tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Warlock & the Wizardess Ch. 07

The Warlock & the Wizardess Ch. 07


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features anal sex and group sex, so be warned in case you're not into that sort of stuff. Consider this just a silly, smutty parody of a few fantasy cliches. Don't expect epic tones or anything even vaguely resembling seriousness and you won't be disappointed when you don't find them! Enjoy!

This chapter picks up exactly where the previous one ended, so it's best to read that first.


After an intense evening of wild sex culminated in the double penetration of his amazing slut, Jadrik was glad to climb into bed with Shayla and slowly drift off while spooning her soft curvy body. A good night sleep was just what they both needed.

The warlock enjoyed being alone with Shayla for a change, just the two of them, cuddling and resting. Miry, the innocently whorish tavern girl, had left once she was done licking every last drop of cum leaking from the wizardess's well-fucked holes. Uli was still out and about, theoretically killing zombies in the local graveyard, but most likely trying to get in some elven huntress's pants. Aldarius, Shayla's bigoted fiance, was also supposed to be repelling the undead rampaging in the village, but Jadrik was quite sure that the paladin was just staying on the sidelines, preaching and looking saintly and self-righteous while actual fighters did the fighting.

As he transitioned from consciousness into blissful sleep, Jadrik couldn't help but grin at the thought that the pious, deeply deluded knight had specifically demanded separate rooms for himself and Shayla earlier that day, stating that, despite their being engaged, it would not be 'proper' for them to 'share a bed' while they were on a sacred quest. Aldarius had even quoted the Code of his dear Order of the Golden Shield to stress the importance of avoiding the temptations of the flesh at all costs while on a holy mission, so that base physical urges wouldn't impede the pursuit of the greater glory of the Gods.

Needless to say, the paladin's sanctimonious speech had almost made Jadrik piss himself with laughter. Even the mere memory of the absurd irony springing unfailingly from every single thing that Aldarius did or said brought a sense of wicked joy to the warlock as he clung tighter to Shayla's gorgeous naked frame and dozed off.

Unfortunately for Jadrik, sleep wasn't going to be an option for him that night.

The quiet stillness enveloping the inn was abruptly broken by a deep booming voice resounding from the main hall, immediately followed by the stomping of heavily booted feet climbing up the wooden stairs and then charging down the corridor, drawing rapidly nearer to Jadrik's room. Those approaching noises and their easily predictable meaning stirred the warlock from his well-earned rest, causing him to groan into Shayla's fragrant black hair.

When the door of his room burst open, making the thumping and hollering so much closer, louder and more annoying, Jadrik woke up completely with a long-drawn-out sigh. The warlock wasn't surprised in the least as he resignedly watched Uli rushing into the room, carrying in his beefy arms the seemingly lifeless body of a blonde elf girl.

The dwarf's agitated explanations only confirmed what Jadrik had already guessed. Too excited to be careful, crazed by the prospect of drugging the young elf huntress and then fucking her until his cock was raw and her pussy was wrecked, Uli had liberally poured the tranquilizing filter along with the aphrodisiac elixir in the pretty elf's cup, not only mixing the two potions but also administering way too much of both. As a result, the huntress had instantly fallen comatose.

Shouting and rumbling frenziedly, Uli reported that the elf had been wracked by violent spastic fits at first, only to quickly become catatonic. By the time the dwarf reached the inn, things had already gotten much, much worse. A quick appraising glance at the unconscious huntress was enough for Jadrik to confirm that she was indeed on the verge of death.

Crying and banging his head against the wall, Uli wailed out his desperation, lamenting that he had not even gotten a blowjob from the blonde elf. At that point it didn't look like he was ever going to get one, let alone have a go at her tight elven slit, which made the burly warrior mad with anger and regret.

Pulling at the twin braids of his majestic red beard, the dwarf urged the warlock to use his alchemical knowledge to save the elf girl or, at the very least, to make her look a little less corpse-like so that he could fuck her before she passed away for real.

"Come on, lad, do something!" Uli yelled, still totally pussy-frenzied despite the self-blame and frustration eating away at him. Staring maniacally into Jadrik's sleepy eyes, the dwarf exhorted the human: "Ye gotta save her, ye just have to! Alefather's sake, look at her! Such a fine piece of pointy-eared arse can't die, that'd be way too tragic! A damn blasted waste, that's what it'd be! She must not die, lad! Not before I get to fuck her sweet little snatch!"

