tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Willful Exhibitionist Ch. 4

The Willful Exhibitionist Ch. 4


Monica didn't even argue when I spurned her offer of my thong. She just put it back in her beach bag with a troubled expression on her face.

"I'll just put my dress back on when I get back to the car. Thanks anyway." I was quite dry now and I combed my hair and adjusted my waist chain. I walked nonchalantly along the beach and up to the car park chatting to the others and enjoying the surprised looks from the other people around us. Jim walked right beside me, not ashamed to be seen in my company while Monica trailed behind us with a few of the others.

I walked back to the Mustang with Monica in the company of the other members of the surfing group and put on my dress while the surfers formed a circle around me as I buttoned up my dress. There was probably no need, as everybody at the beach had already seen me naked all afternoon and there had been no objections at all but I still appreciated the thought. Monica discretely changed in the toilet block and I was still talking with the others when she re-emerged, fully dressed and ready to go. We made arrangements for our lunch the next day and Jim, who was the last to leave, waved as we took off. Monica noticed that Jim had been reluctant to let us go and was silent for a while.

"You seem to have made quite an impression on that young chap." She still looked sombre and thoughtful. I do believe that Monica was actually a little bit jealous. I reached over and kissed her.

"Don't worry darling. I still love you. Nothing will ever change that. He is quite a hunk though, isn't he?" I smiled brightly as Monica nodded thoughtfully. It wasn't till we were nearly back at the apartment that Monica brightened up and got back to her normal self.

She had come around slowly at first, eagerly discussing the photos that she had taken and reminiscing the day's events with me. She was starting to realise that most people these days were not as offended or critical of my behaviour as she had imagined. She told me that the day had been full of surprises from her point of view and grudgingly admitted that she had thoroughly enjoyed the company of the others in the group. We had stopped at a family restaurant along the way and enjoyed a pleasant meal together, our first real chance to reconcile our relationship and discuss our aims for the future. Monica was twenty-six and had enjoyed her share of romances with the opposite sex. She admitted that recently she was more comfortable in sexual relationships with other women. I explained that I liked men but wasn't ready to settle down with any one man, telling her all about my relationship with Nana. It brought us toward a more complete understanding of each other's feelings for one and other. I began to tell her about my experience at the tattoo parlour but she wanted to save that story until all our flatmates were together.

"Sally would never forgive me." She laughed lightly for the first time since we left the beach. "I'd be really unpopular with them. Carla and Cynthia have the night off tomorrow and Sally and Sheryl are looking forward to an evening at home." She thought for a moment. "Have you got any--[Hesitating}-- toys?" She looked at me with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

I hugged her and smiled.

"Only my little friends on my body," Referring to my clit ring. "Probably the best present I ever gave myself. You really should try it darling. It only hurts a tiny bit at first and then, Mmmm, it's wonderful. When we get back out to the car I'll show you what I mean." This broke the ice and we hurried back to the car as soon as we finished our meal, ready for a bout of lovemaking as soon as we got home. Monica had abandoned her cool attitude toward me and was back to her carefree cheeky self with a vengeance. I was glad.

It was around seven in the morning when Monica woke me and dreamily I looked up at her. The evidence of our passionate lovemaking session lay all around the room. It had been a warm night and the bedclothes lay on the floor where they had been abandoned during the night. We had enjoyed having the apartment to ourselves during most of the early part of the evening. Sally and Cynthia had invited us to go to a movie with them but we had excused ourselves, claiming that we were both tired after a long day at the beach.

