tagGroup SexThe Weekend

The Weekend

byDr. Bull©

College was out for the summer and the weekend promised to be a wild one, Ed and I were headed to the cabin in the small town where I spent my summers growing up. My grandparents had built the place back around nineteen hundred, but for the last thirty years it had been my parents getaway. Now it was party central for my buds and I. The bridge had washed out a few years before so the only way in was either a mile hike through the neighbors or wade the stream. Depending on the season it was from six inches to five feet deep moving over a gravel bed. It was quarter of a mile from down town but surrounded by trees and brush so it seemed like a hundred miles from anywhere.

We had picked up my cousin Cindy, she was growing up and I hadn't seen her for a few years, and at eighteen she had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She is actually my second cousin, but pretty close to my age and we had hung out together as kids. When we stopped by and saw my aunt, her grandmother, she wanted to go with us to see the old homestead. She was wearing a white tube top and shorts and looked good, my buddy was trying to control his eyes and keep from drooling as she climbed into the old Dodge sitting between us.

We headed for the cabin parking near the creek bank and unloaded the car. The water was running about two feet deep at the center where we decided to cross most of it wasn't bad but it was closer than carrying the stuff around. Ed and I were here for the weekend, planning a little fishing, a lot of drinking, and hopefully some female company. I had told a local girl, I knew we'd be there, and Ed's girl was supposed to drive up for the evening. We made several trips across packing our grub and other stuff on the other side.

The last trip across Ed was in the lead packing two cases of beer on one shoulder and I had a cooler full of food, Cindy had been playing in the cold water along the edge and she started across up stream from us. At five four and about ninety pounds Cindy wasn't a big girl by any means, but her chest had developed into a 34C and they fit her well. The cold water had succeeded in "turning on her headlights" and the two of us had been enjoying the sights, when suddenly she slipped into a hole going completely under. As she came up she was in the current, her arms flailing unable to get her feet under her.

As luck would have it she was floating right towards Ed, he took two steps forward and scooped her up with one arm tossing the girl over his shoulder, her tube top dropping down around her waist. Sputtering she pulled her hair back out of her eyes, and looked at me, I was about five feet behind them staring at a beautiful half naked lady. She smiled at me half trying to cover her hard pink nipples as she bounced across the creek on Ed's shoulder; she fixed her top as he set her down on the other side. Even then, her wet top and shorts left little to the imagination.

As we put up the beer and food we heard voices outside, Beth had shown up in her car to see Ed. Beth was a nice enough girl, but often she treated Ed like shit, she shows up in jeans and a dark tee shirt. A large gal, at five foot ten and a hundred fifty or better, she kept her large breasts tied up in a bra, in fact I don't ever remember her going bra-less unless it was at a pool with her swimming suit on. She was whining about getting wet crossing the creek. With her was Barb, the local girl I was expecting, Beth was trying to cross and stay dry, but Barb just walked through the creek not worrying about a little water.

Barb had been the local rodeo queen two years before, and we had dated off and on since then, Barb is tall, real tall, six foot two or three and stacked! Large breasts with proportionate hips she reminded me of a model. She wore a pair of cutoffs and had her yellow tee shirt knotted under her breasts, the tight fabric leaving no doubt her D cup's needed no bra!

The girls kind of knew each other, Cindy had met Barb in the past as she had spent her summers with her grandmother locally and Barb and Beth had partied with us before. The three girls seemed to get along and they headed for the beach while Ed and I went inside to grab some beer.

"The beach" is a bend in the river where the sand bar had build up over the years leaving a twenty foot sand beach hidden from everything but the creek. Trees on both sides and across from it kept out prying eyes. As we carried the cooler down towards the beach we could hear the girls giggling, the three of them had their heads together and broke up as we came down the trail. As we set the cooler down next to the stream all three girls locked arms and pushed us towards the stream, my first reaction was to grab a girl in each hand and pull. Ed seemed to have the same idea but as a lineman he got behind them and pushed our attackers into the stream. I went over backwards into the hole behind me carrying two of the girls over on top of me.

We all came up sputtering and laughing Cindy's top once again was around her waist bringing laughs from the rest of us. Barb's tee shirt was showing all she had; I peeled my own shirt throwing it on the beach. Over my head flew a yellow flash; I turned and looked at the half naked Barb her pointed breasts pointing straight at me. "Hey if you can do it...."

"WOO HOO!!" Cindy yelled as she peeled her own shirt, it flew to the shore. Ed had his off and all eyes turned to Beth, she stood with her mouth open, her white bra blaring through her shirt.

"Not Me! I'm outta here!" she waded out of the creek climbing the bank headed for the cabin. Ed looked around at the two pair of breasts glistening in the sunlight, mumbled something and started up the trail after her. The other girls and I splashed around had a water fight and generally played around. Of course they ganged up on me and dunked me several times but lucky for me my hands fell into some interesting locations on both girls. After about fifteen minutes we froze out and returned to the beach sunning our bodies.

