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The Video Star


Another Friday night alone at my computer and not for the first time I considered actually getting out and meeting real people. But then again, real people bring baggage and I really didn't want to deal with that right now.

A little worse for drink I clicked on the icon for my favourite video conferencing reflector. For those who don't know these are chat rooms where up to 20 participants send and receive live video. Usually the place was full of men hoping a woman might stray in and, after an hour or two of flattery and begging, might be persuaded to show her bra.

Yes it was desperate stuff but what kept me going was the knowledge that once in a blue moon a truly gorgeous woman would come into the room and do a show. These ranged from a casual exposure of breasts to full on dildo fucking. If you were really lucky she might even watch you at the same time, jerking your tool to her erotic display.

The video room was about half full. The usual array of men with names like Suck This and 9 inch wangman. But then I noticed they were all typing in chat. This was a clear sign that there was a woman in the room. Men don't talk to each other in these places.

I quickly located the object of their interest, a woman going by the name of Queen Bee. It was appropriate because her drones were all over her, complimenting every aspect of her character in a way that was over sycophantic and obviously geared towards getting her naked.

Her picture eventually came in. A nice sharp image of a woman in her 40s with straight black hair that framed an attractive face - green eyes and a wanton mouth. Only her head and shoulders were in the frame, but she appeared to be wearing a white blouse with at least 2 buttons undone.

The other thing that struck me about this woman was - well - she was my mother!

After I got over the initial shock I realised that perhaps it wasn't so strange. She had always been keen on computers at home, and after I moved out 3 years ago she had taken various courses in computer related subjects.

And let's face it she was beautiful. Why wouldn't she enjoy coming onto a video chat room and teasing the men a little.

Luckily she didn't open my picture so I was able to watch events unfold. I must admit I was feeling a little excited. I wondered how she would react to the pressure from the men, whether she would enjoy the attention. My cock suddenly sprang into life as the ultimate thought hit me. What if she, my mother, actually gave a little show while I was watching from the shadows?

'Nice blouse Queen' someone typed in the chat window. 'Thanks John' she replied

Men are so transparent aren't they?

Usually one man became a kind of leader...someone with a good vocabulary who wasn't too afraid to make an ass of himself. In our room it was a player calling himself 'Big John'

I found myself willing him on. It was always a precarious situation, one word out of place and the woman would leave. I hoped Big John had it in him.

'And is that a little silver chain?' he asked 'Yes' my mother replied. 'My grown up son bought it for me last year' 'Aww you don't look old enough to have a grown up son' said the increasingly brave Big John

The picture went a bit fuzzy for a few seconds. When it cleared I saw that Queen Bee had zoomed in on the chain I had bought her. Of course in doing so she had also 'accidentally' zoomed in on the top of her cleavage. I don't expect many of the 13 men in that room were looking at the necklace!

'Very Nice' said Big John. After a suitable pause he added: 'And so is the necklace'

My Mother laughed at that. Good one John, he had made her laugh, women seem to like that.

She leaned forward a little so that the pendant swung away from her neck. Of course in doing so she also gave us all a delicious view between her breasts.

I could hardly believe this. 13 men were probably masturbating (myself included) at the sight of my mum's cleavage.

'Mmmm Big John. Nice'

I didn't look at Big John's video but I could guess what he was showing my mum.

'It would be even nicer if you undid another button or 2 Queen Bee' said smarmy John.

This was a turning point. I sensed my heartbeat speed up.

'Hmm' she said...'perhaps it is a little warm'

And with that she opened her blouse all the way revealing a sexy little white silk bra. We could clearly see that her nipples were erect through the soft fabric.

'You look a little excited there Queen Bee' said our spokesman

I was becoming increasingly agitated. I felt I shouldn't really be there, yet I was captivated. My honour got the better of me and I sent Queen Bee a private message. In video conferencing this is known as geeking and is frowned upon usually. Only the intended recipient sees the message. But I thought it was worth the risk.

I sent her this text: 'Hello Mum'

I knew she would probably leave without a word but I felt a bit grubby watching her like an old voyeur.

Almost immediately she opened my video window. She had a look of sheer amusement on her face. Of course nobody else in the room knew what she was laughing at. From then on we communicated by geeking eachother and Big John became just a bit-player.

'Hello Steve' she said 'How long have you been here' 'About 10 minutes...' 'Ah.' 'You seem to be getting on well with Big John' I teased

All the while Big John and others were posting publicly. One message suddenly came on the screen which sent a shiver through me.

'Queen Bee, why don't you take off that bra?'

It wasn't Big John, but some other impatient lad.

I geeked her

'Yes mum, why don't you?'

I saw her eyes shining. This was clearly turning her on big time

Mother became the performer again.

'Hmm, well it is a little uncomfortable' she typed for all to see

I could sense the anticipation among the men

Reaching behind her back she unclasped the silk garment. She let the straps fall off her shoulders, all the while watching me. What she didn't know was that under the desk I was stroking my very hard cock.

Then the bra fell away and 13 horny men had the treat of the evening so far. My mother's beautiful firm breasts with their perky nipples rock hard with excitement

It was a free for all now. 'Wow' said one. 'Beautiful' said another. And a dozen other comments came on the screen all complimenting my mother on her breasts.

She started massaging her nipples and took one breast in her mouth. Then she tossed her head back so that her lovely breasts jutted out onto the screen

Then she geeked me again. 'And just where is your hand young man?'

I reluctantly left my throbbing cock and held up my hands.

'Hmm' she geeked. 'Stand up'

I felt my chest tighten. Here was my mother pretty much asking me to expose my stiff cock to her. I was naked from the waist down. I slowly stood up. Watching my own video I could judge exactly what she would be able to see. I stood up just far enough that she could see the very upper limit of my pubic hair. Then slowly I stood up fully. My cock was looking particularly impressive if I say so myself. There was a bead of precum on the tip and it stood firm and thick at an angle without any assistance from me

'My my' she geeked, 'nice'.

'Would you stand up for us Queen' pleaded Big John.

'Would I?' she asked me by geek 'Well, it seems only fair, since he asked so nicely' I messaged back

My mother stood and stepped back a little, her breasts still on display. She was wearing a short black skirt. By now I was stroking my cock in full view of my Mother, and I was ready to cum. I held back though, wondering what she was going to do next.

She put one foot on the chair so that her skirt rode up giving us all a full view of her white silk panties. I knew that this was just for me now. She had forgotten Big John and his cronies. Reaching down she gently caressed herself through her panties, tracing the contour of her lips with her fingers. I moved closer to my camera zooming in on the wet head of my penis. When I came I wanted her to see it close up.

She hooked her finger under the delicate material and moved it to the side. Her trimmed black hair framing luscious wet lips. I could clearly see my mother's swollen clit, which she now stroked with her middle finger, using her cunt juice as lubrication

There was a pause as she typed at her keyboard. I got the geek

'Let me see you cum'

Well that was all it took.

As I watched my mother fingering her soaking wet cunt in full view of 13 men I let my cum shoot out over my camera. There seemed to be pints of it spurting out of the head of my cock. I fondled it into the shaft so that it glistened. Suddenly I saw my mum's body twitch. She frantically fingered her clit bringing herself to an intense orgasm, her lips pulsating and drenched.

I imagine 12 other men were ejaculating at the same time. I don't know how many others she was looking at but she was having the orgasm of her life that's for sure.

After a few minutes it all quieted down. She dressed and sat back in her chair.

Then I got the geek I had been hoping for

'Um, why don't you come round next Friday....perhaps we can do a show together...'

And did we? Well that's another story.

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