tagNonHumanThe Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon


"If this doesn't get Russ's attention he's blind."

I smiled as I looked at myself in the mirror. I swayed my body back and forth, loving the way my breasts moved in the low cut dress.

It was Halloween night and I was amazed at how well my plan was going. It was my sophomore year here at the university and although I enjoyed my classes and was a good student, up until now my social life had sucked. In my freshman year I had been sort of a shy nerd, dressing conservatively, mainly baggy sweaters and knee length skirts. I enjoyed dating, but the few guys who asked me out were just as inexperienced as I was. The dates tended to be clumsy and when they had the nerve to go for it, the sex was hurried and unfulfilling. All through that first year I spent most of my nights sitting in my dorm dreaming of being ravished by a strong, mysterious, bad boy like the ones in the bodice ripper books that were my guilty pleasure.

I had gotten a wakeup call this summer. I spent three weeks at the beach with my old high school girl friends. They got me to get out of my baggy tee shirts and walk the beach in short shorts and a bikini top. I found out that I had a body that could attract boys better than free beer. It was amazing. All that I had to do was wiggle my ass and jiggle my tits and I could get any boy that I wanted. I was like a kid in a candy shop, and oh did I love their candy. I came back to school hungrier than ever and resolved to take my love life into my own hands.

Russ was a senior and a football player. Several inches over six feet tall, his body showed the hours that he spent in the weight room and out on the field. He had a reputation as a callous ladies man, but most of the girls were willing to let him have a second chance. I figured that he must have the skill and equipment to satisfy them. It may seem crazy, but I decided that he was going to be the one to turn my sex life around. We had two classes together this year, and although I tried to flirt with him, he rarely seemed to notice me. But I was determined to get him and finally saw an opportunity. He was in the hall outside of our classroom talking with some of his frat buddies. I pretended to be reading a text on my phone and walked into him, letting the collision knock the books from my arms.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." I fibbed.

Russ picked up my books and handed them back to me.

"That's okay; I never mind having girls bump into me." He and his friends laughed. One of them elbowed him and pointed at the stack of fliers in his hand.

"Hey, our frat is going to have a big party for Halloween. We've rented a haunted house and everything. Here's a flier if you're interested."

"Sure, I'll think about it." I tried to be cool and started walking away before I burst out in a victory dance. I turned the corner and stopped where I could hear what they said.

"She's sort of cute." I heard one of the guys say. The others just laughed.

"Well gents," Russ started, "I've been having a problem with stiffness lately and I need to find a girl that can give me the cure."

I walked away smiling. I knew exactly what costume I was going to wear. Perhaps Russ and I could cure each other.

Over the next few weeks I spent hours shopping on the internet and at the local lady's boutique. I knew that I had to go all out if I wanted Russ to pick me out of all the girls that would be at the party. Now I was standing in front of the mirror, surveying the results.

A white nurse's cap topped my raven, page-cut hair. The make-up made my green eyes look twice their normal size, while my bright red lips screamed to be kissed. The skin tight white dress squeezed my large, firm tits together in a gorge of cleavage. The material was almost translucent, letting the dark circles of areola that weren't exposed by the low cut bodice show through. The dress ended just below my tiny lace thong, leaving a sliver of skin before the white stockings on my long legs began. Six inch white heels completed the ensemble.

I loved what I saw. I ran my hands up my body until they cupped my breasts. A thrilling burst of heat flamed between my thighs as I pinched my hard nipples through the thin fabric.

"Russ had better want me. If he doesn't, I may just have to rape him."

I grabbed my purse and the flier and headed for my car. Filled with self confidence, I swayed my hips as I walked, trying not to laugh when two freshmen tripped over the curb as I walked past them. Climbing into the car, I started following the directions on the flier. I was soon driving along a winding road through the woods. All was well until I came to a fork that wasn't on the flier. I stopped and rechecked the directions.

"It says that I should be on Mill road."

The clouds parted letting the light from the waxing moon reveal a sign, nearly lost in the leaves, pointing to the right fork with Old Mill RD on it. Without realizing my mistake, I followed the road onward until I came to a large old house set back off the road. The house was weathered and old, right out of the Addams Family. Jack-O-Lanterns glowed on the porch and flickering candle light shined from the windows. I thought it was odd that there were no other cars out front, but I was pretty early and figured that they must have parked in back to keep the front open for guests. Walking up to the imposing front door, I paused and took a deep breath.

