The Virgin Hunter


He slid pillows beneath her belly and fucked her from behind. They both loved it that way. He could see her hot ass and she loved the depth and penetration of his cock. The length and depth of their passion was super human they fucked and fucked and fucked. John was a great athlete and endurance was his specialty. Finally Felicity climbed on top of him and straddled him guiding his cock into her pussy again for a slow ride. She looked at him sexily as he fondled her pert breasts. She gave him a cheeky grin as she clamped her pelvic floor muscles around his thickness.

"I want you to cum in my hot tight pussy. Wait until I cum then cum in me I can't wait to feel you explode inside me."

With that she began a long, slow, deep ride, tightening her pussy around his throbbing cock as she sat down on him loosening as she slid upward. His cock was throbbing uncontrollably and he was fast approaching orgasm, this time even more powerful than her unbelievable head. Her magical pussy sucked and drizzled wetness over him. He felt her shiver as she began to cum and she screamed.

"Mmmmmm I'm cumming. Cum in me darling fill me up with that beautiful cum. Fuck me. Mmmmmm I want you so bad."

He erupted inside her thrusting upwards at her clasping her hips as he thrust deep inside her hot wet cunt. Her pussy contracted around his impossibly swollen cock and then he felt himself shooting inside her and shouted with pleasure.

"Ooooooh god that so good. I'm cumming Mmmmmm I'm cumming."

Felicity reached down and cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them as his cock spurted shot after shot into her. They ground against each other his cock buried so deep inside her that he almost touched her cervix and she moaned and rocked and orgasmed continuously.

"Mmmmmm yummy, yummy your cum is divine Mmmmmm fill me up darling Ohhh you make me sooooooo hot."

They lay bound together by the force of their mutual orgasms her cunt gripping his spurting, throbbing cock. Both moaning and shivering every nerve ending tingling their bodies filled with endorphins.

John was a great fuck Felicity thought but she loved the idea of fucking a virgin. The urgency was a real turn on. As he reached down and caressed her clit through the white panties once more and she came again she resolved to hunt virgins from now on or at least men who had it so long ago that they might just as well be virgins.

"MMMMMM I'm cumming darling. You are such a good fuck. Want to stay the night?"

John couldn't have left even if he'd wanted to he was so besotted with her and wanted to nothing else but fuck her. Felicity thought how John might be a gateway to other virgins maybe in pairs or....

"You know John you're still a virgin until you've had my ass as well..."

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