tagNonHumanThe Werewolf's Sabbat Ch. 08

The Werewolf's Sabbat Ch. 08


Thanks again to my marvelous editors, MythOFreak and PrincessJezebel.

Seeing a faint light behind her eyelids, she stirred in protest, not yet ready for the morning. She'd never felt so comfortable lying in such a soft bed. It was like sleeping on a billowing white cloud, and she wasn't ready for her slumber to end. She let her eyes slowly open and blinked rapidly, trying to clear the haze from her vision.

Not recognizing the strange place she was in, Melissa bolted straight up in a state of sheer panic. Her heart beat wildly in her chest when she realized she lay in an unfamiliar king sized, four poster canopy bed, draped on all four sides with sheer, flowing, white cloth. How did she get here? She looked down, feeling how amazing the silk sheets felt against her skin when she realized she was completely naked.

It didn't take long for Melissa to remember the events of the night before and her face flooded with a burning blush of shame. She remembered the black haired beautiful man and what had occurred between them. What have I done? she thought to herself, on the verge of tears.

Melissa was no saint, she'd be the first to admit to that fact. However, she still had some sense of self-respect, and despite what people thought of her, she wasn't one to sleep with a guy on the first date. On the second or third, maybe, but never on the first. Especially not on a stack of crates in a filthy alley way.

Mitch had rejected her, that asshole. Nobody had ever rejected her before. She'd felt so embarrassed and humiliated, she'd decided to go to the restroom. Melissa hated crying in front of people. That would have just added to her embarrassment. She couldn't bring herself to go back to the main room of the club and face Mitch and any bystanders that may have heard their little argument, so she took off out the back door instead.

When Melissa stepped out the door, she found herself in a dark alley at the rear of the building, the single bulb burning above the door the only thing lighting the area. She'd had enough to drink that she felt disoriented. She was looking around frantically trying to figure out where the parking lot was located, when her eyes locked on a man standing next to the door. He was leaning back with his knee bent and his black leather booted foot propped up against the wall behind him. He had his head tilted back against the wall as though he was impatiently waiting for something. What he could possibly be waiting for in a dark alley at this time of night, she didn't know, but it gave her the creeps. She stood, frozen in place, wishing that she had gone out the front entrance instead.

A rush of fear raced through her body when she saw a wicked grin crossing his face in a smooth, straight line. She knew she should run, and run fast, but found herself unable to move when she attempted to walk away. It was as though she was glued to the spot. When he stepped out of the shadows and she caught sight of his electric green eyes, she felt almost entranced by them. The closer he came to her the more entranced she became. The fear that she had felt just a moment before was suddenly replaced by a strange feeling of belonging. She didn't know where the feeling was coming from, but she knew it wasn't from her. She wasn't able to take her eyes off of him as he walked around her in circles, as though he was taunting her.

Melissa had every intention of turning him down and resisting his advances... at first. After all, the man looked plain evil. Beautiful, yes, but evil at the same time. When he kissed her, though, it was like his taste was a drug. A drug that she had become immediately addicted to. She had never met anyone that made her feel that way. Everything seemed a blur to her. It all happened so fast. She couldn't remember when she'd lost control of herself.

Melissa scooted to the edge of the bed and stood up, immediately falling in love with the thick, lush, cushy, white carpet beneath her feet. She slowly walked around the expansive bedroom, wondering where she was. She had never been in a place that was so big before. All the walls in the room were a crazy bright white. The vaulted ceilings had to have been at least twenty feet high and covered with all sorts of different pieces of art. She wasn't familiar with art or paintings, but she thought that they were probably expensive. She walked to the bathroom and found it to be just as large as the rest of the place. The shower stall covered the entire back wall and there were probably ten different shower heads all pointing in different directions.

Melissa turned and went to the window. She opened the curtain expecting to see the city but was surprised to find that she was in a room three stories off the ground and there was a thick mess of trees surrounding the house. It was probably the most beautiful place she had ever been in. She went back into the bathroom thinking she would take a quick shower. When she passed the large full length mirror she stopped, amazed at what was staring back at her.

