tagErotic HorrorThe Watcher Ch. 02

The Watcher Ch. 02


"I'd invite him over."

Jenna rolled her eyes. She finished chewing the last bit of salad in her mouth and reached for her drink.

"Of course you would," she said. "Because it makes sense to jump someone's bones after they could have been spying on you through your window."

Kelly chuckled. "I'm not saying you should screw the guy. Just, you know, invite him over for a little talk. Get to know him. See if he really was spying on you."

Jenna shook her head. She glanced around the small restaurant, searching for a clock, but she couldn't see one. Grabbing her purse, she dug around for her cell phone. She didn't want to be late coming back from lunch again.

"Look, all I'm saying is that you have this kind of... repellent on you or something that drives people away," Kelly said. "Especially guys. You have to get back out there, Jen. You're a single girl again."

Jenna smiled. "And inviting a stalker to my house is the best way to do that?"

Kelly shrugged. "Do you think it was really him?"

"I don't know. I couldn't tell who it was. He has two brothers, and it just seems odd that it would happen the day they move in next door."

"What do they look like?" Kelly prodded. "The brothers?"

Jenna blinked and leaned back in her chair grinning. "Wow. You are just impossible."

"I'm just kidding," Kelly smiled. "But seriously, you should talk to that guy, Blaine."

"Blake," Jenna corrected.

"Yeah, whatever," Kelly said. "It won't hurt to just ask him. And who knows, maybe you might like him."

"I'm not that into him," Jenna persisted. "I'm telling you, it was just an imaginary... fling, or whatever."

"Jenna, you said you almost rubbed one out thinking about the guy."

Jenna glanced around nervously. "Could you not broadcast things like that?"

"Why? It's nothing to be ashamed of," Kelly said. "Okay fine, don't talk to him, but you probably won't find out who your Peeping Tom is."

Jenna adjusted her glasses and sighed. She contemplated the situation for a moment. She glanced over to see a couple sitting at the table beside them. The two were laughing about something the man had said, apparently enjoying their lunch together. Biting her lip, Jenna looked away.

"What if the spying doesn't stop?" She asked. "I mean, should I call the cops or something?"

Kelly shrugged and took a long sip of her water. "I guess so, if it gets creepy. If it's just one of those guys trying to get a peek, I say give 'em a show."

"What? Are you crazy?" Jenna asked.

Kelly sighed with a smile. "Look, you're probably right about it being one of the new neighbors. Hell, it's probably the guy you talked to. So have a little fun with him. Give him a show."

Jenna did her best to hide her grin of embarrassment. "I don't think I have that kind of confidence."

Kelly nodded. "I think that's your problem. You need a dirty little fling like this. Let yourself go a little. Flash the cute neighbors, Jenna."

Jenna couldn't contain her laughter. She shook her head at Kelly. "Wow, who are you? Where did I meet you?"

"On planet awesome."

Jenna took another look at her phone. "I gotta get back. I'll call you tomorrow."


Jenna climbed out of her car and shut the door, her eyes fixed on the neighbors' house. Nervousness gripped her like a vice, but she had already made up her mind. She adjusted her shirt and headed across the yard to the neighbors' front porch. Climbing the steps, she could see that the blinds were shut inside the large front window. She turned to see that there was a large work van sitting in the driveway, and she could only assume that it belonged to Blake and his brothers.

As Jenna rang the doorbell, she could hear its chimes from within the house. She waited for only a few seconds before the door slowly opened. Standing in the doorway was not Blake, but one of his two brothers. Judging by his height and the scowling expression on his face, she knew that he must be Matt. He looked almost just like Blake, though taller and a bit thicker in the chest. His eyes were the same misty bluish green color, but were a great deal larger. To Jenna, there was something unsettling about those eyes. Matt said nothing, but gave her a scrutinizing look up and down.

"Um, hi," Jenna said. "Is... is Blake here?"

Matt's only response was a nod of his head before he turned away from the open door and retreated into the house. Jenna, unsure of what to do, remained on the front porch and waited patiently. From where she stood, she could see into the scarcely furnished living room. Moments later, a familiar face greeted her at the door.

"Hey, neighbor!" Blake said as he appeared in the doorway.

