tagMind ControlThe Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Crashers


"Do you, Debbie Louise Perry, take this man, Reginald William Baker Green, to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Asked the minister.

Debbie had been waiting for this moment all her life. She was finally getting married. She would be a wife, and the wife of a good man: Reginald, the seventeenth Earl of Lancaster.

"I do." she said smiling deep into her soon to be husband's eyes.

The minister then turned to Reginald, "And do you, Reginald William Baker-Green, take this woman, Debbie Louise Parry, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Reginald looked into his smiling fiancé's eyes. The Earl of a town should have a pretty yet respectable wife and Debbie fit the bill. She was well spoken and would fit right in at the monthly wine banquets and as hostess at the County Fayre. She was the perfect wife for aristocracy. "I do." he said.

The minister then turned to the congregation, "If any persons here present see reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, may they speak now or forever hold their peace."

When the silence showed there was no clear objection, he continued. "Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you, husb..."

The minister's summation was stopped in its tracks as the church doors burst open.

"We object!" shouted a man in a lime green suit and purple top hat. He was followed into the aisle by two other men, one in a royal blue suit and red hat, the other in a gold suit with a black hat. The three men were also accompanied by five incredibly busty blondes dressed in pink crop-tops and micro skirts that did a perfect job of covering absolutely nothing.

The minister was incensed, "What is the meaning of this!" he demanded the gatecrashers.

The man in the purple hat smiled and said, "We told you, we object." He then looked over to the man in the blue hat and told him, "Blue, deal with the minister won't you?"

Blue clicked his fingers and in an instant, the minister was sat naked in the front row of the church with a stunned look on his face. He couldn't move at all.

Blue turned to one of the blondes, "See to the minister won't you titty dearest?"

Titty giggled and squealed with delight at her orders. It was always an honour to be given the minister when they went to weddings. She ran over to where the minister was sat and began to suck him hungrily as the bemused congregation watched on, only now realising none of them were able to speak or move either.

"Good job Blue." commended Purple, before turning to the third man. "Black, I think we need a new minister."

"I'm on it boss," replied Black and he took his place before the bride and groom. He chose to address the audience first, "Ladies and Gentlemen. Please do not be alarmed, the speech and movement issues are just so that this wedding goes without a hitch. You will be free to speak when spoken to and all will be fine by the end of the ceremony.

"Now before I restart the ceremony, does anybody here object to the proceedings starting afresh?"

Lady Vera didn't know why she chose to speak up. Of course she was horrified at what was going on, but she was far too shy to try and stand up to these people. Yet she found herself getting to her feet and publicly denouncing the gatecrashers' actions.

"Who the hell do you think you are?! This is a wedding. Why don't you just go and leave these poor people alone?" Vera felt emboldened from having taken a stand, her eyes not deviating from those of Purple.

Purple just smiled and clicked his fingers. "Objection noted." he told her.

Vera began to feel funny. There was a buzzing inside her head and her clothing began to feel stretched. The sudden tightness of her blouse causing the most discomfort. It was then she realised that her breasts were inflating like balloons. She grabbed hold of them with her newly manicured hands trying to stop them growing but it was no use and further more, felt so so good.

"Don't fight it." Purple told her as he walked over. He began to rub his hands over Vera's blouse, "Here. Let me help you."

In a second Vera's blouse was replaced with a lacy pink bra that only just managed to contain Vera's gargantuan new melons once they had stopped growing. Her skirt also disappeared to be replaced by a matching set of panties that were shrinking with her waistline.

Vera wanted to scream through her thick red new lips but couldn't, she could only stand there and watch herself change until she looked like a person that made you wonder if Victoria Secret had a porno division.

"There," said Purple, "Isn't that much better?"

Vera felt her lock on her voice lift, "What have you done to me?"

"Nothing to worry your pretty blonde head about babes." smiled Purple, "We just gave you an upgrade."

Vera was both angry and scared. "You no good bastard! How dare you do this. It is outrageo...owww!" Vera felt a wave of discomfort sear through her body as she tried to keep speaking.

Purple again just smiled at her and said. "I pretty thing like you shouldn't be tiring her head out with long words like that. Why don't you try something simple like titties instead?"

"You obnoxious!" Once again, her head felt like five hundred nails were being scratched down an old blackboard.

