tagMind ControlThe Web Ch. 02

The Web Ch. 02


Second part of an eight part series. I wrote this story to develop some themes more along the lines of "mind-influence" than "mind-control." The most erotic time in a relationship is often spent exploring the boundaries of trust and sharing. If that turns you on, then this story will have many molten scenes. At the same time, as the writing progressed, the characters grew and influenced each other in interesting ways. Is it better to get what you want, or learn what you want? I still don't know who really was in control. Maybe you will.


As might be expected, I thought about what had happened and what might happen all of the next week. I replayed the events of our last session to a couple of great orgasms. Thursday, I called the clinic for the test results. Cathy and I were both negative. So was Kelly—interesting that she got tested and shared the results with us. That night, I had a message on my machine. "Brad, it's Cathy. Looking forward to our session tomorrow. See you at 6. Bye..."

I was at her door promptly at 6. Cathy flashed a smile. "Good to see you again, Brad. Come in. How was your week?"

I found it difficult to assemble my thoughts given what my eyes caught in the first instant. Either Cathy had a very sheer bra on, or she didn't have anything under her form-fitting shirt. Her nipples showed through the fabric. In either case, this was a good sign.

"Well, to be honest, it stretched out pretty long. I was either reliving last Friday or looking forward to this one. Your flowers and message didn't help."

Cathy laughed, and I heard Kelly's laugh from the kitchen. "Nice to know you have a weakness for beautiful women," Cathy said. She looked down, frowning. "No toothbrush?"

"I have it in the car. I didn't want to presume anything."

"I think you had better get it."

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied, a spring in my step. I quickly returned with a small overnight bag.

"Much better," Cathy observed. "Why don't you drop that in my bedroom? End of the hallway."

I went back into Cathy's tasteful bedroom, with a queen size bed turned down. I did notice the chair positioned with a reading lamp beside the bed. Knowing Cathy, I wondered if she wanted me to puzzle about that. I walked back into the living room, where Cathy caught my eye with a small smile.

This evening started out more relaxed. We all got a glass of wine and settled into conversation about our week and catching up on friends. After a bit, Cathy steered the subject to sex.

"Brad, I was really surprised by how well I responded last Friday. Does it always work that well?"

"As you might guess, these multiple voice techniques depend on the person," I said. "Plus, the sexual side of this is new to me. Tell me what you thought was happening, and let's see if we can figure it out."

"OK, let me think." Cathy looked down, gathering her thoughts. "It seemed like my sense of nervousness was no longer toward you two, but more toward someone outside our circle who might use my desires to hurt me."

"So your Protector continued to do her job, but at a level that allowed your other voices to operate."

"Yes. And clearly, my Controller voice did her job. She really controlled me to hang on the edge of a huge orgasm!"

We all laughed. "You have it, Cathy. We gave each of your restricting voices good jobs to do, so they felt acknowledged and important. In fact, they contributed to the intensity of the experience. They also allowed your more expressive voices scope to bring you what you desired—what we all desired for that matter. In some ways, the Protector created the buffer zone from the world that you needed to open up to us. What we'll do in the future is to give you the ability to open up to others that you trust."

"It's still amazing how well it worked," Cathy said.

"Most of it was you, Cathy," I replied. "You caught on quickly during the explanation, so you could project yourself into the voices and really work with them. You also gave me your trust, which allowed me to help you relax and open up to your desires. Most importantly, though, you put in the effort to make this work. I could clearly see that you wanted to experience change, and that motivation carried you through..." I paused.

"...I guess there's one more thing, Cathy. You're a natural. Your body knows what it wants. You care about others and want to share yourself with them. We just had to set those instincts free."

Kelly jumped in. "So you're saying that Cathy is just a lean, mean, sex machine?"

We all laughed. I looked up into Cathy's sparkling eyes. "I wasn't ready to put it quite that way, but you're pretty much right, Kelly. Cathy's got what it takes to drive anyone wild."

A bit of color appeared on Cathy's cheeks. "I guess we had better move to the kitchen before my head is too big to fit through the door! Let's see if my cooking can match my growing reputation."

Kelly and I followed, chuckling, and perched on the bar as Cathy finished up dinner.

