tagLoving WivesThe Video in the Post

The Video in the Post


Mike went to pick up the post. It was his day off, while his wife was still at work. 7 or 8 letters -- marketing rubbish mainly, along with a brown envelope. But then a white envelope, with his name on. No stamp -- someone must have slipped it into his letterbox by hand. Mike felt around the envelope -- it felt like there was a CD or something in the envelope.

Mike sat down, took a sip of the coffee he had just made, then ripped open the envelope. Sure enough there was a CD in a plastic envelope. A CD write. Someone had written on it -- "For Mike to Watch."

Mike was puzzled. He took the CD through to his office, put it in his computer, and watched as his DVD player came up on the screen, then watched as the DVD started automatically.

At first Mike couldn't make out the film -- it was filmed rather amateurishly. The film zoomed out , the sound became clearer. Suddenly Mike realised -- it was a porn film. He wondered who would send him a porn film. Mike watched further. There was a man having sex with a woman, a woman who appeared to be enjoying it, if the sounds and obscenities coming from her were to be believed. The camera zoomed out even further, for Mike to see there were several other men sitting around, naked, looking like they were waiting for a turn. Mike was becoming aroused, wondering what it would be like to be part of something like this...

Mike watched as the man's body rose faster and faster, the woman responding, suddenly both crying out together, him clearly pumping his cum into her, her being tipped over the edge to orgasm. The other men sat around were cheering, urging the man -- called Rick, Mike understood from the shouting -- to get off, so they could carry on.

At last Rick had slumped forward, then rolled off the woman. Mike watched as Rick crawled forward, pointing his cock at the woman's mouth, ordering the woman to clean him off. She turned her head, smiled as the camera zoomed then eagerly began to lick his cock, as it was clear another of the men was mounting her. It was as she smiled that Mike's blood froze.

Mike's blood froze, as he watched his wife Donna smile on the DVD, then begin to lick the stranger's cock.

Mike wanted at first to turn the video off, but continued to watch, transfixed. He watched for the next hour, as his wife was gang-banged, willingly, having sex with 8 different men -- sucking some of them off, taking others in her pussy, doing anal with one, clearly enjoying and relishing what was happening. Once he saw her being fucked and sucking at the same time. By the end of the video he reckoned they had probably all come in her a couple of times, that she had cum about 6 or 7 times...

As the video was coming to an end, he saw her stand up, helped to her feet by a couple of the men, smiling but tired. They helped her get dressed, then there was chatter, something about loving the monthly staff training days, and looking forward to the next one, that this had been the best one yet...

Mike stopped the video, sent it back to the start, then began to watch again. Half out of horror. Half out of fantasy. But his erection had not abated... As he did his mind was racing. Donna, he knew, worked for a company of accountants as receptionist. He knew they had the monthly training days, although Donna had said very little about what happened. He remembered that she would come home saying how exhausting they were, that she could only sleep afterwards. But what to do? He loved his wife. But as he watched he felt jealous of her...

At 39, Mike thought, she was beautiful, stunning, standing slim, nearly 5 foot 8 inches, looking as good as she ever did with her shoulder length dark hair. They had been married early -- truth be told Donna was 18 and pregnant when they were married -- he hadn't taken precautions when he took her virginity -- and had been in love ever since. Mike had thought neither of them had strayed, and had seemed to be hoping for more time together now their son and daughter were both away at college. And then this. Donna had been working at the company for 6 years -- how long had the gang-bangs been going on for? How did they start? Who had video'd it? Who had given him the DVD? Worse -- what should he do now?

Mike watched the video twice more through the day as he tried to make sense of it, tried to work out what he should do. Watched with mixed churning feelings. Perhaps it was blackmail. Or rape. Mike wasn't stupid -- he knew the woman -- his wife -- was enjoying it, was taking part whole-heartedly in what was happening. Yes, he and Donna had a good sex life, but Mike never thought of his wife as a slut, the sort of person who would stray, let alone get involved in a gang-bang. He was sure she had never strayed in the time they were married. He knew for sure he had never strayed. They had seemed to adore each other, be made for each other, but there on the video was the evidence...

Mike missed lunch, he was so caught up in what he had seen, in what he should do next.

That evening Donna arrived home from work as normal, unaware of what had happened. They had eaten, and it was later that Mike said to Donna there was something he needed to talk about. They settled with their coffees in the lounge. "What is it you want to say?" Donna asked sympathetically.

Mike responded in a tentative way. "What would you say if I told you I had a lover, or had sex with someone else?"

Donna leapt at his words, immediately assuming the worse. "You've had it off with another woman? How dare you? We're married, you've defiled our marriage, you've got to leave. How dare you? Who was the slut? What whore have you been shagging?"

Donna's tirade would have gone one for minutes, if Mike had not barked for her to be quiet. Donna was stunned, Mike was never this assertive. She found herself listening to him. He said "I thought you would say that. So what do you make of this?" He pushed the buttons on the remote control. The television came on. The DVD started to play. For moments Donna watched the screen, not realising what she was watching. Then as she watched she knew it was some sort of porno film. She turned to Mike: "Turn it off, you know I don't like this sort of stuff."

