tagLoving WivesThe Wedding Planner Ch. 12

The Wedding Planner Ch. 12

byJust Plain Bob©

She had been at her desk for maybe twenty minutes when Marci called.

"We still on for tonight?"

"I'm planning on it."

"Dan wants to see you around ten. Will you be free?"

"I'll try to squeeze him in."

"You are too tight or he is too big?"

"You are horrible!"

"It is all your fault. You are the one who got me going. Got some one on the other line. Talk to you later."

Dan looked up, smiled and pointed at the chair when she entered his office. She sat down and Dan said:

"I need a favor."

"You know that I'll do it if I can."

"You will be handling the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for the Bryns wedding right?"


"The father of the bride is an old friend of mine. There won't be an envelope in it for you, but I would appreciate it if you would take care of him after the dinner."

"Do I tell him you sent me?"

"No, but I will hint to him that you have been known to cheat on your husband and if I know him as well as I think I do he will hit on you. Just take it from there."

"He isn't fat and ugly is he?"

"Fat no, but ugly? That depends on your personal definition of what constitutes good looks."

"Oh goody - a blind date. Just what a girl my age needs."

"Oh give it up sweetie. A dick is a dick and it is another check mark in your book."

When she left Dan's office Marci asked her what time she wanted to leave and she said regular quitting time would do.

"Where do you want to go?"

"I think maybe Susie Q's. I had good luck the last time I was there."

The phone was ringing when she got back to her desk and she answered it.

"Fran? This is Pam; remember me?"

"Given what we did when we were last together it would be almost impossible to forget you. What can I do for you?"

"I wanted to invite you to a party tonight at my place."

"I wish I could say yes, but I have already committed myself to a girl's night out with my friend Marci so I'll have to pass, but thanks for thinking of me."

"Marci? Isn't that the girl who has the hots for my hubby?"

"That's her."

"She's invited too then."

"Given the way she feels about Bobby I don't think that would be a good idea."

"No problem there. Bobby won't be there; he is out of town on business."

"Oh? What kind of party is this?"

"Well...you remember what we did the last time we were together? It is that kind of party."

"And just how many party goers are we looking at?"

"At least enough to keep three healthy and active girls busy."

"Do I get to wear a silly little pointed party hat with a tassel on it?"

"No, but there should be plenty of whistles to toot."

"What time and how do we get there?"


"I don't know how I let you talk me into this" Marci said. "How can I party with the wife of the man who was meant to be mine?"

She had never mentioned to Marci that Pam had offered to share so she said, "Be nice to her and maybe - just maybe - she will let you play with her new hubby."

She rang the doorbell and a very naked Pam answered it. Pam gave her a hug and said:

"Thanks for coming. As you may have guessed I started without you."

She introduced Marci to Pam and then Pam took Marci's hand saying, "You and I have so much to talk about" and she pulled Marci along with her into a large family room where seven naked men with hard ons were standing around talking.

"Hey guys" Pam said as she walked into the room, "I've got reinforcements." She turned and said, "I was doing a 'round robin' when you rang the bell"

"A round robin?" asked Marci, "What is a round robin?"

"I'm on my knees and the guys are around me in a circle and I go from cock to cock and the last guy to cum is the winner."

"What does he win?"

"He gets to watch the first guy to cum do me."

"So the first guy to cum is really the winner?"

"Don't go getting technical on me."

"So how do we do a round robin with the three of us?"

"How about the first girl to get a guy to cum gets to pick the first guy to do her?"

Marci turned to her and said, "How does that sound?"

"It sounds like more check marks in my book" she said as she started to undress.

Marci won and picked a tall redhead and led him over to the couch and in less than thirty seconds she had her legs up on the guy's shoulders and he was driving into her.

Pam was the next one to get a mouthful of cum and she grabbed a hunky looking blond and led him over to the couch where she said something to Marci and then Marci and her guy got up and followed Pam and the blond out of the room.

She looked at the five men she was left with and made up her mind. Two of the guys had just cum in the mouths of Marci and Pam and that left her with three hard cocks. She did a quick "eeny, meeny, mineey, moe" and settled on a guy and moved to him.

"My knees hurt so no more of this moving around on the floor from cock to cock. I'm going to suck this one" and she took hold of the cock in front of her and then said, "and one of you two other hard dicks can do me from behind."

