tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Warlock & the Wizardess Ch. 05

The Warlock & the Wizardess Ch. 05


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features anal sex, a lot, so be warned in case that's not your cup of tea. Consider this just a silly, smutty parody of a few fantasy cliches. Don't expect epic tones or anything even vaguely resembling seriousness and you won't be disappointed when you don't find them! Enjoy!

This chapter picks up exactly where the previous one ended, so it's best to read that first.


"I want you to suck all the cum out of my pussy and then give it to me. And don't you even think of swallowing it down, you little slut!" the wizardess warned. There was a menacing glint in her blue orbs as she stressed: "It's mine! All of it, every last drop! Is that clear, you skinny little bitch?"

"Sure, lady. Whatever you say," the innkeeper's daughter agreed, readily and with a thin impish smile on her lips, perfectly unfazed by what she was asked to do.

Jadrik's and Shayla's gazes locked for a second and they nodded conspiratorially at each other. Then the wizardess was again sucking the warlock's plump dick as he resumed his soft caresses on her smooth, beautiful face.

By the side of the bed, brushing a curly lock of light brown hair from her forehead, the tavern girl was kicking off her shoes and swiftly taking off her clothes.

As Shayla hummed contentedly while she sucked Jadrik's cock, keeping him hard by expertly slurping on his seed-coated shaft and nursing avidly on his bloated glans, the warlock turned to look at their young guest. Totally naked, the tavern girl was licking her lips as she climbed into bed behind the wizardess, a twinkle of mischief in her hazel eyes.

The innkeeper's daughter had the svelte build and vaguely elvish kind of figure that Uli was so obsessed with. She was way too thin to be Jadrik's type, but still the warlock couldn't deny her girlish allure. She had a nice toned body, with perky and firm-looking tits capped with stiff rosy nipples. Her long legs culminated in a taut, pert little ass that magnetized Jadrik's gaze. Though small, the tavern girl's butt was round and perfectly shaped, protruding enticingly from her smooth back like a crunchy, succulent apple ripe for the picking. As she shifted on the bed, he could peek into her butt-crevice and get a glimpse of her hairless little pussy and her pink, winking asshole.

"We haven't even asked you your name yet," Jadrik said musingly as he admired the slim girl's nakedness, "or did we ask and I'm forgetting now? Maybe you told us and I just wasn't listening at all, that's also very possible. You see, I can't think straight when my sweet slut is around..." he concluded with a shrug, smiling at Shayla as the wizardess rolled her eyes but smiled back at him, curling up her dick-sucking lips around his girth and renewing her exquisite oral ministrations.

"You didn't ask, but you're paying me enough that I don't really mind!" the tavern girl quipped. "It's Miry, by the way," she added as she knelt behind Shayla's gorgeous bent-over frame. Within moments, her face was buried between the wizardess's plump asscheeks and she was lapping away at Shayla's cum-leaking slit.

As Jadrik moaned and enjoyed the wizardess's incessant cock-worship, Miry dutifully sucked the warlock's cum from Shayla's pussy with deep, lewd suctioning kisses on her labia that made the sorceress tremble with delight. Once she had gathered enough oozing seed in her mouth, the innkeeper's daughter unclasped her lips from Shayla's juicy pussy with a wet slurp and knee-walked around the wizardess's voluptuous body. Leaning down so that her mouth was brushing against Jadrik's pole and her nose was touching the side of Shayla's face, Miry waited patiently until the buxom sorceress interrupted her devoted blowjob.

Thirsty for her lover's cum, Shayla cooed as she let his boner slip out of her oral cavity and pressed her luscious lips to the girl's mouth, kissing her deeply. Jadrik's cock regained its full rock-hardness in a matter of seconds as he watched Shayla avidly sucking and drinking down his sperm straight from Miry's juice-glossy lips. It was incredibly erotic to see his sweet slut using the tavern girl as a vessel to transfer that milky treat from her own seed-drooling slit straight into her sexy, cum-gobbling mouth.

"Mmhh... More," Shayla murmured huskily once she had emptied Miry's mouth of every gooey dollop of semen, "get me more, slut. Then maybe I'll let you suck his cock a bit. Maybe..."

Jadrik grinned, nodding his approval and excitement as Shayla winked complicitly at him and returned to nursing on his big boner while Miry obediently moved behind her fleshy round rump and resumed sucking on her sperm-flooded cunt.

For a while, Miry went dutifully back and forth between Shayla's pussy and her mouth, retrieving and then feeding the wizardess Jadrik's thick, pearly ejaculate. Once she couldn't suction any more creamy seed out of Shayla's soft dewy folds and was left with nothing to offer but her open mouth for the wizardess to kiss, the buxom brunette finally allowed the slim girl to kneel beside her between the warlock's legs so that they could share his cock.

