The Walk


I have read too many erotic stories, at least I have to think that considering that all the stories I read gave me the ideas that led to this story. My favorite ones were the ones that the girl or young woman would wear really old clothes and go for a walk. While on the walk the young woman would tear the clothes off or have them removed by some interesting coincidence. All the time getting hornier to where she is either running home or finding a secluded area to masturbate.

One night I couldn't get the idea behind the stories out of my head, so I decided to it was time to take my fantasy to the next level. I started thinking about how I could do it. Considering it had been a fantasy practically since I had read my first story of this type, I had some ideas already.

At eleven pm I pulled on my oldest panties (the seams were already fraying and the elastic waistband wasn't the best) in a faded orange color with lacy legs that didn't hold the legs, a broken green bra (missing the underwire - that I really didn't need - from the right cup), an old white t-shirt so thin the bra was very visible, a denim skirt that was so old I couldn't close the fly, and an old pair of tennis shoes (they fit, but the sole was worn thin). After five minutes of marveling at my wardrobe that covered my five foot eight inch, one hundred twenty pound, 30A-26-30 body with light green eyes and strawberry red hair that I wore short and spiky. I was just surprised to see that I had all this, but after a quick shake of my head I realized that I had been keeping a hold of this stuff for this very night.

I pulled an old ball cap on over my head, then had a thought. I grabbed a bag and stuck a thong, lightweight summer dress, and heals in with my wallet. Once I was ready, I threw the bag over my shoulder, grabbed my keys and left the house. I locked the door and tossed the keys in the bag. I knew that I could get back into the house with the hide-a-key, if I didn't grab my bag from where I was going to hide it.

I struck out at random and five minutes later I found a place to hide the bag. Behind a closed store was a garbage compactor enclosure butting up to a park like area with bushes growing against the back wall of the enclosure. I stuck the bag under the bushes and headed out into the park area.

I continued walking for at least a few minutes before I turned a corner around a tree and accidentally on purpose caught my shirt on a branch. The branch snapped quickly, but not before creating a nice sized hole in the right shoulder of my shirt. Now I was excited knowing I was going out to fulfill my fantasy, but when I heard the fabric tear my excitement ratcheted up and so did my fear. I didn't think about the idea of getting caught, but my fear was actually helping build my excitement. Nonetheless I knew I couldn't stop now.

I reached up and toyed with the hole as I continued to walk. I wasn't paying a lot of attention to where I was walking and took a step off a curb that I didn't see. As I took the curb (not really a curb, but a short built wall of stone to mark the side of a hill and path) my fingers were inside the hole, and the jolt of the quick drop pulled my arm down. The hole opened from my shoulder to the top of my right bra cup. I vibrated from excitement hearing and feeling the shirt tear.

To feel that again I turned around and headed back to the tree that started the hole. I didn't get far when I changed my mind again and headed back to the curb. I was holding the sides of the hole lightly with both hand and took the step as much like the first time as I could. It worked because my hands were jolted and the shirt tore almost to the bottom, exposing the right side of my chest and most of my abs.

I huffed like I hadn't wanted the shirt to be torn and glanced around before pulling the ruined article of clothing over my head. After it was off I tore the shirt even more then tossed it into the tree line above me. All my moving had made the underwire of the left cup of my bad bra to be twisted into my chest causing a pinching pain in my armpit.

I tugged the bra to adjust the wire and actually broke the shoulder strap on the left side in front. This hadn't be an accident on purpose, but was a nice coincidence. Then I was surprised when the fabric of the cup just rolled down to hang below my tit, held up mainly by the little bit of fabric holding the underwire. Even though the bra strap came loose, I still couldn't fix the wire. After a couple more tugs, I actually felt the wire shift and move out of my armpit and into my cleavage. I smiled and worked the wire the rest of the way out of the bra, framing my tit for a moment before tossing the metal away in a different direction from the shirt. The whole time I did this my bra didn't breakup any more.