"Hi, Blake," she said.

He, too, gave her a brief once over. Jenna shifted uncomfortably and licked her dry lips.

"So what's up?" Blake said. "You here to tell us to keep it down over here?"

She managed a weak smile. "Uh, no, I just had a question to ask you."

Blake nodded. "Yes. I will have a drink with you."

The quip caught Jenna by surprise. She laughed bashfully, unsure of how to react.

"Only one though," Blake said sternly. "I don't have the kind of tolerance you do. Not everyone can party every night."

She gave him a polite smile. "That's not why I'm here, sorry."

"You sure?" Blake grinned. "I'm harmless, I swear."

Jenna brushed her black hair over her ear. She was truly uncertain if Blake was simply joking with her, or if he was actually asking her out for a drink.

"Maybe another time?" She said.

"I'll hold you to it." He smiled brightly. "What was it you were going to ask?"

"Yeah, um... were you or one of your brothers... in my back yard last night?"

His brow furrowed.

"I mean, I won't be mad or anything," Jenna said. "I just... thought I saw someone outside last night."

"In your yard?"


Blake studied her for a second. Jenna felt strange under his gaze. Something made her feel insecure, as though he would find something he didn't like about her. She crossed her arms.

"Why, you think someone's peeping in on you?" Blake asked.

Jenna's heart skipped a beat. "Oh, n-no, I just... I was just wondering. I thought I saw someone and it kinda spooked me a little."

Blake shrugged. "It wasn't any of us. We were out late last night."

Jenna sighed. "I'm sorry, I might have been seeing things. I didn't mean to accuse anyone-"

"No, no, that's cool," Blake said. "Sounds like you might have a secret admirer."

Jenna tossed her hands up and smiled. "I guess so."

Blake smirked back at her. "I guess that brings your total to two then, huh?"

It took her only a second to understand what he was saying before she glanced away and put her tongue in her cheek.

"It seems that way," she grinned.

"If you want, I could come peek at you tonight," Blake offered playfully. "You know, give the other guy a competitor."

"That won't be necessary," she said with a tight lipped smile. "Thanks anyway though."

Jenna turned and headed down the steps, and she could almost feel Blake's eyes on her as she descended.

"Don't be a stranger, Jenna," he called to her.

She simply waved and made her way back to her house. She wasn't sure why, but she felt warm and something in her chest fluttered. For the life of her, she couldn't stop grinning. On a certain level, it made her feel sick. Had Blake's flirty "nice guy" charms really gotten to her? It was enough to make Jenna want to smack herself. On the other hand, it wasn't so bad to know that someone was interested in her, even if she had just met him. She wondered if she should just let her guard down and give it a chance.

Just before she went inside, Jenna turned to look at the house next door again. Blake was not on the porch anymore, though something caught her eye at the side of the house. She saw a curtain pulled to the side in one of the windows. Peering around the corner of her house, she saw a face peeking out at her from behind the glass. Big greenish blue eyes stared back at her from the pale round face. Just as she spotted him though, the curtain fell back into place and the face was gone. Jenna knew it must be Blake's other brother Danny.

Shaking her head and allowing herself a little smile, Jenna headed inside.


Jenna put the glass to her lips again, but as she turned it up, her eyes still glued to the television, she realized that she had finished the last drop. She held the glass up in the dark, peering through it with the aid of the glaring light from her television. Jenna rose from her sofa and headed into the kitchen. She set the empty wine glass on the counter beside the sink and turned away. Before she took three steps, she stopped and bit her lip thoughtfully. Her eyes drifted back to the empty glass on the counter. Ghastly white light from the florescent bulb above the sink reflected off the surface of the glass, drawing her gaze like a beacon in the dim room.

Though her every sensible thought advised her otherwise, Jenna scooped up the glass again and crossed the kitchen to the bottle of red wine beside her stove. She poured herself one more glass, a meager amount, and carried it with her as she made her way back to the living room. She found the remote and turned off her television. Darkness enveloped the room at once, and she walked carefully to her bedroom, finding her way from memory.