Melissa had never been fat or even heavy, for that matter. She'd always thought she had a nice body but when she looked at herself in the full length mirror in the bathroom, she noticed how flawless her body had become. Despite the new paleness of her skin, her muscle tone had become spectacular. It was as if she were one of those women who faithfully worked out at the gym daily. She had never been to a gym in her life. Her thighs, abs and biceps were solid. Examining her face closer, she saw that her eyes were an even lighter blue than they had been before, almost translucent, with a ring of sea green around the irises. Her hair was healthier than it had ever been, the curls springing tightly as they shone in the fluorescent bathroom light.

Melissa was too busy ogling herself in the mirror in a state of awe to notice that her reflection seemed to be throbbing in and out of focus in waves. She grinned at herself really wide to examine her teeth, and saw that they were whiter and the canines seemed unusually sharp. She slid her tongue across them and flinched when the sharp tip punctured her tongue. She put her finger to her lip and found that she was bleeding. Even stranger was the fact that her blood tasted unexpectedly sweet.

"Enjoy it while you can."

Melissa jumped. She hadn't realized that anyone was in the room with her. She turned to her left and saw the tall, black haired man standing in the doorway. He was leaning against the door jamb with his arms folded across his chest. His look was stern without a hint of humor in his eyes. He was wearing a pair of fitted, blinding white jeans, and a white t-shirt that stretched across his chest and molded itself to his lean muscles. His attire surprised Melissa when she remembered him the night before. He had been covered from head to toe in black, as though he was a burglar attempting to camouflage himself into the night.

Melissa eyed Jude up and down and then blushed when she remembered all of the things she had allowed him to do to her. Her blush deepened even more when she remembered how much she had enjoyed it, sending that familiar tingle between her legs.

"What do you mean, enjoy it while I can? Enjoy what?" Melissa gave Jude a confused look.

"Your reflection." Jude stepped towards her and stood behind her, resting his hands on her upper arms. "You won't have it much longer."

Melissa stood, watching her reflection still throbbing in the mirror but she didn't see Jude behind her. She knew he was there. She could feel him breathing on her neck.

"You mean, I won't ever be able to see myself again?"

"That's right. I haven't seen my reflection in over two thousand years."

Melissa turned her head to give him a shocked look. "But how will I do my make up? What about my hair?"

Jude shook his head and smiled at her vanity. He had just told her that he was more than two thousand years old and she was more worried about her hair. "Believe me when I say that you will never need make up again. Don't worry about your hair. It will remain perfect from now on."

Jude slid his hands down Melissa's arms, grabbed her hands in his and wrapped all four of them around her waist. He rested his chin on her shoulder and inhaled her scent. "Melissa, I need to tell you something. I don't think you are grasping what has happened. You are far too calm."

Melissa turned her naked body to face him and looked down at the floor. "I have to say something too. Please. Just hear me out. I want to apologize for my behavior last night. I don't normally do things like that." Yeah right, like he hasn't heard that one before, she thought to herself. Jude tried to interrupt but she put her finger to his mouth. "Wait. Just listen. I don't know what came over me. I don't want you to think I'm that kind of girl. I mean, despite the fact that I'm standing here naked in front of you, I don't want you to get the wrong idea."

Jude slowly nodded his understanding. "I have never thought badly of you, Melissa. But I don't think you are understanding what has happened."

"So tell me then. What has happened?" Melissa had been too busy observing everything to realize that something was different. It hadn't even dawned on her to think anything was weird about the reflection thing.

"Well, for one," Jude began cautiously, "You have been here for the better half of a week. What happened between us didn't happen last night. It was several days ago."

"A week?" Melissa didn't believe what she was being told. "How can I be here for that long and not remember it?"

"You don't believe me? Do you really want to remember the past few days?"

"Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?" Melissa found herself getting frustrated at the tall dark man.

Jude nodded and took a deep breath before putting his palms on either side of Melissa's head. He looked deep into her eyes and gently removed the block he had placed on her memory.