All the walking had caused my skirt to start riding up my legs, but the two falls off the curb had pushed the skirt up to be a belt and my panties were visible. After fixing the bra I pulled the skirt down with a sharp tug. As I tugged I felt a seam pop loose and the denim separate on my right hip. The panties rolled on the right front side also as the skirt went down again.

I stuck my right hand inside the skirt to pull the panties straight with my left hand holding the left side of the fly. As I fixed the panties I felt the seam open more. By the time I felt the panties were going to stay straight again, I knew the seam had fallen to below the side of the panties. The skin on my leg was not visible at the moment.

Once my clothes were set to my liking, I had tossed the shoulder strap over my shoulder, I set off at a jog up the path. I set myself to jogging to see if the bouncing of my tits would do anything to the bra, even though I knew there was nothing to really bounce in the bra being as small as I was.

I knew the skirt was going to move again and was happy it did. After about ten minutes of jogging I stopped to fix the skirt again. This time I pulled really hard. The seam broke all the way down to leave about a quarter inch held together. Of course the split seam meant that my skirt wasn't going to stay on. In fact it fell through my hands and to the ground. I gave a surprised yelp, but was happy with the effect.

As I bent to pick up the ruined item I smiled at the thought that I was standing in the middle of this park like area in just panties and a bra that wasn't covering one tit. I could feel my panties were wet in the crotch. I tore the skirt the rest of the way, it was hard to get through the bottom hem, and tossed the denim into the trees.

I turned back toward the tree line and area that I had started from. I went back to jogging and felt a slight twist on my right foot then I got it stuck in a tree root that I hadn't seen in time. With a slight tug I was able to pull my foot from the shoe with no problem or pain. I continued to jog, a little slower to make sure I didn't hurt my foot. Less than five minutes later I stopped jogging because I was tired and started to feel a little sweaty, also running with only one shoe is kind of awkward. I quickly took my shoe off and tossed it away as hard as I could.

After getting my breath back, I started walking again in the general direction of my starting point. In less than twenty steps I was tripped by another root I didn't see. This time I went down face first. It hurt, but I was grateful for the soft, spongy ground. I didn't eat any dirt, but my chest and panties dug into the ground a little. I felt my bra pull at the seam in my right armpit.

After standing up I wiped my chest and abs off. I felt the seam of the bra to find that it tore about half way up from the bottom. I rolled my panties down to wipe the debris away from my bald pussy and out of the fabric. When I pulled the panties back up, I found that there was a rip in the front middle almost halfway to my pussy. I pulled the panties up as tight as possible knowing that the they weren't going to stay up long. I think the zipper of the skirt had rubbed the top elastic band like a dull saw, so when I fell the weakened point snapped and allowed the fabric to split.

I didn't notice right away, but the thin piece of fabric, where the underwire was, from my left cup had rolled up on my tit. When I felt the tight line across my tit just below my nipple, I knew I needed to adjust it. I started walking slowly as I reached up to pull the line down for my comfort. I took a deep breath as I pulled it down and away from my body a little. I wasn't thinking when I did the pulling, but was very happily surprised when I felt the tension of the bra release as the seam in my armpit fully opened.

There I was standing in the moonlight filtering through the trees, one tit out in the open, green bra being held on mainly by a shoulder strap, orange lacy panties torn in front and barely held on my hips, and nothing else on my body. My pussy was wet, hot and very engorged. I could feel that the crotch of the panties were so wet that the moisture had soaked into the lower butt.

I tugged on my bra again as I continued walking, this time on the right cup to see if the strap would break. The bra didn't break, but my panties did slip. Unintentionally, I did the modest thing and squeezed my thighs together to stop them from falling, and I stopped moving. I laughed a little and tugged the panties back to their regular position. I gave my bra one more tug to see if it would come off, but still nothing.