Jenna had already bathed and changed, and though she still felt guilty for having as many glasses of wine as she did, it felt rather good to relax after a day of running errands. Aside from working, she had found time to pay a few bills, visit her mother, and make a trip to the grocery store to restock her pantry and refrigerator. She thought about how cheap the groceries had been, which she knew was probably because she was only buying for herself and not for....

Jenna tried not to think of him again. She turned on the lamp on her end table before taking a sip of the wine. Setting the glass on the table, she turned down her sheets and fluffed her pillow. Her head was starting to feel light and dizzy, and she knew the wine had started to take a hold of her senses. Just as she was about to enter her bathroom, a sudden thought made her turn toward her two windows. The blinds hanging from both windows were open, as they usually were. Jenna crossed the room and started to close the blinds of the window facing her neighbors' house.

She stopped when she spotted a faint glimmer of light. Peering into the darkness outside, she tried to make out the shapes of the neighboring house and its enclosed rear deck. At first, she saw nothing unusual. She could see onto the porch, where a round plastic table and four chairs were sitting. Then, there was a small orange light, shining like a fading star. The light glowed brighter as she watched, and she realized the light she saw was the burning ember of a cigarette.

Jenna withdrew from the window quickly. She felt her pulse elevate slightly as she hid from sight. Memories from the previous night came flooding back into her mind. Her breath became shallow and cool in her chest. She wondered which of the brothers next door were outside on the deck. Thinking of her two encounters with them, she could not recall seeing any of them smoking at any time, but she had only seen them for the briefest of moments.

Curiosity began to overtake her then, and she peeked around the wall and through the glass. She immediately spotted the glowing ember of the cigarette, and the person that held it. He was sitting in one of the chairs facing her house, whoever he was. Jenna watched closely as the cigarette and its dim orange tip was lifted to the person's mouth. As he took a deep drag, the cigarette glowed brighter, casting an eerie orange light on the man's face. She could make out the short blond hair on his head, and the small misty blue eyes set deep under his brow.

Right away, Jenna assumed that it was Blake sitting calmly in the darkness of his porch, though she couldn't be absolutely certain. After all, he looked so much like his brother, Matt. She considered what she had said to Blake earlier that afternoon. Was he deliberately trying to catch a glimpse of her? Perhaps the person at her window the night before had been one of his brothers, and she had tipped him off to their little game. Did he want a look for himself, or was he merely trying to catch the peeper in the act?

Jenna had no way of knowing for sure, but she could not help feeling flattered. Either Blake wanted to help keep an eye on her, or he just wanted his eyes on her as much as possible. She had a nagging thought that perhaps he was there for neither of those reasons. It was perfectly plausible that he was simply out for a smoke. Jenna found herself wondering whether or not she wanted to close the blinds. Part of her certainly did, but standing there at the window with a possible spectator staring her way, she felt something she had not felt in a very long time. Jenna felt wanted, and it almost made her tremble with excitement.

She took a closer look out her blinds. Using her peripheral vision, she spotted movement at the table on the deck next door. Blake, if it was indeed him, appeared to be drinking a beer. She saw a tiny flame flare up between his cupped hands a second later, and she watched as he lit another cigarette. It seemed clear to her then. He was there to stay. The knowledge was both exciting and unsettling to her. Her very first instinct was to shut the blinds and turn off the lights. Perhaps it was the wine that convinced her to do otherwise. She felt suddenly powerful, as though she were on a grand stage commanding the attention of a faceless audience, there to see only her and begging for her to entertain.

Jenna stepped away from the window, leaving the blinds open. She felt a sudden exposure as she stood in plain sight before the window. Acting as casually as she could, she walked around the bed, making sure that she was still in her spectator's view. Though she had already done so, she grabbed her pillow and fluffed it, giving the illusion that she was preparing for bed. Her lip quivered when she took hold of the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Tossing the shirt aside, Jenna exhaled slowly, basking in the exposure that warmed her very skin.

She did not look in the direction of the window. Glancing over at her nightstand, Jenna spotted the glass of wine, as well as a bottle of lotion that she often used before going to bed. She picked up the glass and took a long swallow of the dark musky wine, feeling its smooth warmth radiate within her entire body as she set the glass down. Jenna thought she could feel the burn of eyes on her skin. She reached for the lotion and flipped open the lid. She squeezed a fairly substantial amount into her palm and began to rub the lotion between her hands. As it grew warm, she could practically taste the sweet and tangy cucumber fragrance of the lotion.