"I've made some beef burgundy," she said. "I like how I can do most of it before guests come over." She quickly stir-fried some green beans, and she pulled something that smelled good out of the oven.

We settled back into general conversation during dinner. I enjoyed talking to two smart, attractive women who shared a general appreciation for life. I knew that both of them liked the outdoors with our larger circle of friends, but I learned that they often would hike around the area together. I filed that away for future reference.

"Thank you, Cathy. This was a wonderful dinner," I said, as we were finishing.

"I'll second that," Kelly added. "You did a great job."

"You're both welcome," Cathy replied. "Let's clear these dishes and adjourn for some more 'conversation.'"

We got everything cleared and filed back into the living room. I moved one of her chairs to the side of the couch so she could stretch out and face away from me. "It will help you to focus on yourself if you're not looking at us directly," I explained. "Kelly, you can sit across as before. OK, Cathy, go ahead and get comfortable. Kelly, did you and Cathy discuss your role any further?"

"If you mean me sitting here and getting all worked up watching you two, yes we discussed it," Kelly replied. "For the betterment of my good friend, I will sacrifice and endure this torture alone, while you two get off any of a thousand ways."

Kelly waived off my next question before I even voiced it. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Cathy is fine with me—let's see—taking care of some personal business while I watch." She looked at each of us. "You both owe me big time."

"Of course," I replied smoothly. "Cathy, we'll go through the relaxation exercise again and then speak to the voices. This time should go faster with the Controller and Protector, because we've already established their roles and can move directly to working with them. Would you still like to start on the beach?"

"Yes, that worked well," Cathy replied.

"Let's go back to your beach. Can you hear the waves again?" I took Cathy through the relaxation exercise, watching her still herself into a receptive state. I took her on a swim through the ocean again, emerging to find the visitor by the fire.

"Like before, Cathy, have each voice identify themselves when I ask for them. May I speak to the Controller again?" I asked.

"You are speaking to the Controller." Cathy replied.

"Thank you, Controller, for your excellent work last time. I think that Cathy might appreciate you a little more."

"She does. She saw that I can help her get what she wants. I wish she would recognize that more often."

"It often takes some work to understand and appreciate the various voices that we have," I replied. "We'll keep working on it during these sessions. Would you be willing to control the other voices, including yours, while we talk again?"

"Yes, I will do that."

"Thank you, Controller. Now, may I speak to the Protector?"

"Speaking. I am the Protector."

"Thank you," I replied. "You have done a wonderful job of protecting Cathy, and all three of us, from hurt by the outside world. I'm also happy that you protected Cathy from something else. That is the feeling of regret from not following some of her desires, especially with people she trusts. Have you thought about that?"

"I usually protect Cathy from others and from herself. I haven't thought about protecting her from regret."

"I know that's a bit different from your usual role. If you felt that Cathy genuinely trusts the people she is with, would you be willing to protect her from regret?"

"As long as I trust who she is with and feel that she won't be hurt, I would do that."

"Thank you, Protector. You have an important role. Now, may I speak to Desire?"

Cathy shifted on the couch and stretched her shoulders back. I had the ability to stare at her chest for the first time this evening, and if she had a bra on, it sure didn't show. Sensing something, I looked over and saw Kelly looking at me, a knowing grin on her face. She jerked her chin over to Cathy, as if to say Go ahead and look. You know you want to.

I did, so I let my eyes roam over Cathy again. She shifted again and sighed. "This is Desire."

"Good to talk to you again. How did our last meeting go for you?" I asked.

"It was a great start. Clearly, Cathy did something she has always wanted to do, and look at how happy it made her! Cathy opened up and connected emotionally and visually with both of you. She needs to do that more, especially since she has so much to share."

"It takes time to completely open up with others," I said.

"You're right, and that's why I'm here to push her in the face of the things holding her back."

"What would you like her to do now?"

"Well, for one thing, I'd like her to show all of herself to you, and see your pleasure as well."

I stirred, my cock rising. "We can probably arrange that. What else would you like?"

"I'd also like her to connect physically this time. I'd like her to show herself as you made love."