Mike raised his hand, allowed the video to continue. Suddenly Donna gasped. She recognised Rick's name. And his face -- her boss. Then as her own face appeared, she screamed "NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...", leaping to her feet. She scrabbled for the remote control, trying to turn the telly off, but Mike grabbed her, pulled her back onto her seat, and ordered her to watch. Donna was soon sobbing, watching herself enjoying, relishing the "Monthly Staff Training Day."

After watching for 15 minutes, watching herself being fucked by three men, sucking cocks, Mike turned the video off. Donna had run out of tears and was curled in a ball gently sobbing into her arms.

Donna uncurled herself when she realised the video had stopped. Mike waited until she was ready to hear.

At last he spoke. "Donna, What happened?"

Donna sobbed. "I'm sorry, Mike, I'm really sorry."

Mike stopped her. "I don't want your apologies. I want to know what happened. What happened? You had better be honest, you had better answer quick."

"Mike, I didn't know anyone was videoing it..."

"So what you were doing was okay as long as no-one videoed it?" Mike spoke to her sharply. "How did it start? How long has it been going on? Are you in trouble?"

There was a long pause before Donna began to stutter. "Mike, it's been going on about 9 months. It's what we do every month. At staff training day."

"So how did it start?"

"Mike, I'm so sorry. You know I work for all men. They joke, they flirt, but nothing had ever happened. Then we had a day when the trainer didn't arrive. We started chatting. The conversation got more and more crude amongst the men. Then one of the men said: I don't know how women think. Never know what they want. So someone else said -- let's ask Donna. I didn't realise how personal the questions would get when I said they could. They started asking me all sorts of things. If I'd done it with another woman. Did I suck cock? How I liked a man to kiss my clit? What did I like a man to do when he put his finger in my pussy? Did I enjoy playing with a vibrator? Lots of things..."

Mike was angry. "But you told me I was the only man you have made love to. So what did you tell them? That I was a terrible lover? All those people now know how I make love. They all know what you won't let me do, but you let them do? So I stay loyal while you fuck them all and do whatever they want, and everyone you work with knows how I fuck you, all know how bad I am at it. What you won't let me do? I bet I am the laughing stock in your office."

"Mike, I didn't put it together. Not thought of it like that. I struggled to answer, but they kept asking -- for a couple of hours they asked. Mike -- I found it exciting. All these men asking me questions about sex. I was wearing jeans that time. Suddenly one of them said -- look she's got a damp patch between her legs. Her pussy is all wet. She's hot for it... I tried to hide myself, but they had seen. Suddenly they were around me. Their hands all over me. My breasts, legs. I couldn't even remember losing my clothes. Mike, I have to be honest -- I wanted it. I so wanted it. Mike -- it just went from there -- one was in me, there was another at my mouth. I just took them all in. They all took it in turns, and I wanted them to. For two hours they took me.

"Mike -- it was so good. When someone suggested we ought to do this every training day I just agreed. I didn't even think of you -- it was separate, different. I love you, I'm fulfilled by you trying to please me. This was just raw lust, and it was so good knowing I could take on the men and exhaust them. And get satisfied. We never do it any other time, just those days."

There was a long long pause. Mike was crying, Mike was angry. "But surely those men are married? Have wives? Are professionals? You did anal -- you never let me do that. You sucked their cocks clean -- you never did that to me. You don't even like sucking my cock. You never swallow. I bet their wives never do that for them. You say you want to fulfil me, yet never let me do those things. When I mention straying, or introducing someone else to our bed, you scream at me. All those times I walk into your office, pick you up, office parties, I bet they are killing themselves laughing. What's my nickname -- clueless Mike? Stupid sap? Mike the cuck? There's the man, they say, who thinks we all like him, and we are gang-banging his wife behind his back. And I can see the smirk, as they think -- and she wants it. The sap who can't satisfy his wife. Is that it? Is that what they say?" Mike was shouting, stood on his feet. There was a long pause before Mike slumped back on his chair.

Suddenly Donna spoke into Mike's silence. "Mike, you could have Anal, and oral, and anything you wanted but you never took it." Donna paused. "Mike, the only reason you didn't get any of those is that you are too much of a wimp, too much of sissy, too much of a sub to get any. I let those men do it because they are real men. Real men who took me as a real man should."

Mike was stunned -- what was Donna saying. He had always tried to be kind to her, do what she wanted, make her happy...

Donna was suddenly in control. "You were such a wuss -- you thought you were giving me everything I wanted, and all you were being was a doormat. You never gave me what I really wanted! Some domination. That is what they gave me, and I loved submitting to them."

"But Donna..." Mike was stuttering. "I've tried to give you everything. I've adored you..."

"Everything?" Mike could hear the smirk in her voice. "You couldn't even give me a load in my mouth, or up my ass."

Mike was shocked at the crudity of what his wife had said, but she wasn't stopping, she was turning his world upside down. "Do you know why we put the video in the letter box this morning?"

"You put it there...?"