"Of course," the warlock snapped back at the stocky, lust-addled warrior, "that's why I have to save her, right? So that you can fuck her, not because you've pretty much killed her! And all because you wouldn't listen to me! Thousand Hells, I warned you about those potions, but you were too fucking fixated to even care! I'm telling you, Uli, you've got to do something about this obsession with elf chicks, it's getting seriously out of hand... I mean, look at the mess you just made!"

Unsurprisingly, seeing nothing particularly wrong with his rash behavior or his single-minded passion for elven pussy, Uli just shrugged his powerfully muscled shoulders and spread out his massive arms in frustrated surrender.

"I know, lad, I know... That thing with the mixed potions was a wee bit of a mistake on my part, I'll give ye that much," the dwarf rumbled, trying to sound as apologetic as he could while actually regretting nothing and wishing only to bury his fat cock inside the slim, alluring elf's pussy as soon as possible. Looking up at a scowling and evidently unconvinced Jadrik, the warrior added solemnly: "Still, I did ask the lassie her name before I gave her the spiked drink."

"What?!" the warlock said, blinking his eyes in stupor as he realized that the dwarf actually thought that asking the huntress her name before drugging her was a good enough justification for almost killing her.

"Her name, lad. She's called," Uli said, chuckling as he slowly and mockingly spelled out in his best imitation of an elven accent: "Laentharyel."

"Laentharyel..." Jadrik repeated, staring at the nodding, snickering dwarf in shocked disbelief.

"Aye, I know!" Uli chortled, assuming that the warlock was as amused as he was by the ridiculousness of elvish names and not seeing that Jadrik was genuinely fuming instead. "Ye can always count on their daft pointy-eared lingo to give ye a good laugh, eh?"

Knowing that there was no point in trying to reason with Uli while he was in such a state of obstinate, reason-impairing pussylust, Jadrik just sighed and rolled his eyes.

Resigned to the inevitable, the warlock dragged Shayla out of bed and had Uli lay the comatose huntress on the crumpled sheets so that he could try to cure her. Upon disrobing an ever more dead-looking Laentharyel and after examining her lithe toned frame, it was soon evident to Jadrik that only one single part of the elf's flawless albeit increasingly cold body was still very much alive: her smooth little pussy.

Laentharyel's hot swollen folds were pulsating incessantly, drooling stream upon flowing stream of her syrupy nectar, drenching her shapely thighs in a continuous trickle of honey-scented girl-cum. It truly looked like the huntress was orgasming non-stop.

Assuming that such a reaction was due to the excessive dose of aphrodisiac elixir coursing through her system, Jadrik had a sudden intuition. Misguided though it seemed to him at first, a bizarre yet intriguing idea soon asserted itself in his keen mind as the only viable solution to save the elf from certain death.

Going out on a limb and gambling on the unfathomable biology of her race, Jadrik postulated that, if Laentharyel's pussy was still responding to the aphrodisiac, then maybe the rest of her barely breathing body might react to a tweaked and empowered version of the same alchemical substances. In theory, a potent and calibrated sexual stimulant might override the effects of the deadly knockout serum overdose that was making the elf's body shut down so drastically. Unless he was very much mistaken in his assumptions, the warlock imagined that he could indeed create a potion that might jolt the huntress's heart into beating regularly again, before it stopped forever.

Unorthodox as Jadrik's reasoning was, neither Shayla nor Uli could argue with its far-fetched yet plausible logic. Unable to come up with any better ideas, they agreed to let the warlock have a try. And so, hiding his own many misgivings about the whole thing and using his very sketchy alchemical knowledge to mix up some reagents and concoct an antidote of sorts, Jadrik started treating the dying elf with his highly experimental cure.

Minutes after the warlock began dosing the huntress with his hazardous aphrodisiac-based remedy, Aldarius returned to the inn.

Shocked and indignant at the sight of the comatose naked elf lying on Jadrik's bed while the warlock attempted to revive her by making her drink vial after vial of odd-looking liquids, the paladin protested in the name of everything sacred and holy. His speech of condemnation was inspired and vehement, it would have worked perfectly as a sermon back at the Temple of the Order of the Golden Shield, but the knight currently had a much tougher audience to convince.

