic chili against the cold weather. Thank God the roof got fixed in record time. Putting the kettle on, I prepared some jasmine tea and cookies, rather biscuits, and settled into the paper, which I hadn't a chance to read until then.

At 9:00PM Agnes Sterns bustled through the door as she usually did on a Wednesday evening, shivering. "Hiya, Vic. Beastly out there, it is." Giving me a peck on the forehead, she hustled through dump her books in her apartment and throw off her coat, returning to sit and pick up a portion of the paper I wasn't reading. The kettle sang and I poured the boiling water into the teapot to steep. Looking around, she got the milk out of the icebox and put a little in her cup, and after a couple of minutes or so, topped it off with freshly brewed tea, spooning in a teaspoon of sugar. I let it go for a couple more minutes, then poured myself a cup without any additions.

"You're still uncoverted, Vicar," she said. "No self respecting Brit would drink their tea without milk and sugar."

"This is jasmine tea, very delicate. Although, I guess I'm stuck in the habit of drinking tea alone from my early days. In the summer, I still put it over ice."

She shivered. "All right, you Philistine, be like that. This tea is perfectly lovely with milk and sugar, so I'll drink it this way. You can satisfy your heathen tastes as you like."

"Okay," I said, thumbing through the paper.

"By the way," she continued, "any other heathen tastes you'd be interested in satisfying tonight? Tomorrow should be an off day for everybody."

I peeked over the top of the paper and winked. "One or two heathen tastes come to mind. Perhaps a nice roaring fire in the fireplace will a treat on a night like this.'

"The one with the nice, soft rug in front of it?"


"I like the way you're thinking." Returning to our papers, we leisurely sipped our tea and turned pages, although I could almost feel the electricity from her side of the table. My placid domesticity was less than perfect as well, but I kept my discipline and exterior calm as I finished the paper, the biscuits and tea. Agnes was gazing at me with big, puppy dog eyes, entranced. It bothered me a little, but I put on a brave front as I asked: "Care to go upstairs and get the fire lit?"

"Sure, Vic." She jumped to her feet and almost danced up the stairs ahead of me.

Tonight she was wearing a dark brown heavy sweater, a blue blouse beneath, a plaid woolen skirt that went down to her knees, thick, kneehigh socks; the boots she wore were by the back door and she hadn't put on slippers. The bun she wore in her hair as she came in had been released, and her lustrous red hair cascaded down over her shoulders toward the middle of her back. Her stockinged feet slipped a little as she pranced on the wooden floors, but she reveled in the slickness and slid gleefully around, giggling like a child.

I went in my sitting room and laid a fire, building it as I learned in my youth on the Great Plains, and my undiminished skill was validated as it took one match to light it. It built slowly, and I made sure the grate was open and the glass doors shut so my rooms wouldn't fill with smoke. Reclining on a couch directly in front of it, I listened as Agnes continued her impromptu cavorting in the hallway. Occasionally she would fly past the door, sliding on the waxed, wooden floor in her stocking feet, hair flying a little behind her, arms spread wide.

She did a wonderful job keeping the house clean, sticking to her schedule, and impressing her grandmother Mary with her dedication. Studies and practice kept her very busy during the week. We usually spent Friday evenings together: I would take her out someplace away from the parish for dinner and then we'd go dancing. Unlike most young people, she disdained nightclubbing, preferring ballroom dancing. I was learning gradually the different steps and grateful that my youthful days playing the organ made my feet compliant to lithe and graceful motions. Last weekend, we took fourth in an amateur competition.

Our sex life was infrequent, and I was reluctant to push it. She was enamored of me, and would have spent every night in my bed happily, but I allowed her less access than I did the other Quilting Ladies. Until Sheila Button left town a couple of months ago, they still brought meals over four times a week, and I usually made love to the cook that evening, as we had for months. There were also encounters with all of them in the Quilting Room, impromptu encounters like the first time, that were delightful. Agnes was extremely busy with her studies, and having six nights a week to read or practice to her heart's content seemed appropriate; as far as I could tell, she was working hard and enjoying her graduate studies in music very much.