Melissa's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open when all the memories came flooding back into her mind. Memories of Jude carrying her home to his house. Memories of being sick and writhing in pain. When the last memory came to her, she watched, in her mind, as she straddled Jude on the bed, riding his cock like a wild woman, moaning and screaming with her head thrown back. Her face paled when she saw an image of her teeth elongating and piercing Jude's neck, sucking his hot blood from his body. He hadn't even flinched. He just held her there and encouraged her to bite him. She remembered the taste of his blood on her tongue. Remembered the orgasm that rocked through her when she fed from him.

Melissa slowly stepped away from Jude. "What have you done to me?" she said in a whisper, a look of fury slowly covering her face. She stumbled back into the bedroom and turned to face him, her eyes glowing with rage. "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!!" She could barely contain her temper as it flared, her hands shaking and her voice cracking. She brought her hand to her mouth and panicked when she felt her long sharp fangs protruding from her gums. She shook her head in denial and ran to the bed, grabbing a sheet and covering herself with it.

Jude stood there looking at her for a long moment. "There. Now that's more like what I was expecting your reaction to be," he said nonchalantly.

Melissa turned and gave him an angry glare. "You're enjoying this? You are, aren't you?"

Jude shook his head. Why did he always have to pick the overly dramatic ones, he thought to himself. "I'm not enjoying anything, Melissa. I just wanted you to understand what the situation was."

"Why did you do this to me?" Melissa suddenly looked as though she would break down crying at any moment.

Truth be told, Jude didn't really know why he had done it. He had never actually sired anyone before in his long life. To be honest, he wasn't one bit happy about it. He didn't want some girl following him around, asking him an endless stream of questions and needing his help with everything. He had been alone for as long as he could remember and didn't want the kind of responsibility that he now found himself stuck with. Jude was kicking himself for allowing a little fun with the human girl. As a rule, he generally stuck with women of his own kind when it came to his sexual needs. They were less of a risk.

"I don't know," was his only response. He leaned against the wall with his hands in his pockets, trying to decide what to do about the mess he'd gotten himself into.

Melissa stood there, dumbfounded. "I don't know? Really? That's the best answer you can come up with?" She watched him nod his head, still looking bored with the whole thing. "Wow! Fabulous answer. Someone give this man a fucking prize!" she said sarcastically, throwing her hands in the air. "By the way, where the fuck are my clothes?" she spat hatefully at him.

Jude's patience was wearing thing very quickly. He wasn't at all impressed with his new youngling's attitude. He didn't care that she was upset at the fact that she was now like him. She could still show a little respect. After all, he could have just left her to die and rot in that alley. "Perhaps you shouldn't swear so much," he said calmly. "It's rather unbecoming of you."

"Really? Ya think so?" She turned and stalked quickly over to Jude, bringing her face a mere inch from his. The glare in her eyes was almost like poisonous darts ready to be flung loose at any second. She raised her chin and smiled defiantly. "Fuck... You."

Jude's control snapped just then and his hand went to her throat. The speed at which he flew her into the wall was almost blinding. He stood on the opposite side of the room, his hand wrapped around her throat, holding her against the wall that now had a jagged crack from floor to ceiling. She tried to wriggle free from his grasp. A fear-stricken look covered her face when she saw his eyes turn completely black and his fangs shoot out. She could feel the anger emanating from him in thick waves. "You will show me respect during your stay here. That is not a request," Jude growled through clenched teeth. He could smell the fear coming from the girl and found it strangely disturbing. He let some of his anger go and his face became somewhat softer. "I could kill you now if I really wanted to. You know that, don't you?"

Melissa continued to stare into his black eyes. Her bottom lip began to quiver and a single fat tear rolled down her left cheek and dropped onto Jude's wrist. "Go ahead. You'd be doing me a favor," she whispered.

Jude tensed. His eyes slowly took on their normal wicked shade of green and he let Melissa down from the wall. He turned his back to her, and closed his eyes when a pang of unexpected guilt hit him. "You haven't had any blood in a couple of days. You need to feed soon."