Jenna rubbed her shoulders first, working slowly, then spread the silky lotion down across her chest. A nervous tremor resonated within her, but she ignored the feeling and turned slightly to face the side window. Her lubricated hands explored her breasts, massaging them gently. The soft flesh molded and filled her palms. She squeezed gently and felt her breasts slip away from her grasp. She rubbed her smooth stomach firmly, her hands gliding down to tease at the waistband of her black panties.

As Jenna explored her body, spreading the pleasant smelling lotion and rubbing it into her skin, she allowed herself to close her eyes and lose control. Her hips swayed and twisted from pure reflex, as if they had a mind of their own, or some hidden instinct to search for a mate with which to dance. She took each of her breasts in her hands one at a time, careful to rub the thinning lotion into her soft flesh until it became nearly dry, but as smooth as silk. She pinched her nipple ever so slightly between her fingers, and the minute twinge of pain she felt made her yearn for more.

Moving to the corner of the bed, Jenna's eyes glanced across the window, where she just barely caught a glimpse of the dark silhouette on the porch next door. It was easy to spot him, for he had moved to lean over the wooden rail of the deck, facing the direction of her bedroom. Clearly, he had moved closer for a better view. Jenna's heart fluttered in her chest as she took a seat on the corner of her bed. She was certain then that she had her spectator's full attention.

It was very thrilling to Jenna, and the feeling was addictive. She wanted more. Her reservations were still in place, but they felt somehow weakened. She felt like a goddess under the gaze of her hidden peeper. With each erratic beat of her heart, waves of sexual energy coursed throughout her body, breathing life into her every movement. Scooting to sit at the very edge of the bed, she extended her leg out straight and locked her knee. She reached over, fetched the bottle of lotion, and squirted her palm full of the pale green substance.

Tossing the bottle aside and rubbing her hands together, Jenna bent and slid them down the length of her right thigh. She kept her eyes on her soft flesh, acting oblivious to the shadowy figure next door. She developed a swirling and dancing rhythm around her thick thigh, groping and sliding as the lotion thinned away. Habitually, she bit her lip when she felt something between her legs stir.

Bending her leg and drawing her thigh close, she massaged her calf gently. Glancing down, she realized that her position would probably afford prying eyes a view of her moistened panties between her legs. The realization was enough to steal her breath for a few seconds, but she felt absolutely ecstatic. A naughty thought crossed her mind. Her eyes flitted across the window as she considered what she was about to do.

Gathering her resolve, Jenna stood and walked to the nightstand, snatching up the glass of wine in her trembling hand. She gulped down the remaining alcohol in the glass and set it back down. Her stomach twisted and her head seemed to float above her shoulders. With her back to the window, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. The corner of her mouth turned upward in a sheepish grin as she slid the black undergarment to the floor.

Never had she felt more exposed nor vulnerable in her own house. She slid a hand around her waist to her nude ass cheek and caressed it gently. Jenna stole a peek at the window from over her shoulder. It almost startled her to see the silhouette of a person right oustide the glass. She looked away quickly, her heart thundering beneath her breast. Jenna had not expected such a bold advance from her hidden spectator, though it hardly surprised her seeing as how he had done so the previous night. The feeling of being watched intensified tenfold as she stood naked in her bedroom.

Adjusting her glasses on her nose, Jenna turned to meet the gaze of the figure at her window. She brazenly approached the corner of her bed again and grabbed the bottle of lotion. Her eyes were on the window, letting the veil of her facade fall away. Her naked flesh tingled under the hidden eyes of the watcher. Licking her lips nervously, she lifted her left leg and placed her foot on the bed.

Jenna was in disbelief of her own lewd actions. Her budding pussy was on display for the peeper at the window, and though it chilled her in her very bones to expose herself this way to a stranger, the thrill was overwhelming. As calmly as she could, Jenna primed her hands with lotion once more and went to work on her left leg. She peered through the black curtain of her hair at the window as she slid her hands deftly around her thigh. He was still watching from his place in the shadows, his distinguishing features shrouded in the dark.

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