With a scream, she slid into the room, her shirt untucked under her sweater, her arms at her sides, her breasts bouncing once at the stop, her skin glowing with perspiration, her eyes bright, her long hair disheveled and a goofy grin on her face. Agnes grabbed her sweater by the bottom and stripped it off over her head, saying: "Gosh, it's hot in here." Throwing it on a convenient chair, she went over to put my iPod in its dock, calling up Vaughn Williams' Songs of Travel. Balancing on the mantelpiece, she perched on one leg at a time to strip off her knee high socks, revealing her graceful calves, delicate feet and pert little rednailed toes. They joined the sweater on the chair, and she snuggled into my side. I put my arm over her, my hand cupping her teardrop breast, my finger absently stroking her nipple with its bar. Sighing, she wriggled into me a bit more, and we savored the music.

After a while, I said: "I was wondering something just now."

"Oh," she murmured.

"How come we never listen to organ music when you come up here?"

She sat up and turned to face me. "Listening to organ music is too much like work. I always get ticked when I hear a phrasing or articulation or rubato I don't agree with, and it takes all the enjoyment out of it."

"Oh. Then who's your favorite performer?"

"That's easy, it's me."

I gave her a disbelieving look. "That's a little bit smug of you, isn't it?"

"Not at all. When I'm on the bench, I can interpret the music exactly as I think it should go, or at least try. There's nothing more thrilling that putting my hands on my favorite literature for myself; shaping phrases and tempi like a piece of clay; I'm surprised more people aren't eager to do it. When I want to hear music interpreted as I like it best, I do it myself."

"That makes sense, put that way." She nestled back into my side; my hand sought her graceful curve and sweet, jeweled bud.

"Who's your favorite preacher?" She asked after a moment.

"There are many that I've liked over the years, but I guess I'd have to say I am. For much the same reason."

"See," she said triumphantly, "It's not about false pride, it's about knowing what you can do, having control of what you're doing, being good at what you do, bringing your work to a polished finality, and knowing that you'd done what you set out to do, for the most part."

I shook my head snuggled into her. Agnes was twenty two years old going on thirty five. "There are some things we need other to do for us, or help us with," I said.

An evil glint came to her eye. "Such as?"

I reached down and touched her soft lips to mine, pulling her close. She welcomed my embrace and opened her mouth to twine her tongue with mine. A few minutes of sweetness and we parted to sit rapt by Vaughn Williams. When it ended, she asked: "What's next?"

"How about some Mozart?"


"Nothing that light. Maybe the Coronation Mass?"

"Excellent for sacramental sex?"

"Maybe not. I've got Haydn Symphony 104 in there. It's a nice balance between sobriety and honest cheerfulness."

"Sounds good." I got up and began the solemn tones of the minor introduction, with its languid, limping four note call and response. "I though your said this was cheerful," she smirked.

"Hang on a minute." Toward the end of the somber introduction, the oboe took up the four note minor call at the cadence just before the solid, mirthful tune began the main part of the first movement. Agnes shook her head in recognition, and I came back to sit on the floor, my head resting on her skirt between her spread legs. The fire burned, Haydn sang his rustic yet sophisticated song, and the wind danced snowflakes against the window. She draped her left leg over my shoulder and put her bare foot on my thigh.

Her warmth and freshness teased my sensations, and before long I could wait no longer. I started with kissing the inside of her knee. Her skin glowed redly in the light, a host of freckles in a sea of pale skin that had almost completely lost its summer tan. A soft hand rested on my head and stroked it as I worked my way around. Then I quested down her supple calf, holding her leg up and turning as I moved to her ankle and down toward her instep. She turned with me, laying back on the sofa and turning to I could get at her foot more directly. A giggle and a moan accompanied my exploration of her musky instep, and I finally went up to take her big toe into my mouth.

She gasped as I sucked and licked it. "Oh my God, I never knew this would turn me on," she said, her head resting back on the cushion and her hand idly stroking the buttons of her blouse. I worked my tongue around her ticklish foot and teased between her toes. Finally, I started back up working on her shin toward her knee. Crossing it, I moved inward, making my way up her soft thigh and going under her skirt. "Do you want me to take this off?" she asked.