Suddenly, I found it very difficult to concentrate. "I...I think we could arrange that as well." I glanced over at Kelly, who winked. "Tell us why you would like that."

"I want Cathy to see you as she feels you inside her. I want her to see your appreciation. I want her to feel the release that comes from baring all of herself. She would get much more out of making love that way."

"Those are good reasons," I replied.

Cathy's voice dropped. "There's one more thing. Making love to you is Cathy's first step toward some other things I want for her, but we'll save those for later. I don't want to scare her other voices."

My mind raced with possibilities. What was it that Cathy ultimately wanted? However, I was smart enough to know that some things must come at their own pace. I steered the conversation away.

"Thank you, Desire. I think we have some good things to work with. Now, may I speak to Joy?"

"This is Joy speaking."

"Joy, thank you for filling us all with exhilaration last week. We shared something that will stick with us throughout our lives. Can we ask you to do that tonight as well? To keep her joyful as she shares her private self?"

"I would love to. Cathy has enough joy to share with both of you."

"Thank you, Joy. Now, may I speak to the Controller one more time?"


"Will you do the job you did last time: to control any voices of fear or protection that would keep Cathy from experiencing something special tonight?"

"Yes, I will."

"Thank you. May I ask one more favor?" I said. "Will you work to control my orgasm tonight, just like you are doing with Cathy? To see me brought to the edge and held there?"

"Yes. I will work to do that."

"Thank you," I replied. "Now, would you return us to the beach so we can talk some more?"

"We are back at the beach."

"Thank you. Cathy, can you hear the water at the beach?"

"Yes, it sounds wonderful."

"Would you like to try the things that Desire talked about?"

"Yes, I would love to," Cathy replied.

"Would you like to show me all of yourself?"

"Anything that you would want to see. What do you like?"

"I think I'll love everything about you, top to bottom," I said. "I would like you to feel as comfortable as possible, though, as you share so much of yourself." A sudden inspiration hit me.

"Kelly, do you have any ideas for how we should do this?"

Kelly jerked her head up, surprised, but she quickly recovered, smiling a wicked smile. "OK, you asked. How about this? We'll go into the bedroom, where you undress and lay face up on the bed. Having you naked with the two of us clothed should keep Cathy from worrying too much about herself. She can show you what she wants, and she can do to you what she wants."

I wondered if Kelly's quick response had involved a little pre-planning, or maybe fantasizing. I didn't matter; it sounded hot. My cock was straining in my pants. "Cathy, how does that sound to you?"

"I love it. Time to get off this beach!"

"Let's walk back to the cottage..." I brought Cathy back to the couch.

"Do you remember everything we talked about?" I asked.

"Yes, and let's get started," Cathy said, getting up and holding her hand out to me. I followed her back, with Kelly in tow.

Cathy lit a couple of candles and then turned back to me. Kelly broke in. "I'm looking forward to this next part. Take 'em off!"

"I think you're enjoying this too much for me to owe you anything," I replied. I sounded a little more confident than I felt. I wasn't shy about my body, but it was different to undress in front of two women who were simply watching. I concentrated on getting my shoes off, and then just getting off the next piece of clothing. Soon, I was sliding my slacks off, and my cock jutted through the front of my boxers. No use keeping them on any longer. I slid them off as well, and laid down on the bed, my cock waving in the air.

"Nice," Cathy said approvingly as she looked me up and down. "Let's start with some kisses." She climbed on the bed and hovered over me, bringing her lips to mine.

Her contact was electric, and I responded with a tingling feeling all over my limbs. I was exposed and a bit vulnerable, and I didn't know what she was going to do next. Who is really discovering new things? I wondered. We kissed each other passionately, loving with our lips.

Suddenly, Cathy pulled back. Her eyes on mine, she flirted with the hem of her top and then pulled it over her head. Her lovely breasts came into view, unencumbered by a bra. She looked into my eyes, seeing my appreciation. "You can look all you want," she said softly.

"You're beautiful, Cathy," I responded, lowering my gaze to her chest. Her breasts sat firm and athletic, and her nipples were standing out, begging to be touched. Sensing my desire, Cathy leaned forward. I raised my hands up and caressed the sides of her breasts.

"Mmmm," Cathy sighed, and she leaned further down. My hands wandered further up her breasts, and finally worked around the small bumps of her areola. Cathy made approving sighs, and I let my fingers drag across her nipples, watching as they snapped back. Cathy looked down, watching me delight her nipples. I stayed at this a while, knowing that it would drive her desire higher.

I noticed that Cathy was gently thrusting her hips, attesting to her mounting arousal. She dropped down and brought a breast to my lips. I eagerly ran my tongue around the nipple, and then I kissed and sucked it, pushing it a little with my lips. Cathy moaned and pressed her nipple into my mouth.

Cathy pulled way, getting an involuntary moan of frustration from me. "I'd better stop. You're so good, I could do that all night, and I've got other plans," she said. With that, she unzipped her slacks and slid them down her legs. That left her in a pair of lace black panties. She got up on her knees and straddled my hips, looking into my eyes as I soaked up the sight before me. Athletic thighs disappeared into her panties, and her toned abdomen pulled my gaze up to her breasts. I made sure she saw me appreciating everything, and I noticed the smile that played at the corners of her mouth.

I couldn't help myself. "Nice," I said approvingly.

Kelly snorted over in her chair. Cathy narrowed her eyes and wagged a finger at me, but she kept that smile. She returned her hands to her hips, playing with the waistband of her panties and looking a question at me. I nodded, my anticipation communicating itself to her. Cathy eased her panties down, and twisted to my side to pull them from her legs. She leaned over to kiss me as she straddled me again. I hungrily tasted her lips. Then, with a deep breath, she broke the kiss.

I kept my eyes on hers as she straightened up onto her knees—I wanted her to notice. We looked at each other for a long while. I then let my gaze wander down her neck, her lovely chest, her abdomen, and then down between her legs. Her neatly trimmed bush sat above her beautiful shaved pussy. Her inner folds just peaked out from her outer pussy lips, and I imagined my cock sliding between them. I gazed for a long time, thinking that no one had ever invited me to look like this before. Although confessing shyness, Cathy was actually taking me places I had never been.

I let me eyes wander back up to Cathy's. "You are incredibly beautiful," I said softly. "I've never seen anyone so beautiful before."

If Cathy doubted my words, she must have believed the expression on my face. To me, beauty involves many dimensions, including the intent behind what is visible. Cathy's intent infused her natural allure with arresting power. She was a goddess come to earth to teach me about women all over again.

"Thank you," she said. Then she smiled. "I'm glad you like."

"I like."

Cathy remained in that position for a while longer, studying me as my eyes resumed their journey over her body. She seemed to come to a decision.

"One more pose, if you would like something a little more daring?"

"Anything," I replied. Right then, I would have let her do anything.

She quickly swung her knees to my side and twisted herself around, straddling me again but now facing away. I watched her shake her hair down her back, and my eyes traveled down to her firm ass, loving the view. Cathy then started lowering her chest and arching her back. Her pussy came into full view, and it opened to expose her clitoral hood. Her inner lips were flushed with arousal. I looked higher and saw her puckered hole reveal itself as she continued to stretch back toward my gaze. She was truly showing me everything.

Cathy twisted her head around, a questioning look in her eyes. She couldn't believe she was doing this, but she was immensely proud of herself as well.

"Cathy, you are so incredibly hot, I don't know what to say."

She smiled. "Your eyes are telling me everything."

Cathy remained posed there, letting me study her pussy and ass. While I was absorbed, I felt a slight brush against my cock and jumped like I'd been shocked. My eyes whipped back to Cathy's face, where I saw an impish grin.

"Jumpy, are we?"

"Maybe a little," I admitted, sighing as I felt Cathy's hand encircle my cock. I reaching out and ran my hands along her legs and ass, getting a sigh in reply.

I glanced over at Kelly in the chair. She had sunk down and had one hand sliding between her legs.

"How do we look?" I said.

"Pretty damn hot, I'll have to admit," Kelly replied. "You're one lucky guy."

"Don't I know it," I said, gazing back at Cathy bending over me.

Cathy rose up and turned back around, settling down with my cock sliding along her pussy lips. The wetness dripping down my cock testified to her arousal. She slid back and forth, looking into my eyes.

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