tagLoving WivesThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 24

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 24



Had someone told Sarah a week earlier, what sort of Christmas she would be having, she would have laughed in their face. But, as she prepared more coffee, Sarah reflected on the events of the past couple of days over Christmas. Thinking back, it was unbelievable that she should have had so much exciting, unbridled sex with her family and their manager, Janet. It had all been step-daughter-in-law Bessie's doing. Spiking the dinner wine. But with spectacular results! Inhibitions melted, evening gowns slipped off shoulders, succulent breasts and vulvas were fondled and given much attention by the men. It had been a long night. And now, the following morning, her step-son and family had left straight after breakfast for their long drive back to London. But not before a final taste of sex! She with her husband's grandson, the handsome, well-hung James, and George with Bessie. There was no doubt that their sex lives would never be the same again.

After waving his son and family goodbye, George returned to the dining kitchen. He was still dressed only in his dressing gown. Sarah put the steaming coffee pot on the table, filling the kitchen with a pleasant aroma, as Janet appeared to join them. Both the women were also in their gowns, without make-up and looking rather bleary-eyed and puffy-lipped.

'Looks as though you had a hard night, Janet,' George quipped, pouring milk into his pot.

'Speak for yourself, George. I had a wonderful, if somewhat surprising night!'

Sarah laughed. 'You and me both darling. And add this morning to that! Awesome!' She took a sip of her coffee.

'Very energetic, I must say. I had no idea what a quirky family you were.' She laughed, adding, 'and how well hung you all are!'

'Well, now you know,' Sarah smiled. 'Come to that, so do I!'

'Are you saying that was the first occasion you've all romped together?'

'It sure was. This morning was great as well! To be woken up with a nice young hard cock ploughing your furrow, as they say, stretching your vagina. Glorious! And then to come into the kitchen to find your husband screwing his daughter-in-law. Well! Wow!'

They all laughed.

'She asked for it, darling,' George explained.

'Asked? You mean she didn't refuse it, more like.'

'Well, if you wish to split hairs.'

'Splitting other things you mean - like pussy lips! Anyway darling, I want to tell you how proud I am of you. Not only for entering into the spirit of the evening, but for the way your cock responded. I haven't seen it so available and energetic for some time. I must say, I wasn't too sure how you would react. You were wonderful, and I love you George.'

'Nonsense Sarah! You should be proud of yourself! Had I realized you were looking for new ways to revitalize our sex life, we could have done it sooner! I just thought you'd grown out of it.'

Sarah smiled, leaned across the table and kissed him on the lips. If he only knew, she thought. Perhaps better not admit to the dogging she'd engaged in, in a mad moment of need, nor tell him about her on-going passionate affair with Susanna, or the doctor's wife. Her mind quickly recalled the several other 'stands' she'd had, though only with other women since marrying George. The dogging had been her only encounter with a different, anonymous cock. It had been a superb thrill!

As Sarah and George exchanged their affectionate kiss, there was a long sigh from Janet. 'Well, you two. It looks as if you're both in for some interesting activities from now on. As for me, well I had a lovely taste of Henry with my early morning coffee in bed. But! Oh dear! I have to spend the rest of the holiday with my stuffy aunt and uncle. Mum and dad will be enjoying their cruise in the Med. But I shall have some great memories to help with my solo sex!'

'Yes! And we have official duties after lunch,' Sarah explained, 'so spending the day fucking isn't an option. Even if George was up to it! Duty! Visiting the hospitals and so on. Spreading words of good cheer and all that, to those not really feeling very festive.' But, still feeling rather horny and ready for more, Sarah thought a final session would be in order. 'However, if George has spent all his energy on Bessie, perhaps you and I can have a farewell embrace, Janet.'