The moment they left our activities had started in the bathroom and quickly progressed toward the bedroom. Monica had allowed me to remove the heart shaped tuft of coarse hair that decorated her pubes after I begged her to try the clean shaven look. Reluctant at first, the excitement of having me lather her up and then carefully shave the entire area between her legs had triggered an explosion of passion within her. We took turns at massaging one and other with scented oil, probing and stimulating every area of our bodies. Monica had started on me, first spreading an old sheet over my bed and rubbing my shoulders as she gently guided me onto the bed so that she could sit astride me on the cheeks of my bottom. The sensation of her newly shaven and slippery vagina rubbing against the cheeks of my bottom as her strong fingers worked their way down my back relaxed and excited me at the same time. By the time she reached the small of my back I was moaning with pleasure and opening up my legs as the warm oil began to trickle between the cheeks of my bottom. Monica worked her fingertips downward, following the oil and caressing the tiny bud of my anal opening. I raised my hips, pushing back at her probing fingers in anticipation of the delights ahead. I began to shiver with the onset of orgasm when she plunged her hand between my legs and trace her fingers backward, sensuously parting my vaginal lips and opening me up to her probing. Unexpectedly, she bypassed my engorged clitoris and when her thumb reached my anus she worked it inward. The most intense orgasm overtook the control I had exercised up until then and I convulsed with pleasure, tightening my sphincter muscles around the base of her thumb while the tip of her forefinger penetrated my inner labia. Monica collapsed on top of me, holding me tightly as I convulsed in her arms. Our bodies were both slippery and smooth but her hard nipples pressed into my back as we enjoyed the moment, intensifying our newly found love for one and other. We had many such moments, such as that, during the course of the evening.

We experimented with almost the full range of sex toys that Monica kept hidden in a locked drawer beside her bed until we lay, exhausted and sexually drained in each others arms. Anal beads, double dildos and vibrating toys of every description had been packed hygienically away from view. I had been amazed at the variety of flavoured oils and gels, designed to increase the pleasures of oral stimulation during sex play. Monica had spent a small fortune on the contents of her drawer. The delicious memories of our night of passion came flooding back to me as I lay there, semi-awake, with Monica tenderly endeavouring to awaken me fully.

Monica was standing before me, totally naked, smiling gently as I rubbed my eyes and focussed on the day ahead. Her newly shaven vagina was within reach and I buried my head in her crotch and traced my tongue through her inner lips. The remnants of the strawberry flavouring still prevailed and she tasted sweet and smooth. I pulled at her hips, trying to encourage her back into bed.

"I wish we could my love. We have to tidy up our room and get ready for work." She reluctantly pulled back, surprising me with her resolve. "Believe me, I wish we could stay here all day."

Monica looked in the mirror as she picked up some items off the floor and saw the glow, as I did, that emanated from her body. I was happy that she was now less inhibited to remain nude in my presence. She looked far better to me that way and it had upset me when she had covered her body after our first night together as lovers. She sensed that I enjoyed her nudity in my presence and she was making an effort to please me this morning as she moved around the room with less of her false modesty in evidence. I struggled to my feet and began to help her tidy up the room. By the time we were ready for our shower the room was once again tidy and the beds were both made up and presentable. Monica put on her robe, throwing me a towel and letting herself out into the living room. The apartment was quiet and I followed her into the bathroom.

Back in the bedroom and now fully awake and looking forward to my first full day on the job with Monica, I selected a modest blue dress and laid it out to wear. Monica was intending to wear her jeans again but I pleaded with her to wear a dress. I helped her select one and watched as she went for her underwear drawer.

"Please don't darling." I looked at her reproachfully. "Just try to leave your beautiful body free of underwear for the day. For me!" I looked at her pleadingly. "You'll feel so much better for it."

Monica looked aghast at the thought of spending the entire day at work without her beloved panties to conceal her newly shaven pubic area. She stood there with her mind in turmoil, trying to think of a reasonable excuse. The dress that I had helped her select was longer and made of much heavier weight material than my own. What I was asking was only a small concession to what I hoped would become the start of her losing her silly past inhibitions.

It must have been the determined look on my face, but her resolve faltered and she looked more hesitant.

"I'll have to take a pair with me, love?" She hesitated again. "I just feel so naked without my panties on."

"Only you and I will ever know darling. Please do this for me. You enjoyed it that first night and I don't ask much from you" I smiled at her. "Feeling naked will make you feel more sensual and desirable, especially with me close by your side."

"Ill just put a pair in my purse, sweetheart. I promise not to wear them."

We finally agreed to take a pair of Monica's favourite knickers with us but I put them in my bag. I didn't want her to have access to them without my approval. It would be a start.