Busy with flasks and reagents as they fussed around the catatonic elf, Jadrik and Shayla barely listened to Aldarius as he pronounced anathema after anathema upon the warlock, calling him a charlatan and a monster for choosing drugs and alchemy over prayers to save the huntress's life. For his part, busy as he was cursing himself and stomping around the room while punishingly beating his own barrel-like chest with his ham-sized fists, Uli hadn't even noticed Aldarius's arrival at all.

Ignored and confused by his companions' persistently baffling behavior, scandalized by Jadrik's methods yet not experienced enough in the healing arts to be of any actual help, the paladin soon stormed out of the inn. Brimming with righteous fury but not really sure what to do about it, Aldarius eventually chose to seek guidance from the Gods of Light and went to pray at the local church, where he spent the night in solemn vigil, much to everybody's relief.

As Jadrik administered the antidote to the seemingly lifeless huntress, monitoring her reactions with apparent calm while actually having very little idea of what might happen to her, Uli kept plummeting deeper and deeper in his grim despair.

Shaken and angry, the dwarf just kept crying bitterly and pulling at his double-braided beard, berating himself loudly and profusely for blowing the perfect chance to fuck the blondest, slimmest, perkiest pointy-eared maiden he had ever seen. The stocky warrior was so upset and fixated on somehow getting his hands on the dying elven beauty anyway that he repeatedly demanded to be allowed to at least lap up the overflowing dribbles of sweet girl-cum leaking uninterruptedly out of Laentharyel's throbbing, hairless slit.

In order to distract the pussy-maddened dwarf and let the warlock try to cure the elf in peace, Shayla had to suck Uli off to two subsequent torrential climaxes just to take the edge off his temporary sexual insanity, so that he could calm down enough to be reasoned with. After managing to pacify the dwarf a bit with her exquisite blowjobs, seeing that Uli still wasn't his usual self just yet, the wizardess decided that more drastic measures were required. Licking the last globs of the warrior's dense cum off her luscious lips, Shayla went to call Miry.

As the wizardess expected, the innkeeper's daughter willingly accepted the task of cheering Uli up and keeping him busy for the rest of the night. Smiling impishly, the tavern girl giggled with excitement as she took the disconsolate but still massively erect dwarf by his big coarse hands and led him to her own bedroom.

As the morose warrior lay back on Miry's bed, grumbling out his dour self-hatred and his grudging regret, the perky girl deftly settled herself on his lap and rested an open palm on his broad torso. Wiggling her tiny heart-shaped ass while she straddled Uli's powerfully muscled thighs, Miry purred with anticipation as she reached back with her free hand.

The dwarf's beefy erection was still slippery with Shayla's spittle as the tavern girl grabbed it and squeezed it possessively in her small fist. Cooing at the feel of his hefty shaft throbbing against her slender fingers, Miry aligned Uli's impressively large boner with the entrance of her greedy little butthole. The innkeeper's daughter felt dizzy with arousal as her twitching rosebud pulsated excitedly at the mere contact with the warrior's bloated, bulbous tip.

Relaxing her experienced sphincter and biting her lips as she guided his saliva-slick glans inside her wanton pucker, Miry slowly but inexorably impaled her dick-starved anus on Uli's robust shaft, gobbling inch after massively thick inch into her asshole until nothing but his swollen balls were left outside her clingy, overdilated orifice. Then, after giving herself a few minutes to adjust and savor the breathtaking, butt-cramming presence of that fat pole buried to the hilt inside her warm rectum, the tavern girl started riding the dwarf's stiff boner with her ass.

For hours, as Jadrik and Shayla tended to the comatose elf, Miry bounced her taut little rump on the dwarf's extra girthy tool, massaging him and milking him within her snug anal tunnel, loving every minute of that ass-stretching sodomy. Taking him deep in her insatiable rectum over and over again like the consummated buttslut that she was, the horny girl relentlessly swallowed Uli's meaty rod into her eager anus with undisguised gusto, moaning and diddling her clit to climax after roaring climax as she slid her dick-squeezing sphincter up and down that rock-hard, ass-plugging pole.

The tavern girl's smooth warm bowels were thoroughly flooded with gooey dwarven ejaculate and the warrior's groin was drenched in her gushing nectar by the time they both finally collapsed on the bed, exhausted and sated.

Even though the innkeeper's daughter had managed to dull his tenacious desperation somehow, Uli still mumbled and grumbled in his uneasy sleep. Miry, on the other hand, snored softly by the warrior's side, tightly cuddled up against his stocky frame. Her head rested peacefully on his powerful chest and a thin smile was painted on her sleeping face as a profusion of sticky, pearly rivulets of dense dwarven cum bubbled out of her obscenely gaping asshole.

