The Walk Home


You watch, and watch, and watch... you see that nobody is forcing you anymore right now. You suck the third boy's dick like you want to, and maybe you do.

[I do.]

He's loving it.

Suddenly, a hand slides down your butt, between your legs, into the mess of semen and wetness.

"What a mess you guys leave..." the boy says. "Didn't your momma tell you to think of who comes after you?" His friends chuckle.

"We did think of you!" The blonde boy says. "She's nice and slippery." Laughs.

"Yeah, and loose..." the alpha man says. "Don't thank me! This is why I go first."

"Hey," the blonde rebutts. "Maybe he likes sloppy seconds... thirds..."

His fingers enter you. Two, then three.

"You fuckin' damaged that hole."

You are still sore. You moan around the cock in your mouth.

"She likes it. Fucked up piece of shit."

[I do. I am.]

They talk about you like you are a piece of meat. You love it. You hate yourself for it, but you love it. Your tongue twirls around the penis in your mouth, making him zone out.

Between your butt cheeks, the boy is slowly wetting his penis, sliding them between your legs, coating it in the sperm of his friends. And then he slips into you, effortlessly.

"Jesus. What a used cunt."

You start shaking a little. It is intense, being fucked from both sides.

The boy you're sucking off is getting close. He starts grabbing your face, using it.

"Don't let her swallow," the last guy behind you says.

He grunts, pushes his cock deep in your mouth, roughly. He's not that big, but he still makes you choke a little. His hands keep your face locked in his crotch. And then he spurts his warm sperm on your tongue, twitching in your mouth, moaning, his knees buckling a little.

He steps back, pulls up his jeans, making you lose your balance. You sink down until you're on your hands and knees, losing the boy behind you. You're trying to keep the cum in your mouth. It tastes like coffee. A bit stale. You have no idea why you listen when nobody even asked you directly.

[Because I like it.]

"What was that again with not swallowing?" The guy in front of you asks.

"I need some lube here," the boy behind you says.

You have no idea what he means. You're beyond slippery and sticky. But the guy in front of you apparently gets it.

"Spit it out," he says, one hand on the back of your head, the other in front of your mouth, like a cup. You let a pool of white jizz ooze in his hand. He walks away.

Then you feel a couple of fingers wriggle their way past your sphincter. It hurts, automatically your hand shoots there to stop it.


"No, ouch! Stop!" But the boy doesn't stop.

"Oh... this is nice and tight," he chuckles.

[So tight...]

The alpha boy interferes, stoops down and grabs your wrists. He seems to enjoy restraining you now.

"Let the boys do their thing, little girl."

The boy behind you now has fingers of both hands inside your ass, and he starts stretching it open.

"Drip it in," he tells the guy with the hand full of sperm.

You feel lukewarm jizz trickle from his hand into your twitching asshole. When he's done, he wipes his hand on your ass, leaving a cold hand print. The fingers slip out of you again.

"Time to get off in a tight hole," he says.

"Yeah," his friends mutter. "Fuck that ass."

Your asshole now feels slippery and strangely full. You feel the cum inside you, you want to push it out, but in stead, the boy is pushing his cock in. Your sphincter cramps around the head of his dick. It hurts. You cry out.

[Don't stop. It hurts so good...]

"Ouch...ouch ouch... it hurts! Stop, it hurts!"

"No, it doesn't..." the boy behind you sniggers. "It feels really good."

Slowly, he pushes his dick deeper in your ass. The alpha boy is still holding your wrists, struggling to keep you in place. He seems to like it. He is hard again. Tears start to well up, you keep urging them to stop, while you are not sure you really want them to. Your ass is getting damaged, that's for sure.

"Somebody shut her up!"

The alpha boy pushes his cock in your mouth and slaps your face, muffling your cries. He tastes like stale sperm and your own cunt. This time, you don't enjoy sucking him off. You're in pain. Your legs are shaking. But the man behind you doesn't care. The man in front of you is using your face, making you gag. And he doesn't care. And the boys watching don't care either. Because their seed is dripping out of your sore cunt. You feel yourself become numb and alive at the same time. They push, and push, and push, and ignore you and use you, and by now it's just not hot anymore, it just hurts you. And finallly, you get to the point you are not you anymore. Just a couple of holes. Sticky, used holes. Nothing more.