The lewd spectacle of Miry passing Shayla his cum mouth to mouth had been extremely exciting, but the double blowjob that Jadrik got from the girls drove him completely crazy.

The wizardess and the innkeeper's daughter alternated between licking and slurping along and around his raging erection, languidly kissing his dickmeat together and using their tongues to lap at his shaft like naughty cream-thirsty kittens. The warlock was awestruck as he admired Shayla and Miry pressing their lips together on either side of his dick and sliding their soft pouting mouths wetly up and down on his length only to meet at his glans, where their lips wrapped around his fat purple tip and they kissed, immersing his cockhead in the shared liquid warmth of their conjoined mouths.

After a few minutes of such incredible oral attentions, Jadrik was ready to blow his load into the girls' kissing mouths while they were once again munching and slurping together on his pulsing, precum-leaking glans. Sensing his impending ejaculation though, Shayla stopped sucking on him and held Miry back too.

"Not yet, baby," the wizardess purred, a naughty smile dancing on her wet, talented lips. "I want to watch you fuck this little slut in the ass while she licks my pussy. She's got such a sweet naughty mouth, I can't wait to try it myself... And she seems to know how to use it too, uh?"

"Oh yeah!" Jadrik chuckled, nodding seriously. "Her mouth is almost as amazing as yours, Shay."

Laughing throatily, Shayla planted a final sloppy smooch on her lover's swollen cockhead before repositioning to lie down on her back. Spreading her legs wide open, the wizardess parted the puffy pink folds of her pussy, offering her weeping slit to Miry's soft, spittle-shiny mouth.

"Come here, little bitch. On your hands and knees between my legs," Shayla instructed. As Miry got on all fours and crawled closer to the wizardess, her upturned heart-shaped butt wiggled deliciously, magnetizing Jadrik's gaze. His pulse quickened and his cock throbbed as he realized that he was about to delve deep into that firm perky ass. Meanwhile, Shayla's throaty, sexy commands echoed in his ears. "Now eat me out, bitch, lick my pussy... Aahhh yeees, like that... Oooh yeaaahh! Suck my clit, you dirty little slut!"

Overjoyed and overexcited, Jadrik sprinted out of bed and swiftly rifled through his baggage to retrieve his trusty jar of lubricating salve. Rushing back to kneel behind Miry's offered little rump, the warlock grinned as he noticed how possessively Shayla was pressing the girl's head into her juicy pussy. His rigid boner flexed with excitement as he took in the incredibly arousing sight of his adored slut taking charge with another woman.

Wasting no time, Jadrik started fingering Miry's smooth hairless pussy. Glorying in her virginal tightness and incredible wetness, he sawed two digits in and out of the tavern girl's soaked clingy slit while he used his other hand to apply a healthy dose of lubricating unguent to her tiny butthole. The innkeeper's daughter moaned in enjoyment into Shayla's snatch as Jadrik expertly rubbed the slippery fluid on her pink puckered rosebud.

Tracing circles all around her cute crinkled orifice while he kept diddling her pussy, the warlock took his time to mollify Miry's asshole with his fingers, getting her all nice and greased up, making her squirm with anticipation in the process. Eventually, once her sphincter was relaxed and thoroughly coated in lube, Jadrik gingerly pushed his forefinger inside Miry's tender butt-ring.

The tavern girl's slick backdoor surrendered so effortlessly and his digit sank all the way into her anus so easily that the warlock immediately added his middle finger too, along with another abundant amount of ointment. Getting the feeling that her asshole was as slutty as her pussy was virginal, Jadrik masturbated Miry's holes at different paces. Using one hand to gently saw two digits in and out of her tight unsullied slit, he slipped a third finger of his other hand into her docile sphincter and began pumping deeply and swiftly into her relaxed, well-prepared anus.

Watching the clit-munching tavern girl squirm and undulate her sweet ass in pleasure as he finger-fucked her butthole at full speed, the warlock soon grew too impatient to wait anymore. He just had to ram his cock into that snug yet very willing orifice. As soon as he was certain that his slick butt-probing digits had accomplished the task of coating the inside of Miry's pliant asshole with lubricant, the warlock stopped fingering her holes and nestled his thick boner between her taut little buttcheeks.

After lathering her ass-crevice and his length with a few more globs of the slippery salve, Jadrik decided to rub his pulsating glans against the smooth, nectar-drooling entrance of Miry's virgin slit. Feeling his veiny hardness gliding back and forth between her split pussy lips and rubbing on her swollen clit, the innkeeper's daughter let out a cunt-muffled squeal and jerked her head up from Shayla's quivering slit, suddenly panicked.