Uli might have been the first dwarf she had ever buttfucked, but there was no doubt in Miry's happily dreaming mind that he would not be the last.


Much to everybody's shock, the warlock's most of all, the beautiful elf not only survived the night but also regained consciousness moments after daybreak without any apparent permanent damage.

Upon awakening, Laentharyel stated that she didn't remember much about the previous night, except for fighting zombies in the village graveyard and being injured at some point. She vaguely recalled being brought to the local priest to be healed and then later being offered some sort of beverage, maybe, but her memories were hazy and made totally unreliable by the obliterating sense of blankness born of her recent coma.

When Jadrik asked her how she felt beside the wooziness, the huntress blinked her big, slanted green eyes and shrugged her shoulders, replying that she was feeling fine but sort of weird. She was flushed, unfocused and, to her own surprise, quite tingly between her legs.

Shayla and Jadrik looked at each other at that, sharing a quick but meaningful glance. Choosing to avoid the subject entirely, the wizardess busied herself gathering the elf's tight leather trousers and dark-green blouse while the warlock coughed and looked away, avoiding the huntress's glinting gaze as he fumbled through some sort of explanation about the cure she had been dosed with.

After telling Laentharyel that random peaks of arousal and bouts of uncontrollable sexual desire were possible side-effects of the alchemical remedies he had administered to save her from certain death, Jadrik trailed off, remaining vague as to the actual reasons behind her collapse.

"So..." the elf slowly ventured, her soft silvery voice sounding clear and melodious even after her recent near-death experience, "I had a concussion, yes? I was almost killed during the fight with the zombies but you cured me, didn't you? It all seems so confused... I really don't remember much about last night."

Realizing that Laentharyel had no precise recollection at all of the overdose that Uli had inflicted on her, the warlock chose to keep his mouth shut and let the huntress believe whatever she wanted to believe. The way he saw it, the truth was overrated most of the time anyway.

"Yeah, well, it's probably better if you don't remember... I mean, you know, the memory of traumatic events may scar you deep inside, and you don't want any of that, I'm sure!" Jadrik muttered, trying to smile convincingly as he ran a hand through his mop of unruly brown hair.

Taking in Laentharyel's perky tits and long naked legs as she jumped out of bed and deftly put on the clothes that Shayla was handing her, the warlock concluded with a shrug: "All that matters now is that you're alright. Well, more or less alright..."

In answer to the elf's questions about the tingling sensation in her genital area and her heightened feelings of excitement, Jadrik assured Laentharyel that her current state of fluxing arousal would stabilize soon enough. In truth, the warlock had no idea when the huntress's libido might return to normal, or, for that matter, if it ever would at all.

His best guess was that the enhanced and altered aphrodisiac elixir that had saved Laentharyel's life and that was still coursing through her veins would eventually be processed by her body, but then again, elven physiology was not the warlock's field of expertise. Jadrik was quite sure that there would be some short-term effects, most likely a few moments of extreme horniness here and there, but for the time being, apart from waiting and seeing, there wasn't much left to do.

Later that morning, after they shared a hearty breakfast, Laentharyel announced that she was willing to join the companions, if they'd let her. Instantly, Uli yelled out in enthusiastic assent, accepting the elf into their party before anyone could say anything else. Smiling somewhat awkwardly at the dwarf, the huntress nodded in thanks, pledging her bow and her skills as a tracker and sniper to the companions' cause.

Bound by honor and gratitude, Laentharyel felt that helping the companions in their quest was the least she could do to repay them for saving her life. Besides, her former adventuring buddies had all died during the zombie attack, except for one who had thrown away his shield and sword in the middle of the battle and started running away, screaming out how sorely he regretted having quit his depressing and uneventful job as a dishwasher in the Capitol to become an adventurer.

The addition of the blonde huntress to their party brought Uli unbound joy. Already past the previous night's self-hatred and guilt about almost killing her, the dwarf was all over Laentharyel from the moment they left the inn headed for the Chapel of Red Spires. Of course, his tenacious obsession with the graceful elf hadn't stopped Uli from groping and fondling Miry's skirt-clad ass until they checked out and bid the tavern girl farewell, but even then the dwarf's flinty gray eyes were trained incessantly on the huntress all the while.

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