tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Planner Ch. 05

The Wedding Planner Ch. 05

byJust Plain Bob©

She had been at work an hour when she got a call from Jake.

"They have a situation in the Atlanta office and I have to fly down there. I'll probably be gone until Friday. I'll call you when I know more."

"When are you leaving?"

"I'll head for home as soon as I hang up, pack a bag and head for the airport."

"When you check into the hotel don't forget to show them your employee discount card."

"You know I never use it. It goes on my expense account and the company pays it."

"Don't you ever listen to me?"

"About what?"

Hotels Jake. If you stay in one of ours and show your discount card and a suite is available they will upgrade your room. You can stay in one of the suites for the cost of a regular room so even if your company does reimburse you, you still get a better room out of it. And the wet bar in the suites is complimentary."

"I didn't know that."

"Only because you never listen to me."

"I'm sure that you never mentioned the complimentary wet bar because I know I would have homed in on that."

"Whatever. Give me a call as soon as you know what your schedule is going to be."

"I will. I love you and I'll see you in a couple of days."

She hung up and seconds later she called Marci to see if Dan was available and he was so she hurried to his office to catch him before he got busy.

"What do you need sweetie" Dan asked as soon as she walked in the office.

"Two things. First, put me down on your list of girls. Second, Jake is flying to Atlanta today. Do you know anyone at our unit in Atlanta to ask for a favor?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do know a couple of guys and they both owe me favors."

"If it can be done I'd like to know what Jake does while he is there. I don't need pictures or anything like that; all I want is to know. Ever since I caught him at the beach I've wondered if he screws around on me whenever he is out of town on business."

"Should be easy enough to do. While we are on the subject, can I use you on the nights he is away?"


"I may have something for you tonight. Is that too soon?"

"Not in the least. Jake won't be here and my plan always was to go out and play when he is gone. The more guys I play with before I tell him will just make him that much more pissed off. That means that I had intended to go lounge shopping tonight. If you have something for me I won't have to."

"I should know by lunch time if Jared is going to be coming in from San Francisco. If he does he will want you for the night. Will that be a problem?"

"Not at all. Jake hardly ever calls when he is out of town. He will call me as soon as he gets to where he is going to tell me where he is staying and then I won't hear from him again until the night before he is coming home when he calls to give me his flight information."

"One more thing. Jared always stays here when he comes to town. Is that going to be a problem?"

"Shouldn't be. The people here are used to seeing me at all hours. I'll just have to be careful about being seen leaving his room."


The rest of the morning was spent doing all of the mundane things she did every day; talking with suppliers, arranging for all of the many things that went into the events she planned and coordinated.

She had her lunch in the hotel restaurant and as she ate she was thinking of back-up plans in case Dan didn't have something for her. She'd had good luck at the lounges and bars she'd gone to that first weekend when she'd found out that Jake was a cheating asshole. If Dan didn't have something for her she would go back to those places. She would get laid every night Jake was gone even if she had to hire a male escort!

She was just finishing her lunch when her cell phone beeped. It was Dan and he asked her to come to his office. When she got there Marci told her to go right on in.

"Your desk clear?" he asked when she walked into his office.

"I'm all caught up at the moment."

"Jared will be here this afternoon. I need you to run on home and dress for a cocktail party and dinner. When you get back I should have more information for you."

"A cocktail party? You think heels and a little black dress will do?"

"I think that would be perfect."

She had showered, shaved her legs, done her hair and make-up and was sitting on the bed rolling on a pair of nylons when her cell phone beeped. She answered it, put it on speaker phone and said hello as she continued to roll on her nylons.

"Hi honey" Jake said, "I'm in Atlanta and thank you for getting me to use my discount card. They did upgrade me to a suite."

"See? My job does have some benefits. Just do your best not to drink the wet bar dry."

"No worries there. I'll need to have a clear head when I go into the office tomorrow. I'll probably go to bed early so I'll be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning."