With the warm sun drying our bodies, I surveyed the beauty's lying with me, no matter how many women I see it never ceases to amaze me the subtle differences in their breasts. Cindy's pink nipples riding high, her white skin was slightly darkened around the tube top lines but milky white around her breasts. Barb was by far the larger, in height and bust size; her large breasts came to a point with her nipples leading the way. Her small tan aureole nearly non-existent, the splendor was not wasted on me, my denim shorts were keeping my stiffening penis from being too obvious.

We decided to go check on Ed and Beth, they had been gone forty five minutes, so we gathered our clothing, I groaned in disappointment as the girls put their shirts back on and headed towards the cabin. As we neared it we could hear the squeaks of the old box springs and the rising levels of Beth's moans deep in the throws of sex. I motioned to the girls to be quiet and showed them a way to the back window. The shutters were closed but the boards weren't very tight together so we had an inch high crack four feet long to look through.

They were on the bed across the room from our vantagepoint the view was perfect, the room was well lit. Beth was on top slamming up and down on Ed's stiff rod; her large melon sized breasts bouncing freely. I felt Barb's hand as it stroked my back and chest, I took a quick look, Barb's tee shirt was over her breasts, her other hand playing deep in her pants. And Cindy was gone...

My attention returned to the window and then I saw her, standing in the door, just out of sight of the occupants was Cindy. She waved at us then pealed slowly out of her clothing, pulling her tube top off then shaking her tits in our direction, her shorts dropped to reveal some sheer white panties. She pulled them low on her hips just across her hairline, then turned bending at the waist made quite a show of pulling them off her slender ass and off her ankles.

Cindy stood twirling her panties in the doorway, flaunting and taunting us, her love triangle covered by almost white blonde hair. She slingshot her panties at the window and walked into the love nest. Beth had collapsed on to Ed's chest; he smiled as the naked Cindy stood in front of him, his hips driving deeper into Beth arousing her again. As Beth's head rose she saw the other girl; she sat up quick taking a deep breath as if to scream when Cindy kissed her hard on the lips. Ed kept moving his hips as Beth half-heartedly tried to get away from the girl's kiss, her hands skillfully teasing Beth's breasts working their way down to her love triangle. Beth relaxed pressing her breast's into Cindy's, Ed picked the smaller girl up setting her on his chest then slid her onto his face.

We were mesmerized with the show unfolding before us; it was the first time I had watched someone else make love. Now I was watching my cousin with my best friend and his girlfriend at the same time. The three "entertainers" brought each other to a massive climax, then curled up together snuggling, Cindy gave us a little wave that her partners didn't see then snuggled in for a nap.

My arm was nearly jerked out of the socket as Barb grabbed it and pulled me towards the beach. By the time we got to the beach neither of us were wearing a thing, we fell into the sand hungrily groping the others body. My mouth found her wet pussy, my tongue diving deep into her sweet nectar. She fucked me with her tits, teasing the head of my cock with her tongue as her passion rose, she came hard on my face pushing her pussy over my mouth and nose. Then she rolled off; "I want you in me! Now!" I started to roll on to her "No no, from behind" on her hands and knees I entered her doggy style. She rocked back driving me deeper, her large tits bouncing as we slammed together. As I started cumming she rocked her hips hard pushing me back allowing her to sit on my lap her own climax pulsing with mine.

Our bodies were still shaking when we heard the applause, on the ridge, sitting, drinking beer, were Ed, Beth, and Cindy the tables had been turned on us and we were caught naked, and our clothes scattered along the trail as we came to the beach. What could we do, we stood holding hands and bowed to our audience, from behind them the pulled our clothing out throwing it to us along with a beer.

It was late evening so we all went to the cabin and grabbed a meal, we laughed and joked then around eight Cindy said she had to go check in with her grandmother and would see us the next day. Beth also had to go since she had an hour drive plus had to work the next day. Barb, Ed and I put away a case or so of beer when she announced she needed to go, still living at home she had to at least check in so I walked her home. When I returned Ed had passed out on his bed so I crawled in to the other one and went to sleep.

I slept the dreamless sleep that alcohol brings until the morning then my dreams broke through and sex was prevalent, my manhood rose up, but the dream was too real the felling of lips wrapped around my swelling member, a tongue working around the shaft. My eyes opened to find it was... someone was under my blankets her head bobbing up and down under the blanket. I reached under the feeling the nude shoulders as she moved up towards me, she kept the blanket over her head. I tried to move it but she pulled it down in front of her hiding her face "no" she whispered.

My hands felt her breasts they weren't large enough to be Barb's, the head of my hardening penis slid down the length of her smooth body. The mystery made this even more exciting, as it reached it's final destination she rubbed her wet slit back and forth over it's head slowly. It was tight very tight, she pushed down hard taking my full length, harder she pumped cumming once twice and then I exploded in her. She sat up pumping me with the walls of her hot tight hole. Her hands relaxing the hold on the blanket, I ripped it back to expose... Cindy... her sweet smile showed impish pleasure, "what are you doing?" I gasped.

"For years I dreamed fucking you" Cindy replied as she slowly pumped me, my member swelling inside her for a second round, "but I didn't know how you felt about it..." believe me at that point I felt pretty good about it, and the forbidden fruit of incest, was not only exciting but intoxicating.

Well the weekend turned out wilder than I thought it would and now I had the whole summer to look forward to.

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