Monica and I walked to the studio after breakfast with Sally. The girls told us all about the movie that they had seen but I sensed that Monica's mind was slightly preoccupied. She looked nervous and fidgety throughout breakfast and on the journey in the lift afterward to the streets below. I kept up a steady flow of conversation as we walked and by the time we reached the studio I believe that she was reconciled to her first working day without being as fully dressed as she would have preferred. I familiarised myself with the shop and took note of the stock prices as I set to work cleaning the shelves and dusting off the grime on some of the slower moving lines. Monica's three partners were all men and It looked as though Monica had given up trying to keep the shop spic and span. It kept me busy and gave Monica the opportunity to develop all her film. By morning tea time Monica complemented me on my efforts in the shop and I had my first chance to see the prints that she passed over for me to look at.

Jim looked better than I remembered with his clearly defined rippling stomach muscles and shapely legs. His board shorts hid the part of his body that was beginning to interest me more and more, but there was no doubt that he was a delicious looking young guy. I looked forward to meeting him again later on.

Annie looked brilliant, next to me, gracefully riding the waves with spray partially covering her lower body and captured in time by the fast film that Monica had used on the day. She had taken her shots from an angle that left no doubt about the number of people watching us from the beach. The contrast between the well clothed spectators and other surfers nearby, highlighted our carefree naked bodies. The expressions of glee on both Annie's face and mine as we rode the waves toward them showed our complete disregard of the fact that we were both completely nude. Beyond the raging surf guys were standing up on their boards to get a better look at us from behind, their interest undeniably apparent.

Monica had taken a number of shots as we returned to the waiting group, weaving our way through the spectators and looking toward the camera. She had captured the startled awareness shown by those that we had passed, as they turned their heads to follow our progress up the sand. The various expressions on their faces ranged from interested disbelief to outright fascination as we passed them by. Monica was delighted with the results.

Toward the bottom of the pile there were a lot of prints featuring Karen, after she boldly stripped off at Annie's request. She looked gorgeous as she ran down toward the surf, holding her board awkwardly in front of her. In sharp contrast to both Annie and I she was an expert rider, more graceful and lithe as she manoeuvred her board in close proximity to the riders around us, keeping a safe but close distance between Annie and I. Monica had taken a few close-up shots of her and the excitement of riding the waves, naked for the very first time, was extremely evident. Apart from the contrast derived from her newly shed bikini her nipples betrayed the sexual tension that she must have experienced on that day. She wore an expression that showed the effort of concentration on the task of riding the waves but it couldn't disguise her delight at conquering her fear of being naked for the first time in such a public setting. Monica looked over my shoulder and spoke.

"I think that's the best shot that I got of Karen. She looks amazing, doesn't she?" The admiration on Monica's face as she looked at the photo showed her pride at her own ability to capture the beauty and mood of the subject as well as she had.

"Wow! It sure is a brilliant shot. Look at her eyes! They glow with excitement." I agreed with Monica. "We'll have to see if she'll agree to letting us display that one." Of all the photos on the wall, inside the studio, I felt that this one deserved pride of place. Monica nodded thoughtfully, putting the print aside with the others that she had selected for enlargement. The last few shots were from Monica's cheaper camera but were surprisingly artistic none the less. I served the next few customers that came into the shop with a bit of help from Monica when any technical enquiries were beyond my level of expertise.

By now, Monica was showing less outward signs of discomfort and dealt with her customers without embarrassment. She appeared more graceful in her movements, always conscious of her lack of underwear when reaching for stock on the shelves beyond her comfort level, more sexually aware somehow. I was proud of the way she handled herself.

The morning was made longer by my expectation of meeting Jim again. I tried to hide my eagerness to see him again but every time I looked at the clock Monica seemed to notice and shake her head knowingly. I had just come back into the studio when Annie, Patrick, Karen and Jim walked through the door.

Immediately, I waved them into the studio with me, holding the swing door open as they all trooped past me. Monica seated them after Annie had introduced Patrick to Monica and I. He was tall and slimly built, a little older than I had expected, with dark medium length hair and a captivating personality. He sat with Annie and Karen on the studio couch while Jim sat at the table opposite Monica and I.