"No," I said, and moved deeper and deeper as her legs started to shift. As the other thigh grew closer, I went back and forth between the two pillars toward the nest above. It was covered by a white cotton panty, and as I reached it, I tickled it through the fabric with my hand. Her hips convulsed upward once, twice, and I pulled aside the whiteness to reveal her bud.

"Oh yes, Vic, oh yes." With the tip of my tongue, I slowly teased inward, barely making contact with her sweet lips and seeking the bud within. Pushing herself toward me and sitting up a little, her bud came out of its hood, and reached out for my taste buds. Playing coy to generate more heat and nectar, I suddenly dove in, circling her clit madly and probing into vagina to seek her juices. He hand came up outside her skirt and started rubbing her sweaty blouse; several of her buttons were undone as she was trying to get out of it, but I batted her hands away to fondle her through her clothes.

It was during the beginning of the Minuet that she came to a grand climax, her back arching off the couch and her head whipping back and forth. She even managed to wail in D major, the same key as the music. It took the rest of the movement for her orgasm to finish and into the Finale. Breathing heavily, she watched me as I came from underneath her skirt and sat with her legs resting across my lap; I stroked them slowly and gently as she returned to earth. I rubbed the flat of my hand on the soles of her feet, and she wiggled her toes in greeting.

"Oh my, Vicar, that was astounding. Thanks."

"Oh, you're welcome. What shall we listen to next?"

"That was the farthest thing from my mind." She sat up and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me deeply as Haydn finished his last symphony.

The fire was gone, so I carried her into the bedroom after setting Schubert's Fifth Symphony with its lilting, carefree celebration of life. The snow still swirled outside the window, and the wind wailed. We undressed and got into bed together, kissing and embracing fully naked. Coming up for air, she whispered in my ear: "Fuck me, Vicar, please fuck me. It's been too long."

The last bothered me slightly, but my passion would not be quenched and I mounted her with her legs up in the air. Her channel welcomed my barge as it made its slow penetration to its depth, and we began to rock back and forth. Pulling her nipple bars, she ground her hips and moaned as I rode her, squeezing her pelvic muscles to milk my John Thomas as it rode in and out. Two orgasms overwhelmed her senses before I sent my affection deep into her cavity, a long climax that I never thought would end.

Panting, I lay on top of her as we recovered, still inside her. We rolled sideways together, me facing the window, and stayed conjoined until I receded out of her. Rubbing noses, she turned to face the window as well, spooning her sweet backside into me as she watched the snowflakes with me.

After a long time, she said: "Are you still awake?"

"Yes," I answered right away. "I'm still awake and ready for anything."

"There's something that's bothering me."


"Yes. I know my Gran, Mrs. Button and Mrs. Hazelton always call you Vicar, even when you're with them like we are now. If that's what you're comfortable with, that's all right by me, but it seems a little awkward to be like this and for me to call you Vicar while we're alone. You also call me Agnes when we're alone, even when I've got your dick in my mouth. Lovers have pet names for each other, I'd like to call you something a little more personal and let you know you can call me by a nickname, too."

That struck a jarring chord. I gave her a squeeze, and thought for a moment. She was right: Janet and I had little nicknames for each other, as did most of the couples I knew. My parents called each other Carmie and Cougie for reasons I never fully understood, but probably came from their love of big band music. I resisted having such little nicknames for the Quilting Ladies, partly because our sex was more recreational than intimate. Agnes was different and deserved some consideration for her unique position.

"You want me to call you, Aggie?"

"If you want. Maybe something else will come up."

"Well, not for a while."

"What a stupid line." She reached around and my member was responding to her touch. "Well, maybe not. Anyway, call me Aggie or Ag until you come up with something better. Honey, dear or sweetie would be fine, too."

"How about Sweet Cheeks, or Perky Nipples, or Dimple Bottom?"

She reached around and smacked my backside. "Now you're being silly."

"These are a few of my favorite things." I reached around and lightly took her nipple in my fingers. "I do adore your perky nipples. How would Perky or Perk do?"