'Yes please! I'm so turned on! Come on. It'll have to last me the rest of the holiday. ' Sarah took Janet by the hand and hurried her into the master bedroom, shrugging off her gown as they went through the door. Sarah fell on her back across the bed, holding her arms out for Janet, legs bent at the knee, wide apart to display her most secret charms, knowing that Janet was anxious to inspect them after their action over the past twenty-four hours. Still in her gown, Janet clambered over Sarah, squatting with one knee either side of her waist. Her large breasts, with their saucer-like coral-colored areola and nipples, hung heavily. Sarah grasped them in each hand, squeezing them, wishing her own were rather bigger. Though not perhaps this big!

Not that Janet was familiar with many vulvas, but if there was such a thing as a perfect one, then surely this must be a prime example, Janet thought, gazing between Sarah's thighs. The vulva was a wonderful feat of nature. Or, if there was a God, she thought, he was very thoughtful to provide ladies with such exquisite means of reproduction. A master-stroke of genius. The blonde pubic hair, not too thick, and not spread too far from her swollen mound, the shy clitoris, like a small, pale bean peeking from its protective hood. The soft labia emerging from beneath the hood, either side of the clitoris, were sufficiently large to escape the confines of her outer lips, but not so large as to hang low - like her own fleshy things! Separating the labia with her thumbs, exposing the soft link inner valley and pee-hole, Janet kissed the vulva, running her tongue lightly along the valley. Guarding the vagina, now dilated to show the dark gateway to Sarah's hidden mystery, were five perfect petals of coral-colored flesh. Janet studied them. They were beautiful! The sight brought a lump to her throat. She would enjoy making love to this perfect piece of feminine flesh.

For Sarah, Janet's parted thighs displayed the long, heavy labia, and the four small tongues guarding the entrance to her wide-open vagina, now oozing with its delicious juices. Another lady's vulva was always a fascination for Sarah, and no matter how often she'd seen it, looking at it afresh always came as a wonderful surprise. There was always something she hadn't noticed before. She loved the copper-colored plentiful thatch of pubic hair, framing the vulva, marveling at the long fleshy labia, begging to be nibbled and suckled. Sarah filled her mouth with succulent flesh, tasting their inner juices. She adored women's juices. Such a delicious, unique taste. Janet's was faintly minty. Having chewed the fleshy parts, Sarah rubbed her nose between them, up and down the valley, the tip circling the clit, inhaling the exquisite scent.

With her own thighs wide apart, Sarah felt the warm breath of Janet on her vulva. She held Janet's head with one hand, encouraging it to close in on her pussy. The feeling of the breath on the labia increased the anticipation. Her sex lips were not as prominent as Janet's, but they were still full and fairly prominent. Sarah's body gave a sudden twitch as Janet's tongue flicked the clitoris. The attention being payed to her genitals was now swamping Sarah's mind. Her whole body was alive with a glorious trickling sensations. Her skin tingled. Her groin jerked and shook inside. The inner turmoil grew stronger and more intense. Muscles tensed and tightened, like a coiled spring. Her thighs trembled and juddered as she searched deep down for the very root of the orgasm.

Meantime, George had come into the room to sit on the dressing table stool, watching the two elegant ladies pleasuring each other. The sound of their murmuring, and moans of delight, with the sight of Janet's pale buttocks and drooping labia encouraged his half-filled cock to harden further until it reached full potential, pointing arrogantly towards the ceiling. He looked at it with pride. Still hard and erect. It was many months, if not years, since George had enjoyed so much sex in the space of twenty-four hours. When he first met Sarah, they had fucked night and day. They were insatiable. But, as usual, time had dampened the ardor, until their sex was more of a duty. Still pleasurable, but not as exciting. Now, however, he thought they had both been revitalized. He was unaware of his wife's affair with the parish vicar's wife, and now grateful that he was still able to respond in the time-honored way to the sight of beautiful, naked ladies feeling each other's private parts.