"Sounds like what I have planned" she said as she slipped on her 'come fuck me' pumps with the four inch heels. "I'll probably curl up with a good book and go to bed early."

"Oh? I thought you would take advantage of my being gone and go out with the girls after work."

"No thanks. Last time I did that one of the girls I was with got hit on by a guy who was with a buddy and she spent the next two hours trying to talk me into getting together with the buddy so she could go off with the guy trying to pick her up."

And if I knew then what I know now I would have done it she thought as she dug through a dresser drawer looking for her Spanish pearl thong.

"Well, I'm in room 815 if you need to reach me. I love you baby and I'll see you sometime Friday."

"Love you too" she said before disconnecting. As she slipped on her black dress she wondered just how early Jake would go to bed and whether he would be getting in that bed alone. She was glad she had gotten him to check into a hotel in their chain. If Dan's friend came through for her she would maybe have a better idea of the extent of Jake's cheating, but even if he went to bed alone every night he was in Atlanta it wouldn't change what he did at the beach.

She looked at herself in the mirror and wondered what she should wear as a necklace and then she smiled. "Silly girl," she thought, "It is just so obvious." She went to her jewelry box and got out a single strand of pearls. It should knock this Jared guy to his knees when her dress came off and he saw her standing there bra-less in her Spanish pearl thong with pearls around her neck.


She was back in Dan's office at three and Marci took one look at her and shook her head as she said:

"I sure hope you know what you are doing."

Dan whistled and said, "I don't think I want to send you to Jared. I think I should keep you for myself."

She smiled and said, "I don't care just as long as I get laid."

"Damn, I am tempted, but I don't have time to find someone else for him. He will meet you in the lobby at four and I know it sounds corny, but he will be sitting there with a rose in his hand. That gives you almost an hour to kill. It would be bad form for me to send you to him to give him sloppy seconds, but just looking at you has given me a raging hard on. Feel up to giving me a blow job?"

"Since you ask so eloquently I don't see how I can say no."


As she entered the lobby she spotted him right away. Hard not to with the rose he was holding. When she saw him she had the same thought that she'd had when she saw Sam. What in the world was he doing paying for it? He could have gotten out of that chair, walked twenty feet to the lounge and had a woman hanging on his arm in minutes. God knows that if Dan hadn't come through for her and she had gone lounge shopping he was what she would have been looking for and hoping to get.

She walked over to him and said, "What a lovely rose. Did you pick it out just for me?"

"Well, I did pick it out for a lady named Fran."

"Then you must be Jared."

He smiled as he stood and handed her the rose. "You don't need to be careful in handling it; I trimmed all the thorns off with my pocket knife."

"How thoughtful of you."

"One never wants to cause a beautiful lady pain."

The cocktail party was at the Marriott and while she didn't know a soul there she did recognize several of the people who were in attendance. There was the Governor, the Mayor and two prominent city council members and Jared seemed to know them all.

She was introduced as Jared's personal assistant and all she had to do was hang on his arm and be admired. One man asked her what her duties were as Jared's personal assistant and she had smiled and said:

"Whatever it is that he wants done."

She saw Jared smile at that.

The cocktail party over Jared took her to Maxine's for dinner and while they sipped a before dinner drink they made small talk. The two things that did not come up in their conversation were why was he paying for feminine companionship and why was a nice girl like her selling her pussy. After dinner they went dancing at The Pit Stop and at eleven they were in his room at the hotel.

She walked over to the bed, turned to face him and then she released the clip that was holding her hair in place and shook her head. Her hair fell to her shoulders as she reached behind her to pull the zipper of her dress down. The dress fell to the floor and pooled around her ankles and she looked into his eyes as she kicked it away and stood before him in only heels, thigh highs and the Spanish pearl thong.

"My God" he said as he took in the sight, "You are magnificent."