She thought for a minute. "That'll do. Just not in public; I don't want to put on the spot for an explanation."

"You think you don't want to explain. All right, when we're alone, and only when we're alone, you can call me Alfie, or Al or some variation of that. Anything but Freddie."

Turning around, she made an O with her lips. "I remember now, that's what Violette called you, and you had her spanked for it."

I sighed. "I need to change the password on my computer."

"I didn't see it there, I saw it on Derrick's computer. I've respected your privacy religiously, even when I cleaned in your study and your computer flipped on when I moved the mouse. You've been such a gentleman in respecting mine."

"And always will."

"Thanks, Al–Al," she reached up and kissed me on the lips, "Al dear, but you needn't worry. You can always look through anything of mine."

I pulled her close, her breathing was quickening and she shuddered close to me. "Where were we, Perky?"

Agnes rubbed those perky nipples against my chest. "Well, I think we're naked in bed together and you're getting an erection, Al darling," she cooed in my ear.

I took her shell like ear in mouth, searching every line with my tongue and teasing her earring. "Any particular position you'd like to try right now, Perky?"

"Al dear, you can fuck me anyway you want."

After checking that she was ready for another penetration, I lifted her hips up so she was on all fours. She reached between her legs to grasp my cock, stroking it and pulling it toward her. I teased her slit with my corona for a few moments; she pushed back against me trying to get me in, but I pulled away. Another teasing approach, she guided me in and I poked at the exterior of her vagina before pulling back again. Her hips ground into my pelvis, and I got the idea that teasing was no longer a good idea. She reached back again, and this time after rubbing the tip of my member around her lips, I pushed in to fill her completely and thrust toward our goal. She orgasmed three times before I did, and I thanked God for the Pill as I jettisoned my semen into her womb..

We fell asleep in each other's arms afterward. The clock radio came on at 6:00AM with bulletins announcing cancellations. After ten minutes, I hit a button and fell back into deep sleep.

A dim light was barely illuminating my room. The covers were off, I forgot why. There was a damp tingle between my legs; I was fully erect and a long red shock of hair was hunched over me. A soft hand was twisting around my pole while a frenetic, feather light tongue was all over my cockhead, my testicles were already preparing for release.

Agnes must have gone to her bedroom during the night; she was wearing a soft, red silk bathrobe, open in front. As I awakened, she laid out more flatly on my leg and I bent it so my knee rested in her crotch. Using my foot as leverage, I gave her a ponyride as she sucked me, her cunt dampening my kneecap. She bucked harder and harder, keeping her head relatively still as it went about its business on my wand, moving her mouth down to lick my balls and work its way back to the top. My orgasm jolted my eyes wide open, and Agnes devoured every drop that came from my member. Rolling her over, I dove between her legs and repaid the favor, sending her over the edge once again.

Looking out at the snow in the grey light, she said: "Nice way to start a day, isn't it, Al?"

I rested my head in her crotch and looked out the window. "Yes, Perky. I agree completely."

"You know," she said, "Ever since that day in Kansas, I can't get enough of you. I can't tell you have special that day was at the Windmill, or sleeping under the starts, or waking up next to you in the dawn light."

"It was special for me, too. A cleansing of memories. Your grandmother rather liked it as well."

"Gran adores you, and was as glad to be there as I was. She helped me get ready for that day."

"Oh? " My brow furrowed. "Say more."

"Jenny and I adored you every since you got here. You had your wife with you at first, and we were just gels, but we would sleep over at each other's houses and fantasize about how you would take our maidenheads."

"How long ago?"

"Well, I was sixteen and Jenny was thirteen. We were like sisters: we both lost our parents, both were living near each other with our grandparents in a strange town, both wondered if a boy would ever look at us. Our grandmothers are best friends, so we met each other early on and hit it off. You'd jog through the neighborhood, looking all hot and sweaty, your muscles peeking out behind your shirt, your bulge between your legs. At first, we'd try to gross each other out with the details, but then it got more. . .eager. I started practicing the organ, and when you'd come through and say hello to me, my heart would just about explode."

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