With a slight grimace of annoyance, I started walking again. In about five to ten steps half my ass was visible and my pussy was almost out. I tugged the panties up tight again, burying the crotch in my pussy, which actually enveloped the crotch of the panties, and I think I opened the tear a little more. Each time, for three more times, I let the underwear drop to about the same place or a little lower then I pulled them back up tight. The fourth time I pulled them up I felt the center seam tear completely apart and the panty "skirt" continued moving up my body as my hands felt no resistance to stop the advancement upward. I realized what happened as I felt the soft breeze tickle my bare, wet, swollen lips. With my realization I stopped my hands from going higher - they were almost to my tits - and let go of the garment. The item that was supposed to sit on my hips and cover my ass and pussy was still doing that, but they were in no way doing as it was originally designed to.

I walked for five steps and felt the panties fall past my ass and to my knees. I almost tripped from the lost mobility of my legs, but was able to catch myself and brought my legs together. With my legs together, the orange lacy thing fell to the wooded ground and I stepped out of the circle of fabric. I left the ruined panties where they fell and continued on my way.

I walked along and my hands went to my chest. They pushed under the loose bra cup on the right side and over the last of the bra on the left. My fingers teased my nipples and after a short moment of teasing and kneading I pulled the bra off and tossed it away. I was finally naked and knew I was really close to cumming by just walking along.

I hustled in the general direction of the enclosure where I had left my bag, feeling that I should at least attempt to get home before masturbating. After a minute or so, all the while building to orgasm, I saw the back wall a hundred feet away. It was so close yet so far, because I knew there was no way I was going to be able to walk there and then to my home. My legs were so weak from my building orgasm that I was leaning against a tree looking at the wall. The rough bark was rubbing my back and ass while my hands were pulling and kneading my tits.

I carefully slid down the tree - I didn't want to scratch myself - and sat myself on the top of my ass and lower back, keeping my pussy off the ground. My legs were bent at the knees with my heels almost against my ass, and my legs were spread almost to where my knees were touching the ground.

Only after I was on the ground did I reach between my legs. The fingers of my right hand lightly touched my body from my right tit over my middle to my mound before sliding over my thigh just off my crotch and to my ass. I wanted to tease myself, partly because I was thinking that if I touched my pussy or even brushed my clit I would explode. After moving my right hand, I repeated the move with my left hand. At the end of that move I was almost double, and my head was near my crotch. I knew that I couldn't lick my own pussy, but I knew how to excite my clit just by blowing on it, and that is what I did as both my index fingers teased my asshole.

With the level of my excitement prior to doing this, I came hard. My body spasmed so hard I actually hit my head on the tree behind me as I straightened out. My legs also shot straight out to where I was as straight as possible while lying against the tree. I know I got a few scratches on my back, but I feel that they were worth it for the most amazing orgasm in my life. It lasted for a good long time, and afterward my legs felt like jelly and had opened up again. I also know that I was quite loud with my moans of pleasure.

As I sat there waiting for my body to come back to working order, I heard a rustle. I looked around knowing I was in potential trouble if it was another person, but knew I couldn't do anything about it. I looked toward the noise and saw a thin, topless, bald, androgynous man slowly walking towards me. Apparently my look of fear scared him too, because he raised his delicate looking hands in an attempt to allay my fears.

I smiled and he came forward more. He stopped about ten feet from me to my left and still able to look at my whole naked body. Having someone looking at me naked was stoking my sexual fire and this guy was very sexy in a soft way. I lifted my hands, my left from the ground to my abs and my right in a soft wave before dropping it with the other, and whispered, "Hi."

He waved and sat down. "Hi."

"I'm Lou," I told him. I shifted to sit up a little more, but didn't close my legs.

"I'm Andi," he said.

"Do you like what you see?" As I asked the question I looked at his shorts, not seeing the tell-tale bulge.

"Yes," he said and shifted his legs to hide his crotch. "You are a very hot, beautiful woman." Andi's voice kept changing. It went high and low, high like a woman's and low like a woman trying to make it low. It seemed that he was either trying to throw me off or this person I was thinking was a man was actually a woman.

"Thank you," I said. "What is Andi short for?" I slid my right hand up to my chest and started caressing my left tit as I asked the question.

He or she dropped their head in resignation and answered in the high voice, "My name is Andrea. I am a woman and am horny as hell." She smiled to end her statement.