She walked over to him and her hands went to his belt. She unbuckled it, undid the top button and pulled down his zipper. His pants fell away revealing a rather impressive looking tent in his boxers. She slid her hand down inside the waist band of his under-shorts and touched the head of his cock and he moaned and his cock throbbed. While she teased his cock head with her fingers he hurriedly removed all of his upper garments. He pushed her hands away and removed his underwear and he went to his knees in front of her. He slid her thong down her legs and as she stepped out of it he leaned forward and buried his face in her pussy. He pushed her legs apart and then went to work on her with his tongue. Heat coursed through her body and she moaned. He stood up, picked her up in his arms and set her down on the bed and then the two of them went to work in an effort to totally destroy the bed.

She left the room at 6 AM and went to her office and she didn't open the envelope Jared had given her until she was sitting at her desk. It contained twenty-five one hundred dollar bills. Twenty-five hundred dollars for what she would have happily done for free. As she looked at the bills she decided that she had to rent herself a safe deposit box. A checking account or a savings account, even at a different bank from the one she and Jake used, would generate paperwork, lead to monthly statements and open up the possibility for discovery. No way she wanted that - at least not for a while.

Knowing that she would be spending the night with Jared she had packed a small bag with the clothes she would wear to work and she picked up that bag and headed for the bathroom.


The morning flew by as she attacked the pile of paperwork on her desk and made phone calls to arrange deliveries for the two weddings she had coming up that weekend.

At two Dan called her and asked her to meet him in room 814. He was already naked when she got there and as she undressed Dan told her that Jared had really been impressed with her and wanted to use her exclusively whenever he came to town in the future.

"He even asked me to sound you out on the possibility that you might be able to fly to Chicago and spend some time with him occasionally."

"I wouldn't mind" she said as she stepped out of her panties, "but I don't see anyway that I could do it."

"Maybe we can work something out. I'll think on it."

"What are you getting out of this?"

"Doing favors for people who can someday return the favor."

"Do you ever get repaid?"

"Sometimes. I did you a favor and now here you are getting ready to help me with a stiffness I seemed to have developed."

"Well, I'm no massage therapist, but I will bet that I can make the swelling go down."

And she did. Twice.

That night as she was doing her laundry her cell phone rang and it was Dan wanting to know if she could take care of a friend of his the next afternoon and she said that she could. She spent five hours with a business man from Dayton and added $1200 to the money piling up in the safe deposit box. Thursday was an all-nighter with a lawyer from Kansas City and another $2000.

It amused her that Dan had a code of conduct he stuck to whenever he set her up for a date; he wouldn't fuck her that day, but he did insist on a blow job. She didn't care because every time she did it she was getting back at Jake.

Friday at ten Dan called her and asked her if she could take care of one of his friends from Boston and she said she would have to take a pass.

"I have the rehearsal dinner for the Cole wedding and Jake will be due back tonight."

Besides, she thought, she needed to fuck someone in the Cole wedding party to keep her string going. She wouldn't make any money on the deal, but meeting the goal she had set for herself was important to her.

At two Dan called her and asked her to come to his office. "My friend in Atlanta called me twenty minutes ago. It seems that your hunch was right on. Jake has had a woman in his room every night this week and it hasn't always been the same one."

"That makes it easier for me to do this" she said as she slipped off her panties, lifted her skirt to her waist and then bent forward over his desk. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled as Dan got off his chair and moved around behind her.

She moaned as his hard cock slid into her and she pushed back hard at him to get him in as deep as he could go. He took her waist in his hands and started fucking her hard as she moaned:

"Yes, yes, oh yes lover; fuck me, fuck me hard."

Dan fucked her steady for several minutes and then he said, "Here it comes baby, here it comes."

"Do it!" she cried, "Do it, do it, do it" and then she came just as Dan shot his wad into her.

Dan had just cum in her pussy and was standing behind her, his softening cock soaking in her wet heat when her cell phone beeped. She took it out of her pocket and answered it. It was Jake.

"It is going to be Monday before I finish up here honey. I can't see any sense in flying home tonight and then flying back here on Sunday."

"Well I won't pretend I'm happy about it, but you are right; it wouldn't make sense to fly home and then turn around and go right back."

