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The Watcher


It was a perfect day. The sun was shining, the air was warm, and everything in life seemed just fine. As Gordon leaned out on the balcony railing of their rented beach house, looking out over the gentle surf as it rolled in over the pebbled beach, he was glad he had let Pam talk him into taking this holiday. Life in the city was always busy, with never a moment to spare, and he hadn't realized just how much stress he had been under in his job until he had arrived here, a few days earlier.

The sun had not long since risen above the horizon, but there was something about this time of the day that made him somewhat at peace with himself. A gentle breeze lifted the lacey curtains that covered the balcony entrance, and Gordon could see Pam still sleeping peacefully in the four-corner poster bed. He liked to watch her sleep. There was an angelic quality to the way her face looked when she rested. He suspected the events of last night had a lot to do with how sleepy she was this morning, and the memory of it made his boxers a little tighter.

With a soft sigh, Pam stirred and rolled over, presenting him with her naked back as the covers slipped away slightly. He thought back to the night before, remembering how her back was before him, arched slightly as she pushed back against him, his erection pushing deep and hard into her welcoming depths. Never had he met a woman who could get him so aroused so easily and so often. She was magnificent, to say the least.

As quietly as he could, he crept through the bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen. After the pleasures they had shared last night, a good breakfast was the least he could do for her. Before long, bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee were loaded on a tray and carried back up to the bedroom. Placing the tray on the bedside, he sat on the edge of the bed and softly caressed her cheek. "Pam? Pam, sweetheart... Breakfast is ready."

Pam moaned a little and opened her eyes, looking up at him with more love then he thought any man could possibly deserve. Propping herself up against the bed-head, the soft pink satin sheets the only thing to cover her womanly form, she leaned forward to give Gordon a tender kiss good morning. She could taste the coffee and bacon on his lips, and suddenly realized how hungry she was. As she ate, they talked about what to do for the day. They only had three days left in the beach house, and wanted to make the most of their time alone together. One of the reasons Pam had chosen this place for a holiday was because there was so little to do here, and they both would be forced to rest and spend quality time together. It was decided that a nice walk along the beach was the order of the morning.

With breakfast out of the way, Pam selected her favorite blue bathing suit, and an over-sized tee shirt to wear on their walk. She would have loved to get a nice tan, but she had the kind of skin that burned easily, so it was better to cover up. Gordon slipped into his black bathers and a green shirt, passed Pam her hat and donned his own. It was still early and the shoreline would not heat up for some time, so they decided against shoes.

The water was cool as it lapped gently about their ankles, and small fish darted in and out, searching for food and making Pam giggle at their antics. Neither of them could remember the last time they had felt so relaxed and at ease. Taking her hand, Gordon led Pam out of the surf and higher up on the shoreline. They had found some amazing things that had washed up in the surf at high tide: bottles with labels written in languages they could not decipher, oddments of clothing, even a life-ring off a boat called 'Wave Length.' They spent some time speculating over how it could have come to be there; the conversation ended up with them both in fits of laughter, and an exciting love making session on the rug in the living room.

At the end of the beach stood a disheveled pile of rocks that looked more like a man-made mess than something nature could have created. Hand in hand, they made their way around the rocks; still laughing at the silly possibilities of how a woman's shirt came to be washed up with the tide. As their ideas and explanations became more erotic, so too did the heat between them begin to build. Without warning, Gordon wrapped his arms about Pam and pulled her to him, smothering her mouth in a passionate kiss.

Pam returned the kiss eagerly, her tongue reaching out to dance with his as the salty taste of the sea covered their lips. Leaning her back against a large, smooth rock, Gorgon's mouth found her neck and throat. Kissing with a renewed hunger, his hands reached beneath her shirt, seeking out and finding her ample breasts, pulling the top of her bathers aside and taking her hard nipples between his fingers. Pinching and squeezing, hard enough to arouse her further, but not hard enough to cause her any discomfort. Their flames of passion grew quickly and it wasn't long before Gordon had to have more of her.

In one quick movement, he lifted her tee shirt off over her head, leaving her breasts exposed above the disheveled bather top. His hungry mouth sucked her aching nipples deep and hard, the soft moans emanating from her lips told him that she wanted more. She wanted him as desperately as he wanted her, and neither of them was prepared to wait long for the pleasures they both hungered for. Pulling the bottom of her bathers aside, his fingers began to explore her hidden treasures, dipping deep into her creamy love canal and discovering her pulsing depths.