Looking over her shoulder at the warlock, Miry sounded terrified as she exclaimed: "No, sir, not that hole! Do my ass, please! You can buttfuck me as much as you want, just leave my pussy alone! I told you, I'm keeping myself pure!"

Jadrik couldn't help but snicker as he met Miry's frightened gaze. Shayla's husky chuckles resounded under his voice as the warlock kneaded the tavern girl's firm heart-shaped ass, comforting her and placating her.

"Yeah, pure, I know... Don't worry, Miry, I might not have asked your name but I recall everything you said about your naughty little asshole. Relax now, I was just teasing you a bit and smearing your sweet pussy juices on my cock to lube up some more, that's all."

"Oh... Well, yeah that's alright, I guess," Miry said, reassured and already lowering her head between Shayla's parted thighs again. Moments later, the girl let out a squishy gasp as Jadrik nudged his engorged glans against her greasy winking pucker. Still avidly swiping her tongue all over the wizardess's lovely snatch, the innkeeper's daughter wiggled her taut ass to signify her eagerness to be sodomized.

"Is this the right hole, Miry?" Jadrik asked teasingly as he held the tavern girl's slim hips in his hands and pressed himself forward. Slowly easing his way into her sweet little ass while her oily butt-ring opened up for him, he calmly murmured: "Is this the hole you want me to fuck?"

"Uuhhh yes, sir... Yeeesss! That's the right hoo-oohh-hooole!" the innkeeper's daughter whimpered, relaxing her butthole and allowing the tight knot of her sphincter to blossom out submissively around the warlock's thick, invading pole. "Aaah yeees, stick it in my ass! You can fuck me as hard as you want there... I love it in the ass! Ooowwhh!"

Meeting almost no resistance as he eased himself into her accepting little rosebud, Jadrik watched in awe as Miry's tiny orifice dilated obscenely and wrapped itself around his cock, letting him enter her anus willingly and with minimal effort. As soon as his entire fat tip punched through past her butt-ring, the warlock grunted in glad surprise at the feel of the girl's anal muscles capitulating meekly around his raging boner and softly massaging his glans. Her rectum seemed to be sucking him in, opening up to his gentle push and causing more of his fat shaft to slip into her backdoor.

With the first stiff inches of his length disappearing so easily inside her distended orifice and her satiny anal walls surrendering instantly as soon as they felt the advance of his ass-stretching hardness, Jadrik decided to just keep feeding more and more dickmeat into Miry's surprisingly experienced butthole. Going slowly even though it was obviously not necessary, the warlock pressed himself forward into the slim girl's ass, stuffing inch after inch of his shaft into her warm pliant anus until he was wedged balls-deep inside her round little rump.

"Oh fuck! Shay, look," Jadrik blurted out as he gloried in the feel of Miry's smooth rectum massaging him from tip to root, "she took me all the way up her ass in one go!"

"Such a nasty little asswhore..." Shayla replied sultrily, humping her pussy harder into the girl's mouth. "Now fuck her hard and fast, baby. Don't go easy on her, I'm sure she can take a rough buttfucking without problems. And you," she ordered, dislodging Miry's face from her dewy groove and pressing it lower against her tingling, juice-glossy rosebud, "lick my ass, little buttslut! Oohh fuck yes, rim me like that... Get my asshole all nice and wet... Some of us here still have a tight little hole back there, you nasty anal whore! Oohh yes, yeeess!"

The wizardess's dirty words made the warlock smile. One of the many things he loved about his adored Shay was the fact that she became deliciously competitive in the presence of other women during group sex. Egged on by a silent yet nagging need to prove herself to him as the top slut, the buxom wizardess unfailingly became even naughtier than usual in such circumstance, and Jadrik was always more than happy when it happened. It was with such cheerful thoughts in his mind that the warlock began pumping his cock into the tavern girl's welcoming anus.

Feeling that Miry's hot slippery rectum was already very accepting of his ass-jamming meat, Jadrik got into a sustained butt-stretching rhythm right away. Much to his enjoyment, the tavern girl had no complaints. In fact, she worked her asshole in perfect synch with his vigorous sodomizing tempo, squeezing and releasing her anal muscles amazingly around his pistoning length.