She leaned forward and took the cock in her mouth and seconds later she moaned as a hard cock slipped into her pussy. The guy in her pussy came first and when he pulled out of her the guy she was sucking moved to fill her pussy and even as his cock slid into her wet, slick cunt the last hard cock was at her mouth. Too bad Jake couldn't see her now she thought as she pushed back at the cock fucking her while her hand played with the balls of the guy she was deep throating.

The man in her pussy came, but before the man in her mouth could change positions she called a halt to things.

"Let's go find the others and a bed. I need to get up off this floor before I get carpet burns on my knees."

She and her five man fuck posse went looking for Pam and Marci and they found them in a bedroom on a king size bed only now the redhead was fucking Pam while the blond was doing Marci. The five of them stood there watching the action on the bed until Pam noticed them.

"There is another bedroom across the hall."

Marci looked over at the five and giggled. "I've got room for one more."

"Come to think of it so do I" Pam said and two of the five with her moved to the bed and a waiting Marci and Pam.

She turned to the guys still standing there with her and said, "It looks like you three are mine. Let's go find that other bed."

After that it was musical bedrooms as the seven guys did their best to take care of the three women. At one point she and Pam were watching as Marci did three guys; one in each of her holes.

"She is almost as big a slut as I am" Pam said.

"The girl does love to play. I take it from tonight that you and Bobby have decided on an open marriage?"

"Well, not really. We have kind of avoided talking about what happened the night before we got married. I think we both felt it might be better to wait until after the honeymoon to talk about it. Then when we got back we kind of have been pussy-footing around it."

"He does know what is going on here tonight, doesn't he?"

"No. Tonight wasn't planned; it just sort of happened."


"Before Bobby and I married I expected that the marriage was only going to be one of convenience. I told you how it was, remember? Anyway, not expecting much from Bobby in the way of sex I told Jimmy and Bill that they could fuck me as much as they wanted after I got back from our honeymoon. Jimmy and Bill are the best man and usher I told you about. Well, they knew that Bobby was going out of town so they decided to take me up on my offer. They know me and they know my sexual appetite so they told Mark and Steve they were coming over and somehow the word got to Ralph, Sam and Hank and they all showed up. I couldn't send them away because I'd already promised Jimmy and Bill and I always keep my word. But I couldn't just let Jimmy and Bill stay and tell the others to go. So, like I said; tonight just sort of happened."

"What is Bobby going to think about it?"

"I don't plan on telling him about Jimmy and Bill. He doesn't know about me doing them before. I'll tell him about the other five because he doesn't know them all that well. I'll tell him that I made a couple of them promises before I knew how our marriage was going to be. I'll tell him what I just told you and then we will work it out. Before they leave I'll clue Jimmy and Bill in and let them know that things have changed. But that is later. Right now I see a couple of hard cocks that are not being used and I just cannot bring myself to let them go to waste. Shall we?"

Probably the most amazing thing to happen that night was the bond that formed between Pam and Marci. She saw the two of them sitting and talking and giggling together while she was being made airtight by Jimmy, Bill and Hank.

When it was over and she and Marci were driving back to where Marci had left her car Marci said:

"Pam told me that she was willing to share Bobby with me if I promised not to try and steal him away from her."

"I know."

"How could you know?"

"She told me that the day of the wedding."

"And you didn't tell me?"

"What? And get your hopes up? I decided that since I didn't know what kind of marriage that they were going to end up in I'd keep quiet and just wait and see. I still don't know and neither does Pam if Bobby is going to want to play or be a faithful husband. It isn't likely that he is going to be a faithful hubby since Pam says she isn't going to be a faithful wife, but it is still a wait and see situation."

Marci pouted the rest of the way to her car and as she was getting out of the car she said:

"You still should have told me."

"And what if he never called? No way I was going to set you up for a fall like that Marci. Goodnight."

When she got home she got out her notebook and added seven more check marks.


During the rehearsal she checked out the father of the bride. He wasn't a movie star, but he wasn't bad looking. He looked fit and that was a mark in his favor.

After the dinner she handed out the free drink coupons and when she handed the father of the bride his he took her hand and said:

"Will you sit with me while I have this drink?"

"If you would like me to."

"Oh I do, I really, really do."

He didn't even finish his drink before he made his pitch and ten minutes later she was in his room and had his cock in her mouth. One more mark in the book she thought as she moved over him and impaled herself on his cock.

To be continued.

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