Pam's body was consumed with passion and lust, desiring to pleasure him as much as he pleased her. Reaching for the front of his bather, she began to stroke his throbbing erection through the fabric. She wanted more, wanted to release his magnificent beast from its captivity, but he gently pushed her back. Lifting her onto the flat surface of the rock, he laid her out like a three-course meal and stood before her, gazing upon her with hungry intent.

Pulling the crotch of her bather to the side once more, he buried his face between her milky white thighs, the soft fur covering of her pussy caressing his face, and tickling his nose. How he loved the smell of her, the taste of her. Lashing out with his tongue, he licked and lapped furiously at her glistening lips, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into her feminine depths. She was everything a man could desire, and more. Taking his tongue from her pulsing hole, he slid a finger into her, delighting in the way her body reacted to his attention. He added a second finger, and a third, his tongue and lips feasting on her sensitive clit. Picking up her clit between his tongue and top lip, he stretched it out to its full length and released it, only to repeat the process while his fingers bathed in her feminine juices.

At last, he could resist no more, and he lifted her down and lowered her to the sand. He did not bother to remove her clothing, or his own, choosing instead to simply pull the offending fabric aside and plunge his stiff cock hard into her dripping pussy. Over and over, he drove his hardened erection into her; they were not making love, but rutting like animals in heat. Pam lifted her hips to meet his every thrust, adding force to his penetration. His hungry mouth sucked her nipple hard, causing her to groan in both pleasure and pain, but never did she consider asking him to stop.

Harder and harder, he drove into her, relentless in his desire to bring her to orgasm, and fill her with his own hot seed. Pam cried out, her fingers digging deep into his upper arms as her back arched and her body released incredible spasms of orgasmic pleasure. The pulsing sensation of her pussy gripping tight around his cock was all that he had been waiting for. With a deep groan, his cock burst within her, releasing a flood of hot, thick cream that overflowed from her tight hole and ran down the crack of her ass and into the sand.

Spent at last, Gordon eased himself down on top of her, and Pam hugged him close as his cock softened inside her, both of them panting and struggling to regain their breath. As their bodies calmed, and senses returned, Gordon heard a soft grunting sound behind them. When he looked around, he was shocked to see a man in his mid-thirties leaning back against a large boulder, his cock in his hand, cum dripping down and covering a rock at his feet. Hie eyes were closed, obviously enrapt in the heat of his pleasure as his cock softened in his hand.

Gordon was unsure as to whether he should be angry with the man, or invite him to join them. As much as he was shocked that someone had been watching them, he found the idea of being watched quite thrilling. Pam straightened her bathers, and reached for her tee shirt, covering her body as best she could. She was blushing so badly that she looked sunburned. Together, they sat silently and waited for the man to finish, at a loss for what to do next.

When the man opened his eyes again, he realized Gordon and Pam were watching him, and he panicked. Tucking his cum-covered cock back into his shorts, he turned and ran up the beach, vanishing into the bushes.

Gordon rose to his feet, reaching out a hand to help Pam up. For a moment they looked at one another, and then up the beach to where the stranger had vanished. The tension and confusion was obvious to them both, neither of them truly comprehending what had just happened. All of a sudden, Pam burst out in a fit of laughter, and Gordon was quick to join her. They were both a little embarrassed about what had happened; still, as they thought back over their wild actions, imagining the scene they must have presented as the man stumbled upon them, they both felt a little wicked and hot.

Brushing some sand from Pam's cheek, he gave her a wicked smirk. "Perhaps we should sell tickets next time."

Pam was consumed by another burst of laughter, wrapping her arms about Gordon and kissing him hard. "How about we cool off with a swim, Lover?"

Hand in hand, they raced for the water, throwing their hats aside and plunging into the cool ocean. They felt like two kids at play, and were enjoying every second of it. Later that evening, thoughts of the stranger watching them spurred them on to new sexual heights. Each morning, for the rest of their vacation, they returned to the rocks and made hot, animalistic love. They imagined that the strange man was still there watching them, his cock in his hand, stroking himself hard and fast as he watched them fuck.

Pam and Gordon never returned to that holiday cabin on the beach, but they had memories that would always make them hot on cold winter nights, for a very long time to cum.

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