To watch his elegant wife being anything but elegant the previous evening, her thighs wide apart, with his grandson's cock slicing her pussy, was extremely arousing. She had turned into a common slut, the expression on her face showing the utter bliss she was feeling, mouth slightly open, gasping with delight. Turned animal. He recalled how her juices had formed a whiteish ring round the base of James's plunging cock, soaking into his pubic hair, remembering the many times they had whispered fantasies of such lewd happenings to each other in the dark, whilst making love. Sarah had always responded to the description of her being fucked by someone else, in her husband's presence. Imagining the thick cock of another man pounding in and out of her. And last evening it had actually happened! George had found it so exhilarating, without a twinge of jealousy. And now, here she was, having sex with another woman! Unimaginable! Out of this world! Being the unashamed slut again. It was time to explore what was before him.

Feeling the hem of her gown being lifted, Janet was enjoying Sarah's lips exploring her vulva, sending ripples of delight through her, whilst tasting the creamy juices leaking from Sarah's vagina. Delicious cream! Her tongue explored every nook and cranny of the delectable vulva, kissing the clit and slipping the stiff tongue inside the warm passage. Making love to Sarah's vulva was so arousing. Ever since she had first experienced Sarah's body, albeit rather hurriedly, she had craved for more. And now she was enjoying it. She loved the whole experience of eating it. Her gown was now draped over her waist, and she was aware of hands stroking the firm buttocks, fingers and thumbs drawing them apart to reveal the hidden puckered entrance to her other secret entrance.

Beneath her, Sarah's eyes were fixed on Janet's fleshy vulva, surrounded by its frame of auburn curls. Superb! She was so glad when her husband joined them. Seeing his hands caress the buttocks, prizing them open to display all Janet's private secrets. Secrets that had been explored by the whole family the previous evening, but still mysterious in the light of day. Sarah recollected the first time she had tasted the delights of Janet's vulva. They were in the disused gatehouse in the car-park at the rear of the property, watching a couple having sex in their car. Both she and Janet had been overcome with lust, needing to share the couples enjoyment. She couldn't remember who made the first move, but both fumbled with each other's vulvas until orgasms overtook them. Now, she had the chance to slowly examine that vulva in detail. It was a magnificent example of woman's center-piece!

In her own bedroom, Sarah could only watch spell-bound as her husband's stiff cock approached the waiting vagina, testicles low and swaying. The vagina was already oozing generously. Without warning, a surprisingly powerful feeling of love and affection for her husband swept through Sarah. Oh my God, she thought. Here he is, fucking our manager and I'm feeling so full of admiration and love for the guy. This is crazy! Sarah was, of course, unaware of George's first plundering of this delicious female booty, at the time she was entertaining Sue in London. A quick shag over the office desk, fully clothed, after a generous drink of champagne had been a celebration of the increase in their funding from the Arts Council. Both had been feeling particularly horny at the time and had done what came naturally.

But this time, George thought, the fuck would be a less urgent affair. An enjoyable, deliberate plundering of his manager's body, with the approval and encouragement of his wife. Sarah gasped as she watched the foreskin retract as the bulbous head found its target, nudging the lips apart to engage with the slippery entrance to the dilated vagina, ready for penetration. There was no hurry. As the head pushed into the entrance to the passage, Sarah held her breath, amazed at her fascination at the sight. Incredible! Fantastic! She had thought that, maybe her reaction last night was due to the general aphrodisiac of the group orgy, but in the cold light of day, she was just as excited by her husband's cock entering the vagina of another woman. It had always been a fantasy of hers, one they had often discussed in pillow talk during sex. But now it was happening for real, it was an emotional moment for her, as her husband's erection slowly pushed its way into the depths of the accommodating vagina. It was a life-changing moment. Much, much more lascivious than she had imagined. Beautiful! She felt Janet shudder with delight. As well she might! Then Sarah licked the labia and clit vigorously and passionately, giving Janet the additional thrill of internal and external stimulation.