As he persistently crammed her greedy little butthole full of cockmeat, the warlock couldn't help but moan louder and louder over the sound of Miry's muffled gasps of pleasure and Shayla's unrestrained mewls. Despite being so pliant on the in-strokes, Miry's asshole became exquisitely tight on the out-strokes, when she contracted her anal walls firmly around him, tugging at his cockmeat until he was almost out of her ass, ready to sink himself into her snug, slippery bowels again. At that point, showing a skill in the art of sodomy that went way beyond her years, the girl relaxed her anus completely, allowing Jadrik to thrust all the way into the enveloping warmth of her rectum in a fast, hard, ass-plugging plunge.

Encouraged by the ease with which she took his cock in her experienced hineyhole, further excited by the sight of her docile oily sphincter sliding effortlessly along his butt-plowing shaft as he mounted her firm little heart-shaped ass faster and harder at each pass, Jadrik soon started pounding Miry's anus as if it was a pussy. Again, the tavern girl didn't protest at all.

Panting as she alternated between licking the wizardess's pink winking rosebud and munching on her cunt, Miry just reached a tiny hand between her legs and started diddling her own needy clit while the warlock rode her rump wildly, reaming her talented butthole like a crazed rutting beast. The innkeeper's daughter was so well-practiced and fond of assfucking that she came twice while enjoying the warlock's relentless assault on her horny, cock-gobbling asshole.

Whimpering and shivering, Miry kept rimming Shayla's crinkled sphincter and suckling on her dripping slit even when Jadrik started ramming his dick into her rectum with such savage butt-wrecking thrusts that her slim body was jarred forward repeatedly into Shayla's wanton holes. Without flinching, the naughty tavern girl just moaned louder into the wizardess's nectar-slick holes, all the while still working her anal muscles flawlessly around Jadrik's raging boner.

With his massive length flying in and out of Miry's oily anus and his hips slapping into her smooth tiny buttcheeks at a frenzied sodomizing tempo, the warlock couldn't repress a long grunt as he felt his climax approaching.

"Oohh fuck, Shay! This little whore can really take a cock up her ass! Aaah fuuuck, yeahhh! Her slutty asshole is gonna make me cum soon..."

"No! Ooohh fuck, nooohh! Stop, baby, waaait!" Shayla wailed brokenly.

As high as she was on the feel of Miry's warm wet tongue licking her puckered sphincter with gusto, the wizardess was at the same time horrified by the thought that a nasty little tavern wench would steal her lover's cum under her nose. Reluctantly moving away from Miry's ass-slurping mouth, Shayla quickly got on all fours and wiggled her spectacular, gloriously round booty before Jadrik's eyes, captivating him instantly.

"Don't cum yet, baby, pleeease! Fuck my ass and fill me with cum, Jad! I want you to cum deep in my ass!" the wizardess whimpered over her shoulder, tilting up her sumptuous rump and pressing her face sideways into the bed, squashing her bulging jugs against the sheets.

The sight of the plumpest, juiciest, most beautiful ass in the world and the way the wizardess's husky voice stressed the words 'MY ass' as she begged him to buttfuck her gave the warlock pause. Seeing that she got his attention, as expected, the wizardess went on seductively.

"My tight little asshole needs your cock so badly, Jad, pleeease!" Shayla cooed, undulating her bouncy, jiggly bubble-butt side by side. Reaching her hands back, she parted her own soft fleshy asscheeks, revealing her tiny winking rosebud in all his pink, saliva-wet splendor.

The wizardess rejoiced, reveling in a deep sense of slutty pride, as she noticed that the warlock had stopped buttfucking the tavern girl completely and was instead hungrily staring at her own magnificent swaying booty and tight twitching pucker, totally enraptured.

"Look at it, Jad," Shayla purred irresistibly, "my little asshole needs to be filled soooo badly... It's just so sad and empty without your cock inside it... I need you in my ass, baby! Your cock... Your cum... Pleeease, Jad, come here and fuck me in the ass! Give your buttslut's naughty asshole all your creamy cum!"

Spellbound by her overpowering pleas and hypnotized by her amazingly plump, majestically juicy ass, the warlock could do nothing but stare wide-eyed at the pink little star of Shayla's spittle-glistening sphincter. The sight of that offered, adorable little rosebud framed between those luscious, perfectly round buttcheeks was just too mouth-wateringly good to resist.

Without even having to think about it, Jadrik slipped out of Miry's dick-gobbling asshole, vacating her dilated sphincter with a lewd pop.

Completely deaf to the girl's disappointed groans as he left her rectum suddenly empty of cock, the warlock knee-walked as if in a trance and positioned himself behind the wizardess's fabulous bouncy bubble-butt. As he nestled his greasy boner in the smooth valley of her soft lush ass-cleavage, both Jadrik and Shayla let out a joyous sigh.

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