Melissa looked at him, wondering if he was a complete idiot. "I don't think so, buddy," she said, wiping the tears from her eyes. She could feel the hunger creeping into her but no real food sounded even remotely appetizing. She knew what she wanted. The idea that she craved this man's blood not only nauseated her but it pissed her off, as well. She didn't want this. She didn't want to be some kind of disgusting blood sucker. "Please tell me where you put my clothes. I can't walk around here naked all the time." She tried to sound more polite than she had the last time she'd asked.

"Actually, you could, but if you insist on dressing, you should be able to find something suitable in the closet over there. It's well stocked with anything you might need."

Melissa walked over to the closet on the left side of the bed and opened the door. It had to have been the largest closet she had ever seen. It was filled to the brim with all sorts of blouses, t-shirts, jeans, slacks, dresses, even formal wear. She began rummaging through everything and gasped when she realized that everything in the closet was quite expensive. Looking at the floor, she found rows and rows of shoes, any shoes you could need to match any outfit you came across. "This is amazing," she said, still gawking at everything, gasping and oohing and aahing when she came across yet another magnificent item.

Jude sat on the edge of the bed and watched her, the corner of his lips turned up in a smile. She was so excited, she reminded him of a child in a candy store. When he bought the clothing, he was worried because he didn't know what she liked, so he just bought one of everything.

Melissa finally chose an outfit to wear when the thought occurred to her that she may be wearing clothes that Jude kept around for his many lovers that he brought home with him. Surely there had to be several. She shuddered with disgust. That jackass, she thought. She slipped the clothes on quickly, tired of being naked. She looked herself over in the closet mirror before turning to Jude. "This is really nice, thanks." She looked all around the room but he wasn't there. She rolled her eyes and turned back to the mirror, admiring her slowly fading reflection.


Janette leaned over, teasingly slid her tongue across Mitch's lower lip, and then continued her path slowly along his jaw and up to his ear, where she lightly bit his earlobe. She brought her face just inches from his and stared down into his deep brown eyes.

"You want me don't you?" Mitch said, with a cocky smile.

"Am I that transparent?" Janette said with a smile of her own. Unable to resist her desire for him any longer, she crushed her mouth to his, slipping her tongue out to explore him. She groaned when he tangled his fingers through the back of her hair, pulling her lips firmly to his, his need matching her own. She couldn't seem to get enough of his kiss. It was like no kiss she had ever experienced. The fire that it ignited raced through her body sending liquid heat between her thighs. She felt his large hands glide their way down her back, sending a shiver through her. She just about lost it when he firmly grabbed her hips and started sliding her wet heat slowly up and down his hard shaft. She couldn't remember either of them disrobing but she didn't care. She instinctively began grinding against him, wanting nothing more than for him to be inside of her. She wanted it more than anything.

"Mitch, stop teasing me," she gasped. "Please... just... oh my God," she groaned when the tip of his cock brushed up against her swollen, throbbing clit. She reached down with her hand and tried to direct him to her opening but he shifted away from her, a low chuckle coming from deep within his chest. "God, please."

"Please what?" Mitch sat up with Janette still straddling him and slowly sucked one hard nipple into his mouth, continuing his endless torture.

Janette sucked in a breath and wrapped an arm around his neck, urging him to continue. She was no longer able to control her frantic breathing, the heat of him pressed between her thighs was almost scalding.



"Wake up, Jan."

"Hmm?" She looked down at him, and her brows drew together in confusion. He was just staring up at her.

"Come on, wake up sweetie."

Janette woke with a start, her eyes flying open.

"Are you okay? You were tossing and turning. Were you having a nightmare?" Mitch knew she hadn't been having a nightmare. If the scent of arousal had been much thicker in the air, he would have been able to cut it with a knife. He was half tempted to just let her sleep, maybe add to whatever dream she was having with a few touches of his own. As tempting as it was, he wasn't comfortable touching her that way when she wasn't aware of it.

Janette sat up slowly, her face burning with embarrassment when she remembered what she had been dreaming. It all had felt so real. How could it have been a dream? "I'm fine," she said, unable to meet his eyes. "It was just a weird dream, that's all."

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