tagLesbian SexThe Willcotts - Nora

The Willcotts - Nora


Nora Bishop, concierge of the five-star hotel, fidgeted nervously as she waited in the lobby. Mrs. Willcott would be arriving any moment, and if her last visit was any indication of what Nora could expect this time, it was going to be a very interesting four days.

When her limo pulled up and Mrs. Willcott step out, Nora's heart began to race. Mrs. Willcott was in her early fifties -- about ten years older than Nora herself. Nora noticed, as the woman entered the lobby, that Nora was standing a couple inches taller than the older woman, and the difference in their height surprised her. Mrs. Willcott always seemed so much bigger, so much more dominating. Nora had an urge to adjust for the difference in their height by dropping to her knees as Mrs. Willcott approached, but she couldn't do that here, not in the middle of the busy hotel lobby.

Mrs. Willcott was accompanied by stern-looking woman about the same age as Mrs. Willcott herself. This other woman stayed a couple paces behind her employer, and Nora remembered that this was Mrs. Willcott's personal maid. Even though the hotel offered excellent custom maid service for preferred guests like Mrs. Willcott, the wealthy woman chose to bring her own maid. Nora was sure there was something going on between them -- they weren't lovers, nothing like that, but there was certainly something between them. And as Nora knew very well, the maid was quite aware of Mrs. Willcott's . . . interests.

"Welcome . . . Mistress," Nora said.

Mrs. Willcott smiled, "Very good, you remembered."

"Of course, Mistress. It's not something that one forgets."

"No, I suppose for someone like you it would be very important."

"Yes, Mistress. I hope our limo service from the airport was satisfactory?"

"It was, but right now I just want to go to my room."

"Of course, Mistress. I have reserved the same suite for you. I hope that will be acceptable." She handed Mrs. Willcott the key card to the suite.

"Very good, see to it that my bags are sent straight to the suite."

"Yes, Mistress. Shall I . . . accompany you to your suite -- and offer you . . . additional service?"

"Not right now. I'd prefer to get settled in, and I have some calls to make. But if I want you, I'll certainly send for you. You'll be available during my stay, won't you?"

"Yes, Mistress! I've made arrangements to stay here in the hotel during your stay. Just call the number on the key card -- I'm available 24 hours a day."

Nora called for a bellhop to see to Mrs. Willcott's luggage, and the powerful woman led the way to the elevators that would take her to one of the penthouse suites. Nora, meanwhile, decided to start her own "vacation" early. She left the lobby and went straight to her own hotel room on the second floor.

In the small, single-occupant hotel room, Nora went to the bathroom to freshen up. She would have liked to take a shower, but she was afraid that she might miss her Mistress's phone call, so instead she took a few minutes to brush her teeth and retouch her make-up. She didn't know when Mrs. Willcott would call her or if it would even happen today, but she had to be ready to go immediately.

When she left the bathroom, Nora took a seat in one of the chairs near the window. Glancing at the nightstand next to the bed, she stared at the steel collar that she had purchased from a fetish website not long after Mrs. Willcott's last visit. It fit snuggly around her neck, and wearing it reminded her of the wonderfully erotic degradation that her Mistress had subjected her to the last time she stayed in this hotel. She frequently wore the collar when she masturbated, replaying the sight of Mrs. Willcott's beautful pussy looming over her face and remembering the taste of her delicious cum. Once, when the suite that Mrs. Willcott had stayed in was unoccupied, Nora had snuck into the room, returned to "the scene of the crime," put the collar on her neck and masturbated on the bed.