"Okay Nancy, here goes nothing."

I banged the heavy iron knocker. The door creaked ominously open and I found myself facing a perfect copy of Bella Lugosi's Dracula, his cape drawn up, covering the bottom half of his face.

"Vell! Vut haff ve here? A beautiful nurse to see to our needs! Please do come in."

"Hi, I'm Nancy. Russ invited me."

"Vell nurse Nancy, ve vill haff to tank Russ. Can I interest you in a drink? Or perhaps a bite?"

He put his hands on my waist and began to move his mouth to my neck. There was a hollow thunk sound and his head snapped forward. He turned and scowled at the girl dressed like a flapper standing behind him swinging her purse by its chain shoulder strap.

"Careful Hon, He'll give you a really mean hicky."

She tilted her head and I could see two realistic looking fang marks with what looked like blood dripping out. She held out her hands and gave my hands a squeeze.

"Hi Hon, my name's Zelda, glad you could come. I love the outfit; it's really the bee's knees. Come on, we'll grab some hooch and I'll introduce you around."

Zelda led me into the huge ballroom. I was amazed at the detail the guys had put into the decorations. Cobwebs hung from the high rafters and the candle filled chandelier. On the far side of the room a small band played a haunting blues tune on a stage lit by two flaming sconces. The walls were hung in what looked like medieval tapestries. On both sides of the room were a long tables covered in all kind s of food and drink. In the center of the room there was what looked like a rack straight out of a dungeon. Four large Jack-O-Lanterns with flickering smiles stared from its corners. Against the wall next to the entry was the largest grandfather clock that I had ever seen. Comfortable looking chairs and sofas were scattered around the room. The grandfather clock loudly chimed nine times. People began to stream into the room from doors on either side of the room. They filled their glasses and picked at the food while they talked.

As impressed as I was with the decorations, I was even more impressed with the costumes. I was expecting bed sheet togas and tacky pirate get ups. Instead it was as if I was on a mixed up movie set. A girl dressed like Mata Hari was talking with a Roman legionnaire while a Liz Taylor's Cleopatra sipped a cocktail with an Errol Flynn looking Robin Hood. There were characters from throughout history and all parts of the world. I was beginning to feel that my nurse outfit was a bit amateurish next to the rest.

"Here ya go Hon. This hooch is the real deal." Zelda said, handing me a glass of punch.

"Hey doll face, an outfit like that could make a guy want to get sick. You new around here?"

He was dressed like a twenties gangster from his fedora down to the spats on his shoes.

"Bugsy!" Zelda squealed as she hugged him.

"Bugsy this is Nancy. She just came for the party. Nancy this is Bugsy. He's my main squeeze, and I do love to squeeze!"

She ran her hand down from his cheek along his chest and on to his crotch where she grabbed a hand full that was more than just cloth.

Bugsy closed his eyes and sighed.

"Zelda dear, you do know how to get a man's attention."

Zelda laughed and gave him a quick kiss.

"I'll be seeing more of you in a bit, a lot more I hope, but right now I need another glass of hooch and to introduce Nancy to more of the folks. Keep your motor revving, I'll be back."

She squeezed his crotch one more time, then took my hand and led me back to the punch bowl.

"He's cute." I said as we refilled our glasses.

"That's true, but I'm more interested in his...let's just say he's very full filling." Zelda said with a wry laugh. "Come on let's see who might be right for you."

I looked around the room, trying to see through the costumes and pick out Russ. At first I thought that he might be hiding beneath the mass of black hair and beard that covered the pirate guy's head. He looked like he could have just stepped off of his ship as he talked to a large girl dressed as a Valkyrie. She must have been over six feet tall and was muscled like a weightlifter. Long blonde braids cascaded from under her winged brass helm. As they talked Blackbeard's eyes lustfully wandered to the brass cups that struggled to contain the Valkyrie's massive breasts.

I talked to a Kentucky Colonel and an Egyptian Pharaoh, but still hadn't found Russ.