While she was talking she stood up and Dan's cock slipped out and she turned and went to her knees in front of him. She took the limp dick in her hand and licked it and then said:

"Don't sweat it baby. I'll find something to keep me busy" and she gave Dan's cock another lick. "I do have two weddings going on this weekend and I can hover over them. It will keep me busy. And Dan has a special project for me to work on."

She opened her mouth and took Dan's cock in as Jake said, "I'll make it up to you honey. We will do something special next weekend. Maybe go on a dive."

She stopped sucking Dan's cock long enough to say, "That's okay baby, but I've got to go now. Something just came up. Call me as soon as you know when you will be home. Love you" and she swallowed Dan's cock as she disconnected. A minute later she was again bent forward over Dan's desk and moaning as Dan shoved his hard cock into her.


The rehearsal went off without a hitch. The only thing wrong with it was that the pickings were slim as far as meeting her goal was concerned. Everyone seemed to be paired up. She did see some interest on the faces of two of the ushers and on the face of the father of the bride, but all three seemed taken.

As everyone sat down for the rehearsal dinner she handed out the complimentary drink coupons and thought that it was too bad that she hadn't said yes when Dan asked her to take care of his friend from Boston. She would just have to hit the lounge and see if she could score there. She was sitting at the bar stirring her frozen margarita with the straw when someone slid onto the stool next to her. She glanced over and saw that it was the father of the bride.

"Off duty" he asked, "Or on duty and just sitting here to make sure that the comp tickets you handed out aren't abused?"

"Off duty and easing down from a long and tiring day."

He stuck out his hand and said, "I'm Vince."

"Fran" she said as she took his hand for a quick shake.

"So tell me" ha asked, "Are you allowed to associate with the customers when you are off duty?"

"What a strange question. Of course I can. What I do on my own time is my business."

"Not a strange question at all. Most of the bars and lounges I frequent at home have a rule that the help can't associate with the customers after hours at their place of employment unless it is on their day off."

"What a silly rule."

"Silly rule, but some blue-nosed city council members have been pushing for a law since it was discovered that some of the girls working at the stripper bars were meeting customers when they got off work to play for pay. Of course the law would cover all bars and not just stripper bars so the bar owners put the rule in place to try and diffuse the situation. How the hell did I get into that? All I wanted to do was find out if I could ask you to dance."

"Where is your wife?"

"Don't have one of those anymore."

"Oh? I thought that the woman sitting with you was your wife."

"That was my sister and she lives here and has already gone home."

"You are staying here in the hotel?"

"Through Sunday."

Just then the band started playing and she got off her stool, took his hand and said, "Shall we?" Once on the dance floor she moved in close to Vince and her leg felt the hard bulge inside his trousers. She looked up at his face and smiled as she said:

"Is dancing what you really want to do?"

"If you know enough to ask the question then you already know the answer."

"You staying here?"

"Room 304."

"Get your key ready" and she started leading him to the elevators.

It was pure fuck and suck until noon Saturday. They got to his room, stripped and then she had him eat her to get her wet and then they fucked. She sucked him hard and they fucked again. Next it was sixty-nine until he was hard and then he took her from behind. She had five good orgasms before he had to admit he couldn't get it up again, but she told him not to worry, that with some rest he would be good to go in the morning and he was. They fucked twice more before he had to get ready for the wedding which was at three. As she was leaving he thanked her and asked her if she would be around that night.

"Sorry. I only get the urge to be a slut once in a great while. Last night was probably it for the next couple of months. But it was fun. Have a good time at the wedding." She blew him a kiss and left.


She was home soaking in the tub and thinking about where she was going to go lounge shopping that night when the phone rang. She picked up the cordless, answered and it was Dan.

"I know it is short notice sweetie, but something just came up and all of the other girls on my list are spoken for. Jake won't be home until Monday, right?"

"That's what he said although given what he is doing I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to get another day or two out of it. I won't know until Monday when he is supposed to call and let me know when he will be home."

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