"We put it there so you could see what a wimp you are. And everyone at the office knows you are a wimp, because I've told them. And no -- your nickname isn't Clueless Mike, it's missus Mike. But they decided. They decided they would like a sissy to fuck at the next training day, and you are going to be it. That's why we put the video there."

Mike sat, his mouth moving but making no sound.

"So on Wednesday -- tomorrow - at the next training day you are going to be there, and as well as fucking me they are going to be fucking you."

Mike's mouth had given up the attempt to say anything.

The next morning Mike was horrified, surprised, to find himself driving Donna into the grounds of a country hotel. After Donna had made it clear, they have sort of drifted off to bed. Donna had dropped off to sleep instantly, Mike had tossed and turned, and he couldn't admit -- he was excited, although his cock gave him away. He wasn't gay, he kept telling himself. Just a bit submissive.

Mike parked the car, and walked with Donna to the hotel reception, then to the room they had been allocated, his mouth dry with fear and anticipation. As they entered their suite, a tall guy -- Rick, whom he knew from office parties and the video, came over to greet them, shaking hands with Mike, kissing Donna on the cheek. Mike was so nervous he couldn't even speak. Mike guessed that they were the last to arrive, as they were given cups of coffee, perhaps ten other men milling around and chatting.

Rick chatted to Donna and Mike as they drank their coffee, then turned to Mike. "Better get ready, mate. I'm going to be first. Clothes off, hands and knees..." as he lightly said it he clapped his hands to get the attention of the other men in the room. Rick spoke to them. "Lads, Mike is here. I'm going to have his ass first, then anyone else who wants him in any way -- well, you'll all get your chance with him, and with Donna..."

Mike stood, unable to move. Donna hissed at him. "Get your clothes off. Hurry up."

Mike was like a zombie, but did what he was told. He slowly undid his tie, his shirt, removed his trousers, his eyes firmly fixed on the floor. He removed his underpants, hiding himself with his hands in his embarrassment. He had only ever been naked in front of his Doctor and Donna.

As he stood nervously, Rick came over to him, put his arm around Mike's shoulder and led him to the centre of the room. Rick quickly removed his shirt and trousers and boxers, then stood naked hiding nothing, his cock 7 inches, standing erect. Mike couldn't help gulping when he saw the size. Rick spoke firmly to him. "Hands and knees!" Mike fell to his knees and was pushed forward onto all fours. He felt a finger playing with him for a moment, pushing some sort of gel around his asshole. Mike tensed -- no-one had ever touched him there before. He daren't admit to himself it felt good...

Then the man was kneeling behind him. He felt the cock pushing to his asshole. Mike screamed out loud as he felt the cock pushed hard and deep into his ass. He had never felt anything as bad, but he felt Rick holding on to him, letting him get used to it.

Slowly Mike felt things changing -- the pain was going away, and the psychology was so good -- he found it so hot to be owned and taken, and yes, his cock felt harder than it had ever been before. He felt -- for the first time ever, a man reaching around and gripping his cock, squeezing it, playing with it.

Then the moment -- he felt Rick pull his cock out, push it back in -- he was being fucked. By a man. Watched by 7 or 8 others who were going to fuck him as well. Watched by his wife who had set him up.

As Mike concentrated on the cock in his ass, he was suddenly surprised by a hand wrapped in his hair, pulling his head up. At first he was confused, but opened his eyes, noted a man kneeling in front of him, pushing his cock towards Mike's mouth. Mike opened his mouth, the cock was in his mouth. He was sucking...

Mike felt the two men getting faster and faster, Rick sliding his cock in and out of Mike's ass, the other guy sliding his cock in and out of his mouth. Suddenly the guy fucking his mouth gripped Mike's head, and Mike felt, or was it tasted his cum spurting into his mouth. Mike hadn't thought of this as he was enjoying the two men owning him. He tried to pull away, but his head was held firm. He had to swallow. It was strange, but he did it. It tasted... it tasted okay. Suddenly he heard Rick grunt, thrust hard into him, and he knew Rick was spurting his cum into his ass, into his guts. His ass was sore, but squeezing, milking the cock in him.

After a few moments or several seconds, or three hours -- Mike didn't know -- he felt cocks pushed into him, cocks pulled out of him. He felt his ass taken and his mouth taken. Twice he had to suck softer cocks, sticky with cum and juice, and knew he was sucking the cocks of men who had just fucked his wife. At last he just toppled onto his side, exhausted. Rick whispered. "We'll give you a rest, then someone else is going to take you...

Mike and Donna arrived home later afternoon. Both were tired. Both were sore -- particularly Mike, who found sitting down painful. In the end he had had 7 cocks in his ass. He had sucked off three. His wife had been fucked, and tied to some sort of machine which had her screaming for more. He had been wanked off, or been made to wank, three times. Mike felt strange. Used, abused. Betrayed by his wife to these men. Yet both were fulfilled. They had held hands, they had cuddled long and hard when they arrived home. They had sat together most of the evening, they had showered together. It had been hard, but he knew that after a month he would gladly submit again...

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Sick Shit!

This isn't about a marriage, it's about a TOTAL lack of love and respect on the wife's part! Did the cunt ever consider communicating her feelings/wishes with her husband? Obviously not! And to submitmore...

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