Zelda continued to refill my glass and I was soon wrapped in a warm, mellow glow. I could tell that I wasn't the only one feeling good. All around me people were pairing off. Some made out on the sofas others stood in the shadows, their hands wandering over each other's bodies. Zelda and Bugsy stood kissing while she rubbed the bulging front of his pants. The band started playing a lively Middle Eastern tune and a girl dressed like a harem girl began to dance. In a few minutes her top was gone and her gyrations became even more erotic. A knot of Roman soldiers stood staring at her, the front of their tunics tenting out in obvious enjoyment. The clock chimed ten times. The music's pace increased and people seem to lose their inhibitions.

Blackbeard flicked the clasp between the cups of the Valkyrie's brass bra, releasing her massive tits. She grabbed his head and pulled him to her holding him while he licked and bit her nipples.

Without breaking their kiss, Bugsy slipped one strap off of Zelda's shoulder, baring her breast. As he fondled her, she unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and began to stroke it. She hadn't been fooling about him being filling. Without thinking I reached between my legs and found that my thong was dripping wet.

The harem girl was completely naked and laying on the Romans' cloaks. Her hands were under their tunics stroking them while they sucked on her tits and the third one had his head between her legs.

I was astounded. I had come to the party hoping to have sex, but the carnival of carnality that was surrounding me was way beyond anything I ever imagined. I was ready to chicken out and leave when a dark shape appeared before me.

"My beautiful nurse Nancy you are all alone. If I cannot suck on you, perhaps you would like to suck on me?"

Dracula spread his cape, revealing a ridged cock nearly as big as Bugsy's. It was the corniest line that I have ever heard. I'll blame it on the alcohol but I couldn't stop myself from kneeling down and taking hold of his lovely cock. Excitement shot through my body as I ran my hand up and down his shaft. My pumping brought a drop of pre cum to his head. Dracula moaned as I licked it up. I loved his taste and eagerly slurped the whole head into my lips. His hips began to sway, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I was enjoying this! I let him pump his hot steel into my mouth at an ever increasing pace. I knew that he was getting close to his climax. I cupped his balls in my hand and used them to pull even more of him into my hungry mouth. Growling he slammed deeply into my mouth and stopped. His cock pulsed as his hot cum spurted into my mouth. I tried to swallow, but could barely keep up with his hot fountain.

"Oh my dear Nancy please let me bite you. The vay that you suck, you vould be a fantastic vampire." He said helping me to my feet.

"My dear Count you are a gentleman of fine breeding, but I am afraid that I would not trust you to give this lovely lady what she needs at this moment."

It was the Kentucky Colonel speaking. Dracula shrugged and made a polite bow. The Colonel took my hand and led me to a sofa where Cleopatra sat, now naked except for her jeweled headdress, cowl and bracelets. She looked at his semi flaccid cock and smiling, slowly licked her lips collecting a drop of cum from the corner of her mouth. As I turned to sit next to her, the Colonel slid my dress up to my waist and gently removed my thong. He handed it to Cleopatra who smelled it and then ran her hand over my breast.

"Such a charming young thing Colonel, I think we should give her the pleasure that she deserves."

She reached into my dress, pulled my breast out and began licking my nipple. The Colonel knelt between my legs. He started slowly kissing my pussy. I hooked a leg over his back and pulled him into me. I heard a howl. Across the room a guy in a fantastic wolfman costume had been sucking on a girl dressed like a Southern Belle's tits. She turned, knelt on an overstuffed chair and pulled up her hoop skirt, exposing her naked butt. The wolfman knelt behind her and began licking her. For a second I wondered how he got the tail on his costume to wag like that.

The Colonel began to pull on my pussy's lips with his lips and I lost all interest in the wolfman and his tail. Electric sparks shot through my body as Cleopatra pulled on my nipple with her teeth. The sparks raced down to my core and exploded against the Colonel's tongue as he ran it up my slit. I moaned and pumped my hips trying to push myself harder against his talented tongue. I could feel my orgasm building. The Colonel switched to long slow ice cream cone licks that started at my hole and ended at my pulsing clit. After five or six long licks he stopped and sucked my swollen clit into his lips. My body exploded with the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Rather that quit, he began lightly flicking his tongue across my clit. I grabbed his hair, pushing him hard against me and screamed as I came a second time.

The grandfather clock chimed eleven times. Momentarily sated I slumped onto the sofa. The Colonel and Cleopatra seemed to have lost interest in me as they kissed and let their hands explore each other's bodies. Across the room the wolfman pulled the southern belle down off the chair and pushed his hard cock into her.