"Come on babes," continued Purple, walking round behind and grabbing her massive melons in both hands, "Big long words don't suit you. You'll feel much better saying more suitable words like pussy and cock."

Vera was outraged. She wanted to fight the bastard who was molesting her but her hands just fell to her sides. "Leave my titties alone!" She screamed at him.

Vera didn't mean to say titties. She had never said the word titties before in her entire life. Yet just then, it seemed like the right word to say and as if to prove it, the discomfort in her head was replaced with a burst of sparkle and rainbows. To her inner horror, she even giggled after saying it.

"What are you doing to me?"

Purple smiled and softly blew a pink smoke into her ear. "We just want to help make you a better person Vera." he whispered to her.

"Ow Ow Ow!!!" Vera once again screamed out in pain, the sparkles and rainbows turning to sparks and lightning.

"But I only said Vera." protested Purple.

"Please stop it! It hurts."

"You mean don't call you Vera?"

"Yes please, stop saying that. I can't stand it."

"Well then what should I call you?"

"Anything but that. Just please stop."

Purple chuckled, "Well if you wish. From now on you shall be called Cummy Bear."

"What? No? That's... ooh!" Vera tried to be disgusted at Purple's choice of name, but it echoed around inside her head. All of the sparkles and rainbows returned at full force and the word Cummy Bear enveloped her mind.

"Why don't you just give the name a chance?" suggested Purple, "Isn't it nice hearing me calling you 'My Little Cummy Bear'?"

"No, I mean Yes... I mean no, yes?" Vera was confused. Part of her told her the name and how she was feeling was wrong, but a much larger part of her was telling her that everything was now so so right.

Purple had been fondling Vera's gargantuan new titties this whole time and was now beginning to pinch and tweak on her new super-sensitive nipples. "Just let the bad feelings slip away my little Cummy Bear." he whispered to her, pink smoke continuing to invade her ear.

Vera was beginning to feel happier and happier about her new self. There were still a few shards of resistance left though, "But... hair? Titties?" she tried to protest the best she could.

"Yes, doesn't your new hair look so sexy my little Cummy Bear. And your new titties are so big and slutty. You should be so happy." Purple's left hand had now moved south to Vera's panties as he spoke.

Vera's resistance was broken. "So happy and slutty." she moaned, pressing her pussy towards Purple's fingers.

Purple smiled, his work almost done. "And what is your name."

"I'm your little Cummy Bear." replied Vera and as she said it she was rewarded with a wave of happiness and pleasure that washed away every memory of Vera until only Cummy Bear remained. "That's my girl." complimented Purple, removing his hands from Cummy Bear's tits and pussy. Cummy Bear moaned in disapproval.

"Don't worry Cummy dear. I have a special plan for you." Purple snapped his fingers and suddenly the father of the bride was sat naked next to the minister, who was still being sucked off Titties. The minister had already came twice, but Titties was able to get him hard again with just a touch from her little finger to his testicles.

"We are going to play a little game." Purple told her. You will soon find that your cute pink pinky has the same power a Titties' here. So I want you two girls to race. First girl to make their man cum six times wins. What do you think?"

Cummy Bear danced with joy. She was so excited she had the chance to try out her new super slutty body and what better occasion to be naughty than with the father of the bride at a wedding.

Cummy Bear dove hungrily into the crotch of Debbie's father and began sucking furiously, determined to beat Titties in the race to six. Purple just smiled to himself and refocused his attention on the rest of the wedding party.

"Are there any other objections?" he asked.

The church was silent, nobody dared try and object after what they had just witnessed. Purple surveyed the guests with satisfaction before turning to Blue and giving a quick nod. On command, Blue clapped his hand twice and the whole church was transformed.

The interior now resembled more a Barbie's dream house than a place of worship. The guests also, with the exception of bride and groom found their expensive dresses and tuxedos transformed into tube tops, micro skirts, lingerie and such for the ladies and men just found themselves naked and fucking whichever woman had been closest to them before the transformations. A wedding had turned into an orgy and nobody could stop it.