She wondered what it was that she had loved about the experience a year ago. It wasn't just the sexual acts themselves; it wasn't just the way that Mrs. Willcott had sat on her face and ground her soaking wet pussy into Nora's nose and lips and chin. It wasn't just the names that she had called Nora: bitch, slut, whore, slave. It wasn't even the way that Mrs. Willcott had rudely dismissed her when their encounter was over, not caring at all about Nora's sexual needs at that moment. No, Nora realized that what had made the experience so erotic, and something that she wished more than anything to relive, was that Nora had allowed it all to happen. When Mrs. Willcott commanded her to undress, Nora could have turned and left. She could have said "No" when Mrs. Willcott ordered her to lie down, face up, on the bed. She could have objected when the older woman climbed onto the bed and straddled her face. And when she began to ride the concierge's face, Nora's arms and hands had been free. If she wanted, Nora could have pushed the woman off and fled the room. But she didn't; she didn't resist at all. She gave in to Mrs. Willcott's desire; Nora submitted herself to her. She had pushed out her tongue and fucked the woman sitting on top of her. And when Mrs. Willcott was finished using her and sent her away, and Nora picked up her clothes and tried to leave, the maid, who had been in the room the entire time, watching, had stopped Nora and told her, "Thank the Mistress for letting you service her." Nora did. "Thank you, Mistress," she had whispered -- she even performed a little curtsy. Yes, Nora had let herself be used. Mrs. Willcott didn't treat her like a lover or a woman or a even a human being. Nora was just treated like a toy, a thing -- a slave, and it was the most erotic experience of Nora's life.

And soon (hopefully very soon!), it was going to happen again. Soon, when her Mistress was ready for her, she would return to Mrs. Willcott's suite and let herself be used all over again. She would endure the same debasement and humiliation as before, and when it was all over, she had no doubt that she would return to this room and masturbate furiously to not just one, but several cums.

Nora wished she could strip and masturbate right now. She was so horny! But she decided the best thing to do would be to wait for her Mistress. Indeed, the fact that she was denying herself pleasure, sacrificing it to fulfill some unspoken expectation of her Mistress, just turned her on even more. Nora had no right to her own body; for the next few days it belonged to Mrs. Willcott. Nora was only an instrument of pleasure, a living sex toy for her Mistress.

Her cell phone rang, shattering the silence in the room. Nora quickly picked it up, and after fumbling with it with nervous fingers, she put it to her ear and said, "Hello? . . . Yes, Mistress . . . Yes, Mistress -- at once." She hung up, stood up from the bed, grabbed the collar on the dresser and left the room with Mrs. Willcott's commands still echoing in her mind: "Nora?" she had said, "I want you to come to my room -- and bring your tongue."

She didn't meet any other guests or staff in the hallway while she waited for the elevator. She held the steel collar discretely in her hands and wondered if she should wait until she got up to her Mistress's suite before she put it on. That would certainly save her embarrassment if she ran into other employees. When the elevator arrived and Nora stepped inside, she realized that she had left the key to the collar in her room. Once she put it on, she wouldn't be able to take it off until she returned. For a split second, she wondered if she shouldn't run back to the room and get the key, but it excited her to think that once the collar went on, she'd be trapped inside it.

And that excitement made her other decision about when to put the collar on that much easier. Alone in the elevator, starting at the mirror reflection of herself on the doors, she stared into her own eyes as she put the steel collar to her throat and closed it. There. Now the whole world could see and know of her enslavement. She hoped her Mistress would be pleased when she saw it.

The top floor, where the Mistress was staying, only had a few suites, so when the doors opened and Nora stepped out of the elevator, she knew she'd be by herself. She was, but she still walked quickly to the room. She didn't want to keep the Mistress waiting.

She knocked on the door, and when it opened, she was slightly disappointed to see the maid standing there. The maid gave Nora a questioning look. "My Mistress summoned me," Nora simply said. The maid stepped aside and let Nora in. When the door was closed, the maid simply said, "Strip." Nora began taking off her clothes, one item at a time, and handing them to the maid who neatly placed them in the closet. As she undressed, she looked a few times at the maid and a kinky thought entered her mind. What would she do if her Mistress commanded her to have sex with the maid? The maid wasn't really anyone that Nora would be interested in, but if it was her Mistress's command, she decided she would obey. She imagined herself and the maid, naked on the bed and tribbing while Mrs. Willcott sat off to the side and watched. At last, when Nora was nude, except for the steel collar, the maid pointed in the direction of the bedroom. Apparently, the maid would not be joining them after all.