The feeling of George's cock nudging at her vagina had Janet take a deep breath of anticipation. She stopped licking Sarah, holding her breath to concentrate on the sensation, as the thick head pushed its way into the soft pliant flesh. She let the breath out in a long sigh of delight as the shaft slid into her, stretching her to the full, until it reached the cervix. Every nerve sending messages of lust and enjoyment. Asking for more. Every woman must adore that moment of penetration, being plundered by cock, she thought. She certainly did. Stunning!

Time seemed to stand still for all three, as the thick cock violated the vagina with remorseless jabbing. George fucked Janet with deep and powerful strokes, hands gripping the buttocks for additional purchase. Testicles slapped against Sarah's nose as she greedily chewed on the labia and clit. Janet returned her mouth to Sarah's vulva, feeling her own loins shaking and trembling with lust. The muscles were tightening. She heard her moaning out loud. Janet was no longer paying attention to Sarah's pussy. She was concentrating every nerve on the phenomenal commotion in her loins. Her breathing was heavy and irregular. She was groaning 'Oh fuck! Fuck fuck!' the orgasm wasn't far away. All the muscles were now tense and shaking uncontrollably. She was crying out in an agony of delight.

With his loins working like a piston, George was thoroughly enjoying his fuck, gazing down at the wonderful bottom, watching his sliding cock, smeared with her juices. Phenomenal! He hadn't enjoyed himself so much for years. Such a smooth, warm vagina. George looked at the puckered rosebud above it. It was also covered with an excess of pussy juices. He had a sudden and unexplained desire to thrust his cock in it. No sooner had the thought struck him, than he withdrew from the vagina, as he spread open the rosebud with his thumbs. His cock prodded the entrance and immediately pressed into the dark secret passage.

Janet gave a yelp, jerking her body from the bed as the cock violated her rear passage. Oh my God! she thought. Not there! But it was tight and thrilling. Fucking marvelous! When the anal fuck started she was suddenly catapulted into an explosive orgasm. Thrashing convulsions.

Sarah was astonished at the sudden change of passage, watching George's cock driving in and out of Janet's anus. She had no idea how long this went on for, but it couldn't have been many minutes. Janet was thrashing her head from side to side, her arms beating on the bed as she cried out in an explosion of orgasmic convulsions, until George finally withdrew his cock, pushing it between an unexpecting Sarah's lips, sliding it in and out of her mouth a few times before returning it into the passage made for it. She tasted the slightly acrid smears with curiosity. George's testicles were beginning to retract. He wouldn't last much longer, she thought.

And she was right! No sooner had George made the full penetration than he felt his balls tightening, until, with a sudden violent jerk, he started to ejaculate. Irregular spasms racked his thighs as his jerking loins thrust deep, emptying his sperm into the very depths of Janet's vagina. This defining moment had the effect of triggering Sarah's own orgasm. Her whole body convulsed. The sweet agonizing blissful spasms.

It took several moments for the three of them to relax, recovering from the battering. Returning to the present, George felt his penis begin to soften. With a grateful sigh, he withdrew from Janet, allowing his cock to slide over Sarah's nose in the process. Sarah opened her mouth against the gaping vagina. When Janet squeezed her vaginal muscles, they pushed the sperm out onto the waiting tongue and into the mouth. After a few seconds, when the vagina had expelled its contents of mixed juices, Sarah squirmed from under Janet, kneeling up on the bed as Janet did likewise, facing her. They kissed, open mouthed, allowing the sperm to trickle into Janet's mouth. Both tongues swirled the juices around their mouths, until each swallowed what they had gathered, going into a fond embrace, breasts crushing breasts, hands cupping vulvas in their palms.

They heard the shower. George was cleaning up. Time to start the rest of the day. 'Thank you Janet,' Sarah smiled. 'No, thank you Sarah for inviting me. It has been the most interesting and satisfying Christmas I can remember.'

'Well, it certainly wasn't planned. At least, not be me. But, perhaps even more enjoyable for being a surprise!'

'See you in a couple of days,' Janet said as she picked up her robe, leaving to get dressed.

'And we'll have a happy new year!' Sarah promised.

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