"Doggy style, how cliché." I thought.

Next to them a hunchback with a huge cock lay on his back. An Indian maid, her buckskin dress gathered into a wide belt, lowered herself on to him and began bouncing on him with a look of utter satisfaction on her face.

Zelda had removed her dress. She sat on the buffet table next to the punch bowl and filled her glass. Bugsy lifted her legs onto his shoulders and entered her. She took one last sip then leaned back, breathing heavily as he began to stroke her.

Suddenly the music stopped and all of the people froze. I turned to see what they were looking at. I saw a large man standing in the doorway. Tall and muscled I knew he had to be Russ. He was dressed like a Viking. A winged brass helmet covered his head. Wild red hair and a full beard spilled out from under it and a leather patch covered his left eye. Thick leather straps with heavy brass buckles crossed his broad, chiseled torso. Another broad belt held a bearskin kilt around his hips and leather boots laced up to his knees. My heart raced, he was even more gorgeous than I had imagined.

"Who will please me?" His voice boomed.

"Lord Odin we have a visitor who I think you will find most enjoyable." Zelda said pointing at me.

"A visitor?" Odin's voice echoed through the room.

I swear that his eye glowed when he looked at me.

"I find her satisfactory. Prepare her."

Several of the guys ran over to me and picked me up. They carried me to the center of the room and set me down next to the rack. More hands grabbed my dress. I began to try and fight them off as they ripped the dress from my body leaving me standing in my garter belt, stockings and heels. I was frightened; the look on their faces was pure lust. I fought harder as once again I was lifted, this time onto the rack. I began to panic as I felt straps being tightened around my ankles and then around my wrists. I heard a click as they tighten the rack stretching my body. Someone moved a lever, the lower half of the rack dropped away and my legs were spread wide.

"She is ready Lord Odin." One of the guys reported.

"Let the festivities begin!" Odin's voice was filled with lust.

The music started playing. I looked over and saw Zelda, Bugsy and the other couples resume their fucking. I lifted my head off of the rack and watched as Russ or Odin slowly unbuckled his belt and let the kilt drop to the ground.

"Oh my God!" I had thought that Bugsy was big. Odin was a massive man and I mean that all of him was massive. He came closer. I saw the lust in his eye, the straps bit into my wrists as I tried in vain to escape. He took his time, letting me struggle, my mind conflicted by the desires to escape and to feel his cock drive into my hungry pussy. His strong hands ran over my tits making me moan as he tweaked my nipples. I surrendered to the desire, my fear replaced by a building wave of lust. One of his hands dropped to my pussy and soon I was writhing as his fingers plunged into me. My wrists and ankles pulled against the restraints as I tried to move my body into his hand and reach the climax that was so close. He seemed to know what I was feeling. I was almost there when he pulled his fingers out of me. I felt his cock, hot, hard and huge rub against my dripping pussy as he resumed playing with my tits. Again he let me rub against him until I was almost ready to cum and then he moved away. My body was covered in sweat, my lungs were gasping for breath. I felt a hand lift my head up.

"Here Hon, take a few sips, you look thirsty."

Zelda held a glass of the punch up to my lips and I eagerly sucked it dry. She bent down and kissed me.

"Enjoy Hon; it's been great partying with you."

My head was spinning. I know that it was partly the alcohol, but it was mixed with currents of excitement and lust that I had never felt before. I gave in to the feelings and thrilled in the spinning like a ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl. I felt Odin rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy. He pushed it against my opening. Even though I was gushing wet, his huge head was having trouble getting into me. He pushed again and I felt a twinge of pain that quickly became pleasure as his head stretched my opening and pushed into my pussy. He slowly began to stroke in and out driving deeper on each in stroke. I arched my back and bucked my hips to meet his pistoning shaft. I screamed out, this time in ecstasy as his cock filled me.

I felt cocks against my hands. Opening my eyes I saw that I was surrounded by guys stroking themselves in time to Odin's stroking. The two at the head of the rack were rubbing theirs against my hands. I took them in my hands using what little motion that I had to increase their pleasure. The others seemed to take my action as a sign of permission, Soon there were hands all over my body as they rubbed and pinched my tits, thighs and any other pleasurable place that they could find. I was in sensory overload. It felt like bolts of lightning were shooting from my nipples and lava boiled, building up pressure for a Krakatau level eruption.

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