Nora started to walk in the direction of the bedroom, where she guessed Mrs. Willcott was waiting for her, but she heard the maid say, "No!" Nora turned around and the maid said, "Crawl to the Mistress." Without a word of objection, the naked woman got down on her hands and knees and crawled to the bedroom.

As she approached, she could hear Mrs. Willcott's voice. The older woman was speaking to someone, and Nora worried that someone else was with her Mistress, that she might be asked to perform for an audience -- or maybe to service another mistress -- but when she crawled into the room, she found Mrs. Willcott alone and speaking on a cell phone. The older woman was sitting in a large, cushioned chair, wearing a pink silk robe. Nora wondered if the woman wore any clothing beneath the robe, and she got her answer when Mrs. Willcott saw the concierge, naked, on her hands and knees in the doorway and immediately parted her legs, pushed aside the robe, and revealed her pussy -- that same pussy that Nora had fantasized about on so many nights.

Nora crawled across the room until her head was in between her Mistress's legs, in her crotch. She could see the hairy bush, smell its musky odor. She leaned in even closer and stuck out her tongue to begin her devoted service. Meanwhile, Mrs. Willcott continued to speak to the person on the phone. They talked business, and Nora felt like she was being completely ignored, even as she stuck her tongue deeper into her Mistress's pussy. She didn't mind, though. She understood her role in this tableau; she understood that she was only a slave, serving at her Mistress's whim.

And here, on her hands and knees, she revelled in that slavery. As she breathed in the odor of the pussy and felt the coarse pubic hair rub against her face, all of the submissive sensations that she experienced last year came flooding back to her. She felt so horny and wanted to touch herself, but she knew that this moment belonged to her Mistress. She had to dedicate all of her attention and energy to pleasuring her. Soon (much too soon!) she felt the older woman's hips start to rock against her face, and she could taste an increase of pussy juice leak onto her tongue and flow into her mouth. Nora swallowed it eagerly and tried to stick her tongue further into the hot cunt. Her nose rubbed up against her Mistress's clit, and after a moment of this, she heard the woman approach her orgasm.

Whoever Mrs. Willcott was speaking to must have already been familiar with the wealthy woman's games because Mrs. Willcott explained, "Yes, I've got some bitch who works at the hotel between my legs. She's pretty good at sucking cunt." That tiny bit of acknowledgement spurred Nora on, and she pulled her tongue out of the hot, wet pussy and covered the clit with her mouth, sucking hard and flicking her tongue. It was enough to send her Mistress over the edge. "Oh -- that's it!" Mrs. Willcott cried out. Her hips went wild as she had her orgasm.

When Mrs. Willcott's hips had settled down, and her breathing returned to normal, she covered the phone with her free hand and looked down at the slave still on her hands and knees before her with her face in her crotch. She whispered a final command to Nora, "Leave -- now!"

Disappointed, but not about to disobey, Nora reluctantly pulled her face from between the woman's legs, which quickly closed. Nora thought about standing up, but instead decided the best thing to do would be to further demonstrate her submission. She quickly bowed her head to the floor, uttered a sincere, "Thank you, Mistress," and then turned and crawled out of the room, just as she had crawled in. She found the maid waiting for her near the door of the suite. The maid helped Nora dress and then let her out the door.

As she walked back to the elevator with her Mistress's warm cum still on her face, Nora was disappointed that her Mistress hadn't said anything to her about the collar. Oh well, maybe there will be another opportunity for Mrs. Willcott to acknowledge that article of Nora's submission while the woman was staying at the hotel. She wondered, as she walked to the elevator, would she be able to get back to her room without taking the collar off and without being seen by any of the hotel staff? She was glad she didn't have the key with her, because she knew that once she returned to the room, she would just put the collar back on again, tear off her clothes, lie down on the bed and masturbate furiously to orgasm after orgasm.

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