tagLoving WivesThe Visit Ch. 1

The Visit Ch. 1

byThe don©

It had been six years since my wife and I had seen Mark. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and Mark had been a good friend when we first got married. After a few years we moved and lost contact with him. Then out of the blue we heard from him. He told us he was going to be passing through our town on a trip. My wife seemed very excited about seeing him again.

The night before mark's arrival she confessed that she had been with Mark before we were married. She told me it was more or less a one night stand and the sex was outstanding. She used to party a lot before we got married and she told me that she was drunk one night and he offered to give her a ride home from the night club. Now when she used to go out on the town her outfits were very short, mini skirts were her favorite things to wear.

My wife then and now has outstanding legs, nice thick but very firm thighs. Muscle tone showing when she walks and they go all the way up and make a great ass out of themselves. She said he almost hit someone car while looking at the mini skirt riding very high on her thighs. To make sure she got home safe she told him if he paid attention to driving she would let him get a better view once she was at home.

When they got to her apartment she told me she made good on her promise and raised her skirt at the door way and gave him a good look and her legs and tiny french cut panties. His hands moved like lighting and grabbed her ass pulling her into him and covering her mouth with his. She said she gasped when his bulge pressed into her.

At first she thought he had something in his pants to make him look bigger. During the hard kiss he walked her back into her apartment and closed the door. As soon as the door closed, her hand went down to explore the bulge in his pants as his hands squeezed her ass cheeks harder.

Her plan of just letting him see her legs had changed now, she had to find out what was hiding in those pants. She heard and felt her panties being ripped off as he tongue fucked her mouth harder. Her hands worked faster to release his cock from the confines of his pants and boxers. She told me it was not't that he was long but that it was so very thick. I am about 8" and she said he was somewhat shorter but he was three times thicker.

As her fingers danced on his shaft, she felt the thick veins pulsing. Her hands moved up to a very fat head that was even bigger than the shaft. As her finger's tips rubbed the precum over the head, she felt him slide two of his fingers into her pussy. She said they went in all the way so easy, because she was soaking. His fingers working her pussy roughly as his big thumb grinded into her hard clit. His other hand kneading her ass cheek hard as he finger fucked her soaking pussy faster.

She said she could hear her pussy sucking his fingers and felt the warm juices running down onto her thighs. Then she felt his hand sliding up her back and grabbing a handful of her long brunette hair. He pulled her roughly away from his mouth and said three words that almost made her cum instantly. "SUCK MY COCK."

She said this fun loving party guy had turned into someone that was going to be in control.

Normally she told me she liked to be made loved to back then, but she was so turned by that time that she dropped to her knees in front of him and came face to face with his thick veined cock.


Her lipstick painted lips stretched over the fat head of his cock. Her taste buds soaking up the salty precum. Her head bobbing slowly she said that just a little of the shaft could go into her mouth since the head took up so much. His large hands gripping the sides of her head.

He started pulling her into his cock, she said she started to gag but he didn't seem to mind. When she thought she couldn't take anymore, the head slipped into her throat and the gagging was replaced amazement as she started deep throating her first cock. I had always wanted to know how she was able to swallow my entire shaft with no problem.

She said to watch the shaft sliding in and out of her mouth caused her first orgasm. Her muffled screams of pleasure vibrating over his cock caused him to pick up the pace fucking her no longer virgin throat. His stomach slapping into her face as he fucked her mouth faster. She said since her hands were no longer needed to hold anything, she started squeezing her tits and finger fucking her drenched pussy.

He told her "wow you are not a tease, you are a great cock sucker." His body stiffened and she felt a large amount of hot cum filling her throat. It was he first time to swallow cum, she told me that she didn't't taste it and her throat kinda milked all he had to give her. When she slid it out of her mouth, the shaft was covered in her red lipstick.

Then she sat on the couch and she told me that he licked and tongue fucked her pussy until she had a great orgasm. She said that they had planned on getting together again but it never happened. By the way while she was telling me this story she was showing me how she sucked him and yes her throat can still milk you dry.

She did tell me she had always wondered how he would have fucked her. Would he have been gentle or rough? I smiled and told her that he was coming to visit.

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