"Where's your shirt?" I asked. By this time my left hand was on my chest too.

"As you can see, I don't have tits. Or rather I don't have the regular mammary and fat sacs of any other woman. A few years ago I had my first boyfriend that I had sex with. I had sex prior to him, but I never took my top or bra off. With this guy, he actually talked me out of all my clothes and said he loved my body, flat-chested and all.

"After a few months, we learned about the fetish for 'boy chests'. We had fun in all types of places, then one day he asked me to go to a beach topless. I took a couple weeks of him conjoling me to agree. He wanted me to go dressed like a young guy. He figured that we could hang as guys with just us knowing I was a topless woman on the public beach. It took us some work and about a week or so of me learning how to act like a guy. I also shaved my head, in fact I shaved everything. When people asked why I don't have leg hair I tell them that I was a swimmer and got into shaving my legs.

"He and I broke up after about a year because he was arrested and disappeared for something. I never could find out what he was being charged with, but I kept up the shaving and dressing as a guy for a few things. I do my running at night during the warm season, so I can run like this." She waved at her body with her last few words. She had also moved to sit Indian style, pulling her shorts tight across her front.

"I wish I could do that," I said with a grin. My hands started working my tits harder. "How long have you been watching me?"

"Tonight, I left my house late because of I did overtime at work. I take the same route most of the time and as I was turning onto the street you used to get into the parking lot over there," she pointed toward the enclosure and beyond. "You looked different from the other people I normally see around here and was curious as to what you were up to. I watched you hide your bag then followed you through your stripping. You know you run very fast." She grinned at me.

"I wasn't trying to run fast. Maybe my excitement made me go faster." I was pulling my left nipple and teasing my pussy by running my hand around it, but not touching it.

"That's ok. I can run faster than that. I followed you at your speed and I was inside the tree line by the path you were on. It was a little harder following when you turned back and into the trees." She shifted and bounced for a couple seconds. I could see a war going on in her mind and finally she blurted, "Do you mind if join you in your state of dress?"

Her question stopped me cold for a quick moment, my left hand pulling a nipple and my right hand hovering over my pussy, fingers spread and lightly touching skin on either side of it. I looked at her and realized that even though I had gotten off, she probably hadn't and was probably close to cumming just sitting there. I nodded my head and in a flash she was naked, but for her shoes, too. All she had been wearing was her shorts and she sat on them. She spread her legs for her own easy access to her crotch, but it also gave me a nice view of her very bald, wet pussy with large lips.

I touched my clit as I watched her bury both hands in her crotch. In no time she was bucking on her shorts. I could see she was getting close as she fell back on her back. Her back practically folded in half as she arched in her own orgasm. Watching her made me speed my hands up and as she came down, I exploded again. This one wasn't as mind-blowing as the first one, but it was good.

"That was good," I said. "Would you like to take this inside?"

She smiled at me and said, "Sure. Your place or mine?"

After a quick discussion of which of us lived closer, we decided on my house. We slowly stood up to make sure that our legs would hold us. She picked up her shorts as she stood up. She was about the same height as me and was very striking being as hairless as she was. I figured that if she had breasts she could have become a model. We brushed the leaves and other detritus from each other's backs before moving anywhere.

We walked the short distance to the wall, both naked save her shoes. I grabbed my bag and we headed to the street. Before we reached the street Andi pulled her shorts on and I pulled my dress on.

"It's a shame you have to cover everything up," Andi stated looking at my chest. "By the way what is Lou short for? I figure, fair is fair." She smiled.

"I was born Eloise, and in school I was teased mercilessly. When I became of age I changed it to Lou the nickname my best friend Alison called me after seeing how I reacted to the others teasing me. So to really answer your question, Lou isn't short for anything legally." I shrugged my shoulders and the strap on my left shoulder fell down my arm. The dress fell too, but not enough to expose my nipple. Part of why it didn't expose my nipple was because of how hard it was, that it held the dress up.

We both looked at the hang of the dress and laughed.

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