"Well, where are these photos? Annie couldn't stop talking about the three of you spending the afternoon at the beach, surfing in the altogether. It must have been quite a sight for sore eyes." Patrick seemed keen to view the prints that Monica had developed. They were sitting on the table and Monica leapt to her feet and handed them all over to Karen. One by one they were passed around and back to the table where Jim scanned them before passing them back.

"Hey! These are good." Patrick readily scanned the prints, commenting that he wished he had been with us. "Why don't we buy a decent camera and take a few of our own." He looked at Monica. "What would it cost us to get something that would do close-up shots like these?"

"Top of the range telephoto lenses are the most expensive part but I can show you some good equipment for around seven hundred or so up to about a couple of grand." Monica saw the chance to sell Patrick some gear. "Just depends how much you want to spend. Are you interested?"

Monica was fully occupied with her sales pitch so Jim and I had the opportunity to talk and hopefully make future arrangements for an evening out on our own. We walked outside the shop together while his friends looked over the stock that Monica showed them after lunch. Between short bursts at the counter, when outside customers came in, I told him that I worked with Monica as a model and enjoyed a reasonably flexible schedule at the moment. Jim was keen to spend the next day together with me at the beach. He pointed toward his station wagon, parked across the street, and asked whether he could pick me up from my apartment. He promised to bring a spare surfboard for me to use. I gave him our home phone number and agreed, as long as Monica had no work lined up for me.

"Just ring me tomorrow morning and I should know by then."

The rest of the afternoon went quickly, with Jim stirring further interest within me to know even more about him and his friends. I envied their leisurely lifestyle, as Jim had explained it to me, of working together toward a common goal of more pleasurable times at the coast. Jim and Annie worked to survive, unlike most of us who survived to work. Jim's aim was to become a professional surfer and his only other interest was body building. That had certainly paid off, judging by his perfect physique, I admired his obvious muscle definition, apparent even under his tight fitting knit shirt.

I hoped that my eagerness to be with him wasn't too noticeable and suggested we go back inside to see how the others were getting on.

Monica had taken a few orders for enlargements of some of her better work. She also sold an expensive camera to Patrick and promised to meet the group at the beach the next day to allow for some personal instruction as part of the deal. Annie asked if I would be there too.

"I'd love to." Smiling at Jim.

Karen and Annie were thrilled with her photos and agreed to allow us to display the enlargements at the studio. Monica obtained signed releases in exchange for some of her prints and when our visitors finally left the shop she was more than satisfied with her day's work. She spent the remainder of the afternoon preparing her photographic orders in the darkroom. Just before we closed up Monica confessed that she had enjoyed her day tremendously, even if she had felt just a bit uncomfortable to begin with. She shyly admitted to being more aware of her sexuality than usual. I was so grateful that she hadn't even asked me for her knickers throughout the whole day. She seemed committed to pleasing me.

We walked home to where the other girls were waiting to hear more about my show at the tattooist's premises and the events that led to my rapid departure from my last job as a stripper. After dinner and settling down comfortably I began the story;

"When I arrived at the studio Greg met me at the door and took me inside to his studio. Inside, there were ten men and three other women who were interested in the body modification subculture. The evening started innocently enough with a short slide show where drinks were available and Greg illustrated the wide variation of genital placements, both male and female, and their benefits. When the lights came back on he asked me to disrobe and demonstrate my placements. Unexpectedly tense at this point, I stripped off my dress and I allowed myself guided into position. Greg made sure that I was comfortable before allowing everybody to have a closer look at all my decorations. I was understandably nervous, having been placed in this vulnerable position when the first client approached but Greg was on hand at all times to explain the procedures. It was almost a professional atmosphere so I relaxed and lay back obediently while the clients all examined me in turn. I answered some fairly personal questions about the sensations of being pierced in such a tender area of my body. I dressed and mingled with all the guests afterward and accepted a few more drinks as they thanked me for my demonstration.

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