tagErotic CouplingsThe Waterfall

The Waterfall


You journey through the majestic trees, taking in the sounds of nature, when a different sound catches your attention. Through a break in the trees you see a mound of stones, and follow the sounds of rushing water. As you reach the edge of the forest you realize that you have come upon a spring rising from the depths of the earth, cascading over a small waterfall into a pool, then splashing happily over the rocks and down a hillside. As you take in the pleasant view you become aware of a feeling of being watched. You look around and see no one. A movement of light brings your attention back to the waterfall and you peer closely into its depths, seeing a shadowy figure emerge.

I step forward through the sparkling curtain of water, the light catching in the water on my skin, shimmering as I move. I glide slowly through the waist deep water, my eyes never leaving yours. I stop a few feet from the edge of the pool and look over you slowly from head to toe, resting my eyes on yours again. I feel an involuntary reaction in my body and my hips and breasts thrust forward. I smile slowly as my apparent desire catches your attention and your eyes drift to my hard nipples. I smile at you again as our eyes meet and I turn away, moving back through the pool to the falls, raising my arms over my head and letting the water rush over my body.

You look at me standing in the water, the play of light over the curves of my skin and the cascading water fascinates you. You shed your clothes and enter the pool quietly, moving up behind me until you are but a breath away from touching me. I feel the warmth of your body behind mine and I feel a feathery sensation I am not certain is your touch. I lean back slightly and our bodies come into fiery contact with one another. Your arms surround me, your hands cupping my full breasts as you press the full length of your body against me, the hardness of your cock pushing against the softness of my ass. I feel your mouth against my skin, trailing hotly across my shoulder to the place where it curves into my neck. You feel my body react with a quiver and sink your teeth in gently. A moan of delight escapes me and I push my hips back against you as I feel a heat blossom between my thighs.

You caress my body with your warm hands, my breasts, my belly, my thighs, and finally I am rewarded with your hand cupping my pelvis. I thrust forward into your hand and spasm in delight as one of your fingers spreads my lips and comes into contact with my pulsing clit. You tease it with small, firm, circular strokes as I press myself more insistently against your hot, hard cock. Suddenly I move forward through the water, pulling you through the falls with me.

Behind the wall of cascading water are stones worn smooth over the years. I rest against one that forms a shallow ledge at my hip level. I face you, leaning back against the smooth stone, reaching up and stroking my fingers from your lips, down your chest, teasing each nipple, then moving down your abdomen. Your belly contracts as I move my fingers lower. As I slowly encircle your cock with my fingers you gasp and jerk slightly. I look into your eyes and the expression fascinates me. I increase the pressure of my strokes and you lean down and claim my hungry lips in a deep kiss that reaches my soul. I press against you, rubbing my breasts against your chest.

You slip a hand between us and find my clit again, rubbing it gently yet firmly. Your fingers slide down to my opening, finding it hot and swollen, and slip just inside. As you press against my hidden treasure I thrust violently against you, and you push me up on the ledge, kissing my wildly. Your hands grab my hips and tilt them forward a bit, and you slip the head of your hard cock into my soft, hungry pussy. I grab your shoulders, sinking my fingertips in to your muscle, and wrap my legs around your waist, trying to pull you in deeper. You hold back, stroking in and out of the opening of my pussy, teasing my clit with the head of your cock before barely entering me again. You reach down and stroke my clit with the large pad of your thumb and my pussy pulses around your cock. I gasp loudly, begging you to fill me, and you finally oblige.

You slide your hands under my ass cheeks and dig your fingers in, holding me tightly as you thrust hard and deep inside me. You pull me to the edge of the stone and stroke your full length in and out of me aggressively. Deep, strong thrusts, your pelvis rubs against mine with each penetration. You feel my pussy begin to tighten around your cock and you grind deeply into me, rubbing against my clit harder with every thrust. My back arches more and more and I clasp your upper arms tightly.

Then I feel it. The first spasm hits and I cry out to you to complete me. You honor me and pound your cock into me as deep as you can, filling me tightly as I spasm around you, clenching your cock lovingly, pulsing and sucking against each stroke, pulling you in. Then I am rewarded. Your cock swells and fills me beyond anything I have ever known, and you thrust violently against me, burying yourself in me, cementing your pelvis against mine as you shoot your seed into my depths. I feel you pulse against my walls as your life flows into me, bringing me such pleasure. Your arms surround me and pull me against you, our bodies one with each other, holding each other wanting the pleasure to go on, as the water continues to cascade around us.

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