The boy behind you slips a hand between your legs. He finds your clit. It's very sensitive. Very, very sensitive. He fondles it. Roughly. It makes you feel funny inside. You want to stop him, but you don't. You can't anyway.

The alpha boy comes quickly.

"Look up," he says. "Open up."

And you do. He shoots his thick cum in your mouth, on your chin, like he's shooting porn. It's bitter, it makes you gag a little. He wipes it off on your tongue. You spit it out. It drips from your mouth on the street.

Behind you, the boy is still fucking your ass, rubbing your clit. He takes out his cock for a second. Stretches you open. You can feel your asshole gape. It burns like hell.

"Look," he says. "We've knocked the bottom out of that slut."

He pulls you onto his cock again, makes you sit up. Starts rubbing you again. This time like he means it. Like he wants to get you off. You moan.

"You'll be leaking the rest of the week. A little reminder of us. You want a little something to remember us by, don't you?" He sneers.

[Make me remember for a year...]

He plays with your clit expertly. You think of how many women he's gotten off like this. Women who don't know he violates girls in dark alleyways.

"You little whore. You were looking for trouble, hm...? Yes, yes you were."

[You think?]

Your cunt twitches. Some cum leaks out, into your clothes.

"Does this get you off, you fucked up nympho?"

[Christ. Shut up.]

He stares at you intensely. The boys around you seem to wait for an answer as well. You can't say anything.

"Look at you, squirming on my dick. 'No please, it hurts'... You want it to hurt."

"No..." you softly say.

[Shut up...]

He pushes into you, hard. Pinches your clit. You groan.

"No? That doesn't sound like 'no' to me... Will you think of us when you get off? I think you will, really. I think you love being abused by hot boys in cold alleyways. Yeah, I think you'll get off on this, hard. Fingering that stretched cunt of yours, this gaping asshole. Tasting our cum. Won't you?"

[Oh god. Yes. Shut up.]

You keep still, like you haven't heard a word he said. He's smashing through your defenses, he's pulling you back into your body with those fingers. And then he slaps your face, hard. You love it when someone slaps your face.

"Won't you?"

[So good.]

You start crying. The tears won't stop. The pain... it's hot... it's just what you need. Your cunt starts contracting. Oh god.

He slaps you again.

God, no. Don't cum. Not here, on your knees, in a cold street, covered in jizz, with someone taking your ass, asking you whether you will think of him when you get off. You are broken.

He caresses the other cheek.

"I can't hear you..."

And then he slaps it. Hard.

Goddammit. No! Not again! It hits the spot.

"Yes..." you moan.

You shudder in his arms, no resistance left. You grind your ass on his dick like you love it. And you do. Like you don't care. And you don't.

And then you've lost yourself and found yourself at the same time. It spreads from your belly like nausea, from your aching cunt and burning ass up to your face where your eyes roll back, to your arms, legs, spasming, shaking. To your voice shamelessly crying out in pleasure, pain. It tears you open, bursts from your insides out. An orgasm that makes you forget you exist, that creates a brand new you, screaming, covered in blood and gore. An orgasm like a car crash.

He starts laughing, fucking harder. He's almost done, finally.

"Did you just cum on my cock? You damaged little whore. I'm gonna shoot your sloppy ass full of my cum."

He grabs your hips, jabs you hard. His cock spurts and jerks and fills your ass with warm goo. He cries out, so satisfied. The sound pierces through the faint, quiet hum of the city.

"There's your souvenir, baby," he grunts in your ear.

Their footsteps fade off around your cold, undressed, sticky body, slumped against a wall, sitting on the hard street, like time ticks away. Careless and in slow motion. Slowly, your body comes back into focus. It hurts so much it makes you numb. You stand up like you've never used your legs before. Your hands travel over your body and face with a strange, inappropriate kind of curiosity. You want to know and don't want to know.

This brand new you will start walking towards the house it lives in. It will think of what to do when it gets there. It will remember where that bike is. It will remember faces. It might take steps. It might care.

This is you now. This body is home.

* * *

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your votes and comments a lot. You can get also in touch with me by sending me feedback. Feel free to let me know what you think. - Allyourbase

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