Until now, only Debbie and Reginald had escaped the whims of the wedding crashers. They had been made to just stand like statues and watch the events unfold before them. Debbie's couldn't believe what she was seeing as she watched her and Reginald's closest friends and family fuck each other like rabbits in front of her. Her eyes turned from one couple to the next, trying to find one or two people who had survived the effects but it was no use. She saw her best friend Simon being sucked off by her mother, the Wilson twins were locked in a sixty nine in the aisle and even gay uncle Freddie was happily ramming Reginald's youngest sister up the ass. Nobody was exempt, and now only her and Reginald remained for the gatecrashers to deal with.

Purple and Blue, each flanked by one of their blonde co-crashers on each arm, now approached the married couple. They had done their jobs successfully and now it was time to gather for Black's wedding service. Once everybody was in place, Black began.

"We are gathered here today to join Debs and Reggie together in sexy, sexy matrimony. Reginald do you take Debbie to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." said Reginald. He didn't know why he said it, it was the wrong time for him to speak and he also had no intention of entertaining these lunatics. Yet despite himself he just said the words as if it wasn't his choice to make.

Black continued, "To grab and to fondle her?"

Once again Reginald said 'I do' despite himself. This time he even found himself grabbing his bride's wrist, spinning her round and begin to squeeze and massage her breasts.

"For blonder and top heavier?"

Again Reginald found himself saying 'I do' and this time he could only stand and fondle as Debbie's hair turned a platinum shade of blonde and he felt her breasts blow up like balloons in his hands.

"In ditziness and in giggles?"

"I do." Once again the words just came out and he immediately could tell the effects of is words as Debbie began to giggle at the feel of his hands on her tits and tell him that she 'felt like, totally confused right now'.

"For sluttier and sluttier as long as you both shall live?"

For the final time Reginald heard himself say 'I do' and in doing so locked in all the changes made to his bride.

It was now time for Black to read Debbie her vows. "Debs, do you take Reggie to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I totally do." giggled Debbie.

"To love, worship and obey him?"

"I like, sooo do." responded Debbie, triggering a switch in her mind that suddenly saw Reginald in a new light. He was not a devoted husband, he was her god and master and she must always make him happy.

"Through dominance and submission."

"Of course." giggled Debbie once more and now both of the couple felt their marriage roles change. Reginald realised that a ditzy, slutty bimbo like Debs needed to be controlled and kept in check. Debbie likewise knew now that she must answer to Reggie and fulfil his wishes without question.

"Through oral sex and anal?"

"I do." squealed Debbie as she felt her clothes disappear and Reginald's hard cock penetrated her ass. She felt so good being fucked up the ass by her groom that it never occurred to her that she had never done it before. It especially never occurred to her that she had never done it before in front of a church full of her friends and family all having their own private fuckfests too. Reginald also felt perfectly happy at showing his dominance over his soon to be wife. It all just felt natural to the both of them. The ceremony was drawing to a close and both bride and groom were thrilled that they were getting the perfect wedding they both deserved.

"As master and bimbo, for as long as you both shall live?" finished Black.

"We do." replied Debs and Reggie in unison.

In an instant Debbie felt all her troubles and worries disappear. She was Reggie's bimbo now and that was all that mattered, to suck and fuck as he saw fit. She was going to be the perfect bimbo slut wife for her Reggie.

Reggie also was pleased to have found someone both slutty and devoted enough to cater to his ever need. He needed a trophy wife and that was what he was getting. It was the perfect day. The couple looked up at Black as they continued to fuck ferociously in front of his as he wrapped up the ceremony.

"Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Master husband and Bimbo wife. Reggie, you may now cum in the bride."

On Black's order, Reggie exploded into Debs' ass causing Debs to scream out in pleasure; a scream that in turn triggered off the cock of every guy in the church apart from Black, Blue and Purple.

All across the church cum was being shot into the appreciating mouths, pussies and asses of the cumming female guests. The whole building echoed with moans and screams of pleasure whilst the wedding crashers just watched on happily before clicking their fingers one final time.

Only once the orgasms had finally died down did everyone come to their senses. Men and women alike were shocked at what just happened, trying to cover themselves up wherever possible. Everybody's mind and body had returned to normal except for Reggie and Debs. They would be happily married Master and Bimbo for the rest of their lives.

...Oh and Vera? She was nowhere to be seen and nobody even noticed she was gone. Cummy Bear was now a fully fledged member of the Wedding Crashers.


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