tagLesbian SexThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 15

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 15


Chapter 15: The Town Clerk Joins The Group

I had a very interesting encounter with our Town Clerk - she's Sally and married the local choirmaster - to everyone's surprise, and the jealousy of several members of the ladies choir! They are both early forties with earlier marriages behind them. Anyway, yesterday was the Mayor's annual coffee bash after church - she's called Judith - and we all trotted across to the Town Hall for coffee and bickies.

What can I tell you about Sally? Well, she is about 5'6", fairly short curly blonde hair, with a thickset figure. (She should get to the gym I reckon!) Her legs are not what you'd call very attractive, being on the short side, though her thighs seem reasonably long. Her breasts are average to small I guess, but I don' really know. Neither is she what you'd call beautiful, though she has a pleasant enough face, full lips and large sparkling blue eyes set wide apart. Her nose is rather short and her cheeks on the chubby side. But she has a great sense of humor and a strong likeable personality. Well, I like her anyway. She's good fun. Or was!

I knew her better before this marriage. Our chats together were often of the frank, cheeky, saucy variety. She carried a large handbag, which had in it a large banana I remember on one occasion! She swore it was for her lunch, but I told her I though it had a hidden vibrator at one end for her private pleasure. There was also a smart small box in her handbag which she showed me furtively. I thought maybe she'd taken to snuff. But it had three condoms in it! Perhaps she was an optimist, but she would say 'You can't be too careful, girl! Be prepared!'

Sally once told me that she was a regular masturbator, usually in a nice hot bath. She got turned on watching her vaginal juices drift to the surface, like a trail of smoke, whilst playing with er clit. But that was before her marriage to Tony. Well, perhaps she still does pleasure herself. Like I do! Tony was an amateur organist. I would often pull her leg about his organ, which she claimed, was well tuned and his voluntaries always ended with all the stops out in a thundering climax. He played it every day for her - sometimes more than once! We had many silly laughs together. But with her marriage, our infrequent lunches together came to an end - then I too changed partner and moved.

Even so, we would often attend the same 'official' occasions such as this, but not otherwise on private social occasions. Our intimate paths took different directions - as they do!

During the noisy gathering, clattering cups and saucers, I noticed Sally gazing at Heather with a rather serious look on her face, as though in a trance or something. Well, she was looking at Heather's body rather. I thought, hello! I never knew Sally fancied other women - mind you there's no reason why I should, even if she did! Though I think she would have told me. And Heather was looking particularly attractive - her skirt hugged her bottom, showing off the superb curves to advantage. She has the most tantalizing bum! I am very familiar with it. I sidled over to Sally with my coffee cup in hand.

'Hello Sally.'

She 'woke up' and gave me a smile. 'Oh! Hello Sarah. How are you? Sorry - miles away!'

'I'm fine - admiring the view as well.'

After a short pause, Sally chuckled. 'Oh, you mean... yes, I was admiring the vicar's wife's figure. Jealous I guess. She looks very nice indeed.'

'Heather does have a delectable bottom,' I smiled. 'But I thought you were more interested in men's bums. Or something around that part of his anatomy. At least, that's what you always used to tell me.'

'Well, yes, but... there are times... well, you know! Tastes change with time, I expect. There's something about a soft curvaceous female bum... You have a very nice bottom as well, Sarah.'

I gave a short laugh. 'Oh, thank you.' As I spoke, her free hand softly stroked the contours of it. We were standing behind a table with our backs to a wall, so no-one would notice - except me of course! I looked at her, my mouth curled at the corners into a quizzical smile. She returned the look.

'Interested?' I asked. 'If you keep doing that I shall need to change my knickers!' it was Sally's turn to laugh. She has a contralto voice - in fact she's a nice singer - and her chuckles are full of deep sexy promise! But her hand kept casually stroking my behind!

'Mm - nice! We don't have many secrets from one another,' she said. 'Do we?' she added. That was news to me though! I never thought she was aware of my feminine interests. Well, I didn't have any at the time we were mates. 'And there's something about a vicar's wife - something mysterious - do they fuck, for instance? Do they enjoy sex - or is it a religious experience?'

I laughed. 'I'm sure they do. Just like you and me. Well, me at any rate. I don't know about you.'

'Mind your own business! I like to speculate about her, though.' She looked again at Heather. 'And I'm getting a bit horny thinking about it.'

'Me too with all that stroking.' There was a short silence whilst we looked at each other with questioning eyes. I laughed 'Are you not getting your share these days? Is that what it is?'

Then suddenly, 'Come into the Mayor's parlor,' she said. 'Let's have a sherry before lunch.'

'Gosh! Is it safe?' I asked with a laugh. 'Or should I be asking - am I safe?'

She didn't answer. I followed her casually, but with my heart in my mouth. This was turning into an interesting encounter. Who would have thought it - the Town Clerk of all people. Well, I suppose people would say the same of me, if they knew - to say nothing of the vicar's wife!

Inside the small lounge, Sally closed the door, turned to me and put her arms round my neck. Surprise, surprise! Without any warning, she kissed me on the mouth. Soft and lingering. Wow! Nice tasting lipstick. Her soft face had a heady scent - but I couldn't quite place it's name. Mmm, very pleasant. I thought - She's serious about this! So I put my hand behind her neck and returned the kiss before whispering in her ear. 'What's got into you, Sally?'

She just purred in my ear. 'Nothing yet, but I live in hopes.'

'Do you want to feel my bum? Is that it?'

'It's what's in between the crack of your bum that fascinates me. That box of personal jewels. Priceless!'

This was something I didn't expect. Certainly not from our refined town clerk. She was the very image of cool efficiency. Until you got to know her that is. I had never for a moment thought of Sally as having interest in other women. But then, I thought, she probably thought the same about me. Let's face it, only a few years ago, when we used to chat together, we were both cock happy - never a thought about pussies! So - what the hell -go for it!

'Well, then. What are you waiting for? Open the box if you want to see what in it.'

'Just plucking up courage,' she chuckled. Her hand slid into the waist band of my skirt. I still had my arms round her neck, holding in my tummy to make it easier for her. Her fingers went straight inside the top of my M&S knickers, to the object of her curiosity.

I jerked. Oh shit! That hit the spot! I gasped for air in her ear. I was already wet with our sexy chat. Her middle two fingers soon discovered that for themselves.

'Sarah,' she whispered, 'you have a very soft fleshy pussy there. And so sticky and warm. I've known you all these years and never imagined ... ' And her fingers dabbled in the juicy vulva whilst I fought for air! Gosh - I could feel an orgasm welling up already!

'My God, Sally - you have sensitive fingers. Go on - I think I'm have a quick orgasm - oh fuck! Don't stop! Yes, yes!'

Sally played my clitoris for all it was worth, my thighs squirming. I felt my whole loins burning with lust. This is ridiculous, I thought. But lovely! I couldn't stop quivering. Then, believe it or not, I came! It suddenly erupted from the end of my toes to the pit of my belly. A violent tremble. A loud gasp! Shaking and moaning.

Wham! Shit! Phew! That was so good.

Without waiting, I slid down onto my knees, her hand sliding from out of my knickers, lifting the hem of her skirt as I landed on my knees. Ducking my head beneath the skirt, I pushed my face against the crotch of her panties. Warm! Damp! Highly scented with woman juice. Did I say damp? She was soaking wet. Fascinating and sweet. Delicious! I wanted more. Much more! Knowing that time was not on our side, I dragged the knickers to one side and got my tongue on her clit straight away. It was hard and fat! She nearly jumped out of her skin. As she leaned back against the table, I fastened my lips round her clit, gripping it tight, using lips, tongue and fingers to bring her to her own shattering orgasm. Awesome! I was actually tongue fucking our elegant town clerk.

She shook. She shuddered. Spasm after spasm. She gasped, 'Oh, fuck! Sarah! The best this year! By a long long way!' She was panting for breath!

It was very quick! I hardly had time to explore the contours of her vulva which is what I was really dying to do. What I had felt though, was very interesting. The vulva was fleshy and hairy. Dripping with her pussy juice. It tasted good - different, but good. Lovely! Oh, hell, I wish there was more time!

I stood up. We each took a deep breath, smoothing down our clothes, smiling a bit sheepishly at each other.

'My God! That was risky,' I said.

'And unexpected.'

'All the better for that.'

'Who would have thought...?' Sally was looking in the mirror, touching up her hair.

'No-one I hope!'


'We need time to do this properly Sally.'

'Well, yes. I didn't really get chance to examine your jewels.'

We left without bothering with the sherry. I promised to give her a ring at the office.

But Sally got in first. She phoned later that evening, just asking very briefly if it would be convenient for her to drop in after lunch for a chat. Tomorrow, Monday?

'That would be lovely,' I said. George was due for a day trip to London. And the house isn't open on a Monday. 'Park in the small private car park and come round to the side door. You know where it is.'

She drives a yellow mini Cooper! Very sporty! Well, she's that sort of lady!

Well, George was up early for his business trip to London, so I pampered myself. Lots of excitement! Sally coming this afternoon! In preparation, I trimmed my bits of bikini stubble, shampooed my pubic hair with Tee Tree and Mint and blow dried it. Then used the styler. A proper pampering of my pussy! I had to use a large mirror held between my knees. Lovely sight! Oooo I do adore my vulva - and Heather's - and Sam's - and who knows, Sally's? We'll have to wait to see.

I got driven into town and did some shopping. I bought three pairs of lovely 'Autograph' embroidered bra and pants sets, and a lovely floral embroidered set in Marks. I took a taxi home and had to change my dress - I had leaked rather too much! As I was naked I could see that my pubes were looking very attractive. Not wearing knickers meant that the hair was not squashed flat! Still lovely fluffy curls - well, you've seen them of course!

After a bowl of soup and ryvita, I prepared for Sally, feeling rather nervous. And I wasn't sure if she'd chicken out. After all she's a busy lady!

I was in the middle of arranging the room just as I wanted it. Cocktail cherries in a bowl on the table beside the settee. Clean dark towel placed over the settee, in case of seepage. I was adjusting the curtains so that the sun lit the room perfectly, when the buzzer went. My heart stopped! Gosh! It's her, I thought. Sally! Already! So, a quick check in the mirror, then go to open the door.

And there she was, with a tense smile on her face. Sally was looking extra smart in her calf-length tan boots with high heel, smart two piece in off-white wool and white lace blouse. She wore very little make-up. She didn't need to. Her skin was flawless.

'Sally! Do please come in.' As I helped her off with her jacket I explained that George was out all day, so we should have the place all to ourselves. I hung her jacket on the stand. As Sally went to the settee, I offered her tea. 'Or would you prefer a Martini?' She gave one of her delightful husky chuckles.

'No contest Sarah! Martini it is! I need it!' As I crossed to the drinks cabinet I could feel her eyes following me. She said: 'I feel a bit tensed up, I don't mind admitting. I'm not really used to these clandestine assignations.'

'Just relax, Sally. It's only me - remember me? We used to be good mates. Nothing to be tense about.' The dry Martini bottle was standing there on a tray with a couple of glasses. I started to unscrew the bottle.

'How long have we known each other now, Sarah? And in all that time I never realised just how attractive you are.'

'Ah! But you weren't interested in other women then. Neither was I. We were both rather cock-happy I seem to remember.'

'What a waste.'

I laughed lightly, concentrating on pouring the wine. She added, 'you have a very fetching bum, you know.' Sally had stood and was crossing over behind me. Then I felt her hands cup the cheeks of my bottom. I stopped breathing, bottle held high! Gosh! She ain't wasting any time, I thought. I had planned a lengthy careful sparring session to start with. But as I finished filling the glasses, her hands were stroking my bum with obvious relish. I placed the glasses on the table, turned to her, put my palms on either side of her face and kissed her mouth. I could taste the lipstick and feel the softness of her lips on mine. Her hands went round my waist and I was drawn into her body as the kiss got deeper. Mouths opened and the kiss became urgent.

'Are you in a hurry darling,' I asked with a little laugh, drawing my head away. Our hips were still pressed together, but my fingers were now unbuttoning her blouse.

'If I hesitate now, Sarah, it might never happen. I might chicken out. Seize the moment!'

Her blouse slid from her shoulders, uncovering the white lace bra, which was unable to hide the stiff nipples of her 36C boobs. At least, that was my guess. I must say they were rather bigger than I had expected. Clothes can be so deceptive! With a smile, she unhooked the garment herself and shrugged it off leaving her naked breasts for my full inspection.

'Well, well, Sally. I never thought I'd see you like this. You are so beautiful. Lovely tits!'

Mm! That wasn't quite true, but what the hell... They were solid boobs, a tracery of light blue veins showing. They didn't really need a bra. I gazed at them, studying the small mini-nipples round the perimeter of the large areola, as Sally's fingers slipped my own blouse off, dropping it on the arm chair at the side of her. I was wearing my new peach colored lace bra. I was rather surprised to see that Sally had hair sprouting from her areola. Not tufts. Just a few stray blonde hairs here and there. They looked rather sweet! I remember that my mother had hairs on and around her areola. I used to think that made her a witch!

She had now reached behind me to un-clip and remove my own new bra. The one I'd bought specially! I don't think she'd given in a second look, though. To Sally, it was just an obstacle to her fulfilling her desires, which had to be removed. Sally held her breath as my boobs came into view. We stood facing each other bare-chested. Our eyes met. She still looked rather tense. So I kissed her slowly again and embraced her so that our nipples touched. With a few wriggles I managed to rub them together whilst I kissed her eyelids, ears, cheeks, chin and neck. Sally liked that!

But it was clear that I was going to have to take the lead from here. I decided to replay the scene in the Mayor's parlor to start things off. Helping Sally to lower herself until she was perched on the edge of the settee, with a glass of Martini held in her right hand, I sank to my knees in front of her. I threw her skirt over my head, stroking her thighs gently, before pressing my puckered lips against her groin. It was clear that she was already lubricating. Sally had taken care to spray her pubes with perfume. Not being a perfume user (I'm allergic!) I didn't recognize the brand. But the scent was hardly enough to cover the strong natural scent of her vaginal excretion. The blend was most erotic. Kissing her vulva over the gusset of her panties with puckered lips had her shaking involuntarily.

'Bloody hell, Sarah.' she whispered hoarsely.

As I searched her inner thighs with my face and mouth, my hands unfastened the waist band of her skirt, then the single button at the side. It was a wrap around woollen skirt, designed to offer the least obstacle to accessing her private parts. It fell open, revealing her brief panties. My nose was inhaling the sweet pussy scent, rubbing gently over the clitoral hood, her hands on my shoulders, pressing my head hard into her groin. She was quietly moaning. This was it! Hooking my fingers into the waist band of her briefs - very lovely white silk lace - I slowly eased them over her generous hips. Sally lifted her bottom to allow me to remove them altogether, over the tan boots.

Below the crease where her rather abundant belly overhung the groin, I had full sight of her own precious jewel. And like the rest of her body, the vulva was fleshy and thick. Its whole contents were contained within those outer lips. Not a sign of the inner lips or her clitoris. All was covered with a not-very-thick patch of hair. I could see it had been lightly trimmed, though still offering a full bush of fairly coarse honey-blonde curls. To the left of her groin, just above the hair line, was a pair of dark moles. Otherwise her skin was flawless, even if her waist had thickened to a 34 inch! I looked up at her. With the wine glass still in one hand, her eyes were full of desire - she was rather flushed and certainly horny.

It was natural that I should press those thighs apart. I wanted a good look at what she had to offer. Light goose pimples had formed on the inner thighs. I caressed the skin fondly until they disappeared. But at the base of her closed gap, a droplet had gathered. A drop of her womanly lubrication, seeping from her vagina. But not for long. My tongue flicked it off, savoring the sweet musky flavor. Sally was now sunk back to lie into the corner of the settee, naked apart from her white self hold-up stockings with lace tops and tan boots.

Now was the time to investigate further. I gently parted the outer labia to reveal her hidden treasure chest. And there it was. Her love-ring, like an opal set in a tight cluster of peach sapphires, glittering in the sunshine, washed by her nectar. To top the love-ring, was a large pearl, hard and inviting, standing proud of its own setting. The inner labia festooned the gem, pink rumpled silk to frame the beauty encased in her vulva. Mm! I pressed my face to it, with my puckered lips lightly kissing the pearl. Sally jerked and gasped at the touch. My tongue began exploring the whole valley, savoring every niche, until it finally entered the love ring itself, now generously oozing its sweet nectar.

After tongue fucking her vagina with deep firm thrusts for a few moments, I transferred my attention to the pearl, taking its whole thickness between my lips, sucking and nibbling. The loins squirmed and I felt the trembles deep inside her belly. I could hear Sally moaning and whimpering. 'Yes, yes, yes! Don't stop!'

It was time to insert my fingers as deep as they would go in to her shrine - to worship at the altar of Aphrodite. Two middle fingers ploughed and explored, feeling every crevice of wet flesh. In and out. In and out. Then my index finger joined them, as Sally started to moan louder, her loins shaking and twisting.

'Oh, my gawd! That's so fucking good, Sarah